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May 2019

The Parish Council Magazine

Directory Directory of of Local Local Services Services and and contacts

The Parish Clerk is Kathryn Staley and can be contacted on 01664 454529.

The Parish Clerk is Kathryn Staley and can be contacted on 01664 454529.

There is an answering machine for out of hours messages.

There is an answering machine for out of hours messages.

Email: somerbyparish@btconnect.com

Email: somerbyparish@btconnect.com

Address: 20 The Field, Somerby, Melton Mowbray, Leics LE14 2PT

Address: 20 The Field, Somerby, Melton Mowbray, Leics LE14 2PT

All telephone numbers are the local code (01664) unless

All telephone numbers are the local code (01664) unless

otherwise indicated.

otherwise indicated.

Local Facilities Organisations

Local Facilities & Organisations

Age Concern Melton Mowbray 410253

Age Concern Melton Mowbray 410253

Allotments Margaret Glover 454213


Burrough Church booking


Sue Measey

Glover 454213



Church of



booking Sue



Neil Stothers











Neil Stothers 841278

0845 1203705





Bureau Oakham

Angela Fisher 454265

0845 1203705


Methodist Hall

Society Angela











Leo Osborn

Bates 454201

01572 720721


Melton Borough





Osborn 01572



Melton Melton Borough Times newspaper Council Switchboard Switchboard 502502 410041

Melton NHS Direct Times newspaper Switchboard 410041 0845 4647

NHS Pickwell Direct Hall bookings Shirley Campbell 0845 454231 4647

Pickwell Police Hall bookings Shirley Non Urgent Campbell 454231 101

Police Somerby Hall bookings Non Rosie Urgent Edwards 101 454698

Somerby Hall School bookings Rosie Ian Toon Edwards 454698 540888

Somerby School Shop Ian Angela Toon Clark 540888 454380

Somerby Shop Surgery Angela Clark 454380 01572 490399

Somerby South West Surgery Framland Parish Office, Vic Allsop 01572 561909490399

South West Framland Parish Office, Vic Allsop 561909

Cover photo by Mel Davies

Cover photo by Mel Davies

Towards is now available to view online at

Towards www.somerbyparish.org.uk now available to view and online the at

Somerby www.somerbyparish.org.uk Parish Council Facebook and on page the

Somerby Parish Council Facebook page


Parish Council Chat

It was good to see so many people at the Parish Assembly earlier in the

month including representatives from all kinds of organisations that

are active in the Parish. Reports were received from each one about

their doings over the year ranging from the straightforward monetary

accounts to the lively programme at the school – it never was so much

fun learning in the past. Next year we hope even more will come to

find out what is going on around us.

One of our current interests is the proposed bio-digester near the

A606. It may be too late to register your comments but the residents

of Pickwell have been very active and have gathered many opinions. A

major concern is the likely increased traffic on Stygate Lane which is a

perpetual annoyance with HGVs using Pickwell Main Street to access

premises further on. We are doing all we can to mitigate this.

Managing traffic is a problem throughout the Parish with reducing

speeding of particular importance. We will have the Community

Speedwatch teams out later this year which may only calm vehicles for

a short while but does provide evidence when we want better

enforcement or a reduction in the speed limit such as between

Somerby and Pickwell.

By the time you read this three Parish Councillors, David Vurley,

Howard Blakebrough and John Crosby, will be at the end of their time

in office, and fellow councillors and the wider community wish to

thank them for the many years contributing to the welfare of the

Parish and its people. However others will ensure that the work goes

on; Pat Fynn, Bernard Pentecost, Lynne Camplejohn and Carl Powell

are set to continue so if you have any concerns where you need help

do contact us. We are quite ‘user friendly’ and if we can’t provide

solutions hopefully we can suggest someone who can.



Annual Parish Meeting

Pickwell & Leesthorpe Village Hall

8 th May @ 7.30pm

All are welcome!

Diary of Parish Events

Date Event Location

7 May Knit & Natter Pickwell Village Hall

16 May Garden Club Somerby Methodist Hall

20 May Community Lunch Bowls Club, Melton

25-27 May Flower Festival All Saints Church, Somerby

1 Jun FOSS dog walk Burrough Hill car park

4 Jun Knit & Natter Pickwell Village Hall

5 July FOSS rounders evening Somerby playing field

Bin Collections for May


Brown & Green

3 May

11 May

17 May

24 May

1 Jun


A road closure is required on Leesthorpe Road, Pickwell on the 23rd

May 2019 for up to 2 days. The Temporary Traffic Regulation Order

will be implemented for public safety for LCC Highways to

undertake carriageway patching.

The proposed alternative diversion route will be via:- Pickwell Road,

Oakham Road (Somerby) A606, Cold Overton Road (Rutland),

Westmoor Lane, Somerby Road, Oakham Road (Cold Overton) and

vice versa.

LCC apologises for any inconvenience caused during these works.


Knossington & Somerby Preschool

Knossington & Somerby Preschool

At Knossington we brought




busy term


to an



our focusing busy term on our to an topic end “Birds”

focusing and celebrating on our topic Easter. “Birds” The

and children celebrating all enjoyed Easter. a week The of eggsploration in

children the tuff all tray enjoyed filling a nests, week feeding of eggsploration worms to the in

the young tuff tray chicks filling and nests, scooping feeding and pouring worms to seeds the

young into containers. chicks and scooping We even and had pouring a few dinosaurs seeds

into added containers. to the scene We even to create had a great few excitement!


added We used to the the scene resources to create to talk great about excitement! the

We different used the birds, resources their habits to talk and about acted the out the

different Owl Babies birds, story their using habits puppets. and acted We compared out the

Owl eggs Babies from story different using types puppets. of birds We and compared

marvelled at the enormity of eggs a goose from egg, different compared types to of that birds of and a hen. We

marvelled painted at eggs the in enormity lots of vibrant of a goose colours egg, until compared they resembled to that of the a iconic hen. We and

painted intricately eggs painted lots of Faberge vibrant before colours rolling until they them resembled down hill in the a nearby iconic and field to

intricately see which painted was the Faberge fastest! before It was rolling great them fun! down hill in a nearby field to

see We which explored was the water fastest! play, experimenting It was great fun! how

We different explored objects water and play, materials experimenting behave how on

different different objects surfaces and and materials created behave new water on

different channels surfaces and dams and using created logs, new sticks water and

channels guttering and to dams see how using we logs, could sticks influence and

guttering changes to in see direction! how we Over could at influence the garden we

changes whittled in direction! wood using Over peelers, at the learning garden to we move


the tool






from the


body and

to move

we used



tool gently


away from

in paint




an alternative

and we used

brush which the children found fascinating and

pheasant feathers in paint as an alternative

very tactile! This week we had a thrilling Easter

brush which the children found fascinating and

egg hunt at the church followed by a story told

very tactile! This week we had a thrilling Easter

by Reverend Jayne.

egg hunt at the church followed by a story told

by Reverend For numeracy Jayne. we unscrambled numbers and matched with their

corresponding quantities to make poached eggs and for literacy some of the














to spell out




letter words,


whilst the younger



to make



rhymes and



and for literacy

tongue twister

some of






as “Betty


Botter bought





eggs to









in hysterics!


whilst the younger children sang rhymes and repeated tongue twister riddles

such as “Betty Botter bought some butter” which had them all in hysterics!


After so much fun we are all ready for a restful fortnight indulging in some

chocolate! Looking ahead to the Summer term we will be helping prepare

many of our children for school, introducing them to new routines and

continuing to promote independence and resilience! Please remember to

add the 6 TH of May to your diary for the annual Braunston Fayre.

Knossington Pre-school will be holding a toy/children’s wear stall with a few

exciting little extras! We would love to see familiar and new faces so please

come along and say hello!

Alison, Preschool Deputy

POP UP CAFÉ.PDF (please put in a box if possible)

Kathy's Pop up Coffee Shop

Opening Dates

May 4th & 5th June 1st & 2nd

18th & 19th

15th & 16th

July 6th & 7th

15th & 16th

August 3rd & 4th

17th & 18th

September 7th & 8th

21st & 22nd

Saturday 9-4

Sunday 10-4

32 High Street



Notification of Formal Consultation on Somerby Parish

Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 14 Town and Country

Planning, England, Neighbourhood Planning (General)

Regulations 2012)

The Somerby Parish Neighbourhood Plan has been published for consultation. Statutory

consultees have been contacted. If you would like to take part in the consultation, please

see the information below:

The consultation period runs for 6 weeks from 01.06.2019 to 13.07.2019

The Draft Plan and supporting documents can be viewed or downloaded from the

Neighbourhood Plan section of the Somerby Parish Council website:


Hard copies of the Plan and supporting documents and forms are also available to view at:-

The Little Shop of Loveliness, High Street, Somerby

The Stilton Cheese Pub, High Street, Somerby

Or contact the Parish Clerk (see below) who will direct you to members of the Neighbourhood

Plan team in your village who will have a hard copy available

If you would like to make representations, comments on the plan must be made on the presubmission

consultation comment form. These are available to download from the Parish Council

website or by contacting the Parish Clerk:

Kathryn Staley

20 The Field, Somerby, Melton Mowbray, Leics, LE14 2PT

Tel: 01664 454529

Email: somerbyparish@btconnect.com

Following this public consultation process the Plan will be reviewed and submitted to

Melton Borough Council together with all the supporting documentation including a Basic

Conditions Statement and Consultation Statement. This sets out who has been consulted,

how the consultation has been undertaken and how the representations have informed the


Melton Borough Council will then invite representations, before the plan is subjected to

Examination by an Independent Examiner. Once any further amendments have been made

the Plan will be subject to a local Referendum, if the Referendum is successful the Plan will

be “Made” by Melton Borough Council.

Mary Anne Donovan (Chair of Somerby Parish Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee)


Mayor’s Awards 2019

On Monday the 8th April a small group, friends of Mel Davies, started to

gather on the car park next to Melton Borough Council (MBC) offices for

what was to be a very special event. We had arrived at the Mayor’s Awards -

a ceremony to honour the unsung heroes from across Melton Borough.

It had all started for Mel a few weeks earlier. A letter arrived one weekend

from MBC and it wasn’t about the Council Tax! It was for something

conveying good and surprising news, very welcome after a hard week’s work.

Mel’s letter had come from the Mayor of Melton, Cllr. Pru Chandler, and it

told her that she had won an ‘Award of Merit’ for her voluntary community


When we were all sat in our places in the Civic Suite the Mayor introduced

the event and praised all the worthy nominees who had been put forward for

recognition by Cllrs. and residents from across the Borough.

We were all proud and delighted for Mel when the moment came for her to

be called up to receive her Award of Merit. The citation read by the Mayor

was as follows:


“Mel Davies has been an active member of the community since moving to

Somerby in May 2000 and is always the first volunteer for any local event;

organises community activities and events such as Camera Club, Somerby

Singers, litter picks and more – these activities draw the community together

and benefit people in the parish (ranging from those at primary school, to

those with an interest in the environment); regularly attends and contributes

to Parish Council meetings; is a great motivator, encouraging people who

may not have considered joining in village activities to participate and

contribute themselves; has undertaken fundraising for Somerby Memorial

Hall, initiating and organising events.”

Following the conclusion of the presentations we all enjoyed a lovely buffet

provided by MBC, which brought a super evening to a close. The gettogether

had allowed for us all to celebrate Mel’s marvellous commitment to

her local community. Mel we salute you, one of the people who make

Melton Borough a great place to live.

Vic Allsop

Please join Friends of Somerby School (FOSS) for our

Summer fun fundraisers.

On Saturday 1st June we will be hosting a dog walk, setting off from

Burrough Hill car park at 10am with sausage baps and a cuppa on

arrival back. Don’t have dog? Join us anyway and enjoy a stroll!

Then join us on Friday 5th July at 6.30pm for a rounders evening at

Somerby playing field, enjoy refreshments and a (hopefully) beautiful

summer evening.

Both events are open to all and we hope to see lots of you there to

support our great little school and all the brilliant events they have

planned for the children during the summer term and beyond!








BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND 25 th , 26 th & 27 th May

BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND 25 th , 26 th & 27 th May

The theme is ‘Whitsuntide/Vintage’

The theme is ‘Whitsuntide/Vintage’

Please contact me if you are able to do an

Please contact me if you are able to do an

arrangement for the festival

arrangement for the festival

There will also be a bric-a-brac stall

There will also be bric-a-brac stall








2.00 -










The The Garden Group will have a plant stall and and

there will will be be other stalls on the ‘Green’-- please

see posters for further details!!

Contact Lesley Walker 454802

lesleywalker141@btinternet.com re Flower Festival

Contact Angela Fisher 454265 re stalls on the Green


New weekly Yoga Class starting on Fridays

from 3 rd May

10 am – 11.30am

Somerby Village Hall

Pay as you go £8 per session

All welcome

Individual Yoga sessions

YOGA for Healthy Lower Backs


Suitable for people with chronic lower back pain and

anyone who wants to keep their back healthy

Evidence-Based 12 Week Courses in Somerby

For further information please contact Karen


01664 454054 or 07906961673

Somerby Toddler Group

Somerby Memorial Hall

Monday 9am – 11am

Pop in for a coffee and a chat whilst the children play. A different

activity each week plus lots of space to run & play. Only £1.50

Contact Rosie Edwards 01664 454698


The Little Shop of Loveliness…

Suggests some ideas for leftovers or ‘tired’ food that are more than soups or


*Sauteed cucumber – peel a cucumber, halve and

scoop out the seeds. Cut into chunks and add a

pinch of salt. Fry in butter until golden then add

lots of herbs, some crème fraiche and seasoning.

Or – fry in oil with some chilli, sliced garlic and

ginger. Add a little soy sauce, chopped spring

onions and a squeeze of lime.

*Yoghurt chicken – make a paste (pound or food processer) of a chopped

shallot, 2cm grated ginger, 3 garlic cloves, 1tbsp garam masala, 1tsp turmeric

and a pinch of salt. Mix with juice of a lemon, 300g not very fresh natural

yoghurt and pepper. Marinate skinned chicken pieces for 4-24hrs. Soften a

small chopped onion in oil and scatter over the chicken. Bake for 30-35mins

at 200C/gas6 and sprinkle with toasted almonds and coriander.

*Ricey pudding – butter a 1L dish. Whisk 1tbsp melted butter, 200ml milk,

an egg, a little cream, 1½ tbsp sugar, ½ tsp vanilla extract and a pinch of salt.

Stir into 100-150g cooked rice and pour into the dish. Fruit or spices can be

added. Cook in a bain marie for 40 mins at 180C/gas4 until just set.

* Pickled watermelon peel – remove the green skin from the rinds and cut

the white parts into pieces. Dissolve 3tbsp salt in 2L boiling water, stir in the

peel, cover and leave at room temperature for 8-16hrs. Drain, rinse, cover

with water and simmer for 15mins. Heat 250ml cider vinegar, 210g sugar,

2tbsp salt, 1tsp peppercorns, 1 sliced deseeded

chilli, 2cm sliced ginger, ¼ tsp mustard seed, 4

cloves garlic, 2 star anise and 200ml water. Add

the drained peel and simmer for 5mins, then

leave to cool with a plate on top to submerge

the peel. Decant and chill. Keeps for several

weeks, goes well with BBQ food.



Somerby Memorial Hall

Chairman's Draw


£25 Ben Baretto 68

£10 Davis Perril 7

£10 Trevor Hornbuckle 42

£5 Simon Green 44

It’s never too late to join - £1 a month is all it takes

For more info please contact

Eileen Tomes 01664 454328 or Mel Davies 01664 454101

Congratulations to all our winners & thank you for supporting Somerby

Memorial Hall

Garden club.pdf

Somerby & District Horticultural Society

The next meeting of the garden group is Thursday May 16 th at 7.30pm at Somerby Methodist

Hall, when our speaker’s topic is:

‘Outdoor Spaces - Pot planting ideas for single colour, mixed plant varieties, alpines and


We are looking forward to discovering new ideas for containers, window boxes and hanging

baskets. We are hoping to discover there is more to summer pots than petunias!

If you are not a member but are thinking about joining the group or would like to join us for this

talk, you are very welcome to come along. Guests pay £3 for the evening which is refundable

against the yearly membership.

Our programme includes a range of speakers, visits, plant sales and open gardens designed to

appeal to gardeners of any age and experience.

Contact Angela Fisher on 01664 454265 or angelasfisher@tiscali.co.uk for further details


Quiz News

The The Stilton Stilton Cheese is is currently hosting three quiz quiz teams teams and and we we may may

not not be be as as good as as the ‘Eggheads’ but all are successful locally.

The The Cheesewrights have yet again come top of of the first division (so (so we we

all all forgive their cup results). Grants, who have found a a home here, here,

came came a a respectable second in Div2, although 17 17 th th in in the the cup. cup. The The

biggest biggest surprise is is the Stilton Cheese team who who are are as as usual usual in in the the

bottom bottom half half of of Div2 Div2 (where playing is is much much more more sociable) sociable) actually actually

won the cup – so more silverware for Carol and Jeff to clean.

won the cup – so more silverware for Carol and Jeff to clean.

We would like to thank our hosts for their kindness and generous

We would like to thank our hosts for their kindness and generous

suppers throughout the season.

suppers throughout the season.

You are invited to Craft, Cake, and a Cuppa

You are invited to Craft, Cake, and a Cuppa

Tuesdays 7 th May, 4 th June

Tuesdays 7 th May, 4 th June

and every following first Tuesday of each month in 2019

and every following first Tuesday of each month in 2019

Pickwell Village Hall

10am - 12noon

Bring your sewing, crochet, knitting, etc.

Pickwell Village Hall

10am - 12noon

All ages and abilities welcome

Bring your sewing, crochet, knitting, etc.

£2 incl refreshments

All ages and abilities welcome

Special £2 incl Focus refreshments for 7 th May


Special Focus for 7 th May

Enquiries to madeinpickwell@gmail.com Tel: Caroline 454419 or Hilary 452138


Enquiries to madeinpickwell@gmail.com Tel: Caroline 454419 or Hilary 452138


May 2019 - Community Lunch

May 2019 - Community Lunch

The Parish Community Hub held its most recent get together in April at

the The Village Parish Community Hall, Kirby Bellars. Hub held its most recent get together in April at


the Village

next event






the Community Lunch at:

The next Bowls event Club, will Melton be the Mowbray Community Lunch at:

on The Monday Bowls Club, the 20 Melton th May Mowbray 2019

Lunch on Monday at 12pm the for 20 th 12.30pm May 2019 start

Lunch at 12pm for 12.30pm start

If you would like to come and join those who are

coming If you would along like please to come contact: and join those who are

coming Annette along Piper please 01664 contact: 840627 Davina Bates 01664 454201

Vic Annette Allsop Piper 01664 01664 434697 840627 Maureen Davina Bates Coleman 01664 01664 454201 434120

Janet Vic Allsop Norburn 01664 0116 434697 269 5295 Maureen Coleman 01664 434120

Janet Norburn 0116 269 5295

A big thank you to every one of our many valuable volunteers. In

particular A big thank we you thank to every those one who of volunteer our many to valuable drive and volunteers. collect people In

for particular the Community we thank Lunches. those who Do volunteer come and to join drive us…you and collect will be people made

very for the welcome. Community Lunches. Do come and join us…you will be made

very welcome.

The Community Lunch Team

The Community Lunch Team

The Open Door

The Open Door

Every Wednesday at Somerby Methodist

Every Wednesday at Hall Somerby Methodist

10.30am Hall to 12 noon

Come along 10.30am and enjoy to 12 a noon cup of tea or

Come along and coffee enjoy a cup of tea or

A space to coffee chat and meet friends old & new

A space to chat All and welcome meet friends old & new

All welcome


Discover your local heritage with the Festival of

Leicestershire and Rutland Archaeology

Saturday 29th June – Sunday 28th July, 2019

This summer, help celebrate the rich and fascinating heritage of our two counties. Explore the archaeology

of your local area, watch experts at work and experience the excitement of archaeology with have-a-go


On Saturday 29th June the Leicestershire and Rutland Festival of Archaeology – the UK’s biggest

archaeology festival – begins; and with over 80 events planned over four weeks, this year’s event promises

to be bigger and better than before.

The Festival has something for everyone, with family friendly activities at museums, guided walks of our

counties’ historic sites, talks by experts, displays and exhibitions, and chances to get your hands dirty with

a bit of excavation.

Whether it’s a visit to the excavations at Bradgate Park to find out more about the childhood home of Lady

Jane Grey; or a tour of the Glenfield Tunnel, one of the earliest steam railway tunnels in the world; or a

chance to build your own Roman Leicester in Minecraft, there are all sorts of fantastic and unique

opportunities to explore thousands of years of secrets hidden beneath your feet.

This year the festival in Leicestershire and Rutland runs for four weeks from Saturday 29th June to Sunday

28th July, and includes the Council for British Archaeology’s nationwide Festival of Archaeology (13th –

28th July).

The Festival brings together local archaeological organisations to showcase all that is great about our local

archaeological heritage.

Peter Liddle, Festival convenor, commented: “We are extremely pleased with this year’s programme. There

is something for all the family, from children’s craft events at museums around the county to serious


“We are particularly proud of the guided walks programme that grows every year, giving people the chance

to explore sites with a local expert who can explain its unique history.”

From May, Festival leaflets will be widely available from your local museum, library or tourist information

centre (and many other places across Leicestershire and Rutland).

The programme will also be accessible to downloaded online at


To find out more about what is going on elsewhere during the nationwide

Festival, visit https://festival.archaeologyuk.org/




Sunday services for March

Sunday services for May

3 rd Mar 3pm Mr John Bassill

5th May 6pm Mrs Ruth Scholfield


12th May th Mar 3pm Miss Margaret Stones

5pm Circuit Service at The Barn, Normanton Lodge Farm

17 th Mar Speaker 6pm Join - Rev. with Ashley Oakham Cooper, Methodist Principal Church at of Oakham Cliff

College Rev. Leo Osborn and Mrs Sarah Lamb

19th May 24 th 6pm Mar Mrs 3pm Sarah Mrs Atwell-King

Jenny Haden

26th May 6pm Rev. Ruth Charlesworth, Holy Communion

31 st Mar 6pm Rev. David Bosworth. Holy Communion

Somerby Fellowship

Somerby Fellowship

The Annual General Meeting will take place on Friday, 31st May at 2.30

Owing to unforeseen pm circumstances in the Chapel the meeting planned for Friday,

22nd February had to be cancelled and it will now take place on Friday,

All are welcome to join in these meetings.

1st March at 2.30 pm in the Chapel when the speaker will be the Rev.

Tony Pick.

The monthly meeting planned for Friday, 29th March has also had to

be changed. A new date will arranged with the speaker Mr Neville


All are welcome to join in these meetings.

The Open Door

Every Wednesday at Somerby Methodist Hall

10.30am to 12 noon


Comfortable Country Bed and Breakfast

Everyone welcome to call in for

Supporting local villages. Visiting family, friends, business clients

and colleagues. Bed refreshments and breakfast and or chat room-only accommodation.

Two en-suite rooms:

The Snug - a double bedded room

Grooms Cottage - super-king sized can convert to two singles

A warm, friendly welcome guaranteed.

Manor Farm House, 18 Main St., Burrough on the Hill, LE14 2JQ, Leics

Tel: 01664 454468 / 07985 437039 Email: burroughbandb@gmail.com



May 2019 A5.pdf



Where to Worship in the

Burrough Hill Parishes

May 5

Easter 3

May 12

Easter 4

May 19

Easter 5

May 26

Easter 6

10.30am Holy Communion Burrough

10.30am Holy Communion Somerby

10.30am Holy Communion Great Dalby

4.00pm Evensong Pickwell

10.30am Holy Communion Little Dalby

May 30

Ascension Day



Holy Communion for

Ascension Day


For other services in the South West Framland Group (SWF)

please contact the SWF Office on 01664 561909 or


“Just Desserts”

A pudding afternoon on Thursday 16th May 3:00 - 4:30pm

At the home of Lorraine & David Perril

5 Old Brewery Court, Somerby.

Come & share a selection of scrumptious desserts, tea &


£4 each, proceeds to Somerby Parish Church.

Telephone Lorraine or David 01664 452117

if you would like to come. All welcome.


Working together to tackle the

homecare challenge

16 villages across the South West Framland

People in in your community need homecare and

other help at home. This might be because they

are older, unwell or disabled. They can’t get the

help they need in in ways and at times that work for

them. We are a local Community Interest

Company (CIC) exploring solutions to these local

challenges. We aim for a new CIC to offer care.

This will be owned and run by local people, for the

benefit of local people and communities.

Need care yourself or know someone who does?

Interested in improving homecare and help at home in in South West


Run a community group or organisation?

Care about your local village or neighbourhood?

Interested in helping to tackle the local homecare challenge in in your area?

If If you can answer yes to any of these questions, we want you to to join us


We are sure that we can meet the home care challenge more effectively

working together, bringing together people, organisations, groups and councils.

Join the discussion

How: a community planning day, to to explore the issues,

discuss ideas, learn and together develop a plan.

Where: Ashby Folville Village Hall. 5 Folville St, Ashby

Folville, Melton Mowbrey LE14 2TE

When: Thursday 16 th th May 2019. Doors open at at 9.30 am,

session starts at 10.15am and ends at 3.15pm. Lunch is is provided.

To book a place and a lunch

Contact Vicci Barrett on

Mobile: 07801 566 540

Email: viccib11@gmail.com


Language Coaching

at Burrough Court

Learning a new skill or develop a new hobby!

French Spanish English

Mandarin Chinese

Designed for adult learners who are either starting

from scratch or have a basic knowledge of the

language. Whether learning for work or

pleasure, our language courses will help you

to progress in speaking, reading, writing and

understanding the language.

The courses will include a range of everyday

topics such as meeting people, shopping, making

plans, talking about work and family, directions and travelling.

Please contact Julie Salvidge on 07960 176 899 for more information

Burrough Court, Burrough-on-the-Hill, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire LE14 2QS

julie.salvidge@burroughcourt.com • www.burroughcourt.com


Learn in beautifully relaxed surroundings


are available

during the

day and


June Feehan – Garden Designer

RHS Gold medal Winner 2014

• Border design/Revamp/Complete garden design/Planting

plans/Planting service/Consultancy/Maintenance

Email: gardensbyjune@gmail.com www.gardensbyjune.co.uk

Call June on 01664 454262 or Mobile 07967506889 to discuss project

or garden requirements


Oakham Vets.pdf

A Complete Veterinary Service

Ashwell Road



LE15 7QH

Oakham Veterinary Hospital is a long established practice with purpose built premises on the outskirts

of Oakham, Rutland. Our experienced and caring team of vets, nurses and support staff are

dedicated to providing the highest level of veterinary care and service. We are a clinical associate

of The Nottingham University School of Veterinary Medicine giving us daily access to the expertise of

their veterinary specialists.

Small Animal and Equine departments with

appointments throughout the day

24 hour emergency service on site

Experienced and caring staff

Nurse clinics including dental care, weight

control and puppy preschool classes

Extensive hospital facilities with specialist

diagnostic equipment

In-house laboratory for rapid results

Complete range of veterinary service from

routine vaccinations, micro-chipping and

dentistry to specialist medicine and surgery

BEVA and DEFRA approved Stud Services

24 hour, CCTV monitored foaling service

Weekly remedial farriery clinics

Easy access and parking

Tier 3 RCVS approved hospital

Small Animal acupuncture clinics


Find us on


Equine: 01572 722647

Small Animal: 01572 722646



Your Local Travel


So, What is a travel Counsellor?

Well, I am a fully independent travel agent

which means I am totally impartial and will

only search for holidays that are right for you

and at competitive prices. Whatever your

budget or style of holiday, I will find something

to suit you and your requirements. I will save

you valuable time and take the stress out of

searching for a holiday.

As well as your flights and accommodation I

can also book insurance, transfers, airport

parking, lounges, excursions and much more,

to give you the best travel experience.

A truly personal service

I am based in Somerby with over 20 years

experience in the travel industry, having

travelled to over 50 countries myself.

From your initial enquiry, to the moment you

return from your holiday, I can take care of

everything for you.

So if you are looking for any of the following,

please get in touch!

- Ski holidays - Fly Drive/Touring

- Cruises - Tailor made itineraries

- Golf/sports events - Honeymoons

- City breaks - Family & group


01664 898 460 or 07793 317256

John Christiansen, Travel Counsellor




Yoga classes

£6 per session

Wednesday evenings, 7pm - 8.30pm

Somerby Methodist Hall

Mixed Ability -

Beginners welcome!

Tel: Di Angrave on 01664 840013 or Email:

di@ndfurniture.co.uk for any further info




‣ Are you struggling to complete your Self Assessment Tax Return?

‣ Have you received an unexpected tax demand?

‣ Do you think you have overpaid income tax?

You could be due a tax refund!

‣ Do you have any other personal tax problems?

We have over 25 years’ experience advising clients on their

personal taxation affairs.

For a free no obligation appointment please contact

Andrew Cross on 01572 770552 or andrew@arcus-tax.co.uk

Knights Yard, 2b Gaol Street, Oakham


65 Deans Street, Oakham, Rutland LE15 6AF

Preparation of Tax Returns, Financial Accounts,

VAT Returns, Payroll Bureau, Book-Keeping Services

For a FREE, no obligation meeting to discuss your

requirements and the level of fees charged for our services


01572 756328

visit our website at: www.hillsaccountants.co.uk

email: lee.hills@hillsaccountants.co.uk



‘Towards’ is the magazine of Somerby Parish Council. The magazine is

produced Editorial by an editorial team of local councillors. Items of local news

and ‘Towards’ comment, is the including magazine pictures of Somerby are always Parish very Council. welcome. The magazine There are is

10 produced issues per by year an editorial and the team copy of date local is councillors. the 18 th of the Items month of local preceding news

publication. and comment, We including would prefer pictures editorial are always by very email welcome. if possible. There Please are

send 10 issues any pictures per year as and a the file copy attachment date is rather 18 than of the within month text. preceding If you

need publication. any help please We would contact prefer the editorial Parish Office. by email if possible. Please

send any pictures as a file attachment rather than within text. If you


need any help please contact the Parish Office.

We welcome advertising. Towards is hand delivered to every house in


Somerby, Burrough on the Hill, Pickwell, and Leesthorpe. We print 400

copies We welcome per issue. advertising. Why not promote Towards is your hand business? delivered Costs to every are house only £20 in

full Somerby, page and Burrough £12 per on half the Hill, page. Pickwell, Contact and the Leesthorpe. Parish Office We print for more 400

information: copies per issue. 01664 Why 454529 not promote or somerbyparish@btconnect.com

your business? Costs are only £20

full page and £12 per half page. Contact the Parish Office for more

information: 01664 454529 or somerbyparish@btconnect.com

Your Parish Councillors

Lynne Camplejohn 1


Old Brewery




Somerby LE14 2QA - 01664

454124 email - lynne.camplejohn@btopenworld.com

Lynne Camplejohn 1 Old Brewery Court, Somerby LE14 2QA - 01664

Pat 454124 Fynn 18 email The - lynne.camplejohn@btopenworld.com

Field, Somerby LE14 2PT - 01664 454634

email Pat Fynn - patmfynn@gmail.com

18 The Field, Somerby LE14 2PT - 01664 454634

Bernard email - patmfynn@gmail.com

Pentecost 2 Main Street, Burrough on the Hill LE14 2JQ -










Street, Burrough on the Hill LE14 2JQ -

Carl 01664 Powell 452102 3 Oakham email - bernardpentecost@gmail.com

Road, Somerby LE14 2QF – 01664 454193

email Carl Powell – ccaarrll@btinternet.com

3 Oakham Road, Somerby LE14 2QF – 01664 454193

email – ccaarrll@btinternet.com

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