Have Faith

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When we started our veterans magazine, The Sandbag

Times, it was always my wish to give a little inspiration

to veterans through faith, personal experiences and

just random thoughts. I was very surprised and

extremely encouraged to see it grow into the

great piece it became. Although ‘Have Faith’ in

the SBT was not written by me, it became an obsession

to the point that I decided to open up my

own page on social media called ‘Faith in Veterans’.

The reflections have rapidly become a daily

feature in my life to the point where I have decided

to put them all together into book form. So here it is.

Have Faith is nothing more than my daily ramblings with

a little bit of spiritual guidance. I would like to mention that I

am by no means, a regular church goer, any form of minister or pastor, nor do I class

myself as religious but a lot of my lessons in life have come directly from the bible. It

serves me as a good solid guide to life and a great way of understanding right from

wrong. It may not be your thing and that is finebut I do hope you can get some form of

peace from the thing I write. Whether you are military, veteran or civilian you are all

very welcome to this booklet and I wish you love, peace and grace in all that you do.

Copyright © 2017 Have Faith in association with The Sandbag Times. All rights reserved. This

book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the

express written permission of the publisher

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