5 Top Activities to Experience the Best in a Winter Wilderness Tour of Taiga


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5 Top Activities to Experience the Best in a Winter

Wilderness Tour of Taiga

Taiga Wilderness Tour in Winter – An Intense Feel of Wilderness

Do you want to see the extreme wilderness of a Finnish forest which is larger

than the Amazon and looks as great as a wonderland in winter season? You

should definitely try a wilderness tour of the Taiga forest in winter, during

February and March when the hiking routes are at their best. There is even the

option of skiing, snowshoeing, husky sledging and many more activities to

bring you the very best in wilderness tours of Taiga during this time.

Best of Wilderness Tours – Explore the Wild Side with Great Surprise

The real enchantment for travelers comes in the Wild Taiga which is an excellent

stretch, running from Kuhmo to Suomussalmi on the eastern side of Finland. The

natural landscape, snowy trees, frozen shore of lakes and rapids will give you a

glimpse of a fairy-tale sight. Some of the best wilderness tours in Taiga are

meant to explore the wild side with plenty of surprises that you are less aware of.

From spotting Finnish wildlife including bears and Wolverine to enjoying hiking,

skiing, snowshoeing and other outdoor activities, there is a pure wilderness in

everything you choose to undertake.

5 Top Recommended Activities for Winter Wilderness Tour

There are numerous activities and experiences to consider in the Wild Taiga, but

some of them are more desired than others. While taking a winter wilderness

tour in the taiga, you can enjoy anything from husky-sledging and hiking to skiing,

and snowshoeing. You can even go for a winter camp, taking your time to

explore the richness of Finnish wildlife. The best wilderness tours in Taiga are

what make you come across the beautiful Northern Lights.

1. Enjoy Fantastic Views from the Lookout Tower – There are giant lookout

towers in the Siberian Taiga which offer a fantastic view of the surrounding.

They bring you a spectacular outlook of the misty and subarctic forest that starts

at the end of the tundra.

2. Spend Polar Nights in a Laavu – Get into a laavu, an open hut built around

the Taiga forests and riverbanks for use by visitors. You can keep yourself hot in

chilly polar nights while drinking hot cocoa and enjoying the sight of the bonfire

from Laavu.

3. Learn about Taiga Forest Vegetation in Deep – Some exclusive plants that

grow and survive in Taiga forest during harsh winter are the lichens, small shrubs,

mosses etc. The lichens hung so densely in places that they look like old mean’s


4. Husky Sledding – Wilderness tour in Taiga is never a relaxed holiday, instead

of an open outing, allowing you to sledge through the Arctic Circle with huskies

and reindeers. You’ll ride on a convoy drawn by huskies, moving across the Taiga

wilderness, going past thick forests and giant frozen lakes.

5. Bewilderment of Vikäköngäs – Experience the drape of natural wilderness

with a view of and walk along Vikaköngäs, a winter river near Rovaniemi. It

serves as an entry point into the amazing Arctic Circle trekking Area.

Whichever activities you do engage in the Taiga during a winter visit, the feel of

wilderness will be at its peak. But, you can think of adding to your experience

with a guided wilderness tour in the Taiga from Wild About Lapland. Also, the

option of shorter and longer tours is available to all the travelers who want to

make the most of their winter/summer experience in the taiga. Call Wild About

Lapland at +358 40 568 8570 or write to it at wildaboutlapland@gmail.com to

book a seat for your wilderness tour!

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