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It was half past seven coming home

The full day work then again had


Something new waiting for me alone

So eager to go there and jump on

Again catching my breath to keep


It is the fifth avenue to tell on

On fifth avenue…

I got in and the world changed nicely

In the dark hall feeling warm only

They were waiting for me yes for me

Behind the curtain so intensly

The opening started looking at me

I sang with this fever so freely

On fifth avenue…

In this world of dark lights , and


I knew that this way was my way my


In the middle of my song, my song

On that scene never again alone

I could sing without end until dawn

Why to leave this world for a new

day on

On fifth avenue…

The song has been recorded , available

on :

Youtube channel :



Website : https://www.fredbranziny.com

I’m Fred Branziny, singer, songwriter,

music composer, guitar,

piano, saxaphone player.

When a feeling is too intense, a

song is coming; it is the intensity

of the emotion that urges me to

write a song, a way to free my


The tight link between music and

atmosphere like the confusion

between dream and reality might

partly explain this indomitable

whirpool from which i can hear

« write and sing ».

Music and atmosphere come

very often to my spirit hosted

then by a kind of musical story.

The origin can be a long story or

a short one, something indeed

shared with other people that I

cannot forget because it means

so much for me.

At the beginning, music and

atmosphere start to dance in my

mind, merely ideas and I need to

let my spirit wandering around

them until some few words shout

« i have the song ! »

Then can start this exciting work

of creating the music and lyrics;

one of my favorite moments is to

sing the song because I always

feel good singing and I am eager

to hear my song

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