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usy timetable run smoothly.

“I have the diary pretty well memorised

in my head so I know what commitments

there are every weekend between now and

Christmas,” says Rachel.


As well as the obvious benefits of competing

and training, Rachel points out that any level

of participation in any sports or activity helps

teach great social skills like learning how to

be a gracious loser and how to acknowledge a

great performance even when they are your


“When Waimarama was younger she had

some older girls at the dance studio who took

an interest in her and were great role models.

Waimarama tries to do the same for the

younger girls now that she is older.”


Dance Effects (DFX) Dance School owner

Louise Tenhove is quick to agree. Having

taught Waimarama since she first started as

a pre-schooler, she says it is always hugely

rewarding to see her students succeed - in

life as well as on the dance stage.

“She is an amazing role model for the

younger ones and they adore her,” says Louise.

“It’s great for kids of all ages to see those

they look up to being well mannered, polite

and courteous towards others and Waimarama

embodies everything that is great about


“Dance is great for confidence, time

management, body awareness, learning to be

resilient, working as a team and expressing

yourself. It also introduces children from a

young age to life lessons like working with

others, being coachable and taking criticism.”

Justifiably proud of her student’s progress,

Louise says that as well as being a natural

talent, it is the fact that Waimarama is such a

hard worker that is also key to her success.

“She has a strong ability to be resilient;

she picks herself up if she doesn’t do well,

she is very versatile, her gymnastics skills

are definitely an asset and she also does jazz,


• Belongs to Dance Effects (DFX) dance

school and Counties Manukau Gymnastics

• Trains and competes in ballet, jazz,

contemporary, lyrical, hiphop, acro and

rhythmic gymnastics

• Involved in trampolining (aged 10-13) and

competed at three Nationals, as well as

artistic gymnastics (aged 3-9), and in her

younger days touch rugby, netball and


• Accepted into New Zealand School of

Dance Associates programme as contemporary

major 2018/2019

• Accepted into Elite Training Extension

Program 2018/2019

• Invited to Lucy Ellis boot camp in Sydney

Australia 2018

• Scholarship winner for summer school

2019 at Dynamite Studios Australia

• Get the Beat Regional Competition

Gympie Australia Feb 2019 - 5x top three


• Follow Your Dreams Nationals January

2019 - 4th lyrical (out of field of 46), 2nd

jazz duo and 1st own choreography trio

• Rhythmic Gymnastics - selected to

represent NZ at Australian Gymnastic

Nationals 2018/2019

• Top three placings x3 at NZ Gymnastic

Nationals 2018

hiphop, ballet, contemporary and acro in the

dance studio.

“It’s been really rewarding to see her

progress over the years and celebrate her

success here and in Australia.”

Such is the high esteem in which

Waimarama is held, this year she has also

taken on a role as assistant teacher at DFX,

while continuing her studies at Te Kura o

te Aho Pounamu (formerly known as The

Correspondence School).


With so much on her plate, undoubtedly

one of the greatest challenges is juggling

such a busy schedule and fitting in school

work. However Waimarama is a dab hand

at keeping on top of her workload, thriving

on the sense of achievement in ticking off


With plans to pursue a career as a professional

dancer and to study dance full-time,

Waimarama’s list of goals also includes

owning her own dance studio.

At the moment she is focused on continuing

to improve, with an eye to international

scholarship opportunities.

Alongside her family, Waimarama’s dance

friends are a crucial part of her support team,

and any rare spare time is spent hanging out

with friends - ideally at the beach.

For any lapses of motivation, Waimaramara

refocuses on her goal of being a

professional dancer - in keeping with the best

advice she has ever received: “When you feel

like giving up, think about your goal. If you

want it, you must work for it.”



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