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Breastfeeding and its advantages

Diabetes: Prevention and management

Importance of bedside shift reports

Asthma management and care

Treatment of lymph diseases

Sleeping disorders in children

Healthcare expenses in urban areas

Dementia and its treatment in elderly

Nursing profession: Importance of training

Obesity in young people.


Role of nurses in the care of Pregnant minorities

Anesthesia and safe dose for different age groups

Nursing assessment tool and techniques to develop it.

Wound care in diabetic patients

Role of immunization in child health

Comparison between the modern and old healthcare


Bottle feeding and associated risk factors

Care for premature infants

Nursing education: Online learning Vs classroom learning

Role of a volunteer in health care services


Improved dietary habits: A community-based approach

Smoking and its relationship with coronary artery disease

Improvement of patient flow in the emergency

department by using different management strategies

Different types of cancers and their causes in women.

Prevention of drug abuse in teen

Role of hospitals in safe delivery.

Nursing help for patients with Learning disabilities.

Transmission of HIV and possible routes of infection

Assessment and treatment of gallbladder diseases.

Dimensions of a nursing career.


Role of patient and nursing interaction in successful


A comparison of job duties between nurses and other

medical staff.

Role of nurses in changing the healthcare system.

Female nurses Vs male nurses: who is more professional?

Spinal disorders and the role of nurses

Creating awareness about the health effects of early

pregnancy in young women.

Contagious diseases and their prevention.

The effectiveness of emergency treatment systems

Skin cancer and strategies for prevention.

Formula milk and its effects on infants


Different types of anesthesia

Arthritis and pain management

The workload on nurses due to the shortage of nursing


Importance of training and capacity building for nurses.

Stress management in nurses working in the emergency


Eating habits to reduce obesity.

War and its effects on children.

Vaccination rate in urban and rural areas.

Prostate cancer in elderly men.

Effects of drugs on general human health



Urinary tract infection and its treatment

Urine: Diseases it can indicate

Safe methods for the Removal of kidney stone

Reasons for a kidney stone and its prevention

Kidney pain management

Water intake and kidney health

Healthy eating habits and their effect on the urinary


Foods which can keep the urinary system healthy

Effect of alcohol on the urinary system.

Relation of urinary system with other systems of the


Obesity in children: Causes and prevention

Role of nurses in ICU and emergency departments.

Healthcare and the role of nurses in rural areas.

Role of technology in nursing education.

Increasing air pollution and Asthma education program

Diarrhea and the role of probiotics

Occupational health and the role of nurses

Effect of long working hours on nurses’ health and quality

of work.

Acute pain and its treatment

Back pain in pregnancy and its management.

Clinical Nursing

Depression in nurses.

Patient safety in hospitals.

Alcohol withdrawal and coping with symptoms.

Patient falls in hospitals.

Side effects on antibiotics.

Patient care in Clinical settings.

Role of nurse in small clinics.

Facilities in rural clinics and urban clinics.

Different healthcare models.

Infectious objects and clinics and patient exposure.

Emergency Nursing

First aid for a burnt patient.

Cardiac arrest and emergency treatment.

Relief in Asthma symptoms in a clinical setting.

First aid for elderly people in case of road accident.

Arthritis pain and treatment

Head injury and emergency treatment.

High blood pressure and its indicators.

Treatment of high levels of blood sugar in children under


Spinal injury and the extent of emergency treatment.

Children in an emergency.

Nurse Practitioner

Obesity and its relationship with diabetics.

Migraine and its treatment.

The relationship between immunity and allergy.

Autism in children and adults.

Stress management as family nurse practitioner.

Authority of a nurse practitioner in a clinical setting

Role of nurse in family health.

Role of nurse practitioner when the doctor is not


Nursing practitioner and cardiac arrest patient.

Helping mentally challenged children.

Nurse Informatics

Importance of biometric analysis in the treatment of any


Managing patient data for better health screening.

Security of health data.

Technology assistance to reduce the nursing workload.

Education and training of informatics experts.

Advanced technology and healthcare system


Diagnostic test methods

Nurse informatics and its importance

Bioinformatics and correct interpretation of data.

Role of technology in better quality of healthcare system.

Nursing Research

Development of nursing competence checklist.

Training and skills to use advanced testing equipment’s.

The collaboration of nurses with other medical staff for

better patient care.

Factors influencing a person to become a nurse.

Are nurses satisfied with their career choice: A case


Personal traits, which help a person to become a good


Effect of patient behavior on the performance of nurses.

Is better nursing is associated with better salary?

How to measure the stress level in nurses?

Do patients abuse nurses?

Nursing Senior

Role of nursing senior to satisfy stressed nurses.

Nursing senior and rotation of shifts.

How nursing senior can prevent nursing abuse?

Qualities of a nursing senior.

Education, training and capacity building of nursing


Management skills required for a nursing senior.

How nursing senior can help patients?

Role of Nursing senior in conflict resolution.

The career path of a nursing senior.

An ideal nursing senior.

Pediatric Nursing

Nursing help for sexually abused children.

Effect of an overdose of a medicine on a child.

Effects of smoking near children.

Eating disorders in school going children

Violent children and their psychological needs.

Sleep disorders in young children.

Pediatric care in different countries: A comparative


Parent education to care premature child.

Helping children with terminal disabilities.

Role of vaccination in child health.



Community Health

Hepatitis C virus screening and analysis in a particular


Tobacco ban at designated places and its consequences.

Effect of urban water management system on community


Availability of clean toilets in rural areas and its effect on

control of vector-borne diseases.

Child obesity control and the role of safe playgrounds.

Waste disposal practices for the control of outbreaks.

Development of smartphone application to control

domestic violence.

Social factors encouraging healthy eating habits.

Participation of the elderly in different activities which

can help the community.

Helping HIV positive women.

Health Administration

Importance of financial management in hospitals.

Necessary factors which you need to consider for

hospital management.

Role of manpower analysis in controlling the hospital


Better health facilities Vs better management.

Health administration of a hospital in case of a natural

disaster in the city.

Factors to help nurse retention.

Role of administration in Emergency handling.

Health administration and vaccination facilities.

Hospital waste disposal and the role of health


Effective role of Health administration to reduce stress in


Health Care

Awareness about healthy eating habits to improve

general health

How quitting smoking can help to improve physical and

mental health?

How to improve medication errors

Nurse monitoring programs for improvement of health


Factors causing depression in teens.

Role of local farmer market in health improvement of the

local community.

Health care of medical staff.

Environmental factors contributing to the health of the


An overdose of medicines and their effects.

Healthcare infrastructure facilities for the elderly and


Health Economics

Obesity and its healthcare cost.

Tobacco advertisement and its effect on the economy.

Cost-effective practices for general health care.

Relationship of nutrition with the economic status of a


Healthy lifestyle and responsibility of the state.

Vaccination and their effect on the economy.

Free healthcare policy.

High alcohol prices and their effect on the economy and

health of people.

Treatment cost of cardiovascular diseases.

Cost of managing diabetes for an elderly person.

Health Informatics

Staff retention data analysis and its use for recruitment.

Development of a database to keep patient history.

Data collection techniques

Nursing dashboard and its uses.

Classification of cardiac patients according to the nature

of the problem.

Patient notes and its use to collect useful data.

Healthcare data security and related challenges.

Improvement in patient inflow based on the collected


Health informatics and research advancements.

Use of modern technology for health data collection.

Medical Statistics

Different data collection techniques for rare and

common diseases.

Role of data to estimate the success of a particular


Estimation of trash bins in a hospital based on inflow


Use of prisoner data to evaluate the health quality in an


Statistical analysis of infectious diseases in rich and poor


Online database: Pros and cons

Healthcare facilities in public and private hospitals: A

comparative study

Extraction of data from the patient’s information.

Causes of failure during surgeries: Statistical Analysis

Healthcare institution and financial reporting.

Medical Technology

Use of medical technology during the war.

Medical technology and related ethical issues.

Wireless technology and its impact on human health.

Role of electronic media in the medical field.

Innovations in radiological technology.

Cloning and its uses in medical science.

Use of technology to avoid respiratory diseases.

Use of robotics in healthcare.

Use of technology to help paramedical staff.

Medical technology and emergency services.

Mental Health

Mental health of prisoners: A case study

Mental health of a man, who is involved in pedophilia.

Anorexia Nervosa: treatment therapies.

Management of Schizophrenia.

Relationship of food addiction and obesity.

Stress and anorexia.

Mental health of children after facing a natural disaster in

their city.

mental health of women after pregnancy.

Stress before major surgery.

Depression: Different methods to reduce it.

Public Health

Effect of gardening on health.

Awareness of mental health in college students.

Role of trauma centers for the improvement of public


Stress management ability in different races.

Environmental factors are responsible for a healthy


Nutritional requirements of teens.

Helping women for safe delivery.

Indicators of public health.

Hygienic Waste disposal and its relationship with public


A healthy environment to reduce childhood asthma.



Business Management

Importance of capacity building for managers.

Role of manager in conflict resolution.

Teamwork as a management tool.

Business management strategies for business growth.

Small business management

Business management and ethics.

Effective utilization of the workforce.

Better performance of workers is associated with better


Financial aspects of business management.

Business management strategies and effects on


Business Analytics

Risks associated with credit cards.

Cost-effective interventions in production units.

Data mining strategies.

Role of business Analytics for business improvement.

Evaluation of employee performance.

Techniques for the analysis of large data.

Data visualization tools.

Data warehouse designing.

Data curation and improvement methods.

Business intelligence platforms.

Business Development

Capacity building of nonprofit organizations.

Important factors for business development.

Role of marketing in business development.

Strategies to develop business without capital


Analysis of business development and sustainable


Role of social media in business development.

Innovative strategies for business development.

Cost effective business development.

Statistical analysis for business development.

Business development models.


Marketing strategies for successful companies.

Effect of product display on the sale of the product.

Factors affecting consumer loyalty.

Social media and business marketing strategies.

Development of marketing strategies for different


Role of brand awareness in business success.

Cheap but effective marketing strategies

Qualities of a successful business person.

Factors affecting consumer buying behavior.

Execution of marketing plan under different




Industrial Engineering

Cost effective building resources.

Energy efficiency in production process.

Energy optimization in a specific industry.

Material management at the initial stage of production.

Optimization of mobile devices

Material distribution efficiency to reduce production


Maintenance of machines for efficient production.

Role of machine cleaning in the efficiency of the

production system.

Delivery system and its relationship with photodynamic.

Role of skilled labor in better production.

Computer Engineering

Battery exchange automation.

LED lights reactive with music.

Real-time wireless heart rate monitoring device.

Automatic wireless window blinds.

Radio controlled cars and their applications.

Driving robots.

Skin tone tracking device.

Alarm system for a specific industry.

Eye pressure monitor.

Fish detection system.

Electrical Engineering

Voltage fluctuation protection systems.

Self-switching power supply

Use of embedded systems for highway monitoring.

Development of a protection system for an induction


Circuit breaker based on a password.

Temperature controller for industries.

Automated irrigated system powered by solar energy.

Electric load controller based on computer system.

Renewable energy sources and advances in the field.

Temperature adjustable heating systems.

Mechanical Engineering

Electromagnetic braking system with zero fraction.

Seed sowing by using automated robots.

Electricity generation by using paddle power generator.

Automated system for the identification and separation

of faulty products.

Robotic arms to help disabled people.

Spy robotic system.

Firefighting robotic system.

Use of solar energy systems for harvesting machines in


Automatic wheelchair for disabled.

Efficient dishwashing system to reduce water usage in

the household.

Chemical Engineering

Optimization of zinc batteries for vehicles

Sensor to judge the freshness of meat products.

Cost effective water purification system.

Reduction in municipal waste by using gasification


Different methods of propylene production for industrial


Treatment of wastewater coming from mines.

Eco-friendly Oil spill recovery techniques

Removal of hydrocarbons from the water of service


Efficient Battery recycling techniques.

Design of ultraviolet wastewater treatment plant and its

expected efficiency.

Civil Engineering

Effective techniques for the collection and storage of


Production of the low-cost roof for rural areas.

Cost effective sanitation system for villages.

Wall panels to build low-cost homes.

Installation of efficient biogas plants.

Low cost and secure grain storage structure.

Leakage-proof water supply system.

Efficient roadside drainage system.

Low-cost drinking water testing kits.

Cleaning of home water tanks without using harmful


Biomedical Engineering

Pain treatment by using light therapy device.

Use of synthetic Optical Holography for biological imaging.

Mechanized scavenging system for Jaundice treatment.

Wheelchair for spinal cord injury patients.

Medical wires to clear the clot in arteries.

Affordable oxygen concentrator

Cost effective dialysis equipment.

A water purification system for rural areas.

Cost effective inhalers.

Detector to sense microorganisms in food.



Computer Science Networking

Applications of wireless open source platform.

Networking designs for banks.

Secure retrieval of data for military use.

Network traffic monitoring.

Tools for networking administrator.

Mobile IP and related security issues.

Patient monitoring systems based on mobile IP.

Home automation system by using wi-fi as networking


Security of a web system.

Use of Wifi routers for different networking needs.


Importance of authentication process.

Phone and tablet applications: Installation policy.

Different methods to protect network intrusion.

Detection of identity theft.

Role of passwords for cybersecurity.

Cybercrimes and laws to combat them.

Cyber threats associated with file downloading.

Immediate actions after hacker’s attacks.

Cybercrimes: Causes and reasons

Different types of hackers


Task monitoring on Android devices.

Data leakage protection by using security software.

Live voting software for any contest.

Online system to receive the lab diagnostic test reports.

Investigation tracker for people with criminal records.

Loan application and investigation system using an

online portal.

Online consultation with a doctor.

Anti-virus applications for Android.

Prediction of customer behavior based on his internet


Learning programs by using a cloud computing system.


Billing management system in pharmacies.

Management of ATM in banks.

Weather information system

Development of text editors.

Password manager.

The client management system in industries.

Student supervision system.

Complaint management system in government


Online ticketing system for railways and buses.

Billing and management of water supply system.

Web Development

Development of police crime dairy system and its


Intra University Student verification system.

Developing low-cost chat system.

Internet-based educational discussion forum.

A website for Smart city travelers.

The website for the auction of products.

User-centric map and custom web search.

The website for the provision of health services to the


E-banking log system.

Websites helping tourists for hotel booking.


Need for different programming languages.

Factors Determining the success of a programming


The extent of programming.

Programming and managing security holes.

Different coding techniques.

Integration of different programing languages.

Common programming mistakes.

Modern programming

Reliability of programming results.

The source code of programming and its readability.

Data Science

Prediction about the next orders based on the order

data of previous orders by the same customer.

Detection of fake news and reports.

Predict the loan approval or rejection.

Prediction about the increase in the sales of a store.

Techniques for the classification of data.

Recommendation about next book based on the data of

previously read books.

Find the most common crimes according to the data.

Age detection of a person.

Develop a database of celebrity voices

Traffic flow prediction

Big Data

How search engines use big data?

Avoid traffic jams in the crowded city

Monitoring of rare animals.

Using big data to maintain the green cover in large


Use of big data technology to fight epidemics.

Big data usage to make public events more interesting.

Handling and analyzing big data.

Storage of big data in clouds.

Big data distribution through sensor networks.

Use of big data to improve working conditions for

employee retention.

Data Analytics

Risk analytics associated with credit cards.

Cost effective interventions in educational institutions.

Use of social media data by health insurance firms.

Sentiment analysis by social media data mining.

Purchase basket analysis on the retail store.

Credit default prediction of loan payers.

Owner-occupied houses in a housing society and their

median value.

Traffic prediction on a newly built road.

Use of data analytics in the medical field.

Improvement in sales of a product by data analytics.

Computer Science Database

Use of database for library management.

Database of club membership.

Grocery store management by using the product


Development of tax calculation based on customer data.

Use of a database to know the ownership of homes.

Complaint management database.

Learning management in universities.

Employee performance evaluation by using an employee


Employee vacation system management.

Task management database in an organization.

Web Design

Management of web designing project

Redesign a famous website.

Web design for a local business website.

Design the website of your institution.

Developing a theme for WordPress.

Role of SEO in web designing.

Design a newsletter template.

Creating a digital brand update.

Web designing for social media website.

Web designing and branding.



IT and security issues.

Changing trends in the IT industry.

Role of IT centers in educational institutions.

Use of IT to combat deforestation and related

environmental issues.

IT management systems in healthcare facilities.

IT assistance for security agencies.

IT and children: Pros and Cons

IT and dynamic changes in communication.

Applications of IT in the life of a common person.

Cost effective IT applications.



Project Management

Planning and development of board games.

Garden planning for a community.

Plan a website for a furnishing business.

Management of project campaigns.

Evaluation of a healthcare clinic.

Workplace safety and measures.

Role of leadership in project management.

Innovations in project management.

Different project management strategies.

Project management at different levels of organization.

Engineering Management

Designing an engineering development project for the

war-affected region.

A layout of a hospital outdoor ward.

Structural innovations for disabled persons.

Developing a solar desalination plant at low cost.

Cost-effective recycling of plastic waste.

Device for cancer prediction.

Innovative bicycle helmets

Use of waste heat as energy from the combustion engine.

Management of a Megastructure.

Development of a turbine rotor for low-speed wind.

Healthcare Management

Increasing retention of hospital staff.

Provision of healthcare facilities to the elderly at home.

Financial management of a clinic.

Management of hospital visitors.

Security management in hospitals.

Infection prevention measure in hospitals.

Measures to increase staff efficiency by reducing the


Managing daily admissions in hospitals.

Treatment of patient from low-income class.

Healthcare management in rural areas.

Business Management

Crisis management in business.

Women empowerment in small business enterprises.

An innovative business management system.

Business management and Franchising options.

Role of public relations in business development.

Customer care and business growth.

Online business management strategies.

Importance of risk management for the success of any


Business management: Some global concerns.

International business management Vs Local business


IT Management

Online store management with mobile applications.

Role of IT management in distant learning.

Internet security and IT management.

Role of IT management in game development.

Identity theft protection with proper IT management.

Effective IT management techniques.

IT management and online jobs.

Role of IT in the development of modern education


IT management: Issues and concerns.

IT management and media control.



Elementary Education

The contribution of the teacher training program in

elementary education.

Tools for the evaluation of elementary school children.

Curriculum development for elementary school

Role of elementary education in career development.

Subject teaching strategies in elementary school.

Factors affecting teachers ‘performance in elementary


Strategies to teach foreign language in elementary


Gender bias in elementary education.

Creating environmental awareness in elementary


Most difficult subjects for elementary students: A survey

base case study.

Masters Education

Distant learning education: Pros and cons

Motivational strategies for struggling students.

Traditional learning VS modern learning strategies.

Assessment techniques for different academic levels.

Strategies to reduce stress in students.

Role of school administration in the education process.

Advantages of online education.

Challenges to educate slow learners.

Capacity building requirements of school teachers.

How special education is different from regular


Nursing Education

Student to RN: Important milestones.

Role of online training in nursing education.

Nursing education: Importance of necessary nursing


Nursing education in rural areas.

Role of nursing education in creating health awareness.

Challenges and struggles of being a nurse.

The cost of nursing education.

Nursing education institutions and their responsibilities.

Countrywide nursing enrollment: A statistical study.

Development of nursing curriculum.



Importance of weather radar interpretations.

Innovative aircraft tracking devices.

Aircraft crew and Drug issues.

Aviation laws and passenger rights.

Aviation staff and fatigue management.

Depression and anxiety in pilots.

Better airport management strategies.

Communication errors and related risks.

Aviation help in Emergency landing.

Design of civil flights.



Accounting Research

International Microfinance companies

Hidden secrets of the banking industry

Investment demand schemes

Effects of poor accounting on small businesses.

Innovative technology and accounting.

Credit unions and banks.

Bank loan: Changing criteria.

Accounting procedures and organizational culture.

History of accounting.

Evaluation of accounting standards.


Effect of home-based small business on the economy.

Accounting requirements of small businesses.

Cash flow management.

Student loan fundamentals for different academic levels.

Financial assistance for the teen.

Auditing and analysis of financial accounts of a company.

Projection of fiscal year expenses.

Value-added analysis.

Tax reporting and filing.

Common investment principals.


Financial statement and ratio analysis technique.

Business firms and banks.

Business and cash flow management.

Account management

Attraction factors for investors.

Shareholder value measurement.

Market reforms.

Financial instruments.

New Trends in business accounting.

Business accounting and share value.


Accounting and finance of the textile sector.

Revenue sources for a bank.

Modern banking system.

Working principles of the insurance market.

Importance of brand image for any business.

Corporate sector and challenges.

Reforms in the capital market.

Global Economic crisis.

Capital investment

Financial reporting standards for companies.


Accounting theories.

Importance of financial statement.

Role of income tax in the financial circle.

Bringing your business in international Export markets.

Islamic financing.

Capital analysis and management.

Finance industry and its dynamics.

Performance indicators of a successful business.

Bank audit techniques.

Working principles of stock exchange.



Electronics Engineering

High pass filter Vs Low pass filter

Different types of digital modulation.

Instrumentation amplifier and its applications.

Applications of multiplexing.

Servo motors and its types.

Circuit breaker based on a password.

Temperature controlled fans.

Automatic street lights.

Use of microcontroller for controlling traffic lights.

Password-based door lock system.

Power Electronics

Integrated circuits.

Spy plane and robotics.

Electric billing system and SMS notifications.

High-efficiency power converters.

Electronic converters for wind turbines.

Multi-cell batteries and power electronics.

Cyclo converters.

Industrial power control.

Importance of circuit diagrams.

Pros and cons of Phase modulation.



Business Marketing

Effect of public relations on business marketing.

Effect of marketing on consumer buying behavior.

Brand promotion analysis.

Marketing strategies for automobile industries.

Development of annual marketing plan.

Development of marketing model for a new business.

Business marketing: Role of brand awareness.

Coping with competitors in business marketing.

Innovative business marketing strategies.

Cost effective business marketing strategies for small


MBA Marketing

Role of marketing strategies in the growth of any


Marketing and execution plan for clothing brands.

Product development and marketing campaign.

Marketing strategies for international brands.

Role of a salesman in the marketing process.

Impact of offensive images on marketing.

Difference between the marketing of services and


The buying behavior of customers in big shopping malls.

Impact of packaging on consumer behavior.

Impact of celebrity endorsement on the sale of a

particular product.

Digital Marketing

SEO and marketing performance.

Search engine marketing: An analytical study

Online shopping: customer preferences.

Digital marketing and the latest trends.

Traditional marketing VS digital marketing

Digital marketing and its cost

Strategies for digital marketing.

Targeted marketing and social media websites.

Uses of SMS marketing in different countries.

Google marketing tools.

Marketing Analytics

Establishment of international consultancy: A feasibility


Tools to measure the efficiency of a marketing strategy.

New marketing techniques and their success ratio.

Cost effective marketing strategies.

Marketing analytics and a reduction in the marketing


Marketing analytic techniques.

Role of marketing analytic experts.

The timeframe for a successful marketing campaign.

Marketing analytics and business management.

Suitable Marketing analytics strategies for different


Marketing Management

Brand values on their impact on marketing.

Transferring the brand image.

Brand sustainability and related innovations.

Low-cost marketing strategies.

Marketing VS effective advertising.

Marketing management and customer relationship


Marketing management in the local market.

Marketing management: Local Vs international markets.

Marketing management and organized retailing.

Factors affecting marketing management.

Marketing Strategy and

Strategic Marketing

Marketing tactics to beat competitors

Brand imagine marketing scales.

Strategic marketing plans for international market.

Impact of the culture of marketing strategy.

Strategic marketing and customer loyalty.

Strategic marketing challenges and opportunities.

Marketing strategies for the growth of small business.

Marketing strategy or pricing strategy.

Brand building: An effective marketing strategy.

Developing a marketing strategy for a startup.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing and online shopping trends.

Role of social media marketing in digital marketing.

Different platforms for social media marketing.

Creating a social media marketing campaign

Impact of social media marketing on the sale of


Social media marketing; Pros and Cons.

Social media marketing as a cost-effective marketing


Customer preferences for online marketing.

A comparative study of major online shopping portals.

Awareness about social media marketing in rural areas.



Child Psychology

Treatment of childhood trauma with play psychology

Stress disorders in children.

Role of a trauma center in healing.

Violence in school children.

Cognitive development in children.

The relationship between learning and age of the child.

Obsessive compulsive disorder in children.

Role of parental behavior in a child’s mental


Academic performance of children and their

psychological condition.

Development of an emotional scale for children.

Clinical Psychology

Helping depression with therapy.

Eating disorders and their treatment.

Drug addiction and treatment.

Brain injury and related problems.

Mental retardation

Emotional distress and treatment.

Personality disorders and their management.

Clinical psychology guidelines.

Anxiety management.

Stress management.

Community Psychology

The planning process and public participation.

Evolution of folklores and role of community psychology.

Conservation of native forests and community role.

Development of community attitude scale.

Influence of social media on community psychology.

Development of a psychological model.

Community psychology and social norms.

Importance of human rights.

Workplace bullying and its psychological effects.

Role of psychology in community improvement plans.

Social Psychology

Depression and its treatment.

Family and social cognition.

Aggression and its triggering factors.

Social Discrimination and psychological facts.

Death of a child and its effect on family psychology.

Change in geographical location and social adjustments.

Effects of society on child psychology.

Children disorder and family therapy techniques.

Effect of health parenting on society.

Miscarriage and effects on family bonding.

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