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May 12, 2019

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Cold Feet :

On Stardom & Real Life Issues

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Editor’s Letter

I am pretty sure the movie ‘Cold feet’ would

be a good one to watch. With the compelling cast

of talented actors, I do not expect anything less.

I am most impressed with Nollywood these daysa

far cry from the days of weak storylines and

ridiculous acting. Nollywood today can stand its

ground, side by side, Bollywood and the Mexican

movie industry. Notice, I didn’t dare mention

Hollywood, because that is the holy grail of

exceptional movies, storyline, acting, editing and

the world of make-believe; so, let’s not go there.

However, kudos to the 20billion naira Nollywood


The success of Nollywood directly impacts

fashion, which brings me to the vexing issue of

the government’s lack of interest in the fashion

industry. With the advancement in Nollywood, the

fashion industry feeds it, with its creative output,

and the only way to harness the immense

potential of the entertainment industry as a

whole is if structures are in place to ensure

maximum growth.

Considering the Immensely successful hosting

of the Arise Fashion Week, and as we look

forward to the remaining three, wouldn’t it be

great if we had a fashion council or commission

to project the business of fashion to the local

and international market?

I have been calling for a fashion council, just

as the Diaspora Council has been established to

cater for diasporas, a fashion council is needed

to create more job and promote the highly

sophisticated Nigeria fashion industry. Let’s hope

that just as Nigerians abroad have their

commission, fashion would one day get its own


On our cover, we have the lead

actors of the movie’Cold Feet’

they share their moments, and


shows how to transition two

trends: Stripes from day to

night and the best way to rock

the pleat.

Have a great week!

R .

Remmy Diagbare

@ RemiD





Zizi Cardow’s Bold &

Beautiful S/S Collection

Two Ways With Stripes

How To Do Pleats



Here are 5 Ways To

Know Your Black Hair Is



15 • UBA Celebrates 70 Years

Services To Customers At

CEO Awards Gala

• Kotex Launches New Range

Of Sanitary Towels





“If you don’t build your

dream, someone else will

hire you to help them build


“And, in the end The love you

take is equal to the love you


- Paul McCartney

“You cannot be lonely if you

like the person you’re alone


- Dhirubhai Ambani - Wayne W. Dyer

Cold Feet:

On Stardom and

Real-life Issues




Zizi Cardow’s

Bold & Beautiful

S/S Collection

By - Jemi Ekunkunbor

Ace designer, Zizi Cardow, last weekend in Lagos,

presented her Spring Summer Collection to a

select audience at the Maison Fahrenheit in

Victoria Island.

The collection which can only be described as bold and

audacious saw Zizi’s 20 years experience as a creative

person packed into the work.

Her signature mini dresses and skirts, trains and black

gothic pieces dotted the collection that was so Zizi.

The collection was so summery and extremely feminine;

soft, flowing, and provocative with romantic details of

frills, flounces, neckties, exaggerated puff sleeves and

interesting cut-outs.

An interesting highpoint in the presentation was the

male collection that revealed a two piece regular

and asymetric agbada and tunic made from chiffon.

The employment of chiffon in crafting this old style

gave a new look and definition to agbada. It was

novel, it was soft, it was flowing.

Zizi clad in a green dress, and escorted by the

amazing models, closed the show as she danced

on the makeshift runway to tge admiration of her


Members of the audience which included

Senator Florence Ita Giwa, showed appreciation

for a collection that was all all fun, bold and


May 12, 2019 / 3

2 Stripes


Ways With


By - Yemis Suleiman

Stripes are a classic fashion staple any

day. This year is no different, stripes

are everywhere now, and they were

prominent on the recently concluded

Arise Fashion Week runways. However,

pulling off this trend can be a little

tricky, as stripes come in horizontal and

vertical lines. So it is advisable to wear

according to your shape.

To help you get started, here are two

ways to rock today’s stripes.

Slim Fit Striped

Blazer Jacket

Red Camisole

High neck


bold stri[ps

blouse on







Casual Chic

Vila jeans

Casual and

yet feminine

If you want to conceal your body,

a loose horizontal striped jacket

or top can do the trick. Also, a

tailored jacket with the right fit is

the prettiest way to add a little

nautical charm to your wardrobe.

You can opt for stripes of other

colours too and go as bright or

clashing as you like. Complete

your look with a classy jean,

a sexy camisole and wedge

sandals, with simple jewellery for

a casual day out.


blue stripe

dress for



stripe dress

for work




If you want to make a

real fashion statement

at your office, then

a striped dress is a

perfect choice. You can

compliment your look

with fun accessories,

sexy heels, blazers,

or keep it simple and



/ May 12, 2019


pattern handbag

Jimmy Choo

How to do



are Two

Ways to

Rock the



By - Yemis Suleiman

From bold to tiny pleats, designers got

every form of the sophisticated pleats

imaginable to add an on-trend touch of

class to your new season style. You

definitely should try pleats this year; it’s

going to be very popular, as shown at

various Fashion Week runways.

Pleat dres for

a Night out

Formal blouse

gold silver



Green pleat



Formal /


Pleated skirts are often

appropriate for office

attire. If you want to wear

a pleated skirt to work,

or a formal event, you

should wear a structured

top. Your top will give the

outfit a formal feel. Tuck

in a button-down top into

a pleated skirt or wear

a dressy blouse with a

pleated skirt and complete

the look with heels for a

formal feel. You can also go

for a floral pleat dress as

worn by Chic Ama.



Pleat dress

by Christian


Gold Clutch

Zenotti Heels

Night / Red Carpet

If you want to wear a pleated dress for

evening or a red carpet event, choose a

dress that flatters your body type. Grab

a light, flowing fabric, lighter fabric that

streams more efficiently will not bunch up at

your hips. Pair with a sky-high metallic heel

and elegant jewellery for a dashing look.

work leather


May 12, 2019 /



Cold Feet:

On Stardom

and Real-life


Words By - Yemisi Suleiman

Nollywood Stars Enyinnaya Wigwe,

Beverly Naya and Ghana’s hottie Joslyn

Dumas amongst others lead actors, star

in a new romantic movie ‘Cold Feet’. The film

is in the world of love, romance, deceit,

forgiveness and more; produced by the duo of

Darlington Anyiam Osigwe and Prince Uche

Anyiam Osigwe, two new generation producers

bent on changing the industry’s narrative.

As ‘Cold feet’ the movie, premier’s today, at

the Intercontinental Hotel Lagos, and makes a

debut at the cinemas on the 17th of this month,

the casts and producers explain how the film

reflects real-life issues and experiences. They

also give us a peep into their lives as actors,

challenges, plans for the future, and more.


/ May 12, 2019


May 12, 2019 / 7


How did you get into acting and which

was your breakthrough movie?

My entry into acting was purely

unanticipated. I was on a film set to see

the director for something and ended up

being in the film as cast, the bug bit hard,

and now we are here.

I kind of find that every role has pushed

me a few notches further, but most

recently would be Nonso Onwuka in “The

Wedding Party”.

In all the movies you have done, which

has been your favourite character that

you have performed?

That will be between a recently

completed project where I played

President Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida in

his biopic by Director Obi Emelonye

“BADAMASI: Portrait Of A General” and

my role as “Tamuno” in Jeta Amata’s

‘Black November’.

You are currently part of the movie

‘ColdFeet.’ Tell us about your


My character is the catalyst of the plot. I

played the role of a very conflicted young

man called Tare. I wouldn’t want to give

away too much; you have to see the movie

to know more about the character.



Living Life on His Terms

Enyinnaya Wigwe launched himself into the movie industry

with the movie ‘Wheel of Change’ in 2004, but it was his lead

character in the blockbuster film “The Wedding Party’ that

shot him to the limelight: and since then, it has been a

rollercoaster ride for the actor. Here, Enyinnaya brings his charm

on the set of ColdFeet, taking on the catalyst of the plot as he

plays the role of a very conflicted young man called Tare. He tells

us more.

What attracted you to the script cold

feet and what lessons do you want

people to take away from it?

The director attached to the project

Moses Inwang has a good track record, so

that made it easy to want to know more

when I first got the call to come onboard.

Also, there is the part of the co-cast

chosen, and it is always a pleasure

working with them, as this would not be

our first time working together — the film

set on a resort, more like a working

vacation that made it fun-work. With Cold

Feet, the ultimate lessons for me would be

forgiveness and love conquering all.

What is the hardest part of being a


I learnt to live life on my terms right

before the status, so it all just plays out as

healthy living to me. It’s only all work,

adventure and generally living.

Give me a few tips to being a

successful actor?

Always follow your heart; it’ll lead you


What has been your most significant

achievement in the field of acting?

That would be playing the lead in

Nollywood’s highest grossing film of all

time “The Wedding Party 2” Destination


Also, the opportunity to work alongside

Oscar award-winning actor Kim Basinger

and nominee Mickey Rourke in Black

November was a career high for me; it

opened my mind to the possibilities that


8 / May 12, 2019




Excelling in the

Right Business

Beverly Naya was born

and raised in London,

England, where she

studied film making and

script writing at Roehampton

University, England. Her

return to the country some

years back has been quite

rewarding for the young

actress. She has participated

in several movies, depicting

different characters at

different times, some

emotionally and mentally

challenging to the strong or


Beverley talks about her

character Tina, and a sweet

young girl caught in the web

of love.

would pop the question while there, but things did not go according to

plan though.

What attracted you to the script and what lessons do you want

people to take away from it?

It is an exciting and relatable story; I love the twists and the

suspense. The cast is solid too. In regards to lessons; all that glitters is

not gold. That is all I’ll say, for now; I

don’t want to give the whole story away accidentally.

What kind of roles have you performed throughout your career?

Are you satisfied with them?

I have been fortunate enough to play a variety of roles from

emotionally and mentally challenging to intense or seductive. I have

played a lot of compelling characters, and I am curious to see what the

future holds.

How long have you been an actor? From where did you get started?

I started acting when I was about 17, I studied acting like an A-Level

student, while in college in London. I took a break for my University, but I have

not looked back since I graduated.

How many plays have you done so far?

Two in England and two in Nigeria

Describe your character in the movie ColdFeet?

Teni is a sweet girl, she loves life, and she loves her boyfriend as well. In the

story, he surprises her with a romantic getaway, and she was hoping that he

Do you ever think that you could have done better in any other

profession if you were not an actor?

I think I am in the right business, but if I weren’t an actress then I

probably would have been a psychologist or a music video director, I

used to be passionate about that when I was younger.

One fact we should know about you?

I am from Ibusa, Delta state. I am an only child so that I can be a bit

of an introvert at times but, I am an extrovert once I am comfortable.

May 12, 2019 /

May 5, 2019 9


Joselyn Dumas

Horning Her Craft At

Every Opportunity

Ghanaian actress Joslyn Dumas started her career as a

TV host, but later found herself in the movies through

an act of fate Her first significant role as Jennifer

Adams in Sparrow Production Series; Adams Apples, was

all the push she needed and the rest like they say is history.

She takes on the lead character as Omoye in ‘Cold Feet’ a

happily married woman who made one decision in her past

that may have come back to haunt her as she tells us more.

What are some of the challenges you face as an actress?

Growing up in a Christian home, I spent a lot of my

weekends in the church. As a little girl, I was in a lot of the

church plays, which contributed to my confidence, attributing to

me then wanting to be part of school plays as well. As far back

as I can remember, I have always found myself acting, so it has

become the central part of me. But obviously, with it came

challenges just like everything else in life. Apart from spending

a lot of time away from home, missing out on important family

moments, one of the main challenges I would say is having to

take risks and put myself at the mercy of the unknown, when

accepting roles outside of my comfort zone. Just as Denzel

Washington rightfully said, “you pray for rain, you have got to

deal with the mud too.”

Tell us about your character in this movie ColdFeet?

Omoye is the character I played in Coldfeet, a happily

married woman who made one decision in her past that may

have come back to haunt her. There were many layers to her,

and her determination and strength to save her relationship are

some of the many things I admire about her.

What attracted you to the script and what lessons do you

want people to take away from it?

I read the entire script in just under 3 hours of receiving it,

and it was such a beautiful love story. Its many twists got me

engrossed. The point of view the story, made it extremely

interesting. Without giving it all away, the little I would say is,

everyone at a point in their lives would find themselves at a

juncture where they have to face the prerequisites of where

they are trying to go, forcing them to make decisions that may

be uncomfortable, painful, but it’s all part of the process. One

should embrace it; the right decision made and the battle faced.

Tell me about an area in which you would like to improve

as an actress?

Winning is not everything, but wanting to win is. I have

never stopped learning to allow me to be a better actress than I

was yesterday. It is imperative for me to know that with each

next role, I will deliver a more appealing version of the actor

that I am. That for me means honing your craft at every

chance you get.

10 / May 12, 2019

What advice would you give to an aspiring actor?

One advice that I would give is: make sure you are in it for

all the right reasons, passion, talent and the love of the craft

and not for likes and followers on social media. That is serious

business, and one must make a lot of sacrifices to succeed.

However hard it may be, don’t give up because God sees and

God knows, and in due time your break will come. Do not

become an actor because you want to be famous but, become

famous because you are pretty awesome at acting.




Driven by Passion

Darlington Anyiam-Osigwe is the CEO of Danki Dynasty Group and producer

of the movie ‘ColdFeet’. Driven by his passion and love for the arts, shows

us that with curiosity and tenacity, and by surrounding yourself with

positivity and people you love, your odds can get a whole lot better.

What is the inspiration behind the movie Cold Feet?

There are many sources of inspiration, which is excellent news for

the continuing evolution of modern moviemaking.

From your point of view as a producer, what is the moral of the


Forgiveness, affection must at all time be 100% way greater than

perfection, because sometimes emotions can be fickle. Women

should learn to develop a thick skin when matters like this arise, they

should learn how to say No and not lose their-self value, getting help is

very important, visit a therapist for counselling! We live in a world of

possibilities and challenges; the same thing applies to men.

As an actor and a Producer, how different is it to act in a movie

and to produce it?

Well, acting has been my thing way backdating from 2003, when I

joined Actors Guild of Nigeria Aba chapter, along the line I quit acting

because I wasn’t getting the proper roles even after making first ten

lists.I produced my first Soap Opera in 2006 as a student at the

University of Calabar, on the 7th day of the shoot, we had to call off the

project because we lacked funding to push forward, so coming back

as a Producer is fascinating.

What does it take to be a movie producer?

To become a movie producer, you have to be responsible for

overseeing all aspects of the creation and production of a film, such as

the conception and getting a good story, the acquisition of funding, and

the artwork used for retail release. It is the film producer who makes

sure that all the production components are working together through

all phases of the filmmaking process.

What has been your most significant achievement in your chosen


My most significant achievement is Cold Feet the Movie and seeing

my passion and vision succeed in filmmaking, I also produced Turning

Tables last year, and it is also a great feat for me.

Tell me about yourself, growing up and childhood memories that

shaped your life today?

Growing up was tight, the struggles were real, I watched my parents

go through an eye of a needle to make sure we survived, and to the

glory of God, we are not where we used to be. Growing up I was not

good with books, but it took the grace of God for me to become a

better version of me, now I can read, write, speak and coordinates

multi-business organisations.

Tell us one fact about you?

I am passionate about what I do, ambitious and driven am

organised, a people-person and a natural leader; above all I am


May 12, 2019 / 11


Prince Uchenna


Living His Vision

Prince Uchenna Anyiam-Osigwe is the CEO of Empire

House Entertainment and also Managing Director of

Danki Dynasty Ltd. Fascinated by the plot twist and its

literal context Prince Uchenna even doubles as assistant

producer of ‘cold feet’ the movie. He tells us more.

From your point of view as the

associate producer, what is the

lesson you want people to learn from

the story?

The most important takeaway from

the film should be forgiveness. Also, we

should not displace the importance of

due diligence before choosing a partner.

What does it take to be an associate

movie producer?

I daresay it predominantly takes

passion. Then the willingness to learn

the ropes; equip yourself about the

demands of the said title (Movie

Producer) and you will

be surprised at how amazing you

would perform.

What has been your most significant

achievement in life?

Amidst my past achievements from

my other projects, I, however, maintain

that discovering my vision and being

able to work towards it has been my

greatest achievement.

One fact we should know about you?

I am a risk taker and a problem solver.

I love challenges as it helps bring out the

best of me. I wasn’t born with a silver

spoon, but I am grateful to have changed

the narrative for my family. We were not

any close to where we used to be.

12 / May 12, 2019

Here are 5 Ways

To Know Your

Black Hair Is



Doesn’t Break Easy

Hair is like a plant, and if you uproot plants,

something goes wrong with the root, just like

our hair breaks easy. You know a healthy black

hair when it does not break easily but shrinks

back after you tug it. Healthy black hair is

elastic; this elasticity is related to the keratin

in the nose. It does not break every time you

comb it or pass your hands through it but

stretches and shrinks back.

By - Linda Orajekwe

Although the current

trend of ultra-natural

hair has become very

popular, it is difficult to

know if it is healthy, or

not, because we are more

focused on the growth

than how healthy it is.

With the natural trend,

everyone is treating

hair for growth, instead

of health purpose.

Unfortunately, long hair

doesn’t equate healthy

hair, and we all need

healthy hair.

Below are five ways you

can tell if your hair is

either healthy or just long


Curls with no split ends

While we’ve stated Shrinkage is one way

to know your black hair is healthy, it is

essential for you also to understand that

the ends of your hair curls evenly, and not

straight because if it is straight, that part of

it is unhealthy, and needs to be chopped off.

Healthy black hair is curly to the tip of the

strand; a split end is just a sign that the part

is dead, and needs to go.

The African hair no matter the type shrinks. While we

all hate that, that’s the natural stage, and that’s one way

to know your hair is healthy. Of course, it straightens

under heat, but water takes it back to its natural

shrinking stage. Shrinkage means the curl structure of

your hair is still intact, which also means your hair is

properly hydrated. So learn to love those kinky when

you see them, it shows your curls are healthy.

Easy To Achieve Shine:

The ability for your hair to easily achieve shine is

another way to know your hair is indeed healthy.

Shiny hair is typically low in porosity and retains

hydration better. A dull and lifeless hair is an

unhealthy indicator, but a sure sign of healthy

hair is a hair you don’t have to work on so much to

make it shiny and smooth.

Volume without

unequal length

This is a great way to tell how healthy

your hair is, even with natural. Some

people have natural black hair that is

thin and lacks fullness. While others

think it is their hair type, you should

know it is a type that is uncared. To

understand how full your hair is, try to

check it without applying any product.

If it’s thinner on one side, and fuller on

another or not even in length, then your

hair is unhealthy, but if without any

product it has volume, also though not

as huge but is bouncy, then you have a

healthy mane.

May 12, 2019 /




:08034746487 | 08039675880

UBA Celebrates 70

years Services to

customers at CEO

Awards Gala

By Linda Orajekwe

Clients, friends, and well-wishers from all works of

life joined the UBA Group over the weekend, to celebrate

70 years of operations in an exciting and nostalgic event.

The celebration for The Pan African Bank with

operations in 20 African countries and the United

Kingdom, U.S, and Paris, was led by the Chairman Mr

Tony O. Elumelu, to commemorate 70 years of legacy

with the organization which has over the decades,

emerged as one of Africa’s topmost financial giants.

The event was a combination of the Bank’s platinum

anniversary of UBA and its annual CEO Awards

ceremony, which saw members of staff from all 23

countries of operations rewarded amid guests for their

outstanding input in the organization over the past year.

In attendance at the epic night of activities, were royal

fathers, captains of industry, political leaders, clients

and friends of the Bank. Some of the guests present

were the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi;

the Emir of Kano represented by the Sarkin Shanun of

Kano, Alhaji Shehu Mohammed; Former and Present

Governors of Cross Rivers State, Donald Duke and

Prof Ben Ayade; Governors-elect of Lagos, Ogun and

Kwara States, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Dapo Abiodun and

Abdulrahman Abdul Razak

Also present were Pastor Tunde Bakare; Chief Emeka

Anyaoku; Otunba Gbenga Daniels; Chief Segun Osoba;

Otunba Niyi Adebayo; Dr Jim Ovia; Oba Otudeko;

Nnamdi Okonkwo; Rasheed Olaoluwa, amongst many


Speaking at the event, the Chairman, UBA Plc, Mr

Tony Elumelu, accompanied by his wife Dr Awele,

remarked that UBA remains a leading financial

institution on the continent, and hitting the 70th year

mark was a laudable achievement.

He said, “It is a time to celebrate UBA’s rich heritage

and legacy over 70 years, and to tell everyone who has

contributed to what UBA is today, that we appreciate all

they have been doing and how they have ensured that the

investment put into the bank over the past decades have

paid off.”

The night witnessed performances by A-list artists

such as ‘science students’ crooner, Olamide, Phyno,

Patoranking, Dbanj, recently signed Universal Music

Group artiste, Tiwa Savage and a surprise performance

from Wizkid, who entertained the audience of over 2500


Tony and Dr Awele Elumelu

Aderonke & Victor Osadolor

Alice Odum & Mr. Bili

Kennedy Uzoka

Onari & Donald Duke

Dupe Olusola

Bola Atta


Gbenga Daniel

Folake Abdurasaq

Patrick Gutmann



/ May 12, 2019


Nwaghodoh & Wife






:08034746487 | 08039675880



By Yemisi Suleiman

Vimbai Denola Grey

Martha, Tayo & Lola

Christopher, Kemi, Raffaella & Balaji

anto lecky

Faces at Zizi

Cardow’s S/S


By Jemi Ekunkunbor



ifu enada

It was an evening of style and celebration of comfortability

for women as Kimberly-Clark, makers of world’s most

excellent hygiene products, officially launched its new range

of sanitary pads and tampons brands into the Nigerian market

last Friday in Lagos.

Speaking at the event Head of Marketing, WECA,

Mrs Kemi Saliu stated that Introducing the new range

to the company’s existing products in Nigeria is part of

Kimberly-Clark’s mission to provide essentials for a better

life for its consumers. “Kotex pads and tampons have a

superior, cotton-like feel that gives women a comfortable


The highlight of the event was the unveiling of the

‘New Kotex Ultra Sanitary Pads and Tampons, amidst

fireworks’. For Mrs Saliu “This exemplifies Kotex

innovation in developing high-quality cotton-soft,

fast-absorbent pads that allow the period experience

to be discreet and comfortable. Now, with the

launch of these new sanitary pads and tampons, the

company has a comprehensive range fully available

in stores and outlets for women in Nigeria.”

The event, which held at Oriental Hotel,

Victoria Island Lagos, was attended by various

dignitaries and celebrities, including Ms Raffaella

De Medisi, Manufacturing Operations Director,

EMEA, Mr Crispin Achola, the GM, WECA,

amongst others.

It was a fun evening last

weekend in Lagos, when Zizi

Cardow presented the Spring

Summer collection of her

eponymous label.

Close associates, and friends

of the brand, converged at

the Maison Fahrenheiht in

Victoria Island, for an evening

of fashion, comedy, music, food

and wine.

It was an amazing collection

that was bold, beautiful and

delivered with superb tailoring.

Amongst those who watched

the show was Senator Florence

Ita Giwa.

Akudo Nweke & Ibim


Chioma Okafor, Oluchi

Nwachukwu & Ifeoma Nwachukwu

sen. florence

ita giwa

Gabriele &

Cene Burrow

zizi cardow

Nnonye Good-Obi

Eugene Meyer

May 12, 2019 / 15



With Yemisi Suleiman

In case you missed, these were the most Interesting pictures and

stories on Instagram last week as posted by your favourite celebrities.

Crossdresser Bobrisky

shows off boobs

Controversial crossdresser, Bobrisky who is always

buzzing on Instagram for one reason or another,

is trending again. The internet sensation who is

famous for stepping out in female dresses and

makeup, last week answered the call of those

requesting to see more of his new ‘full chest’

after the self-acclaimed Nigerian Barbie shared

this teaser picture on his Instagram handle, with

the caption “you asked for it , so, there you have

it.’’ I guess we do not need any more proof to

believe Bob is now a very ‘beautiful girl, just as

she addressed herself in another video asking her

followers and everyone who cares, to henceforth

see her as a ‘baby girl’ and not a ‘bro.’ He, sorry,

she (pun intended) further implored anyone who

comments on her page to do so with courtesy, ‘to

avoid any form of embarrassment.

The Met Gala Champ

The 2019 Met Gala which took place on Monday,

May 6, in New York City had created a lot of

buzz on social media. With the theme of the

Met’s 2019 Costume Exhibition as “Camp:

Notes on Fashion.” celebrities sure showcased

truly outrageous and over-the-top dresses on

the red carpet this year. For the Kardashian

sisters, it was another opportunity to go wild

and loud. From Kim’s dripping wet vibes,

by Thierry Mugler to Kendel and Kylie,

covered in feathers by Donatella Versace,

the sisters did justice to this year’s Champ

theme, as seen in this photo posted by Kim






Looking for a cocktail

outfit inspiration, look

to ex-Beauty Queen

and ambassador of

Lancome, Powede

Awujo, as she gives us

a modern chic vibe in

this beautiful rainbow

coloured dress by DNA

by Iconicinvanity. And

like she noted on her

page, the dress is truly

a work of art, and we

love that she completed

the look with a classy

matching accessory.

OPPO unveils

stylish devices

in Nigeria

Global smartphone giant, OPPO Mobile

has officially announced its presence

in Nigeria with the launch of its 2019

flagship devices, the OPPO F11 Pro

and the OPPO F11 Pro Avengers limited


The limited edition is in line with Marvel

Studios partnership.

OPPO is famous for its stylish

smartphone designs, quality

photography experience and the status

symbol it provides to its users.

Speaking about the brand’s DNA and

philosophy, Nengi Akinola (Marketing

Manager, OPPO Mobile Nigeria), said

OPPO’s drive is to always deliver

products with superior quality, high

standard and ‘many firsts’.

“OPPO is a brand that is involved

in ‘many firsts’ globally and is

also expanding in not just making

smartphones but also providing superior

smartphone technology to every single

person all over the world.

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