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Arson attacks at RAF Upwood continue despite fire service warning

Story: Hunts Post - Katie Ridley

A fire that engulfed a building at

RAF Upwood is believed to have

been started deliberately despite a

fire service warning that was put

out last week.

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue

Service issued a warning last

week, after a “significant increase

in arson attacks” were recorded

in April.

Figures in this weeks Hunts

Post revealed that there

were 19 deliberate fires in

Huntingdonshire in April, with

five being at the former RAF

Upwood site.

Last night, fire crews were called

to another fire at the former

site yesterday evening at 5pm,

where they found a heap of

rubbish alight. One crew from

Huntingdon and two crews from

Ramsey were called to a fire

in the open at RAF Upwood,


Taking a spin at the RAF’s cutting-edge

high-G training facility

Story: Tech Radar

Staying conscious and alert

while experiencing high G-forces

is hard enough. Flying a plane

at the same time is quite another,

and for fast jet pilots, it’s a matter

of life and death.

That’s why the Royal Air Force

(RAF) has invested in a new

high-G training facility, with a

virtual cockpit that can go from

1G to 9G in one second – and

can reach 12G for unmanned


TechRadar visited the High-G

Training and Test Facility at

Cranwell in Lincolnshire to

learn more about its state-ofthe-art

technology, and how it’s

helping get the next generation

of fast jet pilots ready for the

air. High-G training saves lives

by helping pilots learn how to

avoid G-force induced loss of

consciousness (G-LOC). This

happens when blood drains

from the pilot’s head, causing

them to black out, and is believed

to be the cause of a tragic

accident at the 2015 Shoreham

Airshow, where a pilot crashed

into a road while performing a

loop manoeuvre.

Overseen by an RAF doctor,

pilots at the facility can safely

practice a technique called

G-straining, which involves

tensing the muscles in the

legs and core to prevent blood

pooling in the lower body, and

performing controlled breathing

to maintain consciousness.

Great Escape veteran, Jack Lyon dies,101

Story & Image: BBC News

One of the last veterans of World

War Two’s Great Escape has

died at the age of 101 - just days

before the 75th anniversary of

the audacious getaway.

Jack Lyon, a former RAF navigator,

died at his home in Bexhillon-Sea,

East Sussex, on Friday.

He was lookout during the

breakout bid from Stalag Luft III

in 1944, but the escape tunnel

was uncovered before he had

the chance to get out himself.

Ironically, he said the plot being

rumbled probably saved his life.

According to the RAF Benevolent

Fund, he had been one of

the last known living veterans

of the escape attempt, which became

the subject of a Hollywood

film in 1963.

Rare Spitfire is to be star attraction at this summer’s Cosford Air Show

Story: Shropshire Star - Emma Walker

A rare reconnaissance

Spitfire will be joining

the line-up at the RAF

Cosford Air Show this

year. The annual event

takes place on Sunday,

June 9.

The Supermarine Spitfire

Photo Reconnaissance

PR. XIX PM651 will be

the centre of a display in

the Air Show’s popular

Vintage Village, which

transports visitors back

to the 1940s. Visitors

to the museum’s stand,

themed ‘Summer of

Spitfire’, will be amongst

the first to get up close to

the last of the specialised

photo reconnaissance

Spitfires, for a view inside

the cockpit.

This exclusive access

to Britain’s most iconic

aircraft is guaranteed

to prove popular with

families attending the

one-day show which

attracts in excess of

50,000 visitors.

The much more modern

PR. XIX has a number

of stark differences to

the Mk1 on display

at the Museum, fitted

with the Griffon engine

as opposed to the

Merlin engine used in

earlier models and was

notably faster than its


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