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Tony La Russa’s

the Scoop

Spring 2019

‘Tis the




A Groundbreaking

ARF’s Pets and Vets Center

New Chapter

for ARF

Board of Directors

Tony La Russa, Co-Founder & Chairman

Gregory L. McCoy, Esq., President

Jennifer Hall, Vice President

Dayna Sayres, Treasurer

Kara Carter, Secretary

Steve Degnan

Kevin Fick

Morgan Forsey

James V. Heim

Bianca LaRussa

Steven C. Parrish

John Steiner

ARF Executive Staff

Elena Bicker, Executive Director

Stephanie Chew, Development Director

Elaine Durkin, Finance Director

Stephanie Erickson, Operations Director

Tracy Gimbel, Animal Programs Director

2890 Mitchell Drive

Walnut Creek, CA 94598

(925) 256-1273

Adoption Hours

Wed - Thu:

@tlrarf • #arfadoptions

@ARFtweets • @ARFadoptions


Sat - Sun:

Noon - 6 pm

Noon - 7 pm

Noon - 6 pm

Maximizing Our Spay/Neuter Impact

ARF’s mobile clinic has been ramping up our spay/neuter services with

help from community partners. By reducing the number of unwanted

or unexpected litters in the community, we are able to in turn reduce

the number of at-risk animals in public shelters.

In November, our team spent a full weekend in Tehama County,

California offering free spay/neuter surgeries for low-income and

homeless members of the community, in participation with Lift

Tehama. In March, we teamed up with Monument Crisis Center, a

Contra Costa County crisis assistance resource for at-risk families, to

provide a full day of free spay/neuter services.

“We’ve had Ruby for years and haven’t been able to

afford to get her fixed. Now we don’t have to worry

about puppies again!”

Sophia, ARF Mobile Spay/Neuter Customer

While not all of our public mobile clinic events are free of charge, we

are proud to offer some of the lowest prices in the area, ranging from

$50-$90 with special discounts for Chihuahua and Pit Bull breeds. To

see our mobile spay/neuter schedule, visit

Wendy Taylor-Tanielian, Scoop Editor

Cole Kuiper, Scoop Art and Production

On the Cover: Lily

Lily is part of a litter of four kittens

(along with their mother, Daisy)

who were found in a grocery store

parking lot. After a few weeks in

a loving ARF foster home, all five

found happy, new families.

A Message from the Executive Director

I am thrilled at the incredible opportunity ahead of us at

ARF, and I know you’ll find this enthusiasm contagious!

Each morning, I arrive at ARF to a sea of hard hats

and backhoes, dodging steel and lumber stacks as we

embark on our expansion to save more lives and serve

our country’s military veterans. I am so excited!

As our waiting list of veterans seeking shelter-to-service

dogs through ARF’s Pets and Vets program continues

to grow, demand is outpacing the capacity of our

shelter built in 2003. To save more lives, both human

and animal, we have launched “Saving Both Ends of

the Leash,” an $18.7M campaign to increase animal

capacity and create the national Pets and Vets Center to

better serve veterans with PTSD, traumatic brain injury,

agoraphobia and more.

This effort will add nearly 5,000 square feet in animal

holding spaces, which will save the lives of 500 more

animals in danger of euthanasia in public shelters each

year. It expands much-needed clinic space. It allows

us to magnify the astounding success of ARF’s Pets

and Vets program as a model for national replication

in shelters across the nation. Read about the details of

this effort (pages 8-9), and visit our web site at to watch Tony and our veterans

in a short video detailing aspects of the nearly 14,000

square feet of additional space to improve the lives of

both animals and people.

During this time of growth, ARF will continue to rescue

and rehome dogs and cats, provide veterinary services

to the community, and bring the magic of our Pet Hug

Pack ® therapy team to those in need. Camp ARF will

bring hundreds of children together for innovative


humane education programming, and our disaster

response team will remain on alert and ready for the

next natural or man-made disaster. With a little creativity,

and a lot of patience and flexibility, all of this can be

accomplished in concert during our construction phase.

These amazing achievements would be impossible

without the ongoing support of our extended ARF

family. With less than $1 million remaining to reach our

$18.7 million goal to complete our construction, we ask you

to join us in this effort to help transform lives. Due to the

generous support of the Engelstad Family Foundation,

we have a 2:1 match underway! This means your gifts go

even further in helping save lives.



We look forward to sharing our progress with you as

we forge ahead on this mission to affect as many lives

as possible — People Rescuing Animals…Animals

Rescuing People ® . If you have any questions about

this campaign, the incredible achievements of our Pets

and Vets program, or any of our life-saving and lifeenriching

activities, please contact me at (925) 256-1273.

Thank you for helping make this dream a reality for so

many in need.

Executive Director


Sunday, May 19 c 10:30 am - 4 pm

Broadway Plaza c Walnut Creek, CA

Everyone’s favorite outdoor event celebrating

the human-animal bond returns to downtown

Walnut Creek, CA. Bring the whole family -

including your pet - and walk to save lives

at the Pet Walk! Sign up as an individual

or with friends as a team to help raise

$100,000 for animals in need at this one-mile

walk. Then, the fun continues with raffles,

demonstrations, and Pet Wellness Fair

offering an array of health services for your

best friend.

For more information, visit

Start organizing your Pet Walk team today!



ARF Events

Join us at these events to support

ARF’s life-saving programs for

animals and people.

For more information, as well as

a full list of upcoming ARF events,

classes, youth programs, mobile

adoptions, mobile clinics, and

more, visit

Puppy & Kitten Shower



ARF Headquarters

Walnut Creek, CA

Help us raise funds and supplies

to prepare ARF for the puppies

and kittens of 2019.



Shred Day

ARF Headquarters

Walnut Creek, CA

We’re teaming up with Diablo

Paper Shredding to dispose of your

old documents at only $5 per box.

Celebrate Spring at our

Puppy & Kitten Shower

Newborn puppies and kittens are some of the most

vulnerable lives that enter an animal shelter. As the

weather starts to warm up, the number of these tiny

lives coming into our care rises dramatically. To help

us prepare, ARF is hosting a Puppy & Kitten Shower on

Saturday, April 6. Bring the family for some fun games,

information about puppies and kittens, a chance to

name one of our adorable cuties, and more! If you are

unable to attend the event, don’t fret. Your gift for our

puppies and kittens will still go a long ways!

Additionally, if you do your shopping at Pet Food Express,

you can recieve 20% off your registry item for donation.

With your help, ARF can be more prepared than ever to

tackle this busy time of year and make sure every puppy

and kitten has a healthy life in a happy home.

• Puppy Pads

• Nylabones ®

(assorted flavors

and sizes)

• Pill Pockets for

Cats and Dogs

• Interactive

Feeders for Cats

and Dogs

• SmartPetLove

Snuggle Puppy

• Snuggle Safes

• Kong ® Toys

• Easy Cheese

• Royal Canin ®

Babycat dry food

WHAT OUR Puppies

and kittens Need

• Royal Canin ®

Babycat canned


• Esbilac ® Milk


• Unscented Baby


• Squeaky Toys

• Cat Toys

• Fleece Blankets

• KMR ® Kitten Milk

Replacer Powder

• All meat baby

food - chicken or


“Donations from our annual shower carry

our foster department through the entire

year’s needs... allowing fosters to focus

on love and care.”

Alex, ARF Foster Supervisor

Animals on Broadway

Oakland A’s

Bark at the Park

Wine & Whiskers



Broadway Plaza

Walnut Creek, CA



Oakland Coliseum,

Oakland, CA



ARF Headquarters

Walnut Creek, CA

Paws hit the pavement in

downtown Walnut Creek at

Animals on Broadway!

Bring your pup to the ballpark to

see the Oakland A’s take on the

Tampa Bay Rays.

Treat yourself to an evening of

wine, food, a silent auction, and

adorable ARF animals.


Matt Chapman’s Birthday


ARF Pets Featured in A’s Calendar

Calling all animal-loving baseball fans: Join ARF at the Oakland

Coliseum for A’s Pet Calendar Day on Friday, April 19. The

first 20,000 fans will get a free calendar featuring adorable

ARF-adopted pets—including members of our Pet Hug Pack ®

therapy animal team and a service dog from ARF’s Pets and

Vets program. There’s no better accessory to decorate your

bedroom, office, or cubicle. We’ll see you there!

We’d like to give special thanks to our friends at AvoDerm

Natural ® and Nylabone ® for this amazing opportunity.


Name: Max

Breed: Australian Shepard

Age: 2 years old

Scouting Report: Excellent tail wagging. 80 WPM (Wags Per Minute).

Comparable to classic tail wagger Lassie.


AvoDerm Natural ® Pet Tip

A vinegar and water-soaked cotton ball can help

clean dogs’ ears more thoroughly.



vs LAA

1:05 pm-NBCSCA


1 2 3 4 5 6 7

vs TEX

7:05 pm-NBCSCA

vs TEX

7:05 pm-NBCSCA

vs TEX

7:05 pm-NBCSCA

vs TEX

12:35 pm-NBCSCA


7:07 pm-NBCSCA


6:07 pm-NBCSCA

Easter Renato Núñez’s Birthday Last Day of Passover


1:07 pm-NBCSCA

8 9 10 11 12 13 14


7:10 pm-NBCSCA


7:10 pm-NBCSCA


7:10 pm-NBCSCA


6:10 pm-NBCSCA


1:10 pm-NBCSCA

Jackie Robinson Day

vs BOS

1:05 pm-NBCSCA

Bluetooth Earbuds presented by

Black Bear Diner

(10,000 Fans)

Youth Baseball and Softball Day presented

by Black Bear Diner (Special

Ticket Required)

Yom HaShoah Isra and Mi’raj

15 16 17 18 19 20 21

vs CWS

7:05 pm-NBCSCA

vs CWS

7:05 pm-NBCSCA

50th Anniversary Game

MLB Network Tote Bag

(35,000 Fans)

vs CWS

12:35 pm-NBCSCA

Science of Baseball

Education Day

(Special Ticket Required)

Tax Day

Jed Lowrie’s Birthday Yom Ha’atzmaut

vs BOS

7:05 pm-NBCSCA

vs BOS

6:05 pm-NBCSCA

Green Fridays Matt Chapman Replica Bay Area Unite – A’s/Warriors Cap

Jersey (20,000 Fans)

(Special Ticket Required)

Scout Day

(Special Ticket Required)

22 23 24 25 26 27 28


5:05 pm-NBCSCA


5:05 pm-NBCSCA


5:05 pm-NBCSCA


5:10 pm-NBCSCA


4:10 pm-NBCSCA


11:10 am-NBCSCA

29 30



1 2 3

4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14 15 16 17

• Chevy Free Parking Tuesdays (excludes dual

events with Oracle Arena)


• Green Fridays – City-wide celebration of

18 19 20 21 22 23 24

25 26

Oakland A’s pride with ke ly green jerseys

• Authentic A’s Fan Fridays located in The Treehouse,

presented b


1 2 3

What To Do When Finding Kittens

When spring rolls around, ARF’s focus is less on the

arrival of baseball season and more on “major-league”

kitten season! As winter subsides, a corresponding

boom of cat births occur. And while the term “kitten

season” may sound downright adorable, the reality

of the situation is the opposite. The soaring numbers

of young (oftentimes infant) cats places a strain

on shelters as they rally to provide space, time,

and resources needed to protect some of the most

vulnerable lives in animal welfare. Want to get involved

during kitten season? You can bring the cuteness home

with you by signing up to foster! Fostering is a fun way

for your family to care for a pet without the long-term

commitment of adoption. All supplies are provided, all

you need is love.

“No matter how much cats fight, there

alway seem to be plenty of kittens.”

Abraham Lincoln, 19 th Century Cat Adopter

WAIT: Mama may be looking for food or in


the process of moving her family to a different

location. Are the kittens in immediate danger from

weather or wildlife? Healthy kittens can survive for

hours without food as long as they are warm, so

remove them only if they are in grave danger.

WATCH: Before you decide kittens are truly


orphaned, observe from a distance to see if the

mother will return to her kittens. It may be several

hours. If you get too close or touch the kittens, mom

may be spooked by the scent or presence of people

hovering near her babies.

HELP: If mom comes back and the area is safe,


leave the kittens with her until they are weaned.

You can offer a safe shelter and food, but keep the food

some distance from the shelter, as the mother will want

to keep other cats away from her litter. If mom doesn’t

come back for several hours, remove the kittens. Their

best chance for survival without their mother is if you

bottle feed and care for them yourself until they are

ready for adoption.

Additional questions? Contact ARF’s Resource Center hotline at (925) 256-1273 OR (800) 567-1273.


Campaign for Pets and Vets Kicks Off

With a waiting list of veterans seeking potential service

dogs and a shortage of animal holding space to meet

this growing need, ARF launched the Campaign for

Pets and Vets in November 2017. This is an ambitious

$18.7M effort to better serve all animals in our care. With

powerful transformations at the core of our work, ARF

is expanding these programs to better serve a critically

important group: our nation’s veterans.

After dedicated service to our country, many veterans

face challenges readjusting to civilian life due to

service related mental health conditions, including

post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury,

depression, and anxiety. Meanwhile in public shelters

across the country, an estimated 1.5M dogs and cats are

euthanized every year. This Campaign addressed both of

these heartbreaking challenges and saves more lives.

ARF broke ground on its animal care expansion and new

Pets and Vets Center on April 2, and construction is now

underway. Full build-out is expected to take 12 months.

With less than $1M remaining to reach this ambitious

goal, the race to the finish line is on! Thanks to the

generosity of a generous supporter, all new gifts to the

Campaign will be matched 2:1, increasing the impact of

your support. Join us in saving lives!


Agility Fields




Clinic Entry


Agility Fields

Pets and

Vets Center

Solar Panels


to Save Both Ends of the Leash

Our Goal: $18.7m

New Pets and Vets Center will serve as our

national headquarters for shelter-to-service dog

training for partner shelters and a safe haven

for veteran-dog teams to train.

Animal Care Expansion will add 30 more dog

kennels saving 500 more dogs each year.

Solar Energy will provide energy efficiency as

well as reduce costs and our carbon footprint

for years to come.

Endowment will ensure building integrity and

upkeep to save more lives.

Annual Fund benefits all programs and animals

through rescues, adoptions, spay/neuter, Pet

Hug Pack visits, Camp ARF, and more.


Volunteer Spotlight: Joann Biondi

A 10-year volunteer, Joann Biondi visited ARF shortly

before retiring from a 40-year career in Special Education,

after a colleague had mentioned the Pet Hug Pack ®

therapy animal program. During her first visit, she spotted

a gorgeous cat, soon to be renamed Cara Mia, who would

fulfill her own destiny as a therapy animal – with Joann!

Joann’s experience working with disabled children

made her an invaluable addition to Camp ARF, school

programs, and community therapy animal visits. One

particular hospital visit with Cara Mia stands out to Joann.

“As we entered a patient’s room, we heard her say, ‘Oh

no, I don’t like cats. Thank you. Don’t bring her in here!’”

Joann said. “Cara Mia (who rides in a stroller) heard her

and did a complete turn, showing the lady her backside.

Everyone laughed so hard and wondered how she knew

she wasn’t welcome. She did because cats are intuitive

and special.”

Joann has also been an influential leader in ARF’s

recent Capital Campaign. “I have a daily calendar also

with sayings,” she said. “There was one day recently

that said, ‘The Meaning of Life is to Find your Gift. The

Purpose of Life is to Give it Away.’”

In the case of Joann Biondi and her very special cats, the

community is a grateful recipient of their incredible gifts

of spirit and service.

Photo courtesy of Share the Joy Photography

Joann with her cats: (left to right) Figaro, Cara Mia, and Gianna.

Pet Hug Pack®: Not Just for the Dogs!

Did you know that our Pet Hug Pack ® is open to

animals of any kind, including cats just like Joann’s?

From Ragdolls to Tabbies, Maine Coons to Siamese,

we have some fabulous felines in the program.

Obviously, not every cat is cut out for therapy animal

work. For some kitties, the idea of meeting a group of

new people in a strange room is not at all appealing.

Occasionally, events are held outdoors, requiring

them to be on a leash. Even the idea of wearing the

trademark PHP yellow vest would be too much to ask

for many cats, but our program’s talented felines love

it all.

If you think your cat has what it takes to be a therapy

animal and you’d like to volunteer with ARF’s Pet

Hug Pack ® , contact our Pet Hug Pack Coordinator at right meow!

“People light up when they see our

therapy cats. Cat people need some Pet

Hug Pack® animal love, too!”

Athena, ARF Pet Hug Pack Coordinator


Tribute Gifts

We are pleased to recognize tribute gifts of $100 or

more, which offer a special opportunity to remember

a loved one, recognize an accomplishment, celebrate a

special occasion, or thank a friend or colleague.

This listing recognizes gifts received 10/1/18 - 1/31/19.

Dates may occasionally vary due to data entry and press

lead time. To sponsor an animal adoption or if you have

any questions about our tribute listings please email

Lynn at To make a tribute gift,

please visit

In Memory


Peter and Pamela


Adrian Heideman,

Anna Markov

All our prior kitties and


Jon Aldridge

Annabelle Lo,

Edward Johnson


Michael and Kathryn J.


Audrey Pipo,

James and Leslie


Avis Hatowski,

Mark A. Goldberg


Gary Friedman


Carlie Magill

Bailey Alcaraz,

Yolanda A. Alcaraz

Barbara Freitag,

Elizabeth Ann Kelly


Robin E. Tenold

Barney Logar,

Glenn and Diane Colacurci

Bear and Jackson,

Dawn Boyd


Anne E. Seaman


Luita Lynch


Cheryl Pattee

Benjie, Shannon,

Heather, Peeper,

Momma, Petruchio,

Einstein, Mags, Sydney,

Eli, Chloe and Hamilton,

Steven B. and Karin M.


Bentley Campbell,

Judith Morton and David

A. Rector

Lenise and Chuck


Benton Wright,

William and Doris Cullen

Betty Archibald,

Diana Gilbertson and

Susan Haller & Jordan

Bo French,

Nidia French


Richard and Linda Watts

Bob Rosengard,

Ann and Bob Hestand

Bob The Cat,

Celeste M. Leal

Brenda Demus,

Patricia Derickson

Brewski and Roy,

Julianna Fawcett

Brooke ‘Caroline’ Crotty,

Robert and Jane Crotty

Bruce Adair,

Dana and Gerald Kurtz

Bruce R. Morhaus,

James and Joyce Strughold

Linda Tebbe

Patricia and Edwin


Tri-City Animal & Bird



Russ Willsher

Carol Dutcher,

Mark and Lois Gill

Carol Pizzo,

Adelyn Hodson

Carolyn Renton,

City of Piedmont -

Recreation Dept

Carolyn W. Goldwater,

Gerald and Karen Carlson


Mustafa Kazemi


Leah and Dennis Conyers


The Buzzell Family

Cassie Wedoski,

David and Sharon



Kathryn, Doug and


Chocolate, Gordo, Sadie,

Cody, Moshe, Chowder,

Saf, Susan and James


Susan and James


Christine Banks,

Karen O’Connor

Christopher Gleasman,

Cynthia Gleasman


Linda Nemeroff

Coach, Monet, Sunny,

Kincade, Bardot and PJ,

Lucretia and Steve Marcus


Joan Balzarini-Robbins

Colleen McCune


Carmen Campos

David Dowswell

Gary and Clarice


Grace and David Karish

James Ball

Kimberly Spencer

Curley Joe,

Gay Lyn Webb

Cynthia Stratton,

Polly A. Bowen and Judith

A. Morrow


Sue and Greg Kopchinski


Jack and Marylyn Padley

Darren Walker,

Ronnie Jacobson

David Drinker,

Derk Hunter

David Tenberg,

Marvin Tenberg

Deborah Beth Chernin,

Andrew Cohn

Henry Moon

Jeffrey Odato

Lori Fineman

Marta Steffen

Maureen Sweeney

Ned Siegel

Pam Austin

Ralph and Lynn Huber

Ronnie Sacco

Trevor Eisele

Deedee Winterhoff,

Michael Clark


Jennifer Randolph


Gary Spaugy

Dolly Victoria,

Laura Knolle

Dolores Carrillo,

Alan L. and Johnni J. Ross

Don Rackham, Sr.’s Love

of Animals,

Joan L. Belton

Doreen Portman,

The Cooper Family

Dorothea E. Shortes,

Ariadne H. Prater and

Mitchell Allen


Tracy Haas

Duley de la Ossa,

Marsha A. and Richard


Edith Morrey,

Patricia Berrey and Diane


Ellie and Emma,

Robin Filsinger


Kathryn Barringham


Ernest and Ida Walden

Fish Styx,

Michele Gibney

Fisher and Bisoux,

Judith Morton and David

A. Rector

The Freist cats from 1970

to 2018,

William Freist

Gail Johnson,

Patricia McLean

Gary Foster,

Scott Jacobs

Gary Mattila,

Ila Mattila

Gigi and Nanette,

M J Levy


Beth Ann Schlegel

Gracie Anne,

Elena and Bill Bicker

Greg Konley,

Patricia A. Konley


Bruce A. Childs

Ellen Hilgendorf

Haley Newman,

Marsha A. and Richard



Shira Abel

Hegel Wang,

Minda Yu

Henri and Charley,

Dowd Chelucci

Imogene Howell,

Carol Ross


Carol M. West

Indy and Candi,

Donna Maionchi


Lani Roach

Jacob Steinberg,

Anna Markov

James Ratzlaff, Mary


William Murphy and Liam


Jane Mellenthin,

Mary and Robert Bunzel

Jeff Anthony,

Margaret Mullins

Jeff Arnold,

James Spears

Renee Fortin

Jennie and Ellie,

Kathy Tokuyoshi

Jesse Chaknova,

Isabel Sears


Robert and June Morris


Margaret Bowerman and

Cindy Bowerman-Harvey

John Griffin,

Stephen and Sandi



Doris Selby

Kathy Hansen,

Anne Rainero

Karen Sibbett

Kelli Kay Harder,

Elaine Larimer

Frits Kouwenhoven

Lisa Cook

Michael Barker

Paul and Laurie Zuvella

Penny and Peter Rammer

Raechael Kaufman

Kelly, Telly and Adora,

Karen E. Baker

Ken Rendina,

Joey Diaz

Laura Bixler


Janelle and Barry Clark

King, Tia, Willow, Rusty,

Skipper, Roland Rixen,

and Sasha,

Jim and Linda Campbell

Kiwi and Charlie Sibley,

Rhonda and Scott Sibley


Courtney C. and James R.



Barbara and William


Tori L. Maxfield

Lady and Chesky,

Denise and Peter Bray

Larry Sidell,

Carol Light

Lena Case,

Beverly David


Larry Whitehead and

Paulette Y. Setzer

Lily Storer,

Dr. Mark W. Storer

Linda Ann Follette,

Marjorie Follette

Linda Weber,

Catherine L. Pleasant

Lola Lucchesi,

Mr. & Mrs. Fred D.



In Memory

Low-la and Cheech,

Anne E. Maczulak


Stacy Tobias

LuLu and Sissy,

Sarah Russo

MacKenzie DesMeules,

Eileen and Robert


Malcom Willett,

Gayle and Harry Willett

Margo McRice,

Dowd Chelucci

Marianne D. Schroeder,

William and Barbara


Marty Frank and Penny,

Ellen Frank

Mary Ann Patison,


Julie Del Santo

Mary MacDonald

The Hestands and

VanDerMeulens (Ann,

Bob, Pegi, Pete & Linda)

Mary Cohen,

Linda Cohen


Ilene Hollis

Mary Stearns

Midnite and Skippy,

Nancy Mae Tellian


Mitsuko and Walter Laird

Minnie Me Edmonds and

BeBe Hall,

Kathleen Edmonds

Miss Hodge,

Richard Cushman


Ellena Bloedorn

Molly Gordon,

Shannon R. Cook

Molly Potter,

Glenn and Diane Colacurci


Steven L. and Maria


Nancy F. Krakow,

Morgan Rogers


G. Daniel Newland


Thomas and Carol



Erin and John Guiang

Oscar the Cat,

Jayne Alford


Frances D. Higginbotham

Pat Hartman, Cherie


William F. Beemer

Pat Partridge,

Book Group #E

Robert and June Morris


Carol Hollinger

Martha Smyser

Paul Baker, David Hall

and Bob Hansen,

Evelyn Baker

Pauline Florence Canova,

Raymond and Kathleen


Pedee and Mactavish,

William D. Hardie

Perti, Rocky and Coco,

Droslyn and Tony Suggs

Peter and Sam,

David Johns

Peter Dixon,

Joan and Larry Evans

Peter John Braal,

Caroline Leibert


Suzanne Case and Mark


Phyllis Henshaw,

Marilyn and William


Piotr Ilych,

Robert J. Berman

Puff, Inky, Bunns,

Hershe, Kitté, Jr and


Vicki and Douglas


Quatchii (Sasquatch),

Donald and Nancy Dalbey

Rachel Cabral,

Zora Weston


Lorraine Horst


Morgan Stanley Global

Impact Funding Trust, Inc.

Red Fox,

Mary and James Gallen

Richard M. Urbaniak,

D. Furnari

LaVonne Urbaniak and

Mathew Minshull

Tara French

Rick Jensen and David


Anne Jensen

Robert Lee,

Lenise and Chuck


Rocco Tarman,

Kay and Steven Schramm


Fred and Joan Baker

Patricia and Stanley Wells

Rory Horton,

Terry and Randy


Rosey and Daisy


Sandra and Bill Chauncey


The McCloskey Family


Robert C. and Terry L.


Sadie and Casey Uyeda-


Carol Uyeda-Lyons


Larry and Delora Webb

Sally Rose,

Diane and David Le Noue

Sammi and Fifi,

Joy Martin-Gieryng and

Tom Gieryng

Sergei Vasilievich,

Edward J. Leiter


Elena and Bill Bicker

Richard and Eunice



Shirley Poitras


Ronald Chalmers


The De La Cruz Family


Sara Born

Smokey Braselton,

Patricia Braselton


Bill and Shannon Cook


David S. Martin Jr.

Sophie Grace Johnson,

Stephen and Nancy


Sparky, and Huey,

Mary Kanemoto


Stefany and Lynda Otis

Susan Warmbrodt,

Edwin and Jean Aiken

Suzanne Denault,

Kathi and Katelyn


Sue Sandford


Kimberly and Clay


Thomas M. McCarthy,

Theresa McCarthy


Robert Hester

Tobey and Abbey,

Jennifer Bowen


Steven C. and Diane



Roberta and John Baron

Tootsie Roll Gerber,

Nina I. Gerber

Trouble, Hobbes,

Mischief, Calvin and

Suzie Zorn,

Michele and Edward Zorn


Jennifer and James


Virginia Lawrence,

Denise and Roger Lindsay

Waldo, Molly and Shep,

Karen Van Voorhis


Keith and Stacey Tsuchiya


Leah K. Shadowens

Windsor and Chutney,

Audrey and William Curbo

Yung To,

Kam Li

Yvonne Brown and her

beloved dog Gigi,

Michelle and Marlene



Robert C. and Hadassah


What Will Your Legacy Be?


We are truly grateful for the enduring commitment and

support many of our friends offer ARF throughout the

year to bring animals and people together.

Your vision and legacy in remembering ARF in your

will or trust transforms the lives of countless animals

and people for years to come. Legacy gifts provide

meaningful support, ensuring ARF can continue our

life-saving work in the future, while fulfilling your

wishes and financial goals. Legacy support may include

bequests, gifts of life insurance, retirement plans,

IRA’s, or other support. Your legacy to ARF will one day

provide a lasting promise of hope for so many animals

and people in need.

We invite you to join our Legacy Society, ARF’s Circle of

Compassion, by letting us know if you have included

ARF in your estate planning so that we may express

our appreciation. We would be happy to speak to you

personally about how you can provide a lifeline to

animals in need for generations to come. Please contact

us at (925) 296-3149 or

In Honor


Elizabeth A. Torio

Alex Papachristidis and

Scott Nelson,

Jessica Kisling

Alex Smith,

Jeanette Bishop

All our dogs,

Richard Davis

Ariel and Feste,

Barbara Jones


Nancy Rozenblad

Audrey Child,

Tiffany Child

Audrey Gerard,

Caroline Pierson


Thomas and Judith



Mary Louise Pollaczek

Bev Pratt and Riley,

Bobbe Bartlett and Mike


Beverly Greenbaum,

Charles Trombetta and

Dolores Pape, Heather


Bill Oman and Larry


Elisabeth Andreason and

Melissa Allen

Bingo Betts,

Kenneth and Carla Betts

Blaire Eltringham and

Michael Bloom,

Sean B. Curley

Bobbe, Mike, Hannah

and Eden,

Steven E. Hengst

Brenda Bennett,

Eugene Wheatley

Buddy Friedman,

Leslie Boyd-Jordan

Buster P.,

Dawn Boyd

Camille and Jillian Jonas,

Deborah Swaim

Carol Spalding,

Kathy Stewart

Carol Yin,

John Bauer

Catlyn Wiegand,

The Bassett Firm, PC

Cattacheeno, Cuddles,

Anastacia and Natasha,

Claire J. Stames

Celia Dunn,

Donna and Stephen


Charlene and Michael


Betty D. Raaf

Charlie and Buster,

Marianne Lynch


Keith and Charla Isbell

Christine Pardi,

Michelle Schwartzbach

and Frank Smith

Christopher LaBasco,

Leona and Tom LaBasco

Chuck and Anne Gobel,

Margaret Mullins

Connie Schoonover,

Richard Bittner

Courtney Wimer,

Deborah Bubak


Delia and Paul Stichick

2018 Dallas Bailie

community service

award presented to

Jennifer Amador

of Diablo Valley


East Bay Independent

Insurance Agents


Daniela, Judd and Hazel,

Lesley Brownlie


Erin Ray

David Serventi and

Vanessa Mann,

James R. and Gayle


Dayna Vanderveen,

Teresa L. Hoffman


Rudolph Perez

Diesel Bennet and Buster


Jeri and Steven Larsen

Dr. Celeste Waters, MD,

Jane Ayalin

Dr. David Canton,

Joan Balzarini-Robbins

Dr. McDreamy,

Donna and Michael Sailer


Kristi Novinger

Elaine Gor and Wrinkles


Lily Lee

Emily E,

Amy and Robert Trask

Emily Entwistle,

Ann Entwistle and Fred


Emma Wenger,

John R. Schwabacher

Evan J. Praznik,

John and Mary S. Praznik

Ewan Reid,

Helen and Dean


Fairway Ford Senior

Softball Teams,

Dale J. Walter


Colleen A. McGuire

Janice Bailey

The Francisconi Family,

Alison Pazourek

Gary and Linda Griffith,

Kent Griffith

Gene and Carole Nelson,

The Hohman Family

Gina Inks,

Mark Garcia


Patricia A. Menchini

Glenn Colacurci,

Steven E. and Wanda


Gloria S. Duffy,

Sheila Duffy

Gracie Allen,

Victoria Tucker

Greg Bone,

Susan Bone

Greg McCoy,

Nancy M. and Kevin Truitt

Gwendolyn Giblin,

Karin Giblin

The Haertl Pets,

Alice Griffith

Haley Young,

Joanne Young

Home for the Holidays,

Sheridan Stanton

Jack and Robbin Yee,

Randall Yee and Bruce



Jodi Roisman

Jake and Duke,

Crystal Cobb

Jean Auka,

Martell Glommen

Jeff Mullins,

Carole Salerno

Jennifer Hall,

Daniel Fries

Jerri Port,

Andrew I. Port

Jill Christofferson,

Joan Balzarini-Robbins

JJ Filice and Lexi


Nancy Filice

John and Kathy


John and Susan Simmonds

Jordyn Richards,

Linda Skolnik

Josie and Stretch,

Dorothy Orolin

Judi Gavin,

Scott and Drew


Judy Harrison,

Marjorie Whiteside

Kathy Hallock,

Marian and Glenn A.


Kayla and the Voyager


Alice Griffith

Kevin and Kathleen


Jesse and Billie Jean Isbell

Lee Heida and Kathy


Diana Errington

Leif Rohrbach,

Judy Hetland

Lexie and Millie,

Marge Ellis

Libby White,

Lawrence Tabas

Louie Colacurci,

Lawrence and Janice L.



The Rigdon Family

Lynnette Brown,

California Trucking


Margaret Jarvis,

Patricia and Charles


Marianne Wood,

Donald Wood

Mary S. Praznik,

John Praznik

Maverick and Misty,

Marci Smith

Max John Meggs,

Jayne Alford

Megan McCarthy,

Mollie Field

Meredith Kummell,

Colleen Ayres-Griffin

Michael Springman,

Julie Jones

Mike Huston and Marcia


Danita H. and Rob Forgey

Missy Elliott,

Phyllis and Walter Francis

Mister Jimmy,

Keith Cambra and Tony


Monica, Ken, Dexter and

New Pup,

Marquita Chamblee

Monique Siegel,

Diana Dobrowsky

Mr. & Mrs. Polkes,

Eileen Perritt

My Family,

Caro Lou Rodda

Nancy Golden,

Dianne Dickson

Nancy Tognela,

Barbara Edington

Niko ‘Pig Sue’ Laz,

Adam Romo


Brian and Kathleen


Owen and Ava Reyes,

Edward and Linda Docks

Peter Martin’s birthday,

Frederick and Karen


Randi Miller,

Pam Aldridge

Red Sox World Series


Jackie Henry

The Remitz’s love of


Mary and Donald Quintal

Robert Van Slooten,

Ruth Priest

Roy and Laurel


Mary E. Ruhe

Ruth Holmes,

Michael San Felipe


Val and Alan Glick

Salvador and Veronica


Christopher Gomez

Scott Zimmermann,

Judith M. and David Gavin

Sindy Harris and Steve


Donald Hall

Frances Harkins

Judith Craddick


Loreta Emerson


Raechael Kaufman

Steve Parrish,

W D. and Elizabeth D.


Steven Wisinski,

Katherine Wisinski

Stuart Welte & Family,

Ray Parkinson



William X. Minor

Susan Huey,

Tom Monaghan

Susana Charm,

Kevin Crosby

Susanna Paul,

Katharine Berenson

The Tambakis/Steinberg


Howard R. Steinberg

Tammy Tran,

Cecilia Quick

Tang Family,

Bonnie Quan

Taylor Guthrie,

Devin Campbell


Miriam Sophia Grodinsky

Terresa Hernandez,

Martha Hernandez and

Terry Grummitt

Therese Konz,

Michelle Bauer


Roger and Jeane


Toots and Alex,

Caren and Leslie Tereck


Morgan Stanley

Workday GSO Global


June Wong


“Tri-Paw” Goes Home

Making Up for Lost Time

When four-year-old Corgi-mix Jack (formerly “Spelt”)

made his way to ARF, veterinary staff quickly realized

that he would need one of his legs amputated. But

that didn’t get him down! He quickly adapted to life as

a “tri-pawed” and won the heart of a family who came

to visit another dog they had seen on ARF’s website.

Now in his forever home, Jack loves to follow people

all around the house, take trips to patios of local

restaurants, and nap alongside his doggie sibling, Gus.

Four years passed as Ray waited for a specially-bred

service dog through another organization. Every

day felt like an eternity after years of military service

followed by battling invasive anxiety attacks. Finally,

Ray made a plea to his VA counselor who referred him

to ARF’s Pets and Vets.

Jasper, a young mixed breed, had been through a long

wait of his own. Held in protective custody at a public

shelter, he also had a wait before ARF could rescue

him. Despite his unknown pedigree, his calming

presence and eagerness to train made him the perfect

match for Ray’s needs. Within just four weeks, the

waiting was over. Ray and Jasper are overjoyed to

be together, and are working towards becoming a

service dog team. “I couldn’t have asked for a better

dog if I had made him up myself,” says Ray. “Jasper has

changed my life 180 degrees, as well as my attitude and

outlook. He is there every second of the day for me.”

Zion Finds a New Paradise

Zion (formerly “Cassie”) was one of the injured,

adoptable cats ARF took in from shelters affected by

Butte County’s devastating Camp Fire in November.

With singed whiskers, burned paws, and dampened

spirits, she was nursed back to health in an ARF foster

home before finding her perfect match.

Her new family, who drove all the way from San Diego

to meet her, told us they are delighted with Zion’s

“sassy” demeanor and “dog-like personality.” They’re

even beginning to train her to walk outside on a leash!

We’re thrilled with this special kitty’s amazing recovery.

“Zion is our sassy, little girl. She has no concept of personal space, and we

absolutely love it. We are so grateful to ARF for bringing her into our family.”

Michelle and Mitch, ARF Adopters

Camps for


lovers ages

4 - 18!





Games & Crafts

Vet Camp

Register today at

2890 Mitchell Drive

Walnut Creek, CA 94598






People Rescuing Animals .

...Animals Rescuing People®

Bark at the Park:

Bring Your Dog to a Ballgame

ARF is proud to team up with AvoDerm ® , Nylabone ® , and

Pets Add Life (PAL) to bring Bark at the Park events to

a baseball game near you! Fans can purchase a special

ticket to attend a game with the family dog, participate in

a pre-game pup parade around the field, and enjoy pet

activities. You can find more information at

Sunday, April 7

Evans Diamond • Berkeley, CA

Saturday, May 11

Dodger Stadium • Los Angeles, CA

Tuesday, July 16

Miller Park • Milwaukee, WI

Thursday, September 12

Safeco Field • Seattle, WA

Saturday, May 4

Globe Life Park • Arlington, TX

Friday, June 21

Oakland Coliseum • Oakland, CA

Tuesday, August 13

Coors Field • Denver, CO

Thursday, September 26

Citi Field • New York, NY

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