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Read the PDF that helps you to choose the right car battery for your car. Here, Krazy Keys share the factors you must consider whenever you are going to replace your car batteries Perth. Source: https://bit.ly/2GLJNdk

Important Factors to

Consider When

Buying a Car Battery

A second or 3 at most: that’s all the time it should

take to start your vehicle. If it has been taking longer

than that, it is time to buy a replacement car battery.


Krazy Keys

5 Factors you Should Consider

to Ensure you Choose the

Ideal Battery for your Car:

Go for the Right Car Battery Size

Before even starting the hunt for a new car battery,

you should consult your cars manual to find out the

exact car battery size for your car. The

The Battery Power

Reserve Capacity refers to how long the car battery

can sustain the car’s electrical power needs without

having to turn the engine on. A car battery with a

higher Reserve capacity is obviously a better choice.


Krazy Keys

Warranty of the Battery

Car batteries usually come with warranties which

guarantee replacement within a prescribed period of

time. When buying battery, make sure the warranty

on offer is valid for a reasonable period of time.

Go for a Fresh Battery

Batteries are often not as new as they look. When

buying one, make sure you check the manufacturing

date label so that you can go for the newest entry

into the shop.

Sealed vs. Non-Sealed Car Batteries

If you are looking for a maintenance-free solution, a

sealed car battery is always the better choice. They

are, however, not ideal for use in warmer climates.

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