Have Faith

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Day 8

Call unto me and I will answer thee...

Answer the Call...

All you need to do is spend five minutes in

your local village, town or city to really see

how important our mobile phones have become

in our lives. No matter where we are or

what we are doing, if our phone rings we get

an overwhelming urge to answer it. Thanks

to technology, these days we normally see

who is calling before we answer but still, we

have the urge to know what they want. We

have to answer. The thought occurs how our

military hierarchy would react if we didn't answer

our radio messages when they called

us. The results would range from downright

annoying to catastrophically dangerous. It really

brings it home just how important it is to

answer your calls. Have you ever had this

feeling in your heart that there is something

you have to do or something you are meant

to say? Have you ever felt that someone

needs your help? The chances are when you

get those feelings you are receiving a call

through your spiritual phone. God is on the

other end of the phone 24/7 sending us messages

when he wants to use us to carry out

his work. When he sees suffering and knows

you have the tools to help, he will call you.

He may even use others to contact you.

Ephesians 1: 3 - 14

Something to bear in mind the next time you

are being asked for help. Answering his calls

may mean discomfort, pain, heartache or

persecution but his plans will mean that suffering

will be temporary and there are greater

things to come. I remember someone once

telling me over and over "God knows what he

is doing". As hard as it was to believe back

then, she was right. Not so long ago, for me,

everything dropped into place and made

sense. The ups and downs, rights and

wrongs, pain and suffering, everything became

visible. I do know there is still a long

way to go and an awful lot of work to do, my

own personal battles are far from over but I

do know he called. He has given me my task

and showed me what I need to do. Sometimes

I am not sure that I am strong enough

or good enough to complete the task but

hopefully, if I trust in him he will give me

strength and guidance. I can only try and

pray. So if you ever have the heartfelt urge

to do something or ever wonder why events

happen in a certain way, ask yourself if God

is trying to call you. Is he trying to tell you

something? The chances are, he is. Answer

The Call!!

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