Have Faith

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Day 18


I remember a young soldier who joined our

Battalion some years ago. He was a thin, wiry

fellow with a very pleasant attitude and a very

friendly approach. His politeness was incredible.

Just five minutes spent with him would

tell you that this was a lad who had been

taught so many good values in life. His parents

and school had clearly done a fantastic

job in raising him. The problem was he was

not seen as a typical infantry soldier. For that,

he was seen as weak and to be in the wrong

place. Yet, he didn't quit. By the time I left the

Battalion, he had done very well for himself,

he had been promoted to the rank of

Sergeant and was a highly respected character.

He still wasn't the biggest guy in the world

but he was not one to be picked on. The Bible

tells us of a similar character in the Old Testament.

In 1 Samuel, we learn of how a small

lad defeated the huge Goliath, a fearsome

warrior clad in Armour and heavily armed.

Yes, we all know the story of David and Goliath

but in both of our cases here consider

the courage of the underdog. But before we

do this, let's define courage. What is

Be Strong and Courageous...

Ephesians 6:10-18.

courage? Doing brave things? Doing things

nobody else would do? Maybe we see these

thrill seekers and daredevils having courage

(Personally, I think they have a death wish

and are totally bonkers but that's just me). No,

to all of the above. True courage is very simple.

It is the presence of fear yet the will to go

on. You don't have to show outstanding qualities

to possess courage. In fact, it is the

weakest among us who show the most

courage. In both of our examples today, the

smaller, weaker man overcame his fear in the

face of overwhelming odds to triumph. Both

of them were not given a snowballs chance in

a furnace but by believing in themselves and

believing that God had their back, they overcame.

Do you have a situation that terrifies

you? Do you feel you are not good enough or

brave enough to do what must be done?

Does it feel that the odds are stacked against

you? This is where you will show true

courage. Take heart, trust in God and trust

yourself and despite your fear go forward focused

on your goal. This is not my advice, this

comes directly out of the ultimate book of life.

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