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MAY 2019


NZ's fastest woman Zoe Hobbs · Hormones and training

Winter health check · Dr Libby's lunch hacks




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Waikato Edition

MAY 2019

Winter is well on its

way with the winter

chill starting to set

in earlier in the evening.

This change of season can

make it harder to feel motivated

to get out and active.

There are two options: layer

up and tough it out (although

driving rain is rarely enjoyable),

or try a new activity or

sport which is predominantly

based indoors. The latter has

a host of benefits - as well as

introducing your body to new

movement patterns and working

different muscle groups, it

also introduces you to a new

group of people - win/win.

Whatever you decide, don’t

let the weather deter you;

think of all the kids out there

playing netball, soccer, hockey

and rugby over the winter


The importance of sport

and activity for youngsters is

something we take a look at in

this issue. Our cover story focuses

on a 15-year-old dancer

and gymnast who has not only

amassed a swag of medals and

awards, but also invaluable life

skills from her involvement.

It’s an important reminder

as to why all ages and abilities


NZ's fastest woman Zoe Hobbs · Hormones and training

Winter health check · Dr Libby's lunch hacks





should be encouraged into a

club or sport, to set up a pattern

which will hopefully last a


At the opposite end of the

scale, we also bring you some

healthy ageing tips (and unsurprisingly

physical activity is a

key component).

The message is clear - do

everything you can to keep

moving and prioritise your fitness

and wellbeing. Check out

what our experts advise inside

and hopefully you’ll be freshly


EDITOR Lisa Potter

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Deidre Morris

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MOBILE 027 228 8442


DESIGN Tania Hogg / Kelly Milne /

Tammy Johnson


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When it comes to youth and teenagers,

the benefits of involvement in physical

activities span further than obvious fitness

and health improvements.






There are a host of reasons to get

youngsters involved in sports, clubs

and activities; from overall mental

wellbeing and building resilience and determination,

through to encouraging invaluable

life skills like being able to successfully work

in a group.

Hamilton teenager Waimarama Potae-Tamatea

is an excellent example of a well

rounded youngster; achieving in her chosen

fields and, just as importantly, banking some

serious life skills.

Well known and respected in both dance

and gymnastics, the 15-year-old has already

enjoyed impressive success and is now a

mentor for other young performers coming

up through the ranks.

Having started both gymnastics and dancing

at the age of three, she already has more

than a decade of training and competitive

experience behind her, and has notched

up solid achievements both here and in


Among her string of successes, the agile

teenager represented New Zealand in rhythmic

gymnastics at the Australian Gymnastic

Nationals, as well as scoring the highest mark

in New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong

for her Urban Ignition Level 7 hiphop exam,

and the highest mark in New Zealand New

Zealand for her AJDA jazz dance exam.

Waimarama’s ability and attitude make

her hotly sought after as a rising star, seeing

her accepted into New Zealand School of

Dance Associates programme as a contemporary

major, and winning a swag of titles

and awards.


Having also competed in trampolining,

touch rugby, netball and basketball; some of

her love of sport has perhaps been passed on

through the generations from her Maori All

Black grandfather Bill Potae.

The entire family has a keen focus on

sports, with three siblings fitting in everything

from gym, dance, trampoline, tumbling,

swimming and rugby.

It’s fair to say that it’s a busy household,

with mum Rachel and Dad Ditre investing

significant time and effort to support their

children’s interests.

“I think it’s important for kids to have activities

to focus on as it teaches them a good work

ethic and time management,” says Rachel.

While she readily admits to being pretty

much a full-time taxi driver and organisor

in order to get everyone where they need

to be, it’s clear that this family is highly self

motivated, working together to make the


usy timetable run smoothly.

“I have the diary pretty well memorised

in my head so I know what commitments

there are every weekend between now and

Christmas,” says Rachel.


As well as the obvious benefits of competing

and training, Rachel points out that any level

of participation in any sports or activity helps

teach great social skills like learning how to

be a gracious loser and how to acknowledge a

great performance even when they are your


“When Waimarama was younger she had

some older girls at the dance studio who took

an interest in her and were great role models.

Waimarama tries to do the same for the

younger girls now that she is older.”


Dance Effects (DFX) Dance School owner

Louise Tenhove is quick to agree. Having

taught Waimarama since she first started as

a pre-schooler, she says it is always hugely

rewarding to see her students succeed - in

life as well as on the dance stage.

“She is an amazing role model for the

younger ones and they adore her,” says Louise.

“It’s great for kids of all ages to see those

they look up to being well mannered, polite

and courteous towards others and Waimarama

embodies everything that is great about


“Dance is great for confidence, time

management, body awareness, learning to be

resilient, working as a team and expressing

yourself. It also introduces children from a

young age to life lessons like working with

others, being coachable and taking criticism.”

Justifiably proud of her student’s progress,

Louise says that as well as being a natural

talent, it is the fact that Waimarama is such a

hard worker that is also key to her success.

“She has a strong ability to be resilient;

she picks herself up if she doesn’t do well,

she is very versatile, her gymnastics skills

are definitely an asset and she also does jazz,


• Belongs to Dance Effects (DFX) dance

school and Counties Manukau Gymnastics

• Trains and competes in ballet, jazz,

contemporary, lyrical, hiphop, acro and

rhythmic gymnastics

• Involved in trampolining (aged 10-13) and

competed at three Nationals, as well as

artistic gymnastics (aged 3-9), and in her

younger days touch rugby, netball and


• Accepted into New Zealand School of

Dance Associates programme as contemporary

major 2018/2019

• Accepted into Elite Training Extension

Program 2018/2019

• Invited to Lucy Ellis boot camp in Sydney

Australia 2018

• Scholarship winner for summer school

2019 at Dynamite Studios Australia

• Get the Beat Regional Competition

Gympie Australia Feb 2019 - 5x top three


• Follow Your Dreams Nationals January

2019 - 4th lyrical (out of field of 46), 2nd

jazz duo and 1st own choreography trio

• Rhythmic Gymnastics - selected to

represent NZ at Australian Gymnastic

Nationals 2018/2019

• Top three placings x3 at NZ Gymnastic

Nationals 2018

hiphop, ballet, contemporary and acro in the

dance studio.

“It’s been really rewarding to see her

progress over the years and celebrate her

success here and in Australia.”

Such is the high esteem in which

Waimarama is held, this year she has also

taken on a role as assistant teacher at DFX,

while continuing her studies at Te Kura o

te Aho Pounamu (formerly known as The

Correspondence School).


With so much on her plate, undoubtedly

one of the greatest challenges is juggling

such a busy schedule and fitting in school

work. However Waimarama is a dab hand

at keeping on top of her workload, thriving

on the sense of achievement in ticking off


With plans to pursue a career as a professional

dancer and to study dance full-time,

Waimarama’s list of goals also includes

owning her own dance studio.

At the moment she is focused on continuing

to improve, with an eye to international

scholarship opportunities.

Alongside her family, Waimarama’s dance

friends are a crucial part of her support team,

and any rare spare time is spent hanging out

with friends - ideally at the beach.

For any lapses of motivation, Waimaramara

refocuses on her goal of being a

professional dancer - in keeping with the best

advice she has ever received: “When you feel

like giving up, think about your goal. If you

want it, you must work for it.”



Top six foods to






It’s common when we are feeling anxious or low to reach

for comfort food—and by comfort food, we mean the fatty,

sugary, and processed kind.

Sometimes, without us even realising

it, our minds have calculated that the

fastest way to move or turn any sort of

emotional discomfort into a happier place

is via a bowl of hot chips or a piece of cake

(or three). It probably doesn’t occur to us at

the time that we could be doing ourselves a

further injustice.

The food we eat is intricately linked to

our mood, anxious thoughts and behaviours.

When it comes to supporting our health,

it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the whirlwind

of information out there telling you

what you should and shouldn’t be eating.

However, by making a conscious decision

to look more closely at what you consume,

you can go a long way to gaining a deeper

understanding of how those decisions affect

your neurochemistry.

It is imperative to fuel our minds and

bodies with the nutrients required to support

the overall wellbeing of our whole being.

When each body system is nourished nutritionally,

it helps promote greater health


Eating a diet rich in whole foods is a good

place to start when it comes to nurturing

your whole mind-body health.

By adding these six mood-boosting foods

into your whole food diet, you’ll be supporting

your body and your mind with the nutrients

you need to build a solid foundation for

your mental wellness.


Brazil nuts are

packed with

selenium which is

an essential trace

element, the precursor

to the body’s

master antioxidant,

glutathione. Selenium is required to support

a healthy immune system, thyroid function

and prevent cell damage from free radicals.

It is also critical for the health of the brain

and cognitive function.

In fact, it is so important that when selenium

is deficient, the brain is the last place

that levels drop.

Did you know? Our dietary intakes of selenium

are lower than many other countries

because of deficiencies in our soil. It is estimated

we get only 10-20% of the selenium we

require to hit our recommended daily intake

(RDI) of 60µg per day. So, ensuring you’re

eating two Brazil nuts a day can help keep

the mood at bay.


Pumpkin seeds are

rich in zinc, a vital

mineral involved

in 200 enzymatic

reactions within

our bodies, which means it impacts how you

think and feel every day.

When it comes to your mood, zinc is a

key player in making your neurotransmitters,

otherwise known as your happy hormones –

serotonin and dopamine.

A handful of pumpkin seeds can contribute

to your daily recommended zinc intake

of 8mg women and 14mg for men.

Zinc also maintains healthy nervous

system function, especially looking after the

vagus nerve, which connects the brain to the

body, through which messages of ‘calm’ are

transported. A healthy nervous system connection

can support the easing of anxiety.

When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed

with stress or anxiety, your body

uses up your zinc stores faster in an attempt

to keep the body functioning at its baseline.

Avoiding alcohol and coffee can support

your body as these compete with and can

inhibit the absorption of zinc.


Oily fish such as

salmon and sardines

are high

in omega-3 fatty

acids. As our

brains are made

up of 60 percent

fat, it makes sense that consuming good fats

– particularly anti-inflammatory omega-3

fatty acids found in oily fish – are essential

for optimal brain health and can support the

reduction of feelings of depression.

Oily fish also contain B6 for mood regulation

which are involved in the production


The food we eat is

intricately linked to our

mood, anxious thoughts

and behaviours.

of happy hormones GABA and serotonin.

Through supporting healthy ovarian function,

B6 indirectly influences our estrogen

and progesterone production. Both of these

sex hormones play a role in influencing

mood and anxiety.


In New Zealand,

research has found

that 84 percent of

people are deficient

in vitamin D –

that’s a lot!

Vitamin D is another essential nutrient

when it comes to our mental wellness – you

might be familiar with the winter blues.

This low feeling through the winter months

is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder

(SAD), and while there is no specific cause of

SAD, vitamin D deficiency could be a major

contributing factor – and we simply aren’t

getting any during those winter months.

Every tissue in our body has vitamin D

receptors, making it essential for how we

feel on a daily basis. It plays a key role in the

production and release of dopamine and

serotonin – those trusty ‘happy hormones’.

Vitamin D also supports the regulation of

our blood sugars, which contributes to balanced

mood and energy levels. Consuming

eggs on a regular basis is one way we can get

a little bit more vitamin D into our diets.


Also high in mood

nourishing omega-3s

are walnuts.

Have you ever

stopped and noticed

some foods reflect certain patterns or

appearances found in our natural bodies?

For example, a sliced carrot can resemble a

human eye, or a tomato looks like the heart.

Walnuts resemble a human brain. So it’s no

great coincidence that walnuts are loaded

with beneficial omega-3s that promote a

healthy brain and mood stability.

Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA

are found in large quantities in the brain,

particularly in membranes whose jobs are to

protect the nerves there.

Recent research suggests a link between

omega-3 levels and mood disorders. Individuals

who were low in omega-3s showed

higher stress-induced markers of inflammation,

and reported levels of high anxiety and

perceived stress.


INSPO readers can take advantage of a unique $10 discount code for Ben Warren’s nationwide

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There is a reason

we turn to chocolate

when we are

feeling down.

Cacao, the

purest form of

chocolate, is an

incredibly rich source of magnesium and is a

natural antioxidant. Magnesium is particularly

good for improving mood, as it too, is

an essential component in making serotonin

and dopamine

Antioxidants are essential for those struggling

with anxiety or low mood, as they help

to combat biochemical changes that occur

when the body is experiencing stress.

Magnesium is the third most abundant

mineral in the body and helps fuel more

than 300 enzymatic reactions in our cells.

It supports muscle relaxation and calms the

nervous system.

For every molecule of cortisol produced,

your body uses one molecule of magnesium,

therefore higher cortisol levels mean an

increased need for magnesium.

Magnesium is an important cofactor in

the synthesis of neurotransmitters, otherwise

known as our ‘happy hormones’ serotonin

and dopamine. These two chemicals have

multiple functions in our body and can especially

impact mood and relaxation. It also

supports the brain’s ability to stimulate and

respond to the release of stress hormones.

Therefore, it turns down the dial on our

‘fight or flight’ response.

As you can see, many individual foods come

up time and time again – so it should be easy

to start incorporating some of these nutrient-rich

foods into your diet.

We are not inferring these foods are going

to ‘fix’ anxiety, however, the accumulative

effect of these will be nurturing you on a

physiological level, and as we know, the mind

and the body are very closely connected.

Managing depression and anxiety is an

ongoing journey that can be incredibly frustrating,

overwhelming and downright scary,

and it requires attention to a multitude of

different aspects.

A healthy and varied whole food diet is

a simple, straightforward means to nourish

your body to nourish your mind.

Your body is incredibly complex and

intricate, and you will be amazed at the

positive effect the right foods and nutrient

balance can have on your mind, mood, and


Please note, this column is not designed to

diagnose, treat or cure. If you have mental

health concerns please contact the below:


Please see your GP if you have concerns

regarding your mood and anxiety.

If your situation is an emergency, or if you or

someone is at risk, call 111.


Need to Talk? Free call or text 1737 anytime

for support from a trained counsellor.

Lifeline 0800 543 354

Ben Warren is a leading clinical nutritionist

and clinical director of scientific, holistic health

company, BePure. Recognised as a leader in

his field with more than 15 years of hands on

experience, Ben has made it his mission to build a

new future of personalised health by empowering

and educating New Zealanders on the importance

of nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. His

passion is nutrition and its connection to health

and wellness. Ben travels the world to learn the

latest in nutritional health, testing, research and

recommendations, sharing this knowledge with

New Zealanders.







The menstrual cycle can affect energy availability, readiness

to train and factors of physical performance for female

exercisers. Utilising the menstrual cycle to prescribe training

and recovery may better optimise training for performance.

Common practice among trainers and

coaches is to create training programs

and plans that ensure adequate recovery

between training sessions, and a mix of

sessions that create a progressive improvement

in performance.

While this measured and progressive

overload, compensation and recovery plan

may work on paper, the effect of a female

athlete’s menstrual cycle may vastly affect

the result, and this begs the question that if

a measure of hormonal cycles was included

in that planning, whether the end result of

all that hard work and training would be


Despite a level of interest in the effect of

the menstrual cycle on athletic performance

and strength, there remains considerable

debate in the literature, a limited amount of

research with elite female athletes, and even

less with mature and generally exercising


Several studies have shown a fluctuation

in strength, peak power and V02 max across

the phases of the menstrual cycle, while

others show elevated heart rate response to

the same task at different times in the cycle.

Controversially, yet other studies show no

effect of the different phases of the menstrual

cycle on performance.

The ‘easy’ and commonly used solution

is to prescribe oral contraceptives (OC) to

‘dull’ the hormone response. In the early

1980s several studies showed that only 5 to

12 percent of athletic women were using an

oral contraceptive, whereas more recently,

an unpublished survey of 68 athletes from

15 different sports reported 83 percent of

athletes taking an oral contraceptive.

Interestingly though, some studies have

suggested that OC use can decrease VO2 by

5-15 percent and anaerobic power to vary

measurably over the course of an OC cycle in

trained athletes.

Despite the widespread use of oral

contraceptive (OC) medications among

athletes, few researchers have examined the

effect of the OC on athletic performance,

and this lack of research compounds the

mostly inconclusive findings of any existing

literature on the menstrual cycle and athletic



The length of the menstrual cycle can vary

ranging from 25 to 38 days, however 28 days

is considered as the average span and it can

be divided into three biological phases based

on oestrogen, progesterone and with less

relevance, testosterone.

1. The Follicular phase, days 5-13 (low oestrogen,

low progesterone)

2. The Ovulation phase, around day 14 (high


day 21, with the authors of the study stating

that “in fact, there is evidence that maximum

force development is enhanced when

strength training is conducted in the follicular

phase, relative to luteal- phase training”.

Twenty untrained women were put

through leg press strength tests over the

course of several months in a 2014 study

which concluded that follicular based training

showed a higher gain in muscle strength

than luteal training and as a result, recommended

that “females not on OC should base

the periodization of their strength training

on their individual menstrual cycle”.

Maximal voluntary isometric strength

(MVC) of the quadriceps and grip strength

of 20 untrained women was used in a 2006

study. MVC was highest for both quadriceps

and grip strength around the time of ovulation

(day 12-18) by as much as 11 percent.

oestrogen, higher testosterone, lower


3. Luteal phase, days 15-28 (high oestrogen,

high progesterone) which is followed by


Empirical evidence would suggest these

hormonal changes result in different levels

of motivation and performance across the



Vaiksaar et al completed a study in 2011 with

rowers on oral contraception (OC) that used

a one hour rowing ergometer test to gauge

any difference in power output, heart rate or

Vo2 over two phases of the OC cycle. They

concluded there was no change in aerobic

endurance capacity, however did observe a

higher ventilatory response during the luteal


Conversely, a review by Rechichi et al

(2009) found a 5-15 percent reduction in

Vo2max in active women on OC, while a randomised

cross-over trial with ten female runners

found a decreased Vo2 max of between

3 and 5.8 percent when on OC medication.

The effect of OC use on endurance capacity

was looked into with 14 well trained athletes

(Vo2 >50ml/kg/min) in 2003. It is understood

to be the only randomised, double blind,

placebo-controlled trial of the effects of oral

contraceptive on athletic performance. Their

findings suggest that while direct aerobic

endurance measures were not significantly

affected, absolute and relative changes in

Vo2max decreased in the OC group by 4.7

percent, with the placebo group either maintaining

or increasing (~1.5 percent) Vo2 max

measures over the same time.

Regular heavy losses of blood with menstruation

may also affect an athlete’s oxygen

carrying capacity and can lead to anaemia,

both of which can negatively affect the endurance

capability of any athlete.

Fluctuations in endurance performance

during the phases of the menstrual cycle

are also thought to be related to variances

in heat regulation and metabolism. When

considered alongside evidence that training

or racing in hot conditions can elevate body

temperature and heart rate, the timing of

these may become even more relevant to

female performance.


Redman & Weatherby (2004) undertook

testing with five elite female rowers that were

taking a low dose OC pill, in repeating both

a 10 sec all-out effort and a 1000m maximal

effort on the rowing ergometer, at two

different points in the menstrual cycle and

over three complete cycles. These points

paralleled the change from high oestrogen

and high progestogen (day 16-18) to low

oestrogen and low progestogen (day 26-28).

Both peak power output was greater and

1000m time faster (by as much as 2.5secs), in

the menses phase, days 26-28.

A study with soccer players published in

2017 found Yo-Yo intermittent test scores

were lower during the mid-luteal phase than

the early follicular phase for over 78 percent

of the tested subjects. The authors concluded

there is a drop in maximal endurance capacity

in the mid luteal phase and recommend

this be considered when monitoring athlete



The highest levels of strength in athletes

involved in a 2018 study were measured at

day 14 (ovulation) and were at their lowest at

Finally, a study with 10 team sport athletes

(OC users) exploring the effect of the menstrual

cycle on team sport performance was

undertaken by Rechichi & Dawson in 2007.

Results of a 45 cm drop height jump test

were higher between days 13 and 17 (around

ovulation) when compared with approx. day

24 and day 27.

In reviewing studies, there appears little

argument that strong complexities are involved

in the hormonal response to exercise

across the menstrual cycle for any level of

exercising female.

It does however appear that peak power

may be higher during the follicular and

ovulation phases, whilst strength training

may have a greater effect when completed

during the follicular phase rather than the

luteal phase.

Maximal endurance performance may

be reduced during the luteal phase, and

conversely at its most effective during the

follicular phase. Heart rate pre-exercise and

lactate levels post exercise have been found

to be significantly higher in the luteal phase,

along with an associated increase in body

temperature which has been suggested to

reduce endurance capacity and increase

cardiovascular strain.

While further research into the effects

of the menstrual cycle on exercise performance

are needed, it is hard to ignore these

findings, or that OC use may be detrimental

to both endurance capacity and strength.

If the menstrual cycle has a physiological

effect on performance, both positive and

negative, it seems essential to research this

area more thoroughly if ultimate athletic

female performance is a goal for the 21 century,

and to maybe adjust the paradigm of

just training women like small men.

ALISON STOREY is a personal trainer who has represented New Zealand in three

different sports (beach volleyball, rowing and rhythmic gymnastics). She has been

awarded New Zealand Personal Trainer of the Year twice and runs Storey Sport, a

mobile personal and sports training business which provides a range of services that

optimise the fitness and wellbeing of its clients.



Celebrate your




Wellbeing is a word which has the potential for many

interpretations and can mean something different to all of us.

For me it’s the never-ending journey of

trying to find a work /life balance; looking

after all dimensions of my wellness

and trying to find my own version of health

and happiness.

We talk about the physical side frequently,

but do we talk about the other dimensions

enough? Our emotional, spiritual, environmental,

social and intellectual wellbeing are

just as important, but what do they mean

to us and how do we achieve these abstract

concepts of health? Let’s start by celebrating

ourselves - celebrating our wins, our

strengths and our success.

One of the greatest experiences I’ve had

from becoming an educator is learning just

as much from my students as I hope they

are learning from me. I’ve had numerous

personal growth experiences and genuine

learning opportunities from listening to their

knowledge and lived experiences.

One of these key learnings is around

identifying and acknowledging our own

strengths, something many people struggle

to do. This got me thinking; why are we so

quick to shy away from highlighting and

celebrating our success? It contributes to our

health, happiness and wellbeing, so shouldn’t

it be just as important as everything else?

I’m the first to admit I’m not great at owning

my strengths and am quick to point out

my own failures and flaws, but it’s something

I’m actively working on improving. I thought

this was unique to me, as it’s a defence

mechanism I have developed over time, but

it turns out it’s not. I have found “Tall Poppy

Syndrome” and self-sabotage to be ingrained

into society, which is why we need to flip the

script and start looking at how to celebrate

our strengths and success – not just our own,

but those around us.


I want you to think when was the last time

you took time out of your day to celebrate

yourself? To acknowledge your strengths,

to build yourself up and to say a positive I

statement “I am great, I am ambitious, I am


Here’s what we need to do – we need to

accept that it’s okay to be awesome. Don’t be

afraid to showcase your talents. Many of us

tend to hide in the shadows, which stops us

from getting the metaphorical sunshine we

need to develop, grow and shine. I still cringe

when someone compliments me, when really,

I should be acknowledging that someone

has recognised a job well done, owning it and

being proud.

“Know your strengths,

own your success.”

So how do we go about feeling comfortable

around identifying what we are good at,

and learning to accept awesomeness into our

daily lives? Here’s how you can start;

Compliment Others: Find it hard to tell

yourself you’re fabulous? Start with those

around you. Aim to look for positive traits in

others, look at their strengths, their success,

their wins and acknowledge them – take

some time to tell the people around you how

amazing and inspiring they are.

Positive Self-Talk: Once you actively try to

build others up, do the same for yourself. Every

morning when you wake up, tell yourself

your worth. Tell yourself at least three things

about yourself that you love, cherish and are

going to celebrate today own your truth.

Reflective Practice: At the end of each day,

concentrate on what went well, what you did

to achieve greatness and what you’re proud

of. Write these down in a journal, say them

out loud – do whatever it takes to positively

reflect on your day and reinforce yourself.

Goal recognition: Goals are so important

in all aspects of our life. They give us drive

and ambition to work towards something we

want to achieve. Once you reach that goal,

celebrate it – take time to acknowledge whatever

it is you have achieved and be proud

Celebrate Success: Do you deserve recognition

for something great you’ve done?

Do those around you? Absolutely! No matter

what realm of your life it’s in. don’t be afraid

to step forward and own that success. Nom-

inate yourself, nominate others for recognition,

appreciation and awards.

I used to feel embarrassed, awkward and

uncomfortable about celebrating my own

success. I remember the first time I was nominated

for the New Zealand Exercise Industry

Awards. It took me so long to even tell people

because I didn’t want them to think I was

bragging. But I’ve now learned that you must

celebrate your strengths, own your success

and whether you win or not; be proud.

I’ve been blessed to be a winner at the

New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards three

years in a row, winning Student of the Year

in 2016, Up and Coming Personal Trainer of

the Year in 2017 and Community Excellence

in 2018. This is recognition for my motivation,

drive, dedication and determination. I

worked extremely hard for my success, and

I’m finally not afraid to show it.

Understand that when you acknowledge

you are winning; you are improving your

overall wellbeing. It’s quite simple - know

your strengths, own your success.

SHANE WAY is a three-time national award winner, receiving Student of the Year

2016, Up and Coming Personal Trainer of the Year 2017 and Community Excellence

in 2018 at the New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards. A lecturer at the Wintec

Center for Sport Science and Human Performance, he also runs wellbeing programmes

across Waikato DHB’s Mental Health Services and has his own business “Your Way

Wellbeing” where he specialises in in personal training and group exercise, wellbeing

coaching, public speaking, seminars and workshops. To find out more, check him out on

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube @yourwaywellbeing

Feeling Over-Whelmed?

Adult life is full of challenges.

Everyday stressors can include

balancing work, personal, household

and family commitments. Sometimes

these stressors begin to feel

overwhelming, when…

• We feel we can’t keep up with our work load

• We stop catching up friends, as we’re too busy

• Our children have challenging behaviours

• When we worry about our children’s emotional health

• When we feel we can’t keep up with all the demands of everyday life

At Jenny Bell Oranga we offer help and advice through a

range of evidence-based programs.

Strong Not Tough provides you with the tools to become

more resilient. It incorporates approaches drawn from

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), and Mindfulness.

Standard Triple P is a positive parenting program. We

show you how to encourage the behaviour you like, deal

with problem behaviour and become confident as a parent.

Cool Kids gives you and your kids the skills and strategies

to deal with anxiety, and to overcome fears through

evidence based cognitive behaviour strategies.

Lana 021 138 1891 | Hazel 022 083 4068

To find out more information

book a free appointment with Jenny today!

Email: | Phone: 027 245 2749






Have you been meaning to visit your doctor and have a checkup?

Or have you been meaning to visit a counselor about a

nagging issue that keeps rearing its ugly head, but you haven’t

got round to it? Would you like to put your exercise regimen

at the top of your priority list, but it keeps getting relegated to

whether you have enough time at the end of the day?


Making time for these things can be

hard. However prioritising your

health is your business and you’re the

one responsible for making it happen.

This winter is a good time to chip away at

those things you’ve been meaning to attend

to. Making your health and wellbeing a priority

and ticking things off your to-do list can

make a big difference to your peace of mind

and mental health.

This can be as simple as feeling as though

you are becoming a better version of yourself

by checking your blood pressure is in the

normal range, or working towards being able

to run 5km to improve your heart health for

your future self.

Sometimes it can be the annoying niggles

in your body that stop you from reaching

your goals in the gym, or putting your shoes

on to go for that run. Sore lower backs,

shoulders or necks can be frustrating at the

best of times. Deciding to get these things

checked out by a professional is a good idea

and important for you to be able to be consistent

in your training and take your training

to the next level (whatever that may be for

you). This will also help prevent any ongoing

musculoskeletal and medical issues.

Having a clean bill of health from

your doctor is the ideal result. However if

something unexpected does pop up; well,

that’s the whole idea of having a check-up. It

means you can take steps in your daily life to

tackle health problems before they escalate,

giving you the chance to create positive habits

to hopefully reverse poor health.

For lingering aches or pains; book yourself

in with a physiotherapist and get on

the road to getting on top of it. The physio-


“For lingering aches or

pains; book yourself in

with a physiotherapist

and get on the road to

getting on top of it.”

therapist will provide treatment, advice and

exercises to provide relief and help resolve

the issue; integral in helping you make a

full recovery. It might be a simple solution

or require some work on your part, but the

journey will be worth it in order to physically

function as best you can.

If you suffer from a chronic disease that’s

debilitating you and affecting your quality

of life - did you know that exercise has been

proven to benefit numerous chronic disease

states? It is just a matter of getting started.

Even if it’s a few minutes every day of some

gentle movement or walking, it will make a

big difference in the long run to enabling you

to function as the best version of yourself.

Start out small, create a new habit and get

excited about what you are capable of physically.

Stick with it and you’ll find that over

time your body will begin to feel capable

of a little more every day. By the end of

winter, you’ll be moving more freely and feel

stronger than at the start of winter and you’ll

notice how much more you are capable of

physically. Get in touch with a health professional

if you aren’t sure where to start, but

find something you can do and begin with

that a little every day.

Let’s encourage each other to look after

our bodies. We have one body we’re given

at the start of our lives, it gives us lifelong

service, let’s not neglect it but treat it with

respect. Wouldn’t it be incredible if Waikato

became the healthiest region in the whole of

New Zealand? Ready to get a health

check now?

Some chronic diseases that research has

proven to benefit from exercise: insulin

resistance, type 2 diabetes, dyslipidemia,

hypertension, obesity, chronic obstructive

pulmonary disease, coronary heart disease,

chronic heart failure, intermittent claudication,

osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis,

osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue

syndrome, cancer, depression, asthma and

type 1 diabetes.

KRISTINA DRILLER A specialist in exercise rehabilitation and chronic disease

management, Kristina Driller is a sport and rehab consultant at UniRec and uses

“exercise as medicine”. Kristina has a wealth of experience spanning eight years

and provides expert advice in chronic disease management and musculoskeletal




Holding the title of fastest

New Zealand woman,

21-year-old sprinter Zoe

Hobbs is clearly driven to


The talented and hard working athlete

smashed her way into the record books

(and the public eye) this year, breaking

Michelle Seymour’s longstanding 100m

record by a whisker of a tenth of a second for

a time of 11.42s. A week later in Hawke’s Bay,

she then went on to break that record again,

at an impressive 11.37s.

While the achievement is undoubtedly

a career highlight, it is also a fitting reward

for a sprinter who has made personal and

professional sacrifices to train and compete

at this level.

A self-confessed ‘sporty kid’, Zoe enthusiastically

(and successfully) played many

sports during her childhood, and says she has

been passionate about athletics for as long as

she can remember.

“I got so much enjoyment from all the

sports I played, but sprinting/running was

what I was best at - which is why I chose to

pursue it.

“Athletics continues to challenge me

every single day, but that’s what makes the

small (and big) wins feel 100 times more

worth it at the end of the day.”

Being able to represent New Zealand is

particularly meaningful, something Zoe first

experienced at just 11-years-old.

Zoe acknowledges that running is not an

easy sport to succeed at on the world stage,

but that challenge is partly what fuels her to

keep working for it.

“It has been many decades since a New

Zealand woman competed at the Olympic

Games in sprinting, and it would be awesome

if I could be the next woman from New Zealand

to achieve that,” she says.

record that I realised. There’s no better feeling

than producing results you work so hard for.

It justifies all the hard sessions leading in,

and gets kind of addictive from thereafter,

because you just want more and more.

Q. What’s been the hardest moment in your


A. Injuries and setbacks of any kind always

suck. It’s often more mentally tough to deal

wit,h than the physical side of things, and can

get extremely draining if not managed well.

I’ve been working on being more mindful

in my approach to these sorts of situations.

Some things are out of your control. You just

have to accept that and focus on the controllables


Q. How do you maintain peak performance?

A. Nutrition is an aspect of performance

that I take pretty seriously. It’s something

I’m willing to invest my time and energy

into, as it’s super important for my sport to

make sure I’m fueled the best I can be - to

maintain training load as well as perform at

Photo by Alisha Lovrich

my best. My passion for food led me to study

it at university as part of a Bachelor of Science,

majoring in human nutrition. I’ve been

taking Nuzest Clean Lean Protein for more

than two years now. As soon as I tried it, I

was in love and have never gone back to any

other brand or type since. I’m very cautious

about supplements, but when I’m consuming

Nuzest products I’m at ease as it’s a brand I

know I can trust. Getting good recovery from

nutrition is really important and I’m grateful

Nuzest can help me out with that.

Q. Any advice for younger up-and-coming

track stars or athletes?

A. Enjoy whatever you chose to do, whether

that be running (or other). Stick at it and be

consistent in your training. There will always

be less enjoyable days - days where you may

hate it, but you still need to show up and do

your best. I find it helps if you set yourself

small challenges every training that you can

accomplish. It might seem insignificant at

first, but it will keep your mind focused and

over time you will see improvements.


Q. Can you describe the feeling of breaking

the NZ Woman’s 100m resident record?

A. I didn’t even know I had done it at the time.

I was so fixated on achieving a personal best

that it didn’t cross my mind. It wasn’t until

a coach congratulated me on running a NZ

Photo by Rowan Greig




celebrates five years

Since the official opening of the Avantidrome (by their

Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge)

five years ago, the venue has welcomed an impressive cross

section of visitors, from children to champions, trikers to

tours, gym-goers, elite athletes and even a 96-year-old

local cyclist setting a world record.

The facility is not only home to New

Zealand’s elite athletes, but has also

become a popular destination where

high performance meets community on a

daily basis.

For the official birthday celebrations, the

Avantidrome hosted free have-a-go sessions,

gym tasters, tours and trike sessions for newcomers,

as well as a series of complimentary

sessions for regular riders.

Have-a-go participants travelled from

across Waikato including Putaruru, Matamata,

Hamilton and Tamahere, with others

making the trip from Auckland.

The have-a-go star of the day was

82-year-old local woman, Arline Pile. Arline

is a regular visitor to the Avantidrome but

explains, “I normally ride the three wheelers

in the Avantidrome Trikes sessions and have

always wanted to try the two wheelers on the

track and today is the day.”

Arline gave many younger participants

a run for their money on the 250m wooden

velodrome as well as achieving a personal


Also part of the celebrations were appearances

from cycling superstars based at Avantidrome

for training. Cycling New Zealand’s

Eddie Dawkins, Emma Cumming, Olivia

Podmore and Harry Waine, accompanied

by British Cycling’s Mark Stewart, joined a

group of 22 avid Avantidrome riders who

had an exclusive opportunity to ride with

the champs. Dawkins, Cumming, Podmore,

Waine and Stewart took to the track with a

group of excited youngsters and excitable

grown-ups for an hour and half of skill sessions

and racing. The session was topped off

with a series of signings on commemorative

pieces of Siberian Spruce (the wood the track

is built from) and bike frames and helmets.

Home of Cycling’s general manager, Scott

Gemmill said of the day: “Five years is a significant

milestone for the Home of Cycling

(HoC) that’s worth celebrating.

“We wanted to do something to say

thanks to our loyal riders and the wider community

for their support. The numbers were

strong and the wow factor was high.

“Huge thanks must go to our small team

of dedicated staff, who once again went

above and beyond during the weekend, away

from their own families to put on this fabulous

event for the community to experience

how lucky we are to have this amazing facility

in Cambridge. We’re excited to be working

on what the next five years will bring.”

health consultations - herbal tonics

handcrafted tea blends

ointments - balms - and more

personalised remedies

made by our experienced

medical herbalists and

naturopaths to support

your winter wellness

ph. 07 825 7444

ph. 07 825 7444

6 Wallis Street, 6 Wallis Raglan Street, Raglan


Helping get


An increasing number of children and adults are taking to

pedal power for getting around. And this year an extra 40

Hamilton children are enjoying the opportunity to get on

their bikes thanks to entrepreneurs Josh and Emma Kersten.

The couple started the initiative to share

their passion for cycling and 2019

marks the third year of the Giveabike


At the end of 2018, Josh and Emma gave

40 bikes to school children around Hamilton

and this year another Waikato district will be

the recipient of their generosity.

Josh came up with the idea to start the

initiative so children could experience the

same joy of riding he had as a child.

“I always had a real love of riding my bike

- the escapism, freedom, exhilaration, challenge

and sense of achievement along with

the pure fun of being out on my bike and

having something I could cherish and make

my proud possession, riding with friends or

on my own,” says Josh.

“This has grown into a lifelong passion

of biking for me, and now I’m in a position

where I can personally give back to the

Waikato region and donate some new bikes

to children, and make Giveabike an annual


The children were chosen by the school

principals in consultation with teachers, for a

variety of reasons.

The scheme launched in 2017 with 40

bikes presented to children in the north

Waikato district, followed by another 40

bikes given to Hamilton district students in

2019 (delivered with the help of Sport Waikato’s

Project Energize team). Another Waikato

district will be this year’s recipient.

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Girls day out

Grab your girlfriends and experience

the ultimate outing for women, with the

Women’s Lifestyle Expo (May 25-26) at

Claudelands Event Centre.

One of the largest indoor events in

Waikato, with more than 180 companies

displaying their products.

The annual Expo is a must-visit event and

the perfect excuse for a day (or two) hanging

out with friends and checking out the latest

products on the market - from the indulgent

to the practical.

If you’re new to the adventures of a Women’s

Lifestyle Expo, you’re in for a treat, and

a key piece of advice is to ensure you have

a few hours up your sleeve to enjoy the full

experience; from sampling gourmet food,

to buying new winter shoes, checking out

the latest in eco-friendly products, learning

about new businesses, purchasing cosmetics

and skincare or even browsing for a brand

new car.​

There is ample to see and experience

under the roof of Claudelands Event Centre.​

The popular Craft Zone will include

artisan crafters from all over New Zealand

with gorgeous original products often not

found in shops, including soaps and beauty


laced sandals.

Create you!

Eyebrow Eyeliner and lip

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products, original art, children’s

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For a ‘tasteful’ experience

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try, and buy a range of fantastic

products. It’s time to treat yourself

from the range of liqueurs ,

meat products, cheesecakes and

even gourmet breakfast cereals.

Tantalise your taste buds with a

tasty treat from the Expo Taste


NZME Events Renee Murray

says it’s their aim to bring to the

Expo the many diverse companies

and their products - from

small business owners that sell

gorgeous things to the larger

more established businesses.​

“This is what makes our Expo

interesting with more and new

brands to discover.​

“We have artisan crafters

exhibiting alongside national

brands like Dilmah tea, Vivo

Hair and Wet n Wild cosmetics.

It’s great to see the many

different women visit the show,

from teenagers to mothers and

grandmothers to friends simply

enjoying each other’s company.”

The Women’s Lifestyle

Expo is on from May 25-26 at

Claudelands Event Centre, Hamilto

($10 door sales all weekend,

under 12 years free).

For more information:​

I lost 30kgs in 4 Months!

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Beauty from within

Take a fresh approach to your appearance,

and use internal cosmetics for

external results.

The Qt collection of products (Bellē, Beaū

and Encorē) use a wide range of all‐natural,

active ingredients that promote skin

clarity, hair and nail strength, bone and joint

strength (and more).

The powerful blend of nutrients help

provide the body with what it needs to make

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Nourish your hair, skin and nails with a

dose of collagen, tremela, activated charcoal

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Treat yourself to everything you need for

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Encorē - a unique blend of all-natural ingredients

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Bellē is designed to reverse fine lines and

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Designed specifically for men, the Beaū

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strengthen hair and nails, but also helps with

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Hand Cream prize packs and treat

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Whether typing work e-mails,

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skin damage.

Winter adds another layer of wear and

tear, as our hands lack hydration and are

subject to constant


changes. Yet,

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in the hard

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Add the power and natural goodness of

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Plant Potions harness the age-old traditional

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Brewed in New Zealand, Misty Day Plant

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hydration goodness.

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Enter to win one of three prize packs of WaiLife water.

Drinking high alkaline (pH9.6) WaiLife water daily is an easy

and enjoyable way to add alkalinity to your daily food and

drink intake. To enter, email your name, address and contact

details to with WAILIFE in the subject

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Entries close June 30 2019.

Can you truly say you have been

nourishing your body? Are you full of

energy and vitality?

Sometimes it is easy to let life get in the

way, now it is time to put yourself first.

For nutrition education, plans and

guidance tailored to your needs contact

Danielle Roberts (Bsc Human Nutrition)

Post breast surgery?

Janeen Laimbeer from

Orthotic House is here to

help guide you through the

choice of breast prosthesis and

bras available for you post breast


If you have undergone a full

or partial mastectomy, you may

decide to wear a breast prosthesis

to make your breasts look

more natural and balanced.

A breast prosthesis is a breast

form that fits into a special prosthesis

bra, which has an inbuilt

pocket, these include standard

breast forms, swim forms,

foam fillers, or shell prostheses.

Janeen’s many years of experience

means you are in good

hands, rest assured, you will be

correctly measured and fitted

with the best option most suited

to your needs.

If you have experienced

breast surgery your bra needs

can be radically different than

before the surgery and although

buying a post-surgery bra may

seem like a daunting prospect, it

is still possible to look beautiful

and feel comfortable in your

Helping you


Post breast surgery?

Janeen will help guide you through

the choice of breast prosthesis and

bras available to you. In the privacy

of our consulting room, together,

we will find you the right fit and

style that meets your needs.

• Breast prosthesis (breast forms)

• Bras, including special bras

to hold a prosthesis

• Compression bras

You can be confident we will find you an effective,

comfortable, well fitted and beautiful bra.

bras. More importantly, by wearing

correctly fitted garments you

can help relieve the side effects

of surgery such as lymphedema.

View our extensive range

which includes the very feminine

‘Anita’ ‘Trulife’, ‘Amoena’

and ‘Silima ’ranges. You can be

confident we will find you an

effective, comfortable, well fitted

and beautiful bra.

Orthotic House is registered

with the NZ Ministry of Health

as a provider of this service so

there is no initial financial outlay;

Orthotic House will invoice

the Ministry directly.

M: 027 844 5347

E: danielle

Look out for the Lime Green Letterbox

Ph 07 07 838 0606

56 Pembroke St, Hamilton Lake




for a nourishing day

For many, lunch is one of

the more challenging meals

of the day when it comes to



Without forward planning or preparation,

you may find yourself falling

back on something ‘quick and

easy’ on the go. But preparing lunches ahead

of time doesn’t have to be an ordeal. And you

don’t have to repeat the same boring salad

day after day.

Here are top three lunch hacks to help

you maintain a nourishing way of eating

through your work day while keeping your

taste buds happy.

1. Leftovers

Get creative with your leftovers and

transform them into brand new meals. For

example, if you’ve cooked too much rice,

add some egg, vegetables and toss in a wok

or saucepan to turn it into a high vegetable

fried rice.

In her latest book Simplicious Flow, Sarah

Wilson suggests using a sandwich press to

heat or cook a number of different meals—

even a piece of rump steak. Think beyond

two slices of bread and get creative with your

office sandwich press! Many warm meals can

be enjoyed cold if you don’t have the ability

to heat food at your workplace.

2. Use seaweed wraps instead

of bread

Sushi can be a nourishing option, especially

if you make your own. Store bought sushi

may contain sugar and/or preservatives, as

well as relying heavily on rice as the predominant


When you make your own sushi, you have

complete control over all the ingredients

and their quantities. Use brown or black rice

instead of white rice, a hearty amount of avocado

as a source of whole food fat and loads

of vegetables. Making sushi is not as hard as

you think. In fact, you can even just take the

ingredients all separate and roll them as you

eat. Better yet, try the sushi bowl recipe we’ve

included and avoid wrapping altogether. This

is one of my favourite lunches.

3. Amp up the nourishment of the

old staple, avo on crackers

A staple go to lunch for many is avocado on

toast or crackers. It’s quick, easy and who

doesn’t like avocado? Although this lunch

already provides quite a bit of nourishment

thanks to the 19 different nutrients in avocado,

you can take it a step further.

Try finely chopping kale and mixing it

through mashed avocado seasoned with

lemon and salt. It’s delicious! You can also

add other leafy greens, spring onion and/or

capsicum if kale isn’t your thing.

Keep some boiled eggs in the fridge too,

so you can add some good quality protein to

this combo or plan ahead to make sure there

is some left over home-cooked cold meat

from dinner the night before.


Dragon Bowl


1 cup cooked brown rice

¼ cup arame, soaked in 1 cup water for 5

minutes, then drained and set aside

220g sweet potatoes, sliced into rounds and


6 broccoli florets, steamed

½ bunch silverbeet leaves, steamed and

roughly chopped

¼ green cabbage, thinly sliced

2 handfuls mixed greens of your choice

½ cucumber, thinly sliced

1 roma tomato, cubed

¼ cup coriander, roughly chopped

1 tablespoon sesame seeds

1 cup sunflower sprouts or living sprouts

salt and pepper


½ cup Tahini

2 tablespoons fresh ginger, finely chopped

2 tablespoons tamari

3 tablespoons olive oil

juice of 1 lemon

¼ teaspoon pepper

¼ teaspoon salt

½ cup filtered water


1. Make the dressing first. Place all the

ingredients in a high-speed blender and

process until well combined.

2. Divide the salad vegetables and herbs between

two serving bowls, keeping them as

separate as possible. Sprinkle with a little

salt and pepper.

3. Fill two shot glasses with the dressing and

arrange each one to sit off-centre in each

bowl. Sprinkle with the sesame seeds and

sprouts and eat with chopsticks.

Serves 1-2 | 20 minutes


Adding arame to your food is a wonderful

way to boost its mineral content.

Arame is rich in essential nutrients,

including calcium, iron, zinc, manganese,

vitamins A and K, and of course iodine. It

is typically harvested during the springtime,

when ocean nutrient levels are at their


As arame is the mildest-tasting of all

sea vegetables, it’s the perfect introduction

to the flavour of seaweed, particularly for


Greenleaf salad wrap

with Raw Hummus

and Sprout Salad


4 large cos lettuce leaves

8 tablespoons raw hummus

1 cup baby spinach

1 cup live sprouts, such as broccoli or alfalfa

1 small carrot, peeled and grated

1 small beetroot, peeled and grated

1 large ripe tomato, thinly sliced

1 avocado, sliced

salt and ground black pepper

cooked skinless chicken breast, optional


1. Take 4 large lettuce leaves and remove the

tough stem of each leaf.

2. Put 2 leaves on each plate, placed on top

of each other so the stem ends are on

opposite sides.

3. Spread half the hummus down the centre

of each set of leaves.

4. Arrange the baby spinach on top of the


5. Layer the sprouts, carrot and beetroot

over the hummus on each set of leaves,

then top with the sliced tomato and avocado

and season with salt and pepper.

6. Add the sliced chicken breast at this point

if you are going to use it.

7. Roll the wraps, starting at one of the stem

ends and rolling the wrap up lengthwise.

Serves 1-2 | 15 minutes


Who needs bread when you can have your

sandwich wrapped in nutrient-dense cos

lettuce leaves? One of the real powerhouses

of nutrition are the live sprouts, an excellent

source of minerals, amino acids and phytochemicals.

Add living sprouts to as many

meals as you can.

DR LIBBY WEAVER (PHD) is one of Australasia’s leading nutritional biochemists, an author, a

speaker and founder of the plant-based supplement range, Bio Blends.

Armed with an abundance of knowledge, scientific research and a desire to help people

regain their energy and vitality, Dr Libby empowers and inspires people to take charge of their

health and happiness through her books, live events and nutritional support range. Published in

14 countries and having sold over 350,000 books across New Zealand and Australia, she is a 12

times best selling author.

A respected international speaker, Dr Libby’s expertise in nutritional biochemistry has led her

to share the stage with Marianne Williamson, Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and Dr Oz.

Dr Libby’s health messages embrace her unique three-pillared approach that explore the

interplay between nutrition, emotions and the biochemistry of the body.

For more information, visit






What are the benefits of a skin infusion?

If you’ve been dealing with redness, dryness

and dehydration or you’re just looking to

give your skin a boost, a skincare infusion

could be just the thing to refresh your

complexion. Keep reading to find out more

about what a skincare infusion is and why it’s

one of the most popular skin conditioning

treatments at Caci Hamilton.

How does a skincare infusion work?

Following a detailed consultation, the skin

experts at Caci will choose an infusion treatment

that’s best suited to your skin type and

concerns. This is applied to the skin using

the sonophoresis skincare infusion device,

which has sound wave technology to push

the infusion deeper into the skin.

That allows the infusion to work more

effectively compared with most topical

skincare products, which sit on the surface of

your skin and don’t penetrate as deeply.

What benefits does a skincare infusion have?

Thanks to the micro currents and sound

wave technology used to apply the treatment,

a skincare infusion works at a deeper level to

boost hydration, reduce redness, strengthen

the surface capillaries and stimulate collagen

production and cell turnover.

That means you leave with skin that’s

refreshed, more hydrated, and glowing, with

less redness and an improvement in skin

tone. By increasing cell turnover, this helps

skin ‘bounce back’ - and best of all, you’ll

notice results instantly.

As it’s non-invasive and gentle, it’s

suitable for most skin types and can easily

be slotted into a lunch break if you’d like a

midday pick-me-up.

For more information, we’d recommend

booking your free consultation at Caci Hamilton

– call 0800 458 458 or visit

skin is always in

Have a free consultation

this month and try our

Skincare Infusion for $70

(usually $120).

*T&C’s: Offer valid during May 2019 for new customers

only. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Caci Hamilton

547 Grey Street

0800 458 458







Methods involving natural healing are enjoying a resurgence

in popularity, and the Wim Hof method is on the rise in New

Zealand, thanks to Jason Suttie - six-time former kickboxing

world champion, founder director of Elite Thai Kickboxing

and one of only five Wim Hof instructors in the country.

Wim Hof, popularly known as The

Iceman, is the Dutch founder of

the Wim Hof method known for

physiology-altering breathing techniques

and his ability to withstand extremely cold


He has broken more than 20 world records

for his prolonged tolerance in subzero


Now, Jason Suttie is bringing Wim Hof to

the mainstream in New Zealand by holding

workshops that are growing in popularity,

with word of his teachings reaching Australia

and invitations pouring in.

At first glance, it is hard to believe the

power behind Wim Hof’s two methods of

healing your body; breathing and cold therapy,

but both are now well proven by leading

scientific studies.

“Up until studies were done on the Wim

Hof method, it was believed that you cannot

voluntarily alter the state of your autonomic

nervous and innate immune systems. Now

research suggests otherwise. Using Wim

Hof’s training methods, you can now influence

and alter your sympathetic system and

immune system,” says Jason.

The study he refers to is published in the

US National Library of Medicine and is one

of several studies proving the benefits effectiveness

of the Wim Hof method. Its findings

were groundbreaking.

A more recent study by the Wayne State

University’s School of Medicine states there

is “compelling evidence that Wim Hof practitioners

develop higher level of control over

key components of the autonomous system

with implications for lifestyle interventions

that might ameliorate multiple clinical


In basic terms, the Wim Hof practice

helps with healing your body by yourself

by using three components: mindset, cold

exposure and breathing.

Currently, there are five different studies

being carried out on the different and extent

of physiological changes produced by the

Wim Hof method, across the world including

in Australia, Europe and the United States.

With Jason’s workshops attended by

people from all walks of life, those interested

include elite athletes, martial artists, yoga

practitioners, people with various illnesses,

people suffering from anxiety and depression

and simply people who want to increase

the quality of their life by improving their

health and wellbeing.

“We have tested the pH level of the body

immediately before and after practising the

Wim Hof method. The results are immediate

and incredible,” says Jason.

“Cold therapy once a week does wonders

for the human body. We train for it by controlling

our breathing and our physiological

response, and training the body gradually

to withstand extremely cold temperatures,

which has been proven to produce demonstrable

health outcomes,” he adds.

For more information visit:



Offering unparalleled care and expertise

Hamilton Radiology is the Waikato’s

largest private medical imaging facility.

With the latest medical imaging equipment and a

highly trained, experienced team of technical staff and

14 local radiologists, we offer an unparalleled standard

of care and expertise.

Appointments are essential for Ultrasound, CT and

Mammograms: Please phone our freephone 0800 426 723

No appointments needed for plain x-ray films, all referrals

accepted. Ultrasound after hours appointments

available on Tuesday evenings.



Anglesea Imaging Centre, Gate 2, 11 Thackery St, Hamilton

Anglesea Imaging Centre - Anglesea Clinic - Hamilton East - Rototuna - St Andrews - Morrinsville - Cambridge - Te Awamutu – Glenview





Exercising regularly has

significant life improving

and lengthening benefit at

any age, from early childhood

through to later years.



While there are natural parts of the

ageing process that cannot be prevented,

more research indicates

that many areas of ageing can be reduced or

delayed with regular physical activity.

As adults continue to live longer and

remain more active, the need for exercise

to improve health and activity becomes

more important, with people, quite rightly,

not willing to give up the freedom that goes

along with an active life.

Exercising in older age is not just a

matter of reversing the ageing process, but

more about maintaining a level of health and

fitness levels that is not seen population wide.

The effects of inactivity are well known.

The reduction in everyday function and

the likelihood of lifestyle diseases accelerates

over time. While the ageing process accounts

for some of this decline, much of it can be

attributed to long-term inactivity.

You can’t out exercise old age but through

regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle, you

are certainly more likely to be able to keep

up an active life.

Some important things to consider as

you age:

Strength training

The benefits of strength training are not just

proven for those who as a result remain active

and injury free. There is increasing understanding

that exercise, including strength

training can benefit a range of specific health

conditions that are prevalent in older adults

such as arthritis, and Parkinson’s disease.

There are limitations for some of the

more sedentary older population, and those

with specific issues which make some exercises

higher risk, but for adults with a level of

mobility (and medical approval), the benefits

far outweigh the risks. Current guidelines

from the American College of Sports Medicine

(ACSM) recommends from between two

strength training sessions, to a maximum of

four sessions of 20- 45 minute duration per

week. A registered exercise professional can

provide the appropriate advice and guidance.


Maintaining healthy weight, exercising

moderately, and regularly eating a well-balanced

diet will help with preventing high

cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes

and obesity in the short term, and in the long

term reduce your dementia risk.

Just 30 minutes a day, five days a week

is all that’s needed to ward of a range of

lifestyle diseases and conditions, and is the

minimum level recommended to reduce

dementia risk.

When we think of exercise we should also

include mental activity as well as physical.

By learning new skills, and also completing

mentally challenging activities can help keep

you alert.

Social contact is one of the benefits of

group exercise. Whether it’s walking with

company, joining a class, or heading to an

exercise facility, among like-minded people

while getting active is a fantastic way to keep

socially active and healthy.

Pelvic floor

After many years of people simply accepting

incontinence into old age, there is more

understanding that pelvic floor health is

something that can be managed, both in

younger years and older adulthood.

Bladder weakness and continence issues

are not the most common health topics talked

about, and can cause embarrassment for

sufferers, despite being common in ageing.

The good news is that with the right advice

and education, pelvic floor weakness can

be managed or even better, prevented.

While you can’t outwit ageing, you can

certainly manage many of the symptoms

through exercise, good nutrition, and a focus

on your mental health and wellbeing.

THE NZ REGISTER OF EXERCISE PROFESSIONALS (REPS) is an independent not for profit

quality mark of exercise professionals and facilities. Using REPs Registered Exercise Professionals is the

‘warrant of fitness check’ that exercise professionals and facilities meet New Zealand and internationally

benchmarked standards to deliver safe exercise advice and instruction.




The art of persistence and self-belief is a common

thread among top athletes and performers. And Kiwi

dancer Angelika Zueva is a first hand example of the

value of tenacity and determination.

While the accomplished professional

dancer has enjoyed riding

the wave of success, auditioning

for singers the calibre of Cher, Jason Derulo

and Nicki Minaj; she has also had to overcome

setbacks and disappointment, more

recently learning to cope with the physical

and mental challenges of a potentially career

destroying injury.

Just months after taking a huge (and

scary) risk; leaving New Zealand to pursue

her dreams in LA, a torn ACL put a halt to

her rapidly progressing career.

Currently back home in New Zealand

recuperating from surgery, she’s determined

not to give up. INSPO finds out more:

Having started dancing as a youngster, it was

love at first twirl for Angelika and she knew

she wanted dance to be part of her future.

“From a very young age I knew that all I

ever wanted to do was perform and entertain.

I’ve been fortunate to work with top

New Zealand choreographers, dancing as one

of the original members of Rina Chae’s company

Street Candee, and working on many

live and television performances,” she says.

After packing up her life, Angelika decided

to fully back her dreams, moving to Los

Angeles in 2017.

“In less than a year I was fortunate to work

with some top LA choreographers on jobs

like Kids Choice Awards, Jimmy Kimmel and

Soul Train Awards and others. However, my

story isn’t as simple as it may sound.”

Despite being completely new to the LA

scene, Angelika was signed with one of the

top dance agencies less than two months

after her move.

“This was a big deal,” she admits, “as

representation is essential to making it as a

professional dancer in LA - no agent means

no auditions which means no jobs. For many

people it can take a long time to get signed

with a top agency, sometimes even a couple

of years, so getting signed so quickly really

was a big deal.”

Angelika was thrust straight into the

limelight, with her first audition after getting

signed for music legend Cher, followed by

Jason Derulo, Nicki Minaj and JoJo Siwa

among others.

“Despite being new in LA and unfamiliar

to choreographers, I was fortunate to get

to the final stages of many auditions and

booked a couple of my first jobs.”

After such a promising start, life took

a dramatically unexpected turn just two

months later.

“By complete accident I tore the ACL ligament

in my knee during a dance class. This

required surgery, along with facing a lengthy

nine month recovery before returning to full

dance ability.

“It’s fair to say that I was completely devastated,”

she says. “I’d made drastic changes

in my life moving to the other side of the

world to pursue my dream - only to get

injured just four months after the move.

"It really is all about

how we deal with what

life throws at us."

“I went from dancing every single day to

not being able to dance at all.

‘It would have been really easy to just give

up and come back to New Zealand, but I

knew I had to pull myself together and make

it work. I couldn’t just go home.”

Following her surgery (in LA) and completely

restricted from dancing, Angelika

started thinking of other ways she could be

involved in the industry she loved.

“I reached out to a couple of choreographers,

and Chris Smith (whose credits

include Kanye West, Rae Sremmurd and

French Montana) needed a personal assistant.

“The timing couldn’t have been more

perfect. For the first few months after my

surgery I couldn’t dance, so Chris got me to

do PR type jobs and I got him a couple of

magazine and podcast interviews.

“As I continued to recover from my

surgery, he got me involved more with dance

jobs that he choreographed. Although my

knee wasn’t fully recovered and I couldn’t

perform on stage, I was able to help during

his choreography and rehearsal process for

various big jobs, including the iHeartRadio

Festival in Las Vegas, The Four on Fox (television

singing competition with DJ Khaled,

Diddy, Meghan Trainor and Fergie), Soul

Train Awards and Teen Choice Awards.

“I was able to learn so much through

these experiences, as a dancer and as a

person. When I reflect back on it, it’s crazy to

think that at my lowest point I could’ve just

given up and flown back home.”

Angelika admits that the change of pace

and focus wasn’t easy; “especially knowing

that dancers with whom I danced with were

still going to auditions, booking jobs, going

to dance class and getting better.

“I had to focus on the bigger picture;

knowing that my knee would recover

and while waiting do what I could to stay

involved in the industry, and work to make

myself stronger.”

A trip home to New Zealand to visit

family coincided with the final stages of

recovery, and Angelika anticipates returning

fully to dancing soon, with her recovery

tracking well.

“I have a few dance jobs lined up while

here in New Zealand, and plan to return to

LA soon, hopefully to pick up where I left

off before my surgery. This time hopefully

stronger and better, and with more industry


“I want to share my story, as hopefully my

experience can inspire others who want to

make that leap to pursue their dream, or are

perhaps experiencing a setback like I have.

“It really is all about how we deal with

what life throws at us. I’m sure glad I pushed

through my setback and didn’t give up on

myself and my dream.”



Kids helping kids with asthma

Helping educate youngsters around asthma was a key focus

of the recent World Asthma Day (May 7), coinciding with

Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ announcing its

schools’ campaign – encouraging students to know what to

do in an asthma emergency.

One in seven children (133,000) have

asthma in New Zealand, and it’s

estimated that 586,000 school days

are lost each year due to asthma-related

symptoms in children.

World Asthma Day is celebrated around

the world to raise the profile and continued

education of asthma. Asthma and Respiratory

Foundation NZ (ARFNZ) ran a fun and

engaging campaign for schools to celebrate

World Asthma Day.

Letitia O’Dwyer, chief executive of Asthma

and Respiratory Foundation NZ said that

this was the second year of the World Asthma

Day schools’ campaign, with hopes that it

happens every year.

“Last year we had more than 90 schools

participate on the day by doing activities or

fundraising for the Foundation. We received

great feedback from schools as the students

had a fabulous time doing the activities while

also learning about asthma.”

“Statistics show there will be at least four

children in a class of 30 students who have

asthma, so we know this is a very important


This year ARFNZ provided free activity

packs for schools, with a focus on asthma

emergency awareness – encouraging

students to learn what to do in an asthma

emergency and asking schools to check their

asthma emergency kit is up-to-date.

“Making these preparations in advance

could well save lives,” says Letitia.

ARFNZ is a charitable organisation that

strives to provide resources and education

across all areas of the community. It receives

no government funding.

Some of the Foundation’s school-related

initiatives include Sailor the Puffer Fish, a

musical show educating primary school children

about asthma; recently launched in Te

Reo Māori. ARFNZ also provides a ‘Teachers’

Asthma Toolkit’, designed for teachers to

have important information about asthma in

one place – via an interactive website.


Asthma is a common illness of the respiratory

system. In New Zealand, one child in seven

needs to take medicine for asthma. People

with asthma have sensitive airways. A child’s

sensitive airways may be irritated by a trigger

in the environment (such as pollen), by an

illness, or an emotion (such as anxiety) leading

to swelling and tightening of the airways

making it difficult to breathe.


• More than 597,000 New Zealanders take

medication for asthma (that’s one in

eight adults, one in seven children)

• 7685 hospital admissions were caused by

asthma in 2017, of which 40 percent were

children under 15

• The cost of asthma to the nation exceeds

$1 billion per year

• Māori, Pacific peoples and low-income

families are around three times more likely

to be hospitalised by asthma

• 77 Kiwis die from asthma each year

For more information please visit


3 months to 15 months

15 months to 2 1/2 years

2 1/2 years to 3 3/4 years


3 3/4 years to 5 years

0 months to 5 years


Monday - Friday

7.30am to 5.30pm

166 Hillcrest Road (Gate 6 University of Waikato) and

72 Ellicott Road, Nawton (Fraser High School grounds)

Providing early childhood education and care since 1973 | 07 838 4034

20 ECE hours - for

children 3 years

and over




creates fresh opportunities

Pony Clubs have been a crucial starting point for many of

New Zealand’s top riders, including Waikato riders the

calibre of Mark Todd, Clarke Johnstone and Lizzie Green.

As equestrian sports continue evolving and progressing, so

too does the New Zealand Pony Club organisation.

One local pony club continually striving

to offer its members fresh opportunities

is Parenga Pony Club, which

recently joined forces with New Zealand

event rider Bundy Philpott, a former pony

club member herself, to create a training day

for its members.

“Our riders are still buzzing about Bundy’s

coaching sessions,” says Parenga Pony

Club district commissioner Lorraine Phillips.

“Bundy proved that she’s not just a successful

equestrian, but also a top coach, super

human and athlete all in one. Her approach

with all the riders, parents and supporters

was supportive, encouraging and fun, making

sure everyone came away feeling positive

about their experience.”

“Pony clubs are there to offer support and

training at a grass roots level,” says Lorraine,

“and with the approval of NZPCA, we are

proud to also be running a pilot project for

adult riding members, where they too can

Bundy Philpott and Lorraine Phillips

join in with pony club activities, gaining their

own certificates for riding and horsemanship.

“This shows the progressive attitude of

a long time organisation which although

steeped in tradition continues to move


Parenga Pony Club, which has approximately

70 members, is one of four New

Zealand clubs trialing the adult groups.


tickets on

Grab your girlfriends, mum or

Grab your girlfriends, mum or

daughters for a great day out!

daughters for great day out!

25 25 && 26 26 May | 10am-5pm 10am–5pm

Claudelands Events Centre, Hamilton

Door sales Sales $10 | Kids Under under 12 12 Free free

Everything from from gourmet gourmet food, food, tea and tea artisan and products artisan

products to fashion, beauty, travel, travel, cars & much cars more: & much more:

• Around 180 Exhibitors

• Around 180 Exhibitors • Vivo Hair & Beauty Salon

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• Magical Garden Creche

• Artisan • Artisan Craft Craft Zone •• Goodie Bags Bags

You You deserve a girls day day out. out.

Dilmah are Dilmah celebrating are the amazing women women of of

New Zealand with of tea. Stop by our stand

New Zealand with the gift of tea. Stop by our stand

to nominate the unsung heroes in your life!

to nominate the unsung heroes in your life!

07 855 3021




There is a misconception in New Zealand that gyms are busiest

in summer. However, the busiest time for new members to join,

as well as usage of gyms, is actually over winter - starting as

early as May, according to a leading exercise expert.

Richard Beddie, chief executive of

Exercise New Zealand, says that based

on their data, 10 percent more Kiwis

join gyms and fitness facilities in winter for a

multitude of reasons; everything from health

to body transformation goals.

“Our research shows that popular winter

activities include small group training activities

and yoga, along with traditional exercise

such as weights and group exercise classes,

which continue to grow in popularity every


Richard says there isn’t a day where a new

report or research article doesn’t come out

finding another reason to exercise and be

physically active.

“We know more Kiwis want to stay active

and be healthier in winter. So many New Zealanders

love individual exercise, which is part

of a worldwide trend for exercise to be growing

while structured sport is on the decline.

“Exercise is now the number one sport in

New Zealand with more than half a million participants.

Growing research confirms the health

benefits of activity for every age,” he says.

Some key tips to make a new exercise

programme effective:

1. If new to exercise, join with a friend as this

increases exercise adherence by more than

10 percent

2. Set realistic mini goals and, where possible,

focus on how often you go in the first instance,

rather than any larger goals, such as

going at least six times in the first month

3. Find a place to work-out that gives the

right support, as well as making you feel

comfortable. Visit the facility or place when

you think you’ll exercise the most often. For

example, visit after work or lunch time, if

that’s when you are likely to use the facility.

4. Anyone getting into new regular exercise

should check sure that their trainer is

registered. In New Zealand, qualifications

range from two days to four years, so not

all ‘qualified trainers’ are the same. Check

trainers’ registration at or

ask if they are registered with REPs, which

is the New Zealand Register of Exercise


5. Everyone contemplating exercise should be

fully aware that their fitness and health are

vitally important, so activities in any form,

be it exercise, sport or active transport are

beneficial. The key is starting with something,

and building from there.

Is your motivation to work out fading?

Struggling to be accountable and turn up at the gym?

Don’t beat yourself up about skipping leg day.

Don’t sit on the exercycle and watch Netflix.

Don’t count EVERY. SINGLE. MINUTE. on the


Let F45 decide the workout for you. Regardless

of gender, height, weight, goals, fitness levels

or experience, everyone does the same


No Mirrors.

No Treadmills.

No Egos.


The F stands for functional, and 45 minutes is

all it takes. F45 training combines elements of

High Intensity Interval Training, Circuit Training

and Functional Training. It’s fast-paced and the

tempo of the music helps to keep your energy

levels high. It’s a full body workout, surrounded

by other people giving it their all. The workouts

have tons of variety so you never do the same

workout twice.

Sign up for your


...and we’ll see you at the gym!

Your membership includes:

« Unlimited sessions per week (cardio and

strength), including a 60 minute signature

class which combines the two

« Structured training in a team environment

« Two personal trainers each class guiding,

inspiring and motivating you

« Regular 8 week challenges with an

nutritional program designed to help lose

body fat


to receive your 14 day free trial. Download the F45

training App and get started today «



Pacific Radiology specialise in sports injury imaging and diagnosis.

We accept any referral forms and provide a walk in service for all

x-ray examinations and urgent diagnostic imaging.

Call Pacific Radiology for an appointment today

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