The First Field Dressing


PTSD Self-Help Guide

This booklet is an important step in taking control of your life and your issues

Your booklet should be done a little at a time, take a few easy steps at the beginning and

always avoid making plans you may not find easy to achieve. You should constantly

explore and develop the programme as your wellbeing improves to encourage recovery.

This booklet can be used over the long term. It may take weeks or months to develop

fully, and it may take weeks or months to change. Always plan for what you think you

can achieve easily – don‟t take risks with failure. One hundred easy steps are

infinitely better than ten impossible leaps

Once you have begun to move through the booklet you will find yourself able to make

positive and forward thinking decisions about your life and care which may assist in

further treatment of your illness.

TheFirst Field Dressing” is divided into the following sections:

1. The Braking Strategy

This will be our safety plan for when things are running a little too quickly, our stress

starts to climb a little too high or we just need to relax for a short time to re-gather our

thoughts. We have included some relaxation techniques to help you.

It is important that we have this in place right at the start so we know we have a means

of escape when things get a little too much.

2. Understanding our Triggers

With our Braking Strategy in place we can look at the things that cause our triggers to

kick in. Identifying these is key to understanding the root problem and how to move

forward. We will also look at the early warning signs that show that the triggers are

affecting our well being and also when these triggers have caused problems to take

control of our lives.

3. Controlling the Effects

By understanding how the triggers and memories are affecting us we can formulise

plans to help control the way our minds deal with these events.

4. Future Plans

In this section we will look ahead at different ways to cope, people whom we can turn to

for support, and agencies who may be able to help.

Someone once said “Take small bites out of Elephant sandwiches”. Apart from the

crazy idea of eating an elephant between two slices of bread, I sort of see where he was

going. Take your illness as a very big sandwich. The only effective way to finish it

properly is to take small bites and take our time. Happy munching!!!

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