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Day 6 & 7

You shall be judged as you judge...


Wow, I feel that I'm walking in a minefield with

this one. One of the hardest topics to speak

about is Judgement. Mainly because we are

all guilty of this at some point. It is something

that we will do for many reasons. To display

our feelings and emotions, to let someone

know how wrong they are, sometimes to let

others know what someone has done or what

they are like. Social media is a hotbed for

this. Everyday I see it, facebook especially. I

remember how judging and being judged

was such a big problem while we were serving

in Northern Ireland. Every time we left the

camp we were suspicious of everybody, making

us look at the public with extreme caution

wondering if they were terrorists. This lead to

stereotyping innocent people. On the other

side, we were seen as the enemy by some,

aggressive soldiers come to dominate their

country. Of course this was not the case but

this practice of judging and being judged was


From the day we are born we have this amazing

ability to learn. Our minds, like computers,

can process and store all kinds of information

that can be made available at any time. The

great thing here is we don't have to push any

buttons to access it. But what happens when

we try to search our database and cannot find

the information we are after? Our back up

system kicks in which will access data from

external sources. In simple terms, when we

don't know the answer, we ask. We can ask

for advice, we can ask for directions, we can

ask for help, in fact there is a whole universe

of things we can ask for. But how many times

have you felt that you have missed the boat

just because you haven't asked a question

because you were too embarrassed, too shy,

didn't want to look silly in front of others or

maybe just couldn't be bothered? Personally,

I have done this more times than I am comfortable

with. Peer pressure in the army was

Matthew 7 & John 8

causing so many problems and bad feelings.

Judging others is such a dangerous practice

mainly because the standards we judge people

with, we rarely meet ourselves. Yet again

that saying from Jesus comes to mind. "Let

him without sin cast the first stone". The Bible

is very clear on this subject. You only have to

read Matthew 7 in the New Testament to see

what I mean. It states, Judge and you shall

be judged. There is also a good passage

about wiping the dust from your brothers eye.

That's really worth reading. I do realise that

this is part of our makeup and sometimes we

do this to protect ourselves from harm. We

are all very guilty of it, I am not saying everybody

should stop it immediately, this would

be very hypocritical and unrealistic but there

is no harm in allowing yourself to stop and

think and ask yourself that old question

again. "Am I in a position to throw the first

stone?" I certainly am not.

Matthew 7: 7-12

my comical downfall on a number of occasions

but due to the fear of me looking a right

berk on this reflection, I shall keep them to

myself. The wonderful thing about talking to

God and asking him for help is you'll never

look silly. You can ask him about anything you

like. You can speak to him about your darkest

and deepest thoughts and you will never have

to worry about what he thinks. One of the

amazing things I have found that when I do

talk to him everything is silent. I like to think

that it's because he is listening to everything

we say and he doesn't want to miss anything.

God's love for us means that no matter what

time of day or night, no matter what the circumstances

are, we can ask him for his help,

love, grace and forgiveness and he will be

there to listen. It's very comforting to think that

he is there at the end of our very own private

line using our hearts as his switchboard. Just


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