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June 2019


Tommy Chong & Stoner Rob

The New Cannabis Comedy Duo

2017 STASH Awards





By Support The Roots


- 10 ton hydraulic ram.

- 20,000 lbs of force.

- 4 x 125 Watt heaters. (500 watts.)

- 3.5” x 4.5” 6061 Alum. Blocks.

- 13.25”W x 8.25”L x 13.5”H.

- 54 lbs.


- 15 ton hydraulic ram.

- 30,000 lbs of force.

- 4 x 250 Watt heaters. (1000 watts.)

- 10” x 5” 6061 Alum. Blocks.

- 18”W x 10”L x 13.25”H.

- 135 lbs.


- 25 ton hydraulic ram.

- 50,000 lbs of force.

- 4 x 250 Watt heaters. (1000 watts.)

- 10” x 5” 6061 Alum. Blocks.

- 18”W x 11”L x 21”H.

- 170 lbs.

We SQUASH the competion with our industry

leading Sasquash Rosin Presses. All our machines

are hand crafted to perfection in So-Cal.

At Support The Roots we care

so much about your yeilds that we offer tech

advice / support to all of our customers

from Sasquash himself!


- Custom Colors

- Custom Engraved Blocks

-Polished Blocks




Brett Cogill



Kaitlyn Buckley


Anna Coletti

Assistant Editor


Jerry Krecicki Photography

Sly Vegas Photography

Jennifer Correia



Mike “Cann” Crawford

Mark Ward

The Druid/SNAFU

Kassia Kristoff

Wayne Burinni

Mass Medical Strains

Cover Photo:

by Jadenfilms


Tommy Chong &

Stoner Rob

Contents Page:

Grape Pupil

by Kaitlyn


What’s Inside

Page 7

Page 10

Strain Review:

Grape Pupil

by Kaitlyn Buckley

OG Quartz:

A Banger Evolved

by Stoney Chicken


Page 14

On Vapor Pressure Differential

by The Druid/SNAFU

Page 16



What’s This?


Page 20


The Fuzz is Like Bad Medicine

by Mark M. Ward

Page 22


by Mass Cannabis Chefs


Page 26

On Organics

by the Druid/SNAFU

Page 32


The Delivery Man

How Cannabis Busts Harm Home Bound



Page 36


If You Build Bongs, They Will Come:

The Master Bong Story

by Mark M. Ward



Strain Review

by Kaitlyn Buckley

Grape Pupil

Grape Pupil is an absolute pleasure to

grow. With her strong grape candy aroma,

and purple hues, she is a gorgeous

addition to any garden. Extremely hardy,

with a well balanced, strong structure. I

grew her under COBB White Light LEDS

(by Horitculture Lighting Group) with

trellising, creating minor stretching, ideal

nodule length and a high yield. Her colors

vary slightly, one having bright pur-

evening out to a mix of faded purples

and glistening silvery-white trichromes.

with the added bright orange hairs for

an appealing balance of complementary


As stated by the breeder, Mass

Medical Strains, on their website: “Grape

Star Pupil, with a bit more sativa dominance!

This variety gives a strong visual

high with patterns becoming more vivid,

a dreamy feel yet sharp mental clarity.

Mind opening, dissolving of negative

thought patterns and allowing pleasure

and bliss to come through past normal

psychedelic feel. Users report general

mental wellbeing and refreshment.”

Grape Pupil Profile

Flavor: Grape, sweet, fruity,

some with gas or spice undertones.

Effect: Mentally uplifting,

focused, calm, motivated and


Flower Time: 8-9 weeks

Veg Time: Short

Yield: Medium-High

Height: Medium-Tall

20% Thc, trace amounts of CBG

and CBD. High terpene content!


It’s not just a

glass, metal, ceramic

& surface cleaner.

It’s the



The Science of Ultimate Clean

BOG Seeds are Available


Follow The BOG’s on Instagram


Get BushyOldGrowers Book

“Bonanza of Green”

OG Quartz : A Banger Evolved

by: @Stoneychicken

I have watched concentrates evolve from hashand-honey-oil,

which is basically tane soup, to

distillate and the diamonds of today. The same

can be said for the tools that are used to con-


joints in honey oil, to metal swings, TI nails,

ceramics and quartz. What we medicate with and

how we do that is constantly evolving.

spent hundreds of dollars experimenting with

different quartz bangers. I have tried traditional

all the different carb caps, dabbers and torch-

searching for the tools to achieve the best possible

hit when medicating. That is where the OG

Quartz comes in.

The OG Quarts evolved in the same way.

The owner, Mongo, creates each banger in his


Mongo felt weird selling rigs with no bangers to

pay exorbitant prices for other American quartz.

own high quality banger.

things that stand out are the carb cap design and

the way the banger is shaped. Mongo designed

his carb caps to reach deep inside the bangers,

This allows you to move your meds exactly how

you want. The carb cap also doubles as a dab-

to get distillate inside the tip of the carb cap; the

longer and give you a more even hit. The round

it is also a lot easier to clean with no corners. I

For me, the price of quartz is something that is

also a factor when buying a banger. Paying $200

for a banger is just not possible for most people,

leaving patients and consumers with little option

other than china quartz. By the time you get a

from other quartz companies. The OGQ are sold

his prices fair and sells a banger with basic cap

for $150.

They way we use the OGQ has evolve

in a similar manner to the way its design has

bangers: 60–70 second heat up with a 30 second

with a cold start, which is a dab that starts out

with a cold or warm banger and put your meds in


Photograph by SLY VEGAS

first, heating the banger and then taking your hit

when the meds begin to bubble.

Nobody really knows who first came up

with cold start technology. For me, I stumbled

onto it like any good stoner: I kept missing the

timing of my traditional hit and had to always

reheat my dab. Regardless of where cold starts

first came from, one thing is for sure: cold starts

coupled with the OG Quartz will give you one of

the best, most terpiest hits of your life.

Using the OG Quartz with a Cold Start:

With a clean banger that is either completely cold

to the touch or has just been dipped in ISO and

cleaned. Collect your concentrates on this tip of

the cap. If you are using distillate you can scoop

it up with the tip of the cap by lightly heating the

tip and running it through the distillate or by injecting

it out of a dart. If you are using diamonds

just drop those bad boys in.

Using a Blazer Torch Big Shot, heat the banger

evenly making sure to get all sides and not just

the bottom. Depending on what kind of concentrates

you are using and how warm the banger is

will dictate the amount of seconds to heat. Hash

and flower rosin will only

need 5–7 seconds of heat.

Shatters, wax and other

forms of BHO will need

6–8. Diamonds and Distillate

will take 8–10 seconds

of heat.

After you have heated the

concentrates begin to take

your hit, spinning the carb

cap slowly to move the

meds around the bottom of

the banger.

Reheat the banger for 2 –

3 seconds as needed.

As soon as you are done

use 2 Q-Tips to quickly

clean the inside and then

dunk the warm banger in

ISO. After the quick dunk

in ISO another Q-Tip to

polish and you are ready

for another hit

Remember ambient

temperature and repeated

use will change heating

times on all concentrates.

Also the torch you use will

also affect heating times.

I find it best to use a high

quality torch like the Big

Shot. Experiment to find

out what works best for


Stoneychicken dabbing with the OG Quartz Banger at the 2018 Boston Freedom Rally



On Vapor Pressure Differential

by The Druid aka Snafu

On IG @the_druid_botanist

Vapor Pressure Differential (VPD) is a term

thrown around in novice growing circles and an

extremely important factor in well-experienced

gardens. Never heard of it? This article will

cover some of the things you need to know about

moisture saturation in the air our plants live in

and how ‘dialing’ it in can help your room immensely.

Vapor Pressure Differential is a measurement

that explains the difference of how much water

is in the air and how much it can hold. This measurement

includes air temperature, leaf temperature

and relative humidity. This is important because

plants use a process called transpiration,

where they uptake water using their root system

and cool themselves by releasing the water

through the stomata in their leaves. With high air

temperatures and leaf temperatures, transpiration

increases rapidly, dictating their growth results

either positively or negatively depending on how

their environment is managed.

your plant is in and adjust accordingly. It is pretty

simple…increase or decrease the relative humidity

and/or temperatures until you get your room

dialed in. Adjust for each life cycle, trying to keep

the VPD in line with the plant’s progression.

You will be amazed at the increase in production

you will see. We have seen rooms go from just

making it to absolute blockbusters with a few

changes to the VPD.

While in the proper range of the VPD for the

entirety of the life cycle, the stomata of each leaf

will be working at 100% efficiency in nutrient and

water uptake and will produce you better, more

and overall consistent results.

Follow the Druid on Instagram for pictures,

videos and more about organic cultivation


Skywalker OG Kush

So, in essence, watching and adjusting for proper

VPD levels during the three distinct life stages of

our favorite plant will greatly enhance the vigor,

growth and overall health of it.

How Do You Take The VPD Measurement?

Before taking measurements, be sure to use a

Vapor Pressure Differential Reference Chart like

the one pictured above in this article.


First, measure and record your air and leaf temperature.

Air temperature can be measured with

a thermometer that resides in your room at a

similar height of your canopy. Next, use an infrared

thermometer to measure the leaf temperature

of your plant from multiple plants and areas.Take

your average of these numbers for your general

air temperature. Now take the relative humidity of

the room and compare to the chart above.

After comparing, acknowledge the life stage

Featured Article

Stoner and Chong

What’s This?


Lately on the scene we have been seeing Tommy

Chong doing everything from his own cannabis

strain: Chong’s Choice, two brand new sitcoms

and even LA Cannabis Tours. Next to his side is

a new latino sidekick, Stoner Rob whom he has

been working with. Tommy and Stoner Rob (both

traveling comedians) have teamed up with the

one and only Greentours to bring you a Cannabis

Tour experience in California, like none other.

Greentours is not like any other tour, it has cannabis,

culture, education. food, smoking and of

course Tommy Chong and Stoner Rob. “These

guys keep the tour funny, exciting and spontaneous,”

says one lucky tour goer. Greentours

is entering it’s second year of operation and is

easily one of the fasted growing tours

in the nation. If you are interested in booking a

tour, go and give them a follow on Instagram at

@greentoursla for more information. The next

Tommy Chong/Stoner Rob Tour will be leaving

June 1st, 2019. But don’t worry, if you can’t catch

these two in action on the 1st, Greentours has

5 tours a week. When we asked Stoner Rob the

details of the tour he broke it down like this: “Well,

we start off taking you to a legal dispensary so

you can get all of your goodies man, then we take

you to get high with Chong and I. While there,

you can have lunch, take pictures and get autographs.

After that we bring you to AMG Studio,

where everyone gets to witness a live glass blowing

demonstration and will receive 50% off any

glass purchase. There is all of this and more! The

best part is you get to smoke with Tommy and

myself, man “haha” that is worth a million dollars

right there!” So next time you’re in LA we high

recommitted you guys check out this tour, you will

not be disappointed.

On top of the Cannabis tour, you can see

the two comedians (Tommy & Rob) in their upcoming

sitcom they are working on called “Now

Smoking,” which will have amazing guest stars

popping in all season long. The basis behind the

sitcom is a “Stoner who lives in a regular world

(played by Stoner Rob), who gets high everyday

and travels to CannaLand, which is an intense

world of Muppet Characters (and more). When

asked, the Creator and Developer, Rob Mulligan

III, what the show resembles, he exclaimed “It’s

like Mister Rogers Neighborhood meets Sesame

Street, then they all meet Pee-wee’s Playhouse

which meets Tommy Chong and Stoner Rob. It

doesn’t get much better than that.” This thrilling

show has some of the hardest working people in

Hollywood behind the scenes putting it together.

The cast includes some of the following: Val

Mulligan, Rob Mulligan, Tommy Chong, Rob Van

Dam, Dustin Ferguson, Andy Dick and more.

Tommy Chong, when asked about the show, said

“This is going to be great mannnnn.” And there

you have it! Two new things hitting the Cannabis

Community by two exciting Cannabis Comedians.

For more on Tommy Chong give his IG a follow

@heytommychong, and for more on Stoner Rob

give him a follow at @stonerrob. We can’t wait

to see what the future has in store for this new

Cannabis Duo.


Legal Weed Series:

The Fuzz Is Like Bad Medicine

by Mark M. Ward


Nolan Sousley

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by

those who watch them without doing anything.”

- Albert Einstein


In the United States we have been given promise of

certain unalienable rights, such as life, liberty and the

pursuit of happiness which are acknowledged in our

Declaration of Independence. These truths, we are

told are an undeniable certainty, a given. However,

what happens when happiness itself is living life to

its fullest, even though experts say you may be in the

twilight of yours? Furthermore, does one truly have

the liberty to seek this happiness, this fulfillment of

life? You may find this is not the case when one of

the facets detrimental to the quality of life is a natural

plant medicine that is denied and scrutinized by your

officials and government.

Nolan Sousley is a self-described country boy

with a big attitude from a small town. That may indeed

be what you find when you first meet the 52-year-old

father of four and grandfather. What you may find

to be more accurate as you get to know Nolan, is

that what he describes as a big attitude is actually

a bold spirit and a big heart. The career carpenter

has worked with his hands all of his life, building lake

houses, decks and siding homes. His children are his

world, or his “number one” as Nolan calls them and

have always been the inspiration for all of his hard

work. Recently, his children and granddaughter became

Nolan’s inspiration for his hardest work yet, as

he is battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Nolan learned he had pancreatic cancer in

May of 2018, after he had been admitted to the hospital

for jaundice and a blockage. According to family,

Sousley had been admitted after experiencing fevers,

chills and sweats “to the point of drenching his bed,”.

One would think that during this delicate and challenging

time, that those who surround you would be

more understanding, empathetic and willing to accommodate

for peace and comfort. While in a hospital

bed trying to relax and heal, you would expect this

even more so. Such respect and basic humanity is

not what Nolan experienced during his stay for a chemo

treatment at Citizens Memorial Hospital in Bolivar,


On March 6th of 2019, Bolivar Police received

a call from a hospital security staff member still yet

to be identified. The complaint was that hospital staff

told security that they had smelled the scent of cannabis

coming from Nolan’s hospital room. Soon after

this call, officers were dispatched and then filmed by

Nolan as they raided his room in order to conduct

a search. Not even Nolan’s packed “final day bag”

was spared from what Nolan describes as a hurtful

and infuriating invasion of privacy. In the video you

can clearly hear Nolan exclaim his disapproval of

the search, as he states “It has my final day things in

there and nobody’s going to dig in it,” he adds, “It’s my

stuff. It’s my final hour stuff.”

By the time Nolan’s doctor arrived the police

were well into their search. In the video you can see

Sousley’s physician enter into the room and contest

the actions of the officers, asking them if they had

probable cause for a search of Nolan’s room and

things. “Do you have the right to search his stuff, or do

you need a warrant for that?” she asks. The police reply

that they have been called to the hospital because

staff had reported smelling cannabis in the room and

a warrant was not necessary because they are on private

property. Nolan then responds by explaining that

he doesn’t in fact smoke cannabis flower, but admits

that he had gone down to the parking lot of the hospital

to orally ingest cannabis oil capsules. Sousley also

maintained that his doctor is fully aware of his cannabis

use as part of his treatment, and eventually gave

no resistance to the search as to speed the process

and send the officials on their way.

In the clip you can hear police say “If we find

marijuana we’ll give you a citation.” as they threaten

Nolan. In Missouri cannabis is only legal medicinally

and even in this capacity it is only lawful in CBD cannabinoid

form. Officers ultimately found no cannabis

flower or any illegal substance during the search, but

did reportedly find CBD Oil (Cannabidiol oil), which is

legal in the state. In statements made by the hospital,

Citizen’s Memorial admits it didn’t behave perfectly,

but says the use of cannabis was suspect

the officials on their way.

In the clip you can hear police say “If we find

marijuana we’ll give you a citation.” as they threaten

Nolan. In Missouri cannabis is only legal medicinally

and even in this capacity it is only lawful in CBD cannabinoid

form. Officers ultimately found no cannabis

flower or any illegal substance during the search, but

did reportedly find CBD Oil (Cannabidiol oil), which is

legal in the state. In statements made by the hospital,

Citizen’s Memorial, admits it didn’t behave perfectly,

but says the use of cannabis was suspected by

multiple hospital staff before any course of action was

carried out.

The statement from CMH states “We are still

completing our investigation. We’ve interviewed several

staff members and four CMH employees smelled

the odor of what was thought to be marijuana. Pursuant

to protocol, the nursing staff called security to

investigate the odor. Unfortunately, the security guard

had no knowledge of the patient’s condition. In hindsight

we could have communicated better with security

and attempted to handle the situation internally.”

In Nolan’s eyes and in those of his “tribe of warriors”

which he calls his social media followers and fellow

patients, this altercation could definitely have been

handled with more care, understanding and respect

by CMH staff and Bolivar police. Either way, Nolan

and his warriors vow that they will keep on the good



Edible Recipe


basil pesto can get boring. So here we have a play on this classic, using ingredients that are fresh this time

of year, and that utilizes an ingredient that most would just throw away!

table and bring it to your own!

- Chef Joseph Nelson, Mass Cannabis Chefs

456 g Arugula

112 g Cannabis leaves

25 g Garlic

50 ml Lemon Juice

50 ml Infused Olive Oil (desired strength)

250 ml Olive Oil (more or less depending on desired consistency)

Salt and Pepper

except the oil, and bring to a mostly crumbled consistency. While the processor is

Salt and pepper to taste.










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50 strains

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is a natural progression of the CHAMPS Trade Show model. We are bringing vendors,

manufacturers, and retail locations together in one place.

CHAMPS Trade Shows is celebrating 20 years as the world’s largest and longest running

counter culture B2B expo. Champs Dispensary+ is a welcomed addition that caters to

every recreational and medical dispensary need.

Hap Kent - Cell: 818.640.7010, Office: 818.855.1528, Email:






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Receive A Free CHAMPS

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The Atlantic City Show

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Anniversary Hat Pin.


On Organics

By The Druid aka Snafu

On Instagram @the_druid_botanist

There are a lot of opinions out there on proper organic growing techniques. These opinions range

from everywhere and from every walk of life —everyone’s got them. So, for this month’s growing

article, I decided to split the riff raff and teach you some ‘back to the woods’ techniques that many

gardeners employed in the 1800s and centuries before. It’s time to take the science out of the garden

and put nature back in charge.

As is tradition, all of these practices can be applied to cannabis cultivation. Whether you are living in a

small apartment, a home with a small backyard or no backyard at all, these practices can be tweaked

for the indoor cultivation gardener.

Agriculture Then & Now

Before the advent of modern agricultural practices, generations of people employed (and still do to

this day!) a variety of methods to enrich and enhance their soils using techniques that would also

benefit and empower their own lives. Some of these practices included planting small gardens, raising

small livestock and procuring their own water.


Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG

With the rising global population and an influx of urban

density, some of these methods have been proven to be

challenging to uphold in the 21st century. With a slight

variation on these practices, you can have an organic

lifestyle right where you live, regardless of the urban

nature of it.

The benefits of gardening this way is to reduce our carbon

footprint on the Earth whilst producing some of the

freshest, tastiest, nutrient-dense herbs, fruits and vegetables

to enjoy. At the same time, we are giving back to

Mother Nature and continuing a happy life cycle for the

environment in which we live.

Sustainable Living and Gardening As A Way of Life

On our densely packed, suburban property my family

employs a wide array of organic lifestyle practices.

Behind our shed, we have two worm ‘wigwams’ that

produce earth worm castings and also eliminates household

waste. After dinner, we grind up our leftovers in a

garbage disposal which goes into a bucket next to our

sink. We have a paper shredder in our office, so we use

the junk-mail paper shredding to provide bedding for the


Next to the shed we have a very small garden that

produces herbs, fruits and vegetables during the short

summer months. This small garden is benefitted by the

worm castings, but it is also a great area for us to produce


Along our walkways we plant alliums and chives. The

chives produce a wonderful scent and a lovely herb or

garnish for cooking while the alliums provide an attractive

attracting flower set for pollinators.

On the perimeter of our property we have blueberry,

raspberry and blackberry plants to both serve as a barrier

from unwanted pests whilst providing an attractive

(and delicious!) area for our children to enjoy.

Skywalker OG

Comfrey & Guild Planting

Comfrey (or symphytum) is a genus of flowering plant that resides in the borage family. It is a dynamic

nutrient accumulator where it will bury its roots fifteen feet below and uptake nutrients that other

plants may have difficulty finding due to a shallower root system.Because of this, comfrey is a hearty,

rich plant that holds many nutrients in its leaves. With its leaves, comfrey can be steeped into botanical

teas, used as a nutrient for plants, used as food for worms, used for mulch and can even be dried,

ground and top dressed for depleted soils. These are just some of the uses of the comfrey plant.

Next to the comfrey is a patch of edible Nasturtiums and clover sitting under a few apple trees. This


system is a self-sustaining system to primarily

and herbs. The fruit falls to the ground, providing

organic matter for itself and enriching the plants

and soil beneath it. The clover acts as both a

can help balance nitrogen in its soil.

The Nasturtiums repel bad pests whilst attracting

worms or garnishes for your dinner. The Comfrey

enriched nutrients multiple times throughout the

year, as the Comfrey plant grows fast and large

promptly chop/chip them up with a lawnmower.

This provides nutrient-rich fertilization in the

leaf and wood particles.

We apply this same concept to all of our gardens.

to rot away during the fall months and chop up

any remaining stems and leaves and apply them

as mulch for the Spring. When we are ready to

plant seeds or seedlings, we simply grab some

earth worm castings from our worm beds and

remove the top layer of mulch. In goes the seed

with the earth worm castings, and then we cover

it with the remaining mulch. By late Spring, we

have a beautiful plant.

irrigate less (almost never actually) while cutting

But How Is All Of this Applied to Cannabis?

can be done in a proper way for Cannabis cultivation.

In fact, producing Cannabis with the

above methods will provide for the most tastiest,

ever seen.


down. Worm bins for your own castings

LEDs. And everything else you need.

The people whom I have taught this way of growing

range from their 20s to their 70s and have

grown in gardens as small as a one bedroom

apartment in a dense city to a sprawling ranch

and everything in between.

If you begin a quest to grow the best cannabis

it should begin with a journey into sustainable

organic practices; you will produce the best product

that is out there while minimizing your costs,

time and efforts.


For larger gardens, we recommend contacting a

wood chips from a recently cleared area. Typically,

these companies pay to dump their chips

so they would be happy to unload them for free

a technique where you lay down about 6-8” of

wood chips on topsoil and then plant seeds/

plants directly into the topsoil. You slowly add the

mulch layers to your plantings so you have about

8” total wood chips by mid-season. This layer

Follow The Druid on Instagram for pictures, videos and more about organic cultivation




South Shore CBD

Take Back Your Health.



plant nutrients


Premium, all natural plant nutrients

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How cannabis busts harm homebound patients



Grant Smith of Belmont is a disabled medical cannabis

patient advocate with a unique perspective on the

value that unlicensed cannabis delivery services offer

homebound patients. We interviewed him about why

he’s pushing for big changes in the way that the state

licenses operators.



I fell seriously disabled in May of 2014 due to complications

following a surgery. Sadly, my condition is

causing my throat to collapse, which, in turn, affects

nerves that run into my face and eye. I use cannabis

in combination with other medications to help alleviate

the agonizing facial neuralgia which would otherwise

leave me in tears nearly every waking moment of my

life. Through the use of cannabis, I have managed

to reduce my daily dose of narcotic pain medication

by over 30%. Beyond those issues, I also have a

bleeding disorder which, in the absence of cannabis,

would require treatment with steroids or other harmful




I founded Massachusetts Patients for Home Delivery

(MPHD) as a way to give a voice to homebound/

disabled cannabis patients and consumers who

rely on small local delivery companies and cannabis

caregivers to obtain cannabis at a reasonable

price. Sadly, many people who are disabled are on a

fixed income, and the prices charged by brick-andmortar

dispensaries [due to the complex nature of

regulations for opening such an establishment] can

oftentimes amount to as much as 40 to 50% of their

monthly SSDI stipends. For this reason, homebound/

disabled patients have long gravitated towards smaller

caregiver services and other mom-and-pop delivery

operations due to their ability to offer their medication

at a reasonable price point [such as] closer to 25% of

one’s monthly SSDI income.

In spite of the wonderful service that these

companies provide to those of us who are homebound,

there are some who view such services as

a threat to their profits, including some dispensary

owners. Those dispensary owners with deep pockets

and intricate political ties are in turn able to exert

political pressure on regulatory agencies in order to

have smaller operations of that nature shut down.


While it is no doubt important to ensure the laws of

the Commonwealth are upheld, and that services and

dispensaries alike are operating in compliance with

the regulations set forth by statute, MPHD, at its core,

was founded to ensure that the enforcement of those

laws and regulations within the cannabis industry

does not adversely impact accessibility and cost for

those in our society who are the most vulnerable due

to their physical/mental limitations and also their lack

of voice in the political process.




Sadly, the caregiver service I had used from the very

beginning of my time as a medical patient was shut

down in late 2016/early 2017. I was quite upset and

scared as a result, as it had taken more than two

months to find that service to begin with.

Having to begin another search for a caregiver,

while dealing with a flare-up in my symptoms, was

both terrifying and agonizing as I worried I would not

be able to find another person willing to assist me with

low-cost medication that was tested for impurities. In

desperation, I began calling around to dispensaries

only to be told I would be charged between $50 and

$75 dollars in delivery fees alone due to my location,

which would have brought the total cost for a month

of my medication (1 oz of flower) to $450, more than

50% of my monthly SSDI stipend.

With dispensaries out of the question, I had

to spend more than 3 weeks searching before I was

eventually able to find another caregiver (who, to my

surprise, waived all delivery fees for homebound/

disabled patients). However, during that three-week

period I was left with no medical cannabis and,

in turn, my doctor ended up increasing the dosage

of other, far more harmful medications. That

entire process was frustrating, painful, and really

opened my eyes as to how easily patients can fall

by the wayside when cannabis regulations are

enforced by police officers rather than civil regulators.





For the reasons I had just been discussing

above, like the potential negative impact on

accessibility for homebound/disabled patients

who rely on smaller cannabis delivery services, I

have serious concerns [about] the “task force” bill

currently being proposed by Sen. Michael Moore

and Rep. Hannah Kane. While I think the bill is, in

spirit, attempting to be well-intentioned by trying

to shut down the unregulated market, as written it

sadly provides no pathway or amnesty for services

which are currently operating that may want

to transition into the regulated market.

Instead, rather than opening such a pathway,

the current bill would focus resources on

jailing and imposing back taxes on such services.

As such, the proposed task force bill would end

up serving as a form of regulatory capture for

brick-and-mortar dispensaries by way of a return

to failed drug war policies. In my view, government

should never be used to advance the profits

of monied interests in that way.

Beyond that, the proposed law would undermine

the fundamental goals of the Cannabis

Control Commission, which are to engender equitable

access to the industry for all business. As

such, I will be opposing SD. 2387 and encouraging

others to do so unless and until it is amended

to offer a pathway/amnesty for small businesses

who are currently assisting vulnerable patients

and consumers if those services seek to apply for

a license in front of the CCC.






I have just today learned of the proposal put forth

by others as to banning the use of discounts within

the recreational market as a way to discourage

for-profit dispensaries from enticing medical

patients to transition to said recreational market.

To me, while I think the problem is correctly

identified—the risk of patients being pulled away

from the nonprofit medical program in search of

short-term discounts in the for-profit recreational

sphere—the proposed solution misses the root

cause of that core structural deficiency, the inherent

conflict that exists when a single company is

able to run both a nonprofit medical disciplinary

and a for-profit recreational dispensary simultaneously.



My goal is to provide an honorable voice for

those who, due to physical or other limitations,

may be unable to participate in the political process

as it relates to the regulation of the cannabis

industry. For me, success would mean a structure

wherein no regulation or proposal would go

forward in the cannabis industry absent consideration

of its potential impact on accessibility for

those with limited mobility or other disabilities.

Follow Mike Crawford on Twitter @mikecannboston

and subscribe to his email newsletter at You can listen to

The Young Jurks at or

wherever else podcasts are streamed.



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Legal Weed Series:


If You Build Bongs, They Will Come:

the Master Bong Story

By Mark M. Ward


“Necessity is the mother of invention” is an old English-language proverb. It means, roughly, that the primary

driving force behind most every invention is a need. And really, what cannabis consumer and enthusiast

doesn’t know how frustrating it is to have bud, but be in need of a “piece” or smoking apparatus. Some of us

would be out of luck, while others have a keen innate ability to adapt and assemble a pipe or bong seemingly

from anything, or at least from what is readily available in one’s general vicinity. There may not be anyone

more renowned for possessing this talent than the cannabis communities own, Master Bong.

A young Master Bong, or “Jaycob” as he was known in his youth, was an inspired and ambitious young

man majoring in social work in college. Jaycob had a great interest in people and communication, so this

subject seemed at the time to be an appropriate fit. He found himself toiling for a respectable GPA, but even

while doing well as a young scholar he felt unfulfilled in this roll. While the stresses and concerns of a young

college student set in, Jacob found that he always was able to center himself and release these tensions with

the help of the only other thing that interested him as much as people… which was cannabis. Jaycob always

was amazed by the way that cannabis always seemed to bring people closer to each other. “You can see how

it just brings people together, especially people who wouldn’t normally kick it together,” he says.

Then it hit him, Jaycob’s calling was in cannabis and cannabis networking. He found the transition into

the cannabis community to be very natural for him. “It was very easy because I was following my heart, following

my passion” says Jaycob. “I had always smoked and loved cannabis, so I figured when I was learning

internet marketing, what better way put it in practice

than with an industry that I would happily spend e

ndless amount of time studying and learning” he explained.

He now knew what his field of work was, but

what would Jaycob’s calling card be, what was his

brand? This took some deliberating and many a sesh

to come to fruition.

The last piece of the puzzle yet to be solved

was, what would this cannabis public figure be known

for? What would separate Jaycob from other cannabis

personalities, brand reps and product review/placement

bloggers and vloggers? Jaycob examined his strengths

and found that one of his best canna-qualities was his

ability to fashion a pipe or bong out of nearly anything

when in a pinch, or just merely when bored and looking

for good laugh with friends during a sesh. This tool became

a necessity in his teens before Jaycob was able

to buy pieces at head shops. “I wasn’t quite of age yet.

We were always figuring out creative fun ways to make

devices to smoke out of. I was the person in my crew

who was kind of heading that up,” he explained. This

revelation was the birth of the MacGyver-like persona

known today as Master Bong.

In 2008, Master Bong recorded a video clip of

himself adorned with an afro and sunglasses while

carving a pipe out of an apple and uploaded it to You-

Tube. Further “do it yourself” style videos followed,

from an instructional video on how to fabricate a gravity

bong, to a “how to” on how to make a bell pepper bub-

ler. “After all, this was stuff me and my buddies were doing for fun anyway,” Master Bong clarifies, “people at

a party might all be toking up, but when everyone gets together to puff out of a hollowed-out watermelon they

all just might become friends”. In 2010, he decided it was time to dedicate his work and effort completely to his

new vocation as the Master Bong persona and drop out of college.

Master Bong wasn’t sure how successful he would be, or how well his new aspirations would be embraced

by his parents and family. To

eliminate the possibility of any such

negativity, he took a job in marketing

and vending machines as a cover and

to pay the bills as he grew his brand.

Bong did well in marketing and even

came to find that his new project as a

cannabis personality was not needed

to make a living, but this didn’t detour

him from the objective he set out to accomplish.

Master Bong created video

after video of the most creative content

he could come up with. New ideas for

home made pipes and bongs were

flowing, as well as the offers for free

merch in return for product placement

in his videos.

Bong used his marketing skills

to popularize his brand and communication

skills he learned while attending

college for social work to build rapport

with individuals in the cannabis community.

“My business is all about relationship

building with clients and creating and maintaining

these bonds with people.” Master Bong

explains, “We get to know and trust each other

and we can eventually come to do business together.

That’s what it’s all about; this industry is

a tight-knit community and building relationships

with people is how you can really get far.”

Soon Master Bong was creating a revenue

with his passion and was even able to hire

a small crew. Bong regularly is invited to cannabis

community events and is flown out all

over the country to attend them. Things have

changed greatly for this ingenuitive student with

a passion for people and the plant, but Bong

says he wouldn’t change a thing, he will just

progress. Bong still has big plans for his brand.

“In the coming future, you will be seeing a lot

more from us here at,”

Bong says, “We want to be at booths at various

industry events that are happening across the

nation and I’d love to have a booth where we

could smoke people out, shoot some video,

partake in conversations, and continue on traveling

and creating new content for our followers.”

See Master Bong Comic Strip on Page 3


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