SBT Cosford Air Show Special


The RAF Cosford Air Show special produced by The Sandbag Times Veterans Magazine

Mrs Fox Goes

To War

The Chronicles of Little Hope

1939 - 1945

Villager of the Month

Victoria Cross, SOE agent.

A master (or indeed mistress) of disguise,

Ms Cross resigned from her

post as the librarian of Little Hope

(there was only so much you could

do with six books) in early 1941 and

headed for 64 Baker Street. Although

Churchill’s habit of referring to her as

‘That funny fellow, Bunny’ was a bit

annoying, it did prove that the young

pilot officer with the nomadic moustache

didn’t stand out too much at

Church Parade...

Hilda Ffinch

The Bird with all the answers

Hilda Ffinch, Little Hope’s very own Agony

Aunt (page 5 of the Little Hope Herald) was

easily bored and terribly rich. She loved

nothing better than taking on the problems

of others and either sorting them out or

claiming that she’d never heard of them if

it all went tits up and they had to leave the

district under cover of darkness having followed

her sage advice.

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