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c s d o c t o r

tions, songs need some kind

of structure. That doesn’t

mean you always need a

bridge. I’ve written plenty of

songs without. It doesn’t

even mean that they need a

refrain. I’ve written a few

that don’t repeat any lines.

And they don’t necessarily

need rhymes. Stairway to

Heaven isn’t exactly full of

them (though it’s got a few),

and Tom’s Diner by Suzanne

Vega doesn’t have any (but

even just reading it you can

hear the beat of the song

pulsing through, with each

line four syllables long).

Note from the editor...

If you have a lyric related question you’d

like answering please email it to me and

I’ll forward to The Lyrics Doctor.


It’s hard, though, to imagine

what most people might

consider a “song” that lacks

all of those elements, and

you’d likely have a hard time

selling something that’s

really, truly freeform. So if

you want to sell your songs,

I’d suggest generally following

the rules, at least until

you’ve made a name for

yourself. If freeform is your

passion, you’re probably

better off sticking to poetry.

Happy SongwRxiting!

The Lyrics Doctor



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