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Day 27

Understand the messages you need to act on...


The very thought of the word ‘spam’ leaves

me in giggles thinking back to the days of

Monty Python and the singing Vikings. Those

younger readers probably think I have a

screw loose at this point but anyone around

in the 70’s will know what I’m talking about.

One of the most famous comedy sketches

ever. But Spam had a different meaning back

then to what it does today. We used to know

spam as a kind of chopped pork type of

canned meat that we used to grill on toast. It

was truly awful but we loved it. In fact, it was

a very common item in the household of the

(forgive the expression) working class. Ah,

those were the days. These days Spam has

a totally different meaning. Unwanted messages

in your email now own the word ‘spam’.

As a website manager and editor of a magazine,

spam is a daily sight for me. Practically

every time I open my inbox there is a company

trying to find a way of separating me

from my money or some Prince in a far-off

land wanting to deposit millions in to my bank

account just because he found my email on

line and thinks he can trust me. Sound familiar?

Of course, we very quickly acclimatise

ourselves to all of this and delete it or send it

to our junk folder so we don’t have to deal

with it anymore. But just recently I found myself

in the position of the sender and not the

receiver. Of course, the information was not

spam (to me) but I found that subscribers to

my newsletters had me marked as spam.

Quite upsetting really, all of this information

and hard work was treated as rubbish and

discarded. This has got me thinking. How

much important information do we discard as

useless? But I also thought how much useless

information do we pick up on and waste

time with while the real important stuff passes

Luke 1: 79

us by. I think what I’m trying to say here is

that it is very easy to take in information that

we want to take in regardless whether it is

truth or not. This can lead us into very compromising

positions. It is true that within our

lives the truth can sometimes be uncomfortable

but also necessary. Imagine the final

warnings turning up in your inbox from a company

you owe money to, for whatever reason

you can’t afford to pay them at that time so

the quickest way to deal with it is to delete the

email or send it to the ‘spam’ folder so you

don’t have to see it. It sounds like a very irresponsible

thing to do but it happens all too

often. For me, spiritually I have found myself

ignoring the truth in the past, racking up debts

in my soul that were getting out of control.

Thankfully, I have found a way to manage

those debts and clear my account but to do

so meant I had to check all of my spiritual

emails and face the ones that meant uncomfortable

readings. I still disregard the ones

that aren’t important but I will read them all

first and make a better decision of those I

need to send to my ‘Spam’. I suppose this

isn’t rocket science but one we are all find

ourselves doing from time to time. I have

found that God’s inbox must be full of spiritual

emails that I send him. But I think I can put

my hand on my heart and say that the ones

that are important are always answered. Of

course, the stuff I ask for that I don’t really

need or is not in my best interest will end up

in his ‘Spam’ box. He will do this because he

loves me and knows what is best for me.

That eventually teaches me to only send

emails that are necessary and important.

Maybe this is what I should be doing with my

newsletters. The word ‘Spam’ still brings a

smile to my face though.

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