May 2019 Foster Care Special Edition



ultimate decision maker when a team cannot come to an agreement on best interest.

Reasonable transportation must be provided for student to remain in the school of origin.

What is a school of origin?

The school of origin is the school the student was attending at the time of entry into foster care.

If it is determined to be in a child’s best interest to change schools, the new school then

becomes the school of origin.

Can a student in foster care enroll in school without normally required documentation?

Yes. Under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), students in foster care are to be immediately

enrolled in school even when they do not have normally required documentation. Records

should then be requested after the student is enrolled.

Can youth in foster care participate in after-school activities?

Yes! Under Kentucky’s normalcy law, children in foster care have the right to participate in

extra-curricular activities

Can youth in foster care file a

FAFSA as an independent


Yes, students who were in

foster care at any time after the

age of 13 can file an

independent status on their


Are resources available to

help fund post-secondary

education for foster youth?

Yes! There are multiple

resources available to help

students who are in foster care,

students who age out of foster care, or students who are adopted from foster care to access

post-secondary education. For a list of resources available through the state of Kentucky, visit

this website:


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