INSPO Fitness Journal May 2019


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When it comes to youth and teenagers,

the benefits of involvement in physical

activities span further than obvious fitness

and health improvements.






There are a host of reasons to get

youngsters involved in sports, clubs

and activities; from overall mental

wellbeing and building resilience and determination,

through to encouraging invaluable

life skills like being able to successfully work

in a group.

Hamilton teenager Waimarama Potae-Tamatea

is an excellent example of a well

rounded youngster; achieving in her chosen

fields and, just as importantly, banking some

serious life skills.

Well known and respected in both dance

and gymnastics, the 15-year-old has already

enjoyed impressive success and is now a

mentor for other young performers coming

up through the ranks.

Having started both gymnastics and dancing

at the age of three, she already has more

than a decade of training and competitive

experience behind her, and has notched

up solid achievements both here and in


Among her string of successes, the agile

teenager represented New Zealand in rhythmic

gymnastics at the Australian Gymnastic

Nationals, as well as scoring the highest mark

in New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong

for her Urban Ignition Level 7 hiphop exam,

and the highest mark in New Zealand New

Zealand for her AJDA jazz dance exam.

Waimarama’s ability and attitude make

her hotly sought after as a rising star, seeing

her accepted into New Zealand School of

Dance Associates programme as a contemporary

major, and winning a swag of titles

and awards.


Having also competed in trampolining,

touch rugby, netball and basketball; some of

her love of sport has perhaps been passed on

through the generations from her Maori All

Black grandfather Bill Potae.

The entire family has a keen focus on

sports, with three siblings fitting in everything

from gym, dance, trampoline, tumbling,

swimming and rugby.

It’s fair to say that it’s a busy household,

with mum Rachel and Dad Ditre investing

significant time and effort to support their

children’s interests.

“I think it’s important for kids to have activities

to focus on as it teaches them a good work

ethic and time management,” says Rachel.

While she readily admits to being pretty

much a full-time taxi driver and organisor

in order to get everyone where they need

to be, it’s clear that this family is highly self

motivated, working together to make the


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