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TUESDAY, MAY 7, 2019

Connecting Your Community

Another year

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Prime minister

honours art


Free After Hours Care

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Two-year wait for water tank

Space issues

further delay

$2.6m project


An artist’s

impression of

the new water

tank at Jeffreys


• By Jess Gibson

A CONTROVERSIAL multimillion

dollar water tank in the

heart of Fendalton has been hit

with a two-year delay.

The preliminary design

phase for the Jeffreys Reserve

suction tank is taking longer

than expected due to space

constraints at

the site, which

has pushed the


date out to May


The 500

cu m tank will

replace the




200 cu m


tank, which supplies

water to the city’s north-west.

City council head of three

waters and waste John Moore

said the space constraint issues

will be remedied once the eastern

wing of the current, un-used

pump station is demolished.

A larger area is needed around

the site to provide space for the

new tank’s construction and



Harewood Community Board

chairman Sam MacDonald said

he is “frustrated” the process has

been dragged out.

“We were told at the time [of

the proposal] that it was urgent

work that needed to be done

and that there was effectively

no way around it. So we worked

really hard to mitigate residents’

concerns and now we are back at

square one with delays,” he said.

The project was initially meant

to be completed in June last year,

but was delayed until December

this year after the reserve’s

neighbours expressed concerns

over the concept designs in the

first round of consultation.

•Turn to page 4


The new tank

in will replace

the existing

tank, which

was damaged

in the February

22, 2011,


An EASY solution

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nail infections

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darfield Pharmacy

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2 Tuesday May 7 2019

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IT’S GOOD to see residents being recognised for their

community efforts in Northwood (see page 7).

Northwood New World owner Kathy Smart started Meals for

the Local Community to reward a local hero every week with

two vouchers for hot dinner box meals.

Generous Redwood resident Barry Smart was chosen as the

most recent winner after being nominated by his daughter.

Mr Smart donated a piano to the Christchurch City Mission,

took in a friend for three years after the February, 22, 2011,

earthquake and collected during the recent RSA Poppy Appeal.

Mrs Frampton said customers are encouraged to nominate

good scouts as “a nice way of saying thank you.”

Heartening stuff!

- Jess Gibson

papanui heritage

Highs and lows of Firestone factory

Murray Williams’ second article about the old factory on

Langdons Rd.

Page 11



Young footballers tour of Spain

Christchurch United under-16 squad members had a good time

on and off the pitch in Spain.

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PO Box 1467, Christchurch


Jess Gibson

Ph: 021 914 169


Monique Maynard

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community events

Knit with friends

Take your knitting to the Bishopdale Library today, from

1-3pm, or on Thursday, 2-3.30pm.

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Tuesday May 7 2019 3


Kmart will be welcomed in Papanui

• By Jess Gibson


given the thumbs up to the

relocation of a Kmart store from

Shirley to Langdons Rd.

A 4500 sq m store is set to

open in the Northlink shopping

precinct in early 2020.

It will mean the subsequent

end of a 23-year tenancy within

The Palms Shopping Centre since

the store first opened in 1996.

News about the move sparked


feedback from

residents in

the north-west

area about



less travel

Simon Britten

distance to a

Kmart store

and a large amount of off-street

parking near the new site.

Meanwhile, the response has

not been so positive in the east.

A petition was started by Shirley

resident Josiah MacKay to open

an entirely new store at Papanui

instead of relocating so that the

existing Shirley store could remain.

“With enough support, I believe

that we could have a chance

in convincing Kmart Australia

to look over their decision in

relocating our Kmart store,” Mr

MacKay said.

A post about the relocation

DEVELOPMENT: Construction is under way on Langdons Rd

where a new Kmart will open. PHOTO: THINK PAPANUI

on the Think Papanui Facebook

page generated more than 3500

comments in 12 hours.

There was some positive

feedback from the public on

the shift, but many expressed

their concerns about the effect

it would have on The Palms and

the lack of access to a Kmart

store for people in the east.

Simon Britten runs the Think

Papanui page and will be a candidate

for the Papanui Ward in

the 2019 local body election.

“I have a bit of a concern that the

new site is a long way from public

transport. It’s about 500m from the

nearest Orbiter bus stop on Harewood

Rd,” Mr Britten said.

“It’s definitely going to add a

lot more vehicle movement in the

area. Langdons Rd is busy with

school students as pedestrians as

well as the elderly,” he said.

Papanui-Innes Community

Board member Emma Norrish

said she will be asking staff to

look at the impacts that the

development will have on traffic

in the Langdons Rd area at the

next board meeting.

Mr Britten said he first heard

rumours about the relocation

late last year. He said when he

sent an inquiry to the business

at the time, he received a “noncommittal”

answer about plans

to relocate.

Mr Britten made a second inquiry

in February and received

a message saying they had “no

plans” to open in Papanui but

later discovered a media release

on the Kmart Australia website

which confirmed the proposal.

“If I was to speculate, [the denial]

possibly happened because

of the impacts it would have on

the Shirley side as opposed to

not wanting to tell people about

something new in Papanui,” Mr

Britten said.

Kmart New Zealand country

manager Jason Picard said the

decision was part of a vision

to grow the store network in


“We are doing this by ensuring

our stores are in the best

locations to service our customers

now and well into the future.

It’s important we support the

communities we operate in and

we hope customers will enjoy

the benefits of our new store in

Papanui,” Mr Picard said.

AMP Capital, which owns

The Palms, was asked what impact

the closure of Kmart is expected

to have on trade within

the shopping centre, but did not

comment on this specifically.

Instead, a spokesperson said:

“AMP Capital has a long-standing

partnership with Kmart

across its portfolio and would

like to thank Kmart for its support

of the centre since the store





In Brief

Fire rages, homes at risk


Work to replace wastewater mains

and laterals on Virgil Place has

begun and is expected to take four

weeks. The current system has

reached the end of its economic

design life and increased

maintenance costs make

replacement more economical.

There may be times when vehicle

access to properties is restricted.

The contractor will door-knock

beforehand so vehicles can

be moved. If you have access

requirements phone Downer’s

Shaun Moore on 0800 026 420.


Funding has been approved

for the purchase of resources

for the new Merivale Corner

Community Centre. The


Community Board approved

$1025 from the Discretionary

Response Fund which will be put

towards equipment including a

lockable cabinet, floor mats and

exercise gear. The Merivale Corner

Community Centre provides

activities, programmes and

services for Merivale residents.

The centre in Church Lane opened

in a new building late last year.

The original base was demolished

following the February 22, 2011,

earthquake and the Elmwood

Bowling Club building was used in

the meantime.

Background noise

a ProBlem?

Host an event

during Christchurch Heritage Festival*

7-28 October

The solution

is Here!

We’re reaching out to community groups,

businesses and individuals - anyone who may

have a great idea for a festival event in October.

We’d love you to join us at a community meeting

– it’s an opportunity to share ideas, ask questions

and to consider how you might like to be involved.

Join us at the Christchurch Heritage Festival

community meeting.

Book your free consultation today


Hearing Clinic

24b Church Lane

Call now: 356 2324

Tonight, Tuesday 7 May


Christchurch City Council

Te Hononga Civic Building

53 Hereford Street

*Formerly Heritage Week

4 Tuesday May 7 2019

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Dentistry is a common daily surgical

procedure carried out at our Practice. We are

all trained in dentistry and are lucky enough

to have dental radiography which in the case

of Mabel, it proved invaluable in diagnosing

her tooth troubles. Due to most pets poor

dental hygiene ( daily tooth brushing isn’t

a priority for most people), your pet will

at least once in their life need a thorough

dental exam, scale and polish and possible

extractions under a general anaesthetic.

Checking a pets teeth and gums is a regular

part of a physical exam.

Pet owners often won’t

pick up early dental

disease, only noticing

their pet is suffering if it

refuses food, salivates

profusely or has a very

smelly breath. Many

pets will exhibit no

clinical symptoms.

Poor dental hygiene

leads to other serious

metabolic diseases like

kidney and liver disease, endocarditis, urinary

tract infections and gastrointestinal disease to

name a few.

In older pets, periodontal disease is common.

Here you get infection and inflammation

around the periodontal ligament and tooth

root due to toxins released from the bacteria

in tartar. Early on gingivitis ( inflammation

around the gingiva) is reversible with

thorough scaling and polishing, then a regular

home care dental programme involving tooth

brushing, various gels to apply to the gums,

prescription dental diets, and occasional large

raw bones that cant be demolished ( canon

bones). If left undiagnosed, gingivitis quickly

evolves into periodontitis and you get loss of

bone around the root and a loose diseased

tooth that requires extraction.

McMaster & Heap

Veterinary practice


In young animals that present with

dental pain, a fractured or chipped tooth

exposing the pulp cavity, or diseased root is

commonplace. These dental problems are

seen in cats due to their fighting and hunting

pastimes. We see these issues in dogs due to

their obsessive chewing and destroying of

bones, hard objects and toys.

Mabel, a 71/2 year old Shih Tzu presented as

her very attentive owner suspected a tooth

issue. Mabel had stopped eating suddenly,

wouldn’t pick up and play with her toys and

occasionally cried out in pain and had become

quiet and clingy.

On initial examination

her teeth and gums

looked very good,

apart from some

mild tartar and

gingivitis. I couldn’t

identify any fractured

or loose teeth, no

lumps, bruising or

lesions were seen in

the oral cavity, and

there appeared to be

nothing stuck. On gently opening Mabels

mouth open she cried. The rest of her clinical

examination was unremarkable.

It was decided to anaesthetise Mabel and

thoroughly examine and probe her teeth

to establish her acute pain. It was only after

performing dental radiography that we were

we able to identify the problem tooth - an

upper molar with an abscessed root that

couldn’t be seen from the oral cavity exam.

This tooth was extracted and Mabel recovered

quickly and uneventfully.

Make sure your vet thoroughly inspects your

pets mouth on a routine checkup. It can save

lots of discomfort and money spent, if dental

disease is identified early on. A healthy mouth

leads to a happy life!

Dr Michele McMaster

Fendalton water tank

still two years away

from being finished

•From page 1

The 2017 consultation

document showed only one

option for the new water

tank, which was near the

existing station.

Concerns over security,

the tank’s visual impact,

use of the existing site,

consideration of

other locations

and the tank’s

height prompted

the city council

to change the


The second

round of

consultation last

year included a

detailed multicriteria


of more than eight sites, as

well as the city council’s

preferred option, which

was the same site as the

damaged tank.

Affected residents made

two presentations in

opposition to the preferred



option at a board meeting

before the decision was

made in August.

They did not want the

tank put at the existing

site due to the reduction in

open space and the visual


But the community

board selected the

preferred option as

it alleviated many

of the impacts

raised in the first

consultation round.


board member

David Cartwright

said it is hard to

please everyone

when consulting

on infrastructure

which is needed in the


“No matter what you’re

constructing on, there

will always be varying

opinions,” he said.

The preliminary design

phase should be completed

real adjective

1. Not imitation or artificial; genuine.

Working harder to get a real result, with a

rate of only 2.95% * . Our clients know they are

getting real value, right from the start.

“We’re delighted to be one of the most cost

effective options in your area when it comes

to selling property. You’re in good hands with

Ian and Cathy Falconer.” - Mike Pero

by the end of May.

It would then be shown

to the community board

and an information session

would be held with affected

residents. Work to raise a

well-head to remove the

current chlorination is

due to start this month

before construction of the

tank begins in either July

or August. The tank will

take eight to 10 months to


Out of the $2.6 million

budget, almost $380,000 in

ratepayers’ money has been

spent on process costs since

the project began in 2017.

This includes consultation,

options, a detailed soil

investigation, concept

plans and the preliminary



Do you think it has

taken too long to build

the tank? Email your

views to jess.gibson@

*Our fees are 2.95% up to $390,000 thereafter 1.95% + admin fee + GST.

Mike Pero Real Estate Ltd Licensed REAA (2008)

Open 7 days

Cnr Hoon Hay & Coppell place

phone 338 2534, Fax 339 8624


McMaster & Heap

Cathy Falconer

Brand and Territory Owner

027 660 1920

Ian Falconer

Brand and Territory Owner

027 849 0404

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Tuesday May 7 2019 5

Who will get your vote?

• By Julia Evans

THE community board lineup

looks set to remain largely

unchanged in the Fendalton,

Waimairi and Harewood wards

next term.

Major local body group

Independent Citizens has

announced an experienced

list of Fendalton-Waimairi-

Harewood Community Board

candidates in the lead-up to the

elections on October 12.

However, one new candidate

is set to campaign under

the group’s banner. Jason

Middlemiss, a chartered

accountant, will run for the

board in Harewood.

Mr Middlemiss is part of the

Old Boys Collegians Cricket

committee, which worked to

establish Hagley Oval.

He would contest the spot

vacated by Aaron Campbell,

who said he will be running

for Environment Canterbury’s

West-Ōpuna seat. Mr Campbell

had to withdraw his bid for the

community board as he can’t

stand for both.

Fendalton Ward city

councillor James Gough,

community board deputy

chairman David Cartwright, as

well as board members Bridget

Williams, Shirish Paranjape

and Linda Chen, will all seek

Jason Middlemiss

James Gough


Board chairman Sam

MacDonald will contest the

Waimairi Ward city council

seat after incumbent

councillor Raf Manji announced

he will not stand.

Independent Citizens will

not put a city council candidate

forward for Harewood.

Aaron Keown

Bridget Williams



Do you have concerns around your scope of works?

Is your settlement fair for the damage incurred?

We work directly for and with the homeowner to:

•Establish if your scope of works is correct, including floor levels

•Assist with the insurance part of the claim if required

•Manage the repairs from the initial stages to completion

•Have quality tradespeople and workmanship assured

Initial Consultation FREE!

Phone Stewart 027 488 6975 or George 027 334 4197

Shirish Paranjape

Linda Chen

It will instead support

incumbent city councillor

Aaron Keown.

Nominations for city

council and community board

candidates opens on July 19

and closes at noon on August


Voting papers will be

delivered from September 20.

• By Jess Gibson

IT IS your chance to have a say

on upgrades to the contentious

Breens, Harewood and Gardiners

Rds intersection.

The city council has proposed

two options to address and

improve safety at the intersection.

Option one, which is the city

council’s preferred option, is to

make both Gardiners and Breens

Rds a left-turn in and left-turn

out only by closing the median on

Harewood Rd.

This would mean vehicles

travelling from Gardiners Rd to

Breens Rd would need to use the

U-turn bays already provided on

Harewood Rd.

This option also proposes

the installation of a pedestrian

crossing, which would only stop

vehicles when it is in use.

A bus-only right-turn bay will

remain on Harewood Rd to allow

buses to turn into Gardiners Rd.

Option two is to install traffic

lights at the intersection.

City councillor Aaron Keown

has been campaigning to have




Fire rages, homes at risk

Feedback sought

on intersection

safety upgrades

Treat your mum this Mothers Day

Mothers Day

High Tea

Bookings essential, book now


Cnr Cranford St and Innes Rd

P: 03 355 6921 E: (34 on site car parks)

Baking fresh each day since 1986

traffic lights installed at the

intersection for three years.

Cr Keown said the city

council’s preferred option would

introduce major issues as it would

cut off Harewood Rd and force

people to drive around the block

or make U-turns. He said the


Community Board will support

traffic lights “in support of what

the people want.”

The city council will hold two

public information sessions which

will start with a presentation,

followed by the opportunity to

speak to the project team.The

first session will be held at Breens

Intermediate School Hall at 85

Breens Road, Bishopdale on May

21 from 5.30-7pm.

The second session will be held

at the Bishopdale Community

Centre on May 23 from 10.30amnoon.

Public feedback will be

open on the city council website

until June 10.


option would you prefer?

Email your views to

$39 per person

includes tea or coffee

and complimentary

bubbles on arrival.

6 Tuesday May 7 2019

Latest Christchurch news at


New street


after old lake

• By Jess Gibson

A NEW street in a Burnside

subdivision has been named with

history in mind.

Lake Bryndwr Lane was chosen

by the Fendalton-Waimairi-

Harewood Community Board for

the street in the subdivision at 196

Roydvale Ave.

The Fendalton Quarry was

established by the Ashby brothers

in the early 1900s and was made

up of three large pits.

A natural spring near Roydvale

Ave eventually filled the main pit

with water once it had become

unused and became known as

Bryndwr Lake.

At places, the lake was 6m deep

and was a place where locals went


In 1965, the land was brought

by the Roman Catholic Diocese

who filled the pit in 1968 as members

planned to build a church


The church was never built and

this area of Burnside remained a

wasteland for many years.

The community board considered

two alternative street names,

Boag Lane and Cors lane, which

both had historical relevance to


Nearly 50,000 books recycled at Bookarama

• By Jess Gibson

HUGE CROWDS cleared out

almost 50,000 recycled books at

the 14th annual Bookarama in


The Rotary Club of Bishopdale

Burnside’s three-day book sale

event had its biggest turnout to

date, with the YMCA Recreation

Centre reaching its maximum

capacity of 400 on the first day.

Project leader Lindsay Crossen

said it was the first time the club

had to close the doors to clear

numbers since the event started

in 2005.

While he would not disclose

the exact figure, Mr Crossen said

the money raised between April

26 and 28 is “slightly up” on the

$60,000 raised at last year’s


“Books are alive and well,

that’s all I can say,” said Mr


The money will be used to

support the community in a

number of projects over the next

12 months.

The club contributes to schools

and youth programmes as well

as organisations such as

Canterbury Charity Hospital

Trust and Odyssey House,

among others.

More than three-and-a-half

shipping containers of books,

DVDs, records and jigsaws were

donated to the club over a fourweek

collection period.

Mr Crossen said the collection

usually lasts for five weeks but

the club had to cut it off because

there were “too many books for a

three-day sale.”

About 35 people from the club

were involved in organising the

Bookarama in the month leading

up to the event.

The event was relocated to the




CROWDED: People of all ages turned out to the Bookarama event at the Bishopdale YMCA Recreation Centre.


Fire rages, homes at risk

Bishopdale YMCA Recreation

Centre last year as the Burnside

High School hall, where it was

normally held, was undergoing

earthquake repairs.

At the time it was unclear

whether the event would

continue to be held at the new

venue, but Mr Crossen said it

likely be will as club members

and customers prefer it over the

old one.

“Our customers think it’s a

good venue. They’ve got the

convenience of a big car park and

we’ve got a lot more space in the

hall,” he said.


Cruiser bottles/KGB Jim Beam Gold/CC premium 7% 250ml

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9 Parnwell St, Burwood

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65 Victoria St, Christchurch CBD

03 260 1155

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Tuesday May 7 2019 7


Free meals for good Samaritan

• By Jess Gibson

REDWOOD’S Barry Smart has

been rewarded for his generosity

with a couple of nights off


‘Meals for the Local

Community’ is a giveaway run

by Northwood New World,

which selects one resident every

week to receive two free hot meal

vouchers from a list of public


Mr Smart, 79, who received the

vouchers from Northwood New

World chef Daniel Sekulla, was

nominated by his daughter.

Mr Smart donated an electric

piano to the Christchurch City

Mission when one was needed

for an event.

He also took in a family friend

for three years in 2011 after their

house was severely damaged in

the earthquakes.

He also put his hand up to

collect donations for the RSA

Poppy Appeal.

Northwood New World owner

Kathy Frampton started the

giveaway in December after she

thought about the heroes in the

community who rush around all

day, leaving little time to make

their own dinner.

The winners are drawn every

Tuesday and have a month to

collect their vouchers from Mr

Sekulla. Mr Smart said he felt

“very optimistic” about his win.

“It’s nice. It’s something that

I’ll enjoy because I do my own

cooking and a couple of hot

meals will save me a job,” he said.

Mrs Frampton decided on the

meals as the prize because they

are a “wholesome alternative to


“A hero doesn’t have to be

a highly visible person doing

everything. A hero can just be a

mum who’s got lots of kids and

still goes to school to help out, or

a neighbour who drives someone


New World

Northwood chef

Daniel Sekulla

presents Barry

Smart with

his two meal





to the supermarket every week

to help them get their shopping,”

said Mrs Frampton.

“It’s a nice way of saying

thank you. All these little things

make a difference to what your

community is, how it gets on and

how healthy it is.”




Fire rages, homes at risk

New bus

stops for


• By Jess Gibson

A CHANGE in the route of the

Orbiter has led to new bus stops

on Greers Rd and Waimairi Rd.

Two bus stops will be installed

on either side of Greers Rd

outside numbers 36 and 79,

near Westburn Tce. A pair

will be installed on either

side of Waimairi Rd outside

numbers 222 and 239-241, near

Wentworth St.

Another two will be installed

on Waimairi Rd, near Dovedale

Ave outside numbers 128-130

and across the road at 135-139.

The Fendalton-Waimairi-

Harewood and Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton

community boards

met last week to discuss and

approve the location of three

sets of bus stops for the new


The Orbiter change was made

in January due to the closure

of Homestead Lane to buses

meaning the former route via

Homestead Lane, Ilam Rd and

Memorial Ave could no longer

be operated.

‘CEREC’ & cosmetic dentistry

Wisdom tooth removal

Painless, high quality dentistry

Sedation dentistry

Experienced, conscientious team

Experienced hygienists


355 9380

144 Cranford Street

For Everything




• Starter Motors

• Alternators

• Central Locking

• Electric Windows

• ABS & Airbags

• Stereos/Alarms

• Batteries

• Tuneups

• Engine Management










65 Coleridge St, Sydenham 65 Coleridge St

Coleridge St

Ph. 379 4250

Gasson St

Wordsworth St

Brisbane St

Fall in love

with your

favourite furniture

all over again!

• Recover your chairs and couches

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Somerfield Upholstery Ltd



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Take a close look at your options


The NZ Careers Expo is your

one-stop-shop for careers advice

and information from a wide range

of employers, training providers

and industry organisations.

Open to all & entry is free! Visit for more details

CHRISTCHURCH 9-11 MAY - Horncastle Arena Thursday 9th 9-3 /5 -7, Friday 10th 9 -3, Saturday 11th 10-3.

8 Tuesday May 7 2019

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Charitable status

granted to

coffin club

• By Jess Gibson

A BISHOPDALE coffin club

which donates caskets to

mothers who have lost their

babies has been granted charitable


Since Donna Sutherland

launched the Kiwi Coffin Club

at the Menzshed site on Kendal

Ave in 2017, she has been relying

on money earned from selling

adult-sized custom-made caskets

to fund ‘angel boxes.’

Angel boxes are custom-made

caskets for babies lost to cot death,

stillbirth or miscarriage which are

then delivered to Christchurch

Women’s Hospital.

Now, with charitable status, the

club can apply for grants from

major funders such as the New

Zealand Lotteries Commission

and the Lions Foundation.

It also means that if people wish

to make a donation to the club, it

will be tax-free.

Ms Sutherland has been

working with a pro bono

lawyer to get the registration

approved since she applied in


She said she is “ecstatic” that

the club can apply for funding,

as it will now have back-up

money to cover the costs of the


A PHOTO with Prime Minister

Jacinda Ardern is not the only

thing Alyssa Robinson took away

from the Top Scholar Awards


The 18-year-old former Rangi

Ruru Girls’ School student

was also presented with the

Top Subject Scholarship award

for printmaking at the Prime

Minister’s function at Parliament

on Wednesday.

Alyssa is now studying fine arts

at Canterbury University and

said the award came out of the


“It honestly came as a

complete shock, I even had to

phone a friend to make sure it

was actually me. While I was

loss for words at first as it was

overwhelming but extremely

exciting at the same time, I still

slept well that night with all the

excitement burnt off throughout

that day,” Alyssa said.

The New Zealand Scholarship

is awarded to the top 3 per cent

of students in each different


Alyssa’s printmaking was based

on concepts of destruction

and repair following the


Last year, Rangi Ruru

student Charlotte Bowman,

was also awarded top scholar

in printmaking, and Rangi

AWARD: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern presented Alyssa

Robinson with the Top Subject Scholarship award for

printmaking at Parliament in Wellington. ​

students often gain visual arts


Said leader of visual arts at

Rangi Ruru Kate Rivers: “Our

students are supported to think

deeply and independently and





Rangi student wins top art award

Fire rages, homes at risk

make their own decisions. We

believe this philosophy has

contributed to our students

gaining four top scholar awards

in visual arts in recent years.”

More than 9300 students

entered for the New Zealand

scholarship exams last year

across 35 subjects.

Of those who sat New Zealand

Scholarship, 2415 students were

awarded one or more


NZQA deputy chief executive,

Kristine Kilkelly said the New

Zealand Scholarship is regarded

as the most prestigious secondary

school award in the country.

Rangi Ruru Girls’ School

principal Sandra Hastie said

there is a diverse student body

at Rangi, and each student is

supported to achieve the very

best she can, both in academic

and non-academic areas.

“The scholarship examinations

test high-level critical thinking

in addition to specific subject

knowledge, and it is important

to recognise and reward this

combination of attributes,” Dr

Hastie said.

“We are proud at Rangi to offer

such a wide range of options for

our girls whether it be science,

technology, or design and music,

and a plethora of sporting codes

– to name just a few.”



03 357 9392

73 Roydvale Ave,


For enquiries contact

Wayne Thompson



Making your retirement move is easy when it’s to one of these sought after locations.

Located on the site of the old Russley Hotel, The Russley Village is set within eight acres of award-winning

gardens and grounds. The centrepiece of The Russley Village is its purpose built resident community facility,

The Homestead where you will find Abode Café & Brasserie, a cinema, library, arts & crafts space and hair salon.

The Village scooped two prestigious awards for this state-of-the-art, multi-purpose building at the recent

New Zealand Commercial Project Awards. The Ashley Suites, our boutique care facility, is currently underway

and will provide residential care up to hospital level.

Holly Lea Village is nestled in the heart of Fendalton within beautifully tailored grounds. The village has recently

undergone a major refurbishment and has just released the first stage of new apartments with construction

planned to commence in early 2019. The Morven apartments, comprising of eight spacious two bedroom

apartments, are architecturally designed with comfort and safety in mind and offer the latest in contemporary

retirement living.

03 351 2679

123 Fendalton Rd,


For enquiries contact

Juliane Brand

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20-60 % OFF



happy this





30% OFF

So comfortable and

so relaxing

Massive savings on

all Stress Free and

Zedere Chairs


50% OFF



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Stress Free Chairs are all $1599

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484 Cranford Street, Christchurch - 03 354 5026 | 12 Hawthorne Drive, Queenstown - 03 442 3435

10 Tuesday May 7 2019

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Regular use of Finnishstyle

saunas can reduce

blood pressure and the

chance of stroke too.

Virtually maintenance free, a quick

sweep out and wipe down every

few weeks is sufficient. An annual

oiling of the outer timber is also

recommended. Electricity costs are

also minimal. Business owner Mark

Smith, who uses his several times a

week for over a year, says it costs

him $2 a session.

Backyard Sanctuary

Thanks to Canterbury Saunas, you can turn your garden

into a sanctuary of relaxation, refreshment and rejuvenation.

Finnish barrel saunas are statement

pieces that provide the ultimate

place in which to unwind and relax.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go to

Finland for the pleasure.

Canterbury Saunas brings authentic

Finnish barrels to Christchurch,

where a passionate family company

handcrafts these from Thermowood –

Nordic spruce heat-treated at 205°C.

The timber is free of resin, durable,

not prone to warping and 25 per cent

more thermally efficient compared to

cedar. Canterbury Saunas uses 45mmthick

timber to ensure longevity.

Canterbury Saunas also exclusively

offers the Huum heater range, from

4.5kw to 18kw. The standard model

holds 55kg of stones, which produces

fabulous steam and, with an upgrade

option, the heater can be controlled

with a smart phone. Alternatively,

the traditional woodburning heater is

perfect for remote locations.

Regular use of Finnish-style saunas

can reduce blood pressure and the

chance of stroke too. It also benefits

skin condition and eases breathing

problems, and soft tissue aches and


To see one of these sanctuary’s up

close, view the Canterbury Saunas

demonstration model at Oderings

Garden Centre, 20 West Coast

Road, Yaldhurst.

For more information, visit


are amazing

Sauna therapy is an ancient method of detoxifying and healing the body,

mind and spirit. Our Scandinavian designed and crafted barrel saunas

are the hot new option in town, with some great advantages.

3 Helps to reduce stress.

3 Helps to open skin pores for a deep clean.

3 Helps keep skin radiant.

3 Helps reduce the signs of aging.

3 Regular use reduces risk of stroke.

3 Helps increase blood flow to organs. | | CALL NOW TO BOOK A VIEWING 03 669 2506

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The highs and lows of Firestone factory

Murray Williams of the

Papanui Heritage Group

highlights the history of

the Firestone Factory in

the second of a series of


LAST MONTH we reviewed

the genesis of the plant in

Langdons Rd. We now turn to its

subsequent history.

When completed, the original

size of the plant was about 7000

sq m and the production capacity

was 546 tyres and 400 tubes

per day.

In 1950 the company showed

its optimism by adding another

3000 sq m to the size of this


In 1962 the company celebrated

the production of three

million tyres since the factory

opened in 1948, while its daily

rate was now up to 1000 tyres.

By 1971, Firestone employed

230 workers involved in the

manufacturing process as well

as 46 in administrative roles and

a further 90 salaried staff. The

firm also supported a number of

travelling salesmen and an ancillary

business retailing tyres and

repairing punctures.

Firestone developed an integrated

marketing campaign to

establish its brand to the people

The revolution

in heat pumps

is here now!

The Fujitsu e3series

The brilliant

heat pumps from Fujitsu

e1 : efficiency

e2 : environment

e3 : economy

of Christchurch.

In 1952, it started a sponsored

weekly half-hour programme

over Radio 3ZB with a selection

of popular light music of the day.

Cole Porter, George Gershwin,

Ivor Novello and the Luton Girls’

Choir were some of the artists

who beguiled listeners into accepting

exposure to advertising

jingles and slogans.

By 1985, the factory was contributing

$25.5 million in wages

and salaries and $13.1 million

in sales taxes to the local and

The revolution in heat pumps is here now!


FREE consultation from your local

Accredited Heat Pump Expert

Phone today: 03 381 6950


The brilliant e3 series

heat pumps from Fujitsu

e1 : efficiency

e2 : environment

e3 : economy



national economy. However, at

this time it was becoming more

difficult for the company to

maintain profitability.

Relations between management

and union were not always

harmonious but a greater problem

was the Government decision

to open up the economy by

phasing out tariff protection for

locally manufactured goods.

By 1988, Firestone had sold the

business to the Japanese-owned

Bridgestone which maintained

production until 2009.

Fujitsu’s Catechin Filters are

approved by the Asthma and

Respiratory Foundation NZ’s

Sensitive Choice ® programme.

In the last few years, the

physical evidence of the oncethriving

plant has been removed

and replaced with retail and

office buildings although the

Bridgestone name remains in the

reserve built on land donated by

the company.

Currently, the local Rotary

group, the Papanui Heritage

Group and the city council are

attempting to turn the clock

back to 1850 when this area was

a small part of the native forest

which covered a larger piece of

Cherry on top

9C Cherry Place, Casebrook

Your agent, Your home, Your future


P 027 777 0411


The rail siding

to the rear of

the Firestone

factory, circa





land that ran between modern

day Langdons Rd and beyond

Vagues Rd.

The project aims to re-establish

native bush on a narrow corridor

on the northern side of the

railway track to the north of the

Bridgestone Reserve.

The first planting took place last

year and the next stage will be the

provision of a noticeboard which

will explain the project in more


•Reference: Carol Hayward,

Fifty Years of Manufacturing

3 bedrooms | 1 bathroom | 1 living room | 2 car-garage | 2 off-street park | Listing Number: BE193275

Our owners are on the move and need their home sold now.

Nestled down a back section this home is private and secluded yet

only a short drive away from Northlands and the major arterial routes

to and from Christchurch.

A lovely open plan living room opens onto a private garden, well

fenced to keep your children or pets secure. Step from the galley

kitchen into the easy-care backyard - no need to spend your weekends

tied to the garden.

Three double bedrooms are on offer here, with one being downstairs,

useful perhaps for visitors or a teenager wanting their own space.

A double internal access garage completes the picture of this lovely


An ideal home with wide appeal - first home, downsizing or a smart


Call now to view.






0800 834 834

50 Hazeldean Road, Addington


Computer Skills

Are you looking to get back into the work force, but

don’t have up-to-date computer skills?

This FEES FREE* 20 week course will give you the skills to

work in a modern office, covering advanced use of Microsoft Word,

Excel, Publisher and other computer based business applications.

Hours of study are flexible and tutors are

available for one-on-one support.

For more info txt 'OFFICE' to 027 557 8839

*Conditions apply

12 Tuesday May 7 2019

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Serenity S Series 7 Serenity Z Series 3

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Queen Size Mattress & Base

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Queen Size Mattress & Base

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Queen Size Mattress & Base

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Other Sizes & Models Available In-store!


166 Moorhouse Ave, (Next To Noel Leeming)

Ph: 03 379 5110


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In your


Imagine getting tattooed at

the friendliest place on earth

The brightly-coloured façade of The

Jolly Octopus makes it hard to miss at

272 Greers Road, Bryndwr. The quirky

name suggests a different, friendlier

approach to tattooing. As clients step

into the cool reception area, they enter a

welcoming tattoo and piercing parlour

where everyone is very much part of the

extended family. Help yourself to the lolly

jar or a cookie, have a chocolate milk and

browse the art on display while you decide

how you want your own personal work of

art to look.

Eight talented artists, some of the

best and most creative in Christchurch,

guarantee you’ll work with someone who

understands exactly what you want, and

whose style matches the image you are

looking for. From delicate and feminine

designs through bold and colourful to

incredibly detailed, black and white work,

the choice is all yours.

While many tattoo shops can feel

intimidating, especially for a first-timer

The Jolly Octopus is not at all daunting.

One client said that they had “never

walked into such a welcoming tattoo

parlour.” That means a lot when you are

having something as special and personal

as a tattoo. You want to feel that you are

in the hands of artists who are not only

talented but who really care about you.

They make the whole experience feel calm

and relaxing, from the moment you park

right outside, to when you leave with your

own fabulous tattoo or piercing. Every

step of the way is all about you – another

client points out that ‘they make you laugh

and feel at ease. “The shop is scrupulously

clean, spacious and your privacy will be

respected right through the experience..

The Jolly Octopus is somewhere

people go back to again and again. They

appreciate the quality, the hygiene, the

great atmosphere and the service. Bring

them your dreams and they’ll bring them

to life.

Drop in to start a conversation

or ring to make an appointment on

(03) 360-3120.

Check out their work at

or at



Well equipped repair shop incorporating

our mechanical workshop, tyre,

WOF & brake servicing.

Making car repairs easy

& affordable...

The team at Allan’s Tyre & Auto are here to help.

Ph: 358 9399. 164 Kendal Ave, Burnside


Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 8:30am-1pm

For all your healthcare needs

Elmwood Pharmacy provides

you with all your pharmaceutical

solutions. We have a great reputation

for delivering personable customer

service and professional advice

✓ Prescriptions

✓ Flu vaccinations

✓ Vitamins and supplements

✓ Free local delivery

And so much more!

3 Normans Road, Strowan

Phone 03 355 9479

Open Monday to Friday 8.30am-6.00pm

Elmwood Pharmacy

Pop in to Elmwood Pharmacy or give us a call today!




We’re a local boutique early childhood centre that

focuses on creating a wonderful environment for your child

• Quality education and care for

children 0-6 years

• Small home-like environment

• Excellent child to teacher ratios

• Primary caregiving

Come and visit us today!

20 hours free

for children

from 2.5 years

255 Greers Road, Bryndwr | Phone 03 359 7944

14 Tuesday May 7 2019

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Football squad learn valuable

lessons on tour of Spain


under-16 players are still buzzing

after returning home from their

17-day football tour of Spain.

The 14 and 15-year-olds

from the Christchurch United

Football Academy spent the

past two weeks as guests

of the famous Valencia FC

Academy, which is renowned for

producing some of the greatest

players in Spain.

After watching Valencia

in action in the Primera

division and Europa League,

the youngsters had a priceless

footballing experience when

they watched Barcelona FC

claim the Spanish title at the

famous Nou Camp stadium.

“It was an unbelievable

night,” said Christchurch

United Academy director Colin


“The Nou Camp stadium was

pumping and the Barcelona

fans were all still in the stands

celebrating two hours after the

match. The boys won’t forget

that night as long as they live.”

The Barcelona match was a

fitting end to a whirlwind tour

built around daily trainings

under the guidance of Valencia

Academy coaching staff. The

Valencia Academy has produced

superstars like Manchester City’s

David Silva and Real Madrid

striker Isco.

In the last few training

sessions, the Christchurch

United players were joined

by the familiar face of United

product Eric Sugahara, who is

currently part of the Barcelona

Football School in Australia and

happened to be in Spain for a


“Eric knew most of the

boys and joined us for a few

EXPERIENCE: The Christchurch United squad were awarded

certificates from Valencia coaching director ​


trainings and our final practice

match against one of the local

teams. He did really well, in

spite of being a bit younger

than the other players,” said


Between the heavy training

schedule, the Christchurch

United squad played four

matches against local club teams

and learned many valuable


“The Valencia coaches found

some good opposition for our

boys and, even though we were

often just as fast or skilful as the

Spanish players, they showed us

we need to be a lot smarter,” said


“In most matches, we got

caught out by quick counterattacks

or punished by them

scoring from free kicks. They

knew when to commit a small

foul to slow us down on attack

or draw a foul in a dangerous

position,” said Williamson.

“It confirmed why we

are working on developing

intelligent players at

Christchurch United. These

matches showed our players

that wonderful skills alone can

get you so far, but that you have

to be smart to become a great


Williamson was proud of

his players, and said they

made great strides and showed

tremendous courage in a narrow

3-4 defeat against Vilmarxant

CF in the final match, in spite

of conceding two early goals

and losing two key players to

injuries. “When the Valencia

Academy director handed them

all their certificates on Friday, he

said they really earned it.”





finished second

in the under-17

girls race at

the age group

national road


in Timaru. ​

Students named in

NZ cycling team

A NUMBER of students from the

north-west are set to represent

New Zealand on the cycle track in


Charlotte Spurway (Rangi

Ruru Girls’ School), Jenna

Borthwick (St Margaret’s College)

Erin Downie (Burnside High

School), Michiel van Heyningen

(Christchurch Boys’ High

School), Ryan MacLeod (Papanui

High School) and Sebastian Lipp

(Catholic Cathedral College)

have been selected in Cycling

New Zealand’s 20-strong team to

contest the under-19 categories

at the Oceania track cycling

championships in Invercargill.

The team will be joined by

the national elite team to take

on the best from Australia

and the Pacific in the four-day

competition at the SIT Zero Fees

Velodrome from October 16-19.

The team comprises the best


of the first-year New Zealand

under-19 riders along with the

country’s leading second-year

under-17 riders.

For Downie the selection comes

on the back of representing New

Zealand at the Oceania track

championships in Adelaide last


She is a former Canterbury

age-group middle distance

runner, cross-country athlete and

footballer, but now her time is

spent solely on the bike seat.

The recent Vantage age group

track national championships

also highlighted the rising talent

in the under-17 age-group.

In the endurance events

Borthwick won six national

under-17 titles. Meanwhile,

Spurway recently finished

second in the under-17 girls race

at the age group national road

championships in Timaru.

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Tuesday May 7 2019 15



dance school with

classes near you!

The “coolest”

trampoline park in

the South Island

One of the very best places

for kids for all ages in

Christchurch is Flip Out

Trampoline Arena.

It is an enormous

indoor trampoline

arena, considered

the “coolest”

trampoline park

in the South

Island. The Flip

Out facility

covers 1700

square metres,

with more than

80 interconnected

trampolines. There is a

younger kid’s trampoline

area, wall tramps, air

tracks tumbling, parkour and

gymnastics arena. The walls are covered by

massive artworks from Christchurch’s own

world famous artist, Wongi Wilson, which

gives the space a cool edgy vibe.

Mums and Dads will have a great

time too, confident that they have come

to a place that is clean, safe and well

supervised. There is even a very nice café

with great coffee and yummy food that

overlooks the whole facility.

If your little

jumper wants to

learn a little more

or perfect that trick

or tumble, Flip Out offers

Ninja programs, Parkour

Class and even circus and

break dancing lessons for all

ages. Trained staff are always

in attendance to watch out for

safety. With so much to do and

to explore, everyone will be leave

with a big smile on their face …

totally exhausted.

Flipout is located at 230

Maces Rd, Bromley. For more

information check out our website

Anna Lee School of Dance offers

a unique blend of a family focused

studio with the benefits of a large,

well-established school that has been

around for decades – multiple grading

opportunities, large scale recitals at a

beautiful theatre and quality, experienced

teaching staff who really care about their

students. We have recently had a group of

students and teachers travel to the USA

to perform at Disney and participate in

workshops in New York!

ALSD has a proven history of students

excelling with superb exam, medal

and competition results. Dance classes

are tailored for pre-schoolers through

to advanced students, catering for all

levels of commitment. There are classes

designed for those who wish to dance

for fun and fitness, as well as those who

are aiming for a career in dance. The fun

and supportive environment, with its

emphasis on enjoyment ensures students

feel comfortable as they learn to dance

and increase confidence, self-esteem,

coordination and self- discipline.

To secure a place for your dancer call us on 354 6228 or

email now!

Learn to swim!

• Babies/pre-school

• School age

• Private lessons

• Holiday programmes

• Aquacise

• Pool parties

• 50+ super group

• Squads

73 Elizabeth St, Riccarton. Ph (03) 348 6488

Per aquam ad gloriam

“Through water to glory”

16 Tuesday May 7 2019

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Mobile Discovery Wall

All day, every day at

Bishopdale Library

Head down to Papanui

Library to see the Mobile

Discovery Wall – a touchsensitive,

digital representation

of Christchurch that

lets you swipe your way

through a virtual world of

photos, videos and information.

This event runs all

day and is free of charge.

Bishopdale Library

JP Clinic

Today, 10am-1pm,

Wednesday, 10am-1pm,

Saturday, 10am-noon

A justice of the peace is

available to witness signatures,

certify documents,

take oaths, declarations,

affidavits or affirmations,

applications for citizenship

or rates rebates.

Today at Papanui and

Shirley Libraries, Wednesday

at Bishopdale Library,

Saturday at Papanui



Today, 10.30am-noon,

Wednesday, 1-3pm,


Play Scrabble with a

friendly group. Just head

down when you can – no

bookings required. All

materials are supplied at

this free event.

Today at Redwood

Library, Wednesday at

Bishopdale and Shirley



Today, 10.30-11am,

Wednesday, 10.30-11am,

Thursday, 11-11.30am,

Saturday, 11-11.30am,

Monday, 10.30-11am

This free session encourages

learning through love

for stories. Storytimes is

an interactive programme

including stories, songs,

rhymes and play.

Today at Shirley Library,

Wednesday at Bishopdale

Library, Thursday at Papanui

Library, Saturday at

Shirley Library, Monday at

Redwood Library


Today, 12.15-12.45pm

If you have questions

about your iPad, smartphone

or tablet, head down

to GenConnect where

Papanui High School students

will help you for free.

Papanui Library


Today, 3.30-4.30pm

Join in on the fun activities

every week at the

Makerspace sessions. There

will be creative and/or tech

activities to try and fun to

be had for kids of all ages.

No bookings required for

this free event.

Redwood Library

Reading to dogs

Today, 3.30-4.30pm,

Thursday, 3.30-4.30pm

Reading to Dogs is

designed to provide a

relaxed, non-threatening

atmosphere which encourages

children to practice

and develop a love of

reading. This programme​

uses dogs which are pets

of the city council animal

management team. These

furry friends have all been

Email by

5pm each Wednesday

Take your knitting,

crochet or another

craft project and

have fun with a

knit ’n’ yarn social

group. This is

a free, drop-in

event held today

from 1-3pm

and Thursday

from 2-3.30pm

at Bishopdale



from 1-2.30pm at

Redwood Library

and Friday from

10am-noon at

Papanui Library.

trained and tested for

health, safety and temperament.

Registration is

required for this free event.

Shirley Library, Papanui


Activity Zone

Monday, 3.45-4.45pm

Go and have fun at Activity

Zone. There will be

technology, games, crafts

and books at this fun, free,

drop-in event. Suitable

for ages 6-10. Caregivers

are asked to remain in the

library during the session.

Shirley Library


Saturday, 2-4pm, Monday,


If you are interested in

playing Mahjong or would

like to learn to play, head

down and have a go. If you

have your own set, feel free

to take it along. This is a

free event.

Saturday at Shirley

Library (registrations

required) and Mondays at

Papanui Library (drop-in).


Thursday, 1-2.30, Monday,


Go along and play

Rummikub, an exciting,

interactive strategy game.

Bishopdale Library

Enjoy a




A Leader in Healthcare

Excellence for the

Older Person

Lady Wigram

Retirement Village

210 Kittyhawk Ave,


Phone 03 341 0543

Golden Age

Retirement Village

96 Harewood Road,


Phone 03 375 0720


Rest Home

137 Barrington Street,


Phone 03 332 5897

Hoon Hay House


16 Anvers Place,

Hoon Hay

Phone 03 335 0297


Retirement Village

29 Alport Place,


Phone 03 384 5046

Camellia Court

Rest Home

84 Harewood Road,


Phone 03 375 0722


Rest Home

80 Harewood Road,


Phone 03 375 0727

Hoon Hay

Rest Home

16 Anvers Place,

Hoon Hay

Phone 03 379 7825

Central Location

Sited on 5.7ha near Wigram Town Centre,

close to Wigram Air Force Museum and

The Landing Shopping Centre.

Core Facilities

When completed there will be 101 villas,

73 one and two bedroom apartments, rest

home, dementia and hospital facilities.

Lifestyle Amenities

Community centre, bowling greens,

swimming pool, spa pool, gym, theatre,

billiards room, library and hairdressing


Buy With Confidence

Development by Golden Healthcare Group,

which is one of the largest privately owned

aged care companies in New Zealand.

Comfortable Living

There are one or two bedroom serviced

apartments on offer. The village also has two

bedroom villas with attached garaging.

Easy Access

Access around the village is by roadways

and walkways, and it is close to Wigram Air

Force Museum and The Landing Shopping


Prestige accommodation and fine


Established in 1985 the Golden Healthcare

Group is now one of New Zealand’s largest

privately owned healthcare businesses. We

recognise the changing nature of retirement

villages with the move towards established

safe and secure communities and the need

for on-site expanded facilities.

“In our experience, many people are

choosing to move into accommodations such

as Lady Wigram because they recognise the

benefits of the ease of living and it allows

them greater freedom and more social


you can stop him

snoring with a


Why put up with a broken

night’s sleep?

Ph 377-4318 or 027 682 1752




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Tuesday [Edition May 7 datE] 2019 17 3


Research supports

eye health

Are you Magnesium


Nutritional researchers have

discovered a range of nutrients

that are essential for eye

health. Some of the most

essential nutrients that

have been shown to

protect and even improve

eye function are:

Selenium, is a trace mineral

that is low in N.Z. soils and therefore in

many of our foods. Researchers believe

selenium may help prevent cataracts,

macular degeneration (the leading cause

of impaired vision in older people) and

may also improve dry eyes and general eye


Zinc is a mineral that a large percentage

of the population are low in. Zinc has been

shown to help protect the eyes from the

damaging effects of light as well as slow

vision loss due to macular degeneration.

Vitamin C, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Betacarotene

(Pro-vitamin A) and Copper have

potent antioxidant ability and help protect

the eyes from damage

Lutein and Zeaxanthin are amazing

nutrients that have been shown in

landmark research to not only provide

potent eye protection but may even help

reverse some of the signs of age-related

macular degeneration (AMD).

Bilberry and Blackcurrant, high in potent

antioxidants may help protect the lens

and retina from damage and reduce the

risk of cataracts. They also may

help improve blood supply

to the eye, strengthen the

small capillaries of

the eye and may help

improve night vision,

may alleviate many eye

ailments including eye fatigue

that may be caused by reading, driving and


Eyebright may help normalise eye

pressure and reduce eye allergies.

Taurine is an amino acid that is essential

for correct eye function. It may also have a

detoxifying affect on the eye.

Vitamin B2 may help alleviate eye fatigue,

bloodshot eyes and maintain good vision.

Yumberry is the latest in eye protection.

It provides many nutrients, is rich in

oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC’s) that

are potent antioxidants that may protect


These nutrients taken in a therapeutic

amount help provide comprehensive eye

protection, may slow and possibly even

help reverse eye damage that could lead

to loss of vision. All these nutrients are

available in an economical one a day easy

to swallow capsule.

Further information is available in

store at Marshall’s Health & Natural

Therapy, 101 Seaview Road, New

Brighton, Phone: 388-5757. We are always

happy to help!

Minerals are the building blocks of

good health. Some minerals are only

needed in trace amounts where others

like magnesium are need in much larger

amounts and on a regular basis to prevent

deficiency and maintain optimum health.

A large number of us do not obtain

sufficient magnesium from our diet

and may notice some of the common

signs of deficiency. Some of the more

common symptoms that may be caused by

insufficient magnesium are: leg and muscle

cramps, twitches, muscle pain, muscle

fatigue and weakness, tremors of hands,

blurred vision, restlessness, poor sleep,

raised and/or unstable blood pressure,

poor circulation, irregular heartbeat,

shortness of breath, swallowing problems,

dizziness, headaches, anxiety, agitation,

irritability, seizures, poor concentration

and many more.

Although many young people now

show signs of magnesium deficiency

symptoms generally worsen as we age

due to our digestive system being less

efficient. Taking a magnesium supplement

of sufficient strength may be a sensible

option to top up our vital magnesium

levels. Not all magnesium supplements

however are well absorbed by everyone.

Luckily GO- HEALTHY’S marine sourced

magnesium offers excellent absorption due

to its natural co-factors that include many

trace nutrients that are low in the diet but

essential for good health.

Further information is available in

store from our Natural Health Advisers,

and Medical Herbalists at Marshall’s

Health & Natural Therapy, 101 Seaview

Road, New Brighton, Phone: 388-5757.

Bringing you the best in natural health!

Clinically Proven Nutrients

Support eye Health

Go Vision Protect from Go Healthy New Zealand is the new standard

in eye support formulas. It is one of the most comprehensive high

potency eye formulas available anywhere, with well researched

ingredients in levels needed to support eye health & good vision.

Key nutrients include: Bilberry, Yumberry, Blackcurrant, Lutein,

Zinc + nine other nutrients. Only one capsule daily required!

Diminished vision

Tired Eyes

Dry Eyes

Sore Eyes

Poor Night Vision

Poor Focus, Blurry Vision

Macular Degeneration

Sensitivity to Glare

Headaches from Eye Strain

Supports general eye health

30 Capsules

only $24.90, save $15.00

60 Capsules

only $37.90, save $28.00

120 Capsules

only $71.80, save $60.00

180 Capsules

only $103.50, save $94.20

240 Capsules

only $134.00, save $129.60

Mail Order available

Bringing You the Best in Natural Health!

MarSHallS HealTH & NaTUral THeraPY


101 SeavieW rd, NeW briGHTON • PH 03 388 5757 • email:

- We are alWaYS HaPPY TO HelP -

Are You MAgnesiuM Deficient?

Minerals are the building blocks of good health. Some minerals are only

needed in trace amounts where others like magnesium are need in much

larger amounts & on a regular basis to prevent deficiency & maintain

optimum health. A large number of us do not obtain sufficient magnesium

from our diet & may notice some of the common signs of deficiency.

Some of the more common symptoms that may be caused by insufficient

magnesium are: leg & muscle cramps, twitches, muscle pain, muscle

fatigue & weakness, tremors of hands, blurred vision, restlessness, poor

sleep, raised &/or unstable blood pressure, poor circulation, irregular

heartbeat, shortness of breath, swallowing problems, dizziness, headaches,

anxiety, agitation, irritability, seizures, poor concentration & many more.

Although many young people now show signs of magnesium deficiency

symptoms generally worsen as we age due to our digestive system being

less efficient. Taking a magnesium supplement of sufficient strength

may be a sensible option to top up our vital magnesium levels. Not all

magnesium supplements however are well absorbed by everyone. Luckily

a new marine sourced magnesium has been found that offers good levels

of absorbable magnesium as well as many trace nutrients that are low in

the diet but essential for good health.

Super Price

60 capsules

Only $19.50 Save $16.40

120 capsules

Only $31.50 Save $26.40

240 capsules

Only $38.90 Save $76.90



Bringing You the Best in Natural Health!

MArsHALLs HeALtH & nAturAL tHerAPY


101 seAVieW rD, neW BrigHton • PH 03 388 5757 • email:

- We Are ALWAYs HAPPY to HeLP! -


FREEPHONE: 0800 845 524 LANDLINE: 03 693 8340




Tuesday May 7 2019

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Book now

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showcase your business in front of

10,000+ qualified attendees or 021 800 809


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Get rid of

dampness in

your house

Now with the colder and wetter weather

on its way, home owners are focusing on

ways to make their homes comfortable,

warm and healthy for their families

throughout winter. Rising damp is an issue

that affects many of our older properties

which suffer from poor, or no, insulation.

In Canterbury especially, post-quake, many

people have relocated to homes that suffer

from rising damp which can be associated

with health problems. Independent tests

have shown that up to 40 litres of water

can rise from the ground and enter a

house every day, leading to mildew, mould,

condensation and musty smells. Moulds

can produce various allergic reactions

and the frail, elderly and very young are

especially vulnerable.

Canterbury Foam Concrete Ltd is a

locally owned and operated firm. The

team understands the problems caused

by rising damp and are there to help.

They will come to your damp home

and pump a lightweight, flowable foam

concrete under your timber floored home.

Specially adapted for our New Zealand

conditions and applications it provides a

layer of protection against rising moisture.

An unexpected benefit that the team at

Canterbury Foam Concrete have noticed

recently, is that many owners of properties

which had underfloor foam concrete

installed, reported that it also provided

protection against liquefaction after

the earthquakes.

Contact Canterbury Foam Concrete

Ltd now for your free, no obligation

quote and complimentary appraisal of

your underfloor ventilation needs. Phone

03 376 4608 or 0508FOAMCO for more


Does your range

hood suck?

Whether it plain sucks, or whether it

doesn’t suck enough, or even if it is a noisy

sucker - Smooth-Air can help.

Smooth-Air can either improve your

current range hood, or custom build to

your specifications.

“We can take your attractive but noisy,

underperforming range hood and retrofit

it with one of our whisper quiet remote

extraction fans.” says Richard Jack,

Regional Manager of Smooth-Air, “We

have fans which can sit in the ceiling space,

or outside on your wall or roof to make it

extra quiet.”

In-house testing showed a difference of

20dbA (decibels) between a remote fan

from Smooth-Air and a common in-hood

fan range hood. This corresponds to a

quadrupling in perceived noise level.

Range hood conversions include removal

of existing fan and rewiring for new remote

fan. Your local sparky can easily carry out

installation of the new fan.

For kitchens not suited to a standard

range hood, Smooth-Air can manufacture

and powdercoat a bespoke range hood to

match your décor. Custom built range

hoods have the benefit of being designed

specifically for your house.

As well as being whisper quiet, Smooth-

Air’s remote fans are powerful - sucking

out cooking smells and moisture so they

don’t circulate around your home.

Moisture in your home can cause mould

and mildew on your walls and furnishings.

It is also bad for the health of the occupants.

Household cooking is a major source of

internal moisture, therefore an effective

kitchen extraction system can make a

significant difference to internal moisture


Smooth-Air can also help with other

forms of ventilation, such as bathroom

extraction, condensation reduction or

whole house ventilation.

Contact Smooth-Air on 0800 SMOOTH

(0800 766 684) to ask how they can help

you with your kitchen extraction, as well

as any other ventilation requirements.


Ventilation Equipment Suppliers





Smooth-Air has a wide range of

ventilation equipment to bring

fresh air into your home.

T. 03 376 4608








Amazin’ Autumn Specials!!

Remote Extraction Fans

• We will offer you the best quality brands and

option of heat pump for your home/business

• Providing Heat Pump solutions for over 17 years to Cantabrians

• We personally guarantee all our products & installs for 5 years

(providing annual maintenance has been completed)

Range Hood Cupboard Inserts

Phone us today for your free consultation & quote


PHONE 03 366 0525

“A local team for local people”


(0800 766 684)

264 Annex Rd



03 343 6184

Monday - Friday

7.30am - 5pm

20 Tuesday May 7 2019

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VRX 2.4L 4WD

$39,990 * • 6-Speed Manual


• 7 Leather-faced Seats

• 2.4L Petrol Engine

• Ultrasonic mis-acceleration Mitigation System.

• 18" Alloy Wheels

• Reversing Camera

*Christchurch Mitsubishi have a LIMITED NUMBER of Short-term lease

returned 2018 Outlander 2.4L VRX, most having travelled under 25,000kms

available for immediate delivery. Includes balance manufacturers warranty.

GLX-R 2WD Double Cab

Wellside Manual


• Reversing Camera

• Daytime Running Lights

• Smartphone Connectivity

• Sports Suspension

GLX 4WD Double Cab

Wellside Auto


• 5-Speed Automatic

• Easy Select 4WD with rear diff lock

• Keyless Entry

• Cruise Control

• Vinyl floor

GLX 4WD Double Cab

Chassis Manual


• 6-Speed Manual

• 3.5 Tonne Towing Capacity**

• 1,135kg Payload

• Easy Select 4WD with rear diff lock


386 Moorhouse Avenue, Christchurch.

03 379 0588 |

Prices listed are for Triton 2WD GLX-R double cab wellside manual, Triton 4WD GLX double cab wellside auto and Triton 4WD GLX double

cab chassis manual. Prices include GST and on road costs, which inludes WoF, registraiotn, 1,000km road user charged and a full tank

of fuel. Visit for full Diamond Advantage terms & conditions. **3.5 tonne towing is only possible with a 3-axle braked trailer,

towball vertical load of no grater than 4% and an approved MMNZ towbar.

10 year / 160,000km Powertrain Warranty (whichever comes

first) (non transferable). 5 year / 130,000km New Vehicle

Warranty (whichever comes first) (non transferable).

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Tuesday May 7 2019 21


Sensational, spacious and seriously selling

125 Main Road, Governors Bay

Price: Negotiation over $499,000

3 bedrooms | 1 bathroom | 2 car garage | Listing Number: 8983

This 1980’s Governor’s Bay charmer, set on

a 1000m2 section occupies a prime position

right in the heart of the bay with stunning

harbour and hill views. This is a serious

opportunity for the astute buyer to snap up

something wonderful. Opportunities like

this at this price level don’t come along often

in the bay, a family sized house with lovely

history and ample options to add value

whenever suits whilst still being completely

practical for everyday living now.

Last on the market in 1948, this was home

to one of our much loved local identities.

This comfortable family home offers 3

bedrooms, wood-burner and heat-pump,

large open-plan living to wrap-around

verandah, a quirky retro bathroom and a

functional kitchen with views to the heads

and a big section to landscape as you see

fit. Plus there is easy, sealed access to a

detached double garage, carport and ample

outbuildings including a woodshed. Title for

the property still to issue.

Governors Bay has a wonderful primary

school, great high school zoning and is only

15 minutes to the city and Lyttelton.

For a private viewing, please contact

Emma Dunningham of Min Sarginson

Real Estate (Licensed Agent REAA 2008),

phone 027 631 1570 or 328 7273

growing with you June 2018 | 100%

Plants For

winter wow

Cool Choices

For Colour

& Contrast

From swamp

to sea views

The journey

begins with sarah

the Gardener

$7.90 incl. GST

Snap it up

Enter our annual

Birdlife Photo

Competition to win

great prizes!

clear the air

Why groWing

indoor PLAnTs is

so good for you

give it a grow

from gArLic

To chinese


We hAve your

groWing TiPs


the latest releases

into the rose world

+ rose care

through winter

The magazine for

gardeners who like to get

their hands dirty


$43. 50*

*6 issues/6 months


0800 77 77 10



Tuesday May 7 2019

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If you want more information about an item or to contact a

seller, visit and search the ID#

Retro Cane Chair

1998 Peugeot 306 Cabriolet


Liteace Van

Aluminium Boat & Warranted Trailer

1996 Toyota RAV4


ID 16942


ID 28384


ID 28348


ID 28328


ID 28339


ID 28333

Mamaku Boccia Balls

Toyota Corolla 1.6 Hatchback

Valco Baby Runabout Deluxe

2004 Honda Edix

Spraymate Fiberglass Tank

Station Wagon


ID 28325


ID 28308


ID 27587


ID 27613


ID 28566


ID 28584

Antique Looking Table

Voluptuos Lounge Suite

Large Planter

Oregon Bench Seat (Oiled)

F&P Fridge Freezer

Small Fridge


ID 28579


ID 27611


ID 27519


ID 22848


ID 27095


ID 25649

Inflatable Dingy

Samsung Fridge Freezer

Heron Sailing Dinghy

2 Kids Motorcycles


PLAYSKOOL Store CD-Rom Playset


ID 27924


ID 27070


ID 25233

See Seller

ID 25782


ID 24104


ID 23450

Chamberlain 306. Tractor

1999 Mitsubishi Diamante XE

Roll Mini Bead Chain

LEGO Policeman Alarm Clock

29” Mountain Bike

Shoprider Mobility Scooter

See Seller

ID 28391


ID 28386


ID 24408


ID 27353


ID 28145


ID 28144

2007 CanAm 4-wheeler 650cc

22ft Furnware Caravan

Chefmate Slow Cooker

Black Floor Standing Speakers

KTM 50 SX Mini

Datsun 240C P230


ID 28130


ID 27929


ID 27437


ID 27361

For Trade

ID 27331


ID 22941

2000 Toyota Estima Campervan

1999 Subaru Legacy

Conservatory Table & Chairs

Rugby Ball & Kicking Tee

Queen Bed Frame & Mattress

Corner TV Cabinet


ID 28287


ID 27954


ID 28279


ID 28281


ID 28270


ID 11788


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Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Community Events



If you want to have a drink

that’s your business. If you

want to stop, we can help.

Phone 0800 229-6757


& Supplies



UP? Shrub, hedge &

tree pruning, Lawns,

Gardening, consistently

reliable general property

upkeep, Dip. Hort. 10

yrs experience, One off

tidy ups or on-going

service. Nick’s Garden

Maintenance. Keeping

your garden beautiful.

Free Quote. Ph. 942-4440

& 022 264 7452

Trades & Services




Our unique restoration processes will make your

tiled areas look BRAND NEW again!

We provide cost effective makeovers for showers,

bathrooms, kitchens or any other tiled areas.

Tiled Shower Makeovers

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning

Re-Colouring of existing Grout

Tile/Grout Sealing

Tile/Grout Repairs

Silicone Replacement

Garage Carpet Installation

For your FREE no obligation quote contact


Trades 0800 882 & Services 772


Michael Kelly Painters

Locally owned and

operated Star family

April 09



8x2 T&S

25+ years Experience

• Painting • Wallpapering

• Interior • Exterior

Free Quotes


Michael 0212 649 492


Leaking Pipes and



Best Service.

Right Price.

0508 AQUA PRO |


Quality workmanship every job by trade

qualified tradesmen.

All decorating services provided.

25+ years’ local experience.

Telephone Jon Poultney for a quotation.

03 360 3076 or 0272388362

Aquapro has

you covered for

all your plumbing


Trades & Services

Wanted To Buy

AAA Buying goods

quality furniture,

Beds, Stoves, Washing

machines, Fridge Freezers.

Same day service. Selwyn

Dealers. Phone 980 5812

or 027 313 8156

TOOLS Garden,

garage, woodworking,

mechanical, engineering,

sawbenches, lathes, cash

buyer, ph 355-2045

Trades & Services



Book now for

Summer and receive

20% discount.

Rope and harness a


No scaffolding required.

30 years experience.

Free quotes, call

Craig 021 060 2392

Trades & Services



Are you

moving house

or trying to


Call All Clear

Canterbury. We work

with you to recycle,

sell and dispose of

unwanted items.

Ph: 03 260 0934

or 021 078 4553



Call us now for fast friendly service.

Get your problems sorted out

quick smart - on time!!

Phone for a


quote now.

Trades & Services



Rope & harness

a speciality,

no scaffolding


30 years of




Exterior staining,

exterior painting,

moss and mould

treatment and


Phone Kevin

027 561 4629

Lawns, Gardens

& Home Cleaning

Free Quotes

Professional, personalised

service. Regular &

one-offs. Fixed price.

Ph: 377-5814

For all your property and

cleaning requirements

Trained, insured & security

screened owner/operators

Multi-award winning

systems & Franchises

Franchises Available

Trades & Services


Incl lawn sowing & top

dressing. Greame 342-

5151 or 027 341 8596


Renovations, complete

service from start to finish,

free quotes, ph Dave 027

334 4125




Exp. Repairs, uplifting,

relaying, restretching.


ph John on 0800 003 181

or 027 2407416




technology*. From $70

single story. 0800 SWEEP



Registered, electrical

installation and repairs,

Gorbie Electrical, ph 021

026 73375 or 03 322 4209

Phone 03 377 1280 | Mobile 021 898 380

Trades & Services


For weeding, pruning,

tidying.30 yrs exp.

Free quotes.$25 per

hr.Pessioner rates. Ph

Richard 349 4022 or 0274



30 years experience,


guaranteed, pensioners

discounts, free quotes, ph

Robert 021 026-30757



All int /ext painting.

Comp rates. I stand by

Canterbury. Wayne 385-

4348, 027 274 3541



PLUMBING Certifying

Plumber for all types of

plumbing, maintenance,

spouting, alterations etc.

Phone 352-7402 or 0274-



A Top Plumbing job

completed at a fair price,

prompt service, all work

guaranteed, Ph Brian 960-

7673 or 021 112-3492



Fully qualified, over 40

yrs experience. Ph John

027 432-3822 or 351-

9147 email johnchmill@


Belfast engraving. Shoe

repairs, key cutting &

engraving. (10 yrs exp)683

Main North Rd, ph 027




Spouting Unblocked,

Cleaned Out and Flushed

Out. Call Trevor 332 8949

or 021 043 2034



Earthquake Repairs, Grind

Out & Repoint, River/

Oamaru stone, Schist,

Volcanic Rock, Paving,

all Alterations new & old,

Quality Workmanship,

visit www.featureworks. or ph 027 601-3145


Best price guarantee Tony

0275 588 895


35 years exp, no job

too small. Ph Ross 027



Flooring - Splashbacks -

Wall incl tile removal, reg

master tiler, ph Dave 027

334 4125


Flooring - Splashbacks -

Wall incl tile removal, reg

master tiler, ph Dave 027

334 4125



Repairs, tvs, microwaves,

audio amps, soundbars.

.Aerial & satellite

installations, kitsets, 480D

Moorhouse Ave, ph 03 379



& all camera tapes

converted to DVD, video

taping special occasions,

ph 03 338-1655

Vehicles Wanted

CASH/CASH for any

unwanted vehicles, ph

347 9354 or 027 476 2404

ctrl + c OR ctrl + v

Are these the only

shortcuts you know?

Get more computer skills,

and the job you want!

FREE 20 week Business Admin

and Computing course.


0800 834 834


TO 027 557 8839

Public Notices




Career Training

Public Notices




Nominations are

invited for the

election of 5 parent

representatives to the

Board of Trustees.

A nomination form

and a notice calling for

nominations will be

posted to all eligible


Additional nomination

forms can be obtained

from the school office.

Nominations close

at noon on FRIDAY

24TH MAY 2019 and

may be accompanied

by a signed

candidate’s statement

and photograph.

The voting roll is open

for inspection at the

school and can be

viewed during normal

school hours.

There will also be a list

of candidates’ names,

as they come to hand,

for inspection at the


Voting closes at noon



Jocelyn Cameron

Returning Officer

Education Futures Ltd

Vehicles Wanted





We use world class vehicle depollution systems

0800 8200 600

Public Notices

Parent Election Notice

Catholic Cathedral

College School Board

of trustees’ election

Nominations are invited for

the election of five parent

representatives to the board

of trustees.

A nomination form

and a notice calling for

nominations will be posted to

all eligible voters.

You can nominate another

person to stand as a

candidate, or you can

nominate yourself. Both parts

of the form must be signed.

Additional nomination forms

can be obtained from the

school office.

Nominations close at noon

on Friday 24th May 2019 and

may be accompanied by a

signed candidate statement

and photograph.

The voting roll is open for

inspection at the school and

can be viewed during normal

school hours.

There will also be a list of

candidates’ names, as they

come to hand, for inspection

at the school.

Voting closes at noon on

Friday 7th June 2019.

Signed Barbara Sutton

Returning Officer

24 Tuesday May 7 2019

Latest Christchurch news at



our Mums

Join us for our Mother’s Day Morning Tea

Here at Summerset we think mums are really special,

so this year we are celebrating a little early with a

Mother’s Day Morning Tea.

Summerset retirement villages are designed so you

can continue to live the life you choose, with the

added peace of mind of living in a warm and friendly

community where you’ll feel completely at home.

If you’ve been thinking about retirement living for

yourself or a loved one, come along to our Mother’s

Day Morning Tea, 10am Friday 10 May. Visit any one of

our three Christchurch villages and learn more about

the Summerset Life.

Mother’s Day

Morning Tea

Friday 10 May


Summerset at Avonhead

120 Hawthornden Road,


Summerset on Cavendish

147 Cavendish Road,


Summerset at Wigram

135 Awatea Road,


To order your free information pack, call

0800 SUMMER (786 637) or visit


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