May 2019


ISSUE 150 MAY 2019


Magazine of the parishes of Market Rasen, Legsby, Linwood and Lissington

Bishop Christopher

joins in the

Big Splash!

A letter from

the Curate…

R e v e r e n d C l a i r e

discusses the journey

through Lent, page 4



What’s On ?

Find out about our

regular services and

events on page 9




Emmaus is our group

for 30-50 year olds. See

the calendar for our

next meeting.

Group for pre-school

age families meets

Wed’s 10am-11.30am

(term time only)

All ages welcome

getting messy with

craft, fun, worship and

food. See Calendar

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It’s all about family...

‘I wanted to make it

easier for my son when

the time comes’

5% dividend on funeral director’s charges

when you buy a funeral plan with us.

Find out more about our funeral plans:

King Street,

Market Rasen


01673 842 788

Funeral plan

from £2,795,


options are



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How to find us…

Welcome to the Parish Church of St. Thomas, Market Rasen. The church is

situated in the centre of the town and sits proudly at the back of the market

square. The main entrance is on the south side and can be accessed from the

market place, and footpaths leading to the north side and to the east side.

or you can visit us online at….



Dear Lord, this Magazine is published in your

honour: Grant that all through whose hands it passes

may be blessed with a sense of your presence, and

strengthened in their faith.

How to contact us…


Phone : 01673 844 770

Mobile : 07766 411 090



Phone : 01673 844 521

Mobile : 07495 190 310




SUE TRUELOVE 07484619678







The Rectory

3B Caistor Road

Market Rasen



Willingham Road

Market Rasen


Parish News Team

To submit articles and material for

inclusion in the Parish News contact: Mal

For advertising contact: Chris

Editor: Marcus

Page 3

A letter from the Curate

Dear Friends,

I hope you all enjoyed a peaceful, joyful and perhaps chocolate-ful celebration of

Easter! Of course, it is still Easter – the Church celebrates Easter all the way to

Ascension day when we remember Jesus’ ascension into heaven. We celebrate and

give thanks for Jesus’ resurrection and remember his appearances to disciples after

his resurrection and their realisation of who Jesus really is.

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have asked churches all over the world to

join in with Thy Kingdom Come, which is a global wave of prayer calling all

Christians to pray between Ascension and Pentecost for more people to come to

know Jesus Christ. This wave of prayer will take place between the 30 th May and

9 th June this year so the month of May will be spent not only still celebrating Easter

but also preparing to join in and ‘Light up the World in Prayer.’

And you are also invited to join in!

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to get a day at Spring Harvest,

which is a Christian festival and conference. I was inspired, whilst there, by the

many stories of answered prayer I heard. Prayer does work, although not always in

the way we hope or expect, but it makes a difference.

It’s not always easy to pray, I know. But there are lots of ways to pray and lots of

people who can help. Prayer is quite simply talking to, or spending time with, God

and listening to hear what God might be saying to us.

It’s easy to worry we’re not doing it right, or to put it off until we find a suitable quiet

moment and end up not praying very much at all sometimes. But an invitation to

join in with millions of Christians across the world is a good time to take a fresh

look at prayer or to make a fresh start.

There will be lots of opportunities to come along to prayer at church over those 9

days (you don’t have to say anything out loud!) and there will be resources

available to help. Might I ask you, then, this month, to consider joining in?

Please feel free to talk to me, Rev Steve or Grace if you’d like to find out more

about Thy Kingdom Come or about prayer in general. Or have a look at the


With love and prayers,

Rev Claire

Page 4

Parish News

Going to London this year?

Westminster Abbey has kindly given St Thomas’ Church a Parish Pass for 2019.

The pass admits up to 4 adults/students or

children 6-16 years free of charge.

(Children up to the age of 5 are admitted

free to the abbey if accompanied by an

adult). To use the Parish Pass, at least one

of the adults must be on the Electoral Roll

of St Thomas’ Church, Market Rasen; St

John the Baptist, Lissington; St Cornelius,

Linwood; and St Thomas' the Apostle,


For further details please see Rev Steve

Easter Eve Confirmation for Anne

A picture of Anne with

some members of

congregation at her

recent confirmation in

Lincoln Cathedral on

Easter Eve

Page 5

Page 6

Parish News

The first course will explore themes from Mark’s Gospel:

Monday 13th May: Who is this Jesus?

Monday 17th June: The Kingdom of God

Monday 8th July: Good News

Monday 5th August: Time

Monday 26th August: Discipleship

We meet in Church Rooms at 12:30pm

See Rev Claire for more details

Page 7

Services & Events


5th May 2019

(1st Sunday)

Easter 2

12th May 2019

19th May 2019

(2nd Sunday)

(3rd Sunday)

Easter 3 Easter 4

8.00am Holy Communion (BCP)

Rev Steve

10.00am Holy Communion (CW)

with Children’s Church

Preside / Preach Rev Steve

10.00 am Holy Communion

(CW) with Children’s

Church Preside/Preacher

Rev Claire

8.00am Holy

Communion (BCP) Rev Claire

10.00am Holy Communion with

Children’s Church (CW) Preside

Rev Steve/Preacher Rev Claire

4.15pm Messy Church at

St Thomas’

8.00am Holy Communion (BCP at

St John the Baptist, Lissington

Rev Claire

11.30an Baptism at St Cornelius,

Linwood Rev Claire

Mon 6th May

9.00am Morning Prayer

St Thomas, Market Rasen

Tue 7th May

9.00am Morning Prayer

St Thomas, Market Rasen

7.00pm PCC St Thomas’ the

Apostle, Legsby

Wed 8th May

9.00am Morning Prayer St

Thomas, Market Rasen

10-11.30am Mini Messy Church

Church Rooms

7.30pm Church Building

Development meeting (all

welcome)in Church Rooms

7.30pm Bell Ringing Practice

Thur 9th May

9.30am Holy Communion (BCP)

St Thomas Market Rasen Rev


Fri 10th May

9.00am Morning Prayer

St Thomas, Market Rasen

6.00pm Talk about being

Dementia. Friendly by Hazel

McCulloch Smith

Mon 13th May

9.00am Morning Prayer

St Thomas, Market Rasen

7.30pm-9.00pm Open Chapter

Meeting at Swallow

Tue 14th May

9.00am Morning Prayer

St Thomas, Market Rasen

7.30pm PCC meeting St

Thomas’, Church Rooms

Wed 15th May

9.00am Morning Prayer St

Thomas, Market Rasen

7.15pm Choir Practice

7.30pm Bell Ringing Practice

Thur 16th May

9.30am Holy Communion (BCP)

St Thomas Market Rasen Rev


10.30am Holy Communion at The


Fri 17th May

9.00am Morning Prayer

St Thomas, Market Rasen

Sat 18th May

Emmaus: Walk and Bar Meal

(details to follow)

Mon 20th May

9.00am Morning Prayer

St Thomas, Market Rasen

Tue 21st May

9.00am Morning Prayer

St Thomas, Market Rasen

7.00pm Archdeacons Visitation

Service at Middle Rasen Church

Wed 22nd May

9.00am Morning Prayer St

Thomas, Market Rasen

Thur 23rd May

9.30am Holy Communion (BCP)

St Thomas Market Rasen Rev


Fri 24th May

9.00am Morning Prayer

St Thomas, Market Rasen

Page 8


Services & Events

26th May 2019

(4th Sunday)

Easter 5

2nd June 2019

(1st Sunday)

Easter 6

10.00am Holy Communion with

Children’s Church (CW) Preside

Claire/Preacher Paul Maple


6.30pm Evensong at St John the

Baptist Lissington led by Roy


Mon 27th May

9.00am Morning Prayer St

Thomas, Market Rasen

Tue 28th May

9.00am Morning Prayer St

Thomas, Market Rasen

Wed 29th May

9.00am Morning Prayer at St

Thomas, Market Rasen

7.15pm Choir Practice

7.30pm Bell Ringing Practice

Thurs 30th May

9.30am Holy Communion (BCP)

St Thomas Market Rasen Rev


7.00pm Ascension Day Service at

St John the Baptist, Lissington

Preside Rev Steve Johnson/

Preacher Rev Richard King

Fri 31st May

9.00am Morning Prayer

St Thomas, Market Rasen

8.00am Holy

Communion (BCP) Rev Steve

10.00am Holy Communion with

Children’s Church (CW) Preside

Rev Claire/Preacher Rev Steve

Mon 3rd June

9.00am Morning Prayer

St Thomas, Market Rasen

Tue 4th June

9.00am Morning Prayer

St Thomas, Market Rasen

Wed 5th June

9.00am Morning Prayer St

Thomas, Market Rasen

10-11.30am Mini Messy Church

Church Rooms

7.15pm Choir Practice

7.30pm Bell Ringing Practice

Thur 6th June

9.30am Holy Communion (BCP)

St Thomas Market Rasen Rev


Fri 7th June

9.00am Morning Prayer

St Thomas, Market Rasen

From the Diocese

As highlighted in the

diocesan magazine,

Crosslincs, a special

Beacon event is planned

for Lincoln Cathedral for

Saturday, 8th June

2019. The event will run

f r o m 1 0 a m u n t i l

12.15pm, with an

optional Eucharist at

12.30pm, and it will

feature several

groupings from around

our diocese and include

many different ways of


Magazine Articles

Articles for inclusion in

the Parish Magazine are

a l w a y s w e l c o m e .

Material for inclusion in

the next months issue

should be submitted by

the 20th of the current


P l e a s e s e n d a n y

material to….

Page 9

The Big Splash

Bishop joins the Big Splash in the Market Place.

Maundy Thursday Car Wash a great success

We had a great time in the sunshine at our Maundy Thursday Car Wash event.

We washed an impressive total of 41

cars and it was brilliant to meet lots of

new people and to see some old friends


The Bishop also enjoyed his time with us

and lots of conversations about Jesus and

his disciples were had.

There were even quite a few suggestions that it should become an annual event –

watch this space!

A huge thank you must go to everyone

who helped out on the day by washing

cars, stewarding, making tea and coffee,

baking cakes, ensuring a good water

supply, talking to people and general

moral support – it was all very much

appreciated and helped make the day

the success it was.

Rev Claire

Page 10

Journey of Faith

Starting on Monday, 15th April and ending on Maundy Thursday (18th April at

5pm), this 50-mile walk included overnight stays in Ludford Village Hall,

St Thomas' Church Rooms in Market Rasen and All Saints Church in Wragby.

This Journey of Faith allowed pilgrims to explore 15 churches along the route,

make new friends and have time for reflection and spiritual encounter during Holy


It was a wonderful experience for all those taking part and the pilgrims’ visit to

St Thomas’ was a significant part of their spiritual Journey of Faith.

You are invited…

Bishop Christopher will preach at a special service in Lincoln Cathedral on

Saturday 18 May which will celebrate and give thanks to women and men, lay and

ordained, who minister together to further the Kingdom of God. The Dean of

Lincoln will be leading the worship. The service begins at 10.30am and will finish at


The event marks the anniversaries of 50 years since the first woman was licensed

as a Reader and 25 years since the first woman was ordained Priest within the

Church of England.

After the service everyone is invited to

continue the celebrations with a picnic

(please bring your lunch with you) although

drinks and sweet treats will be provided.

Admission is free but we would ask that

you book a ticket so the numbers of

refreshments required can be gauged.

You can book your space here:

Page 11

Family Easter Service

Page 12

Family Easter Service

Page 13

Wedding Preparations

The beginning of March saw our annual Wedding preparation day for couples who

are planning to get married in either the Market Rasen Group or the Kelsey Group.

The day, led by Rev Steve, explored marriage, the wedding service, music, hymns,

and readings. We will continue to hold all the couples in our prayers as they

prepare for their wedding day.

“You have a minute, Lord?” A sort of prayer ….

Lord, this may be a bit trivial-sounding, but if you’ve got a minute, I’ll come straight

to the point; no messing about. I’m too touchy, Lord. Too touchy by half. I see

slights and offence where none are meant. I hear “tones” in what people say – “it’s

not what she said, it was how” and all that rubbish.

Now Lord, it occurs to me that being touchy is sort of thinking that you (not You,

me) ought to be treated in some special way to allow for all the hearing tones and

all that. Which is surely bad, Lord? A sort of sin. One of the seven or so deadlies.

Or is it the exact opposite? A feeling of unsureness? Oversensitivity, inferiority,

immaturity? Either way, it’s difficult for people to be easy with you (not You, me).

Which is difficult, Lord, for all parties. And certainly for all parties at parties. That’s if

I ever get invited.

It may be, Lord, that I’m not imagining things (here I go again – honestly, I’m a

pain), that there are ‘tones’ and nastinesses and slights. After all, I take up a tone, I

am nasty, I am hurtful. If I’m right Lord, let it not affect me so much. You see Lord, I

really don’t want to do unto others as I imagine they are doing unto me.

Give it a moment Lord? At your earliest?

With thanks to David Kossoff.

Taken from You have a Minute, Lord? 1977

Page 14

Mini Messy Church

At Mini Messy Church

on Wednesday 24th

A p r i l w e h a d f u n

learning about King

Solomon who was wise

because he asked God

for help.

We had lots of noisy

fun on Wednesday 1st

May finding out that we

can praise God with

music and singing!

Page 15

From the Parish Registers


21st April 2019

Ava Elizabeth Baker


14th April 2019

Paul Martin Halford and Pauline Freda Hodgson


16th April 2019

23rd April 2019

29th April 2019

30th April 2019

Stephen Wright (aged 84 years) [at Middle Rasen]

Iain Thomas Brown (aged 65 years)

Ursula Charlotte Cherry (aged 82 years)

Doreen Buck (aged 82 years)



Head Office Louth Telephone 01507 609 535

There are drivers all around the local area. The

nearest can be contacted on 01673 828 154

Cost £4 for up to a 10 mile round trip - thereafter,

40p per mile.

Hours Monday to Thursday 10.00am - 4.00pm

Friday 10.00am - 1.00pm

Page 16


Please Pray for the sick and the housebound:

Elizabeth and Rev David Inkpin, Betty Greathead, Mollie Sykes, Rev Victor

Searle-Barnes, Joan Franklin, Lesley Hyde, Irene Evans, Delia Dowse, Audrey

Ward, Lesley Hyde, Ken Parrott, Pam Woodcock, Dick Woodcock, Delia Dowse,

Steven Whaley, Veronica Payne, Jenny Chiverton, Joan Smith, Peter Jones,

Pray also for…….

Those affected by the bombings in Sri Lanka and the earthquake in the

Philippines; the continuing refugee crisis; the political situation in Europe and the

Brexit negotiations; our political parties in the UK; for the environment; our local

schools Market Rasen Church of England Primary School, Legsby Primary

School, and De Aston; the Deanery of West Wold; for The Harbour Place in

Grimsby; the families coming to Mini Messy Church, Messy Church, our

Children’s Church; The Poplars & Waterloo House.

As our country awaits the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, the Church of

England has produced the following prayer for us all to use.

God of hope,

in these times of change and


unite our nation and guide our

leaders with your wisdom.

Give us courage to overcome our

fears and help

us to build a future in which all may

prosper and share:

through Jesus Christ our Lord.


We offer a personal, professional and high

quality design service including:

• Housing and Houses

• Commercial, Retail and Education

• Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas

For a free initial consultation please contact

Kate or Hugh

01472 851 732 or 07801 081 799

Unit 1, Caistor MUC, 19 South Street,

Caistor LN7 6UB


Page 17

Warden’s Window

Following on site interviews with four successful applicants

we have now appointed PPIY Architects of York to act as

our Lead Consultant for the reordering of our church.

The project will be administered by Practice

Associate, Alexa Stephens RIBA, who over the

course of the last ten years has come to specialise

in ecclesiastical work. One of her most recent

contracts has been the rebuilding of the tower and

spire at St Margaret’s, Thimbleby, another James

Fowler, Victorian refurbished church. The majority of

PPIY’s portfolio of work involves listed buildings and

ecclesiastical work and they are currently operating

within three Diocese.

They will be carrying out a measured survey of the

church during week commencing 6 th May. The next

six to eight months will involve the development of

our ideas into a workable design, consultation with

our own project team and stakeholders and feasibility studies which could have us

drafting applications for grant funding by the end of the year.

On the evening of the 8 th May Fran Bell the Diocesan Church Development Officer

is giving her ‘Ducks in a row’ presentation to the PCC, members of the

congregation and community. (see separate poster in the magazine for details).

This will be an opportunity for us all to understand the sequence and processes

that need to be undertaken over the coming months, in order to bring our project to

fruition. As well as the obvious issues such as Design development and

fundraising we will be given an overview of Diocesan Advisory Committee liaison,

the Faculty process, project team building and a number of other important issues

which need to be considered over the months ahead.

Chris Middleton.

Page 18

From the Parish Registers

Page 19

From the Parish Registers

Page 20

Parish News

“Thy Kingdom Come” starts on the 30th May 2019

Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the

world to pray for more people to come to know Jesus. What started in 2016 as an

invitation from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to the Church of England has

grown into an international and ecumenical call to prayer.

During the 11 days of Thy Kingdom Come, it is hoped that everyone who takes part


•Deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ

•Pray for God’s spirit to work in the lives of those they know

•Come to realise that every aspect of their life is the stuff of prayer

After the very first Ascension Day the disciples gathered with Mary, constantly

devoting themselves to prayer while they waited for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit

at Pentecost. Like them, our reliance on the gift of the Holy Spirit is total – on our own

we can do nothing. Through the centuries Christians have gathered at that time to

pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit. ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ picks up this tradition and

we will be dedicating the days between Ascension and Pentecost to pray ‘Come Holy


We are praying that the Spirit would inspire and equip us to share the Good News of

Jesus Christ with our friends and families, our communities and networks. It has been

amazing how many varied ways there have been in which people from every tradition

have taken up this challenge. The effects have been remarkable.

It is our prayer that those who have not yet heard the Good News of Jesus Christ and

his love for the world will hear it for themselves, and respond and follow Him.

Specifically, we are all invited to pray that God’s Spirit might work in the lives of five

friends who have not responded with their ‘Yes’ to God’s call.

Whether you have joined in ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ before or not, we invite you to take

part this year – along with churches from over 65 different denominations in 114

countries around the world. During the 11 days there will be different activities and

these will be publicised in the pew sheet.

"You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you will be my

witnesses …to the ends of the earth. When he had said this…he was lifted up, and a

cloud took him out of their sight…Then they returned to Jerusalem … and were

constantly devoting themselves to prayer… When the day of Pentecost had come

they were all together in one place... All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit... and

that day about three thousand persons were added."

Acts 1, 2

“In praying 'Thy Kingdom Come' we all commit to playing our part in the renewal of

the nations and the transformation of communities."

Archbishop Justin Welby

Page 21

Parish News



St. Thomas Church Rooms


Thursday afternoons 2 – 4 pm

What is Open Door?

It is a space to come & enjoy

Friendship & Fellowship

Who can come?

It is open to everyone who wants

to come along

Do I have to join?

No it is a place you can come whenever you

please & stay for as long as you like

What happens at Open Door?

Basically whatever you want! We will provide the tea, coffee, juices & of course

the biscuits & you can bring your crocheting or crossword, knitting or puzzle book

or your own crafts. The main thing is that you come along & enjoy quality time

doing what you enjoy, or sharing with others the things that you normally do on

your own. Come and make some new friends.

So why not come along, you may find it’s just what you have been looking for.

We look forward to seeing you on a Thursday

Page 22



Waterloo House is in the town of Market

Rasen, set in the heart of the Lincolnshire


Waterloo House is supported by a fantastic,

dedicated long standing staff team whose

attitude is “Our residents don’t live in our

workplace, we work in their home”.

Our staff provide high quality Person

Centered Care. We offer locally sourced food,

and cater for all dietary needs.










Read our



report on:

Web Site:


Page 23

J. Marshall Funeral Directors

Independent Family Funeral Directors Est. 1953

Making sure it

all goes to plan

Protection against rising funeral costs

Reassurance for your family

Complete flexibility to choose the funeral you want

Funeral Plans from £2,734

For more information call us on 01673 843 725

J Marshall Funeral Director, 49 Queen Street,

Market Rasen LN8 3EN

J Marshall Funeral Director, 49 - 51 Queen Street,


High Street


* Terms & Conditions apply. Vouchers will be distributed by your funeral director after 30 days. Page 24

GC-LIFT 17705

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