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4 Tuesday May 14 2019

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No more midges

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“When we had those 29, 30 and

32 deg C days, we thought, here

we go . . . they’re not next door,

because I’ve checked with the

neighbour and she leaves the light

on at night time,” she said.

“The thing is, they’ve actually


City council three waters and

waste operations manager Adam

Twose told the Coastal-Burwood

Community Board at its meeting

last week, midge numbers had

decreased by 36 per cent around

the Bromley oxidation ponds

compared to the midge season

last year.

Mrs Profit said though this

was hard to believe, she had seen

these results first-hand in the few

months since summer.

“If that’s working, keep going,”

she said. “Where they’ve gone, I

wouldn’t know.”

The reduction was a result of

the city council changing the

technique used to kill midges

around the oxidation ponds.

Mr Twose said midge dredging,

which involved mechanically

dragging chains across the pond

floor where the midge lay their

eggs, had been much more effective

than the strategy used

before, trying to kill midges using


He said dredging meant midges

were killed before they were born.

Mrs Profit said she was happy

for now, but would have to wait

until summer to see if midges

would return to her property.

Maybe now it is working, but

the thing is, how long is it going

to work for?”

Though there was work still be

done before midges were completely

wiped out, Mr Twose said

signs were positive for the next

midge season.

“I am confident we will see a

better improvement next year,”

he said.

The city council has budgeted

$300,000 a year between 2018 and

2028 to go towards midge control

around the wastewater ponds.

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A city council spokesman said

Hornby had also experienced

far less damage to infrastructure

compared to other parts of the


In 2011, the suburb’s population

was 8370. By 2018, it had

grown to 9340.

Mr Duff said there is some

scepticism as to whether the new

motorway will cause traffic in

Hornby to drop, as cars travelling

in from Rolleston already

cut through Springs Rd before

linking up to stage one of the


In the association’s submission

to the city council, he

highlighted a recent report from

The Salvation Army which interviewed

Hornby residents.

It said: “Hornby needs help as

well as the other side of


. . . this area is growing

too fast. It’s becoming a


“The influx of new

residents, businesses and

activity since the earthquakes

has added greater

stress to our roads and

surrounding infrastructure.”

Mr Duff’s concern has been

backed by residents’ association

member Mark Peters, who

described roads such as Amyes

Rd becoming a “car park” in

rush hour.

Chalmers St, Shands Rd, Main

South Rd have also been identified

as roads needing improvement

for congestion.

Daily traffic count

figures show Amyes Rd

has about 13,600 vehicles

a day, Shands Rd 33,400

and Chalmers St to

Main South Rd has 3500


Mr Peters said right

turning arrows are needed for

the intersections of Amyes Rd

and Springs Rd, Carmen Rd and

Chalmers St and Carmen and

Waterloo Rd.

But Halswell-Hornby-




Call to address Hornby traffic

Marc Duff


Fire rages, homes at risk

CONCERNS: Traffic congestion has been a problem at these

Hornby intersections.

Riccarton Community Board

chairman Mike Mora said he

did not want to see a “knee-jerk”

reaction to the problem until the

southern motorway opens.

City councillor Jimmy

Chen said the extension of

the motorway and the South

Express Major Cycle Route will

be important in helping with the


He said city council staff will

also conduct a traffic count

and consider installing a speed

bump on Waterloo Rd between

Carmen and Gilberthorpes Rd.

It is due to concerns from

residents about the number of

heavy vehicles using the road.



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