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The Lyric writers magazine

Lyrical Do Not Series #3


When writing a lyric or song, we tend to be

bias. This is common and hard to overcome.

What do i mean by bias? Bias means you

are so proud of your piece of art that you

fail to see any mistakes, and therefore you

are not apt to listen to any kind of critiques

or advice.

Critiques and advice can be good or bad.

When you are bias, you only see the advice

and critique as bad advice, slandering or

destroying your art. You tend to feel like

the comments were unjust. It is a good

idea to set the lyric or song aside for a few

days to get a fresh new perspective. Listen

to it or read it again after a few days with a

clear head. Try to determine if it is great or

just good enough to proceed. Remember,

good enough is not good enough.

Some services are available for critiques

from several organizations, but it is a buyer

beware situation. Some of these will give

you honest constructive feedback while

others may be in it for the money and will

tell you only what you want to hear. This is

exactly what happens when you are bias to

your own work. You only accept positive

feedback, while negative feedback is


If you have a complete song, you may perform

it and watch how people react to it.

Do they tap their feet? Do they talk over

you? Do you have their attention or do they

have yours?

Social media platforms provide a good

resource of groups to post your material to

get feedback.

Evaluating your feedback is just as important

as getting feedback. Getting feedback

from a family member or a friend who refuses

to give a negative feedback in fear of

hurting your feelings can be just as bias as

you can be on your creation. This kind of

feedback will seldom help you hone your

skills to the level you desire.

If you want to improve on your skills, you

need an honest intelligent feedback that

will neither fluff up your work nor sink it

with a brick. They should give reasons for

the feedback and examples of what they

mean to be sure you understand the critiquing

as much as possible.

Bias to your own work can make you

appear unable to work with by other professionals

in the music business. This is true

even when attempting to collaborate.

Bias makes it difficult to learn new skills if

you get a sense that the mistakes in your

lyric is proper. It is possible that you have

the best skills in the world, but you will

never know it unless you find a way to back

away from the bias most of us have.

No matter how you get to a great lyric or

song, DO NOT let your BIAS prevent you

from making the best work of art come out

of you.

When is it okay to be bias? It is okay to be

bias when you have written a hit song. The

moment your song goes viral, or gets

notable airplay. Measure against how many

views it receives from people you do not

know. That does not mean it is perfect, and

we should always strive to reach that level.

You can check out music by Daryn at his

website: https://www.darynwright.com/

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