Principal's Newsletter, April 2019


April was a busy month on the campus of Niagara Christian Collegiate!


APRIL 2019

“At NCC we are committed to leading students towards a deeper

relationship with Jesus and committed also to teaching them what

it means to be people of God’s story.”

As I am writing this, we are

approaching Easter, and

I have been meditating

on the work of Jesus done on the

cross and on the New Creation he

began through his resurrection. I

want so desperately for the students

at NCC to come into deeper relationship

with the risen Jesus and

for them to accept His invitation

to new life in him. Easter is such

a poignant reminder of the work

God has done and is doing - in our

world, in our students, in my own

life and yours, and in the whole of


At NCC we are committed to leading

students towards a deeper relationship

with Jesus and committed also to

teaching them what it means to be

people of God’s story. It means, in

part, participating in the work of

reconciling the world to Christ. It

means allowing God to use us to

renew and restore His creation (including

ourselves) to flourishing.

There is so much evidence of this

beautiful work in this issue of the

newsletter. You can read about our

Athletics program, about our Celebration

of the Arts, about Creation

Care Day, and about our Celebration

of Nations, all opportunities that we

take at NCC to do beautiful work

and to celebrate the beautiful workers

that our students are becoming.

One of our faculty, Janice Smajda,

put this well when she wrote, “We

hope that as we pause and notice

the beautiful creations that God

has made, it will remind us that we

too are wonderfully and fearfully

made in God’s reflection.”

Finally, we know that at every stage

of their lives that beautiful work

will look different and will require

different skills, character traits, and

competencies. That’s why we put so

much work into transitioning our

Middle School students into High

School and our High School students

into University. I hope you enjoy the

student testimonials about the impact

of our University Week initiative

on their readiness for the next stage

of their academic careers.

Thank you for supporting NCC.

I hope you enjoy this issue of the

Principal’s Newsletter, and I ask

that you would join me in praying

that our Risen Saviour would work

powerfully in the hearts and minds

of our students this Easter, this

year, and for the rest of their lives.



If your son or daughter attends

NCC, you will find enclosed a

report card for the first part of

semester two.

Parents, as you read through these

reports please contact the school

if you have any questions or concerns.

I trust that nothing noted

in the reports will be a surprise for

you as you have the opportunity to

keep up with your son or daughter’s

standing via our online portal, Edsby.

If you are having issues connecting

to Edsby, please contact the school.

Edsby Login

Honour Roll

We would like to congratulate

those students who achieved an average

of over 80% and have been

recognized on the Academic Honour

Roll and those students who

achieved an average over 90%, and

have been recognized on the President’s

Honour Roll.

We commend them on their effort

and distinguished use of their gifts

and abilities.


April 23 - 26

University Week

April 27

Alumni Spring Banquet

May 2

Celebration of the Arts

May 3

Celebration of Success Assembly

May 10

Creation Care Day

May 11

NCC Golf Tournament

May 16


May 17

School Holiday

May 20

Victoria Day Holiday

May 27

Middle School Track & Field

May 29-30

Athletic Banquet

June 10-13


June 14

Middle School Awards & Grade 8 Grad

June 15

Secondary School Graduation


UNIVERSITY WEEK | Jonathan & Debbie

What did you enjoy about University

Week in November?

D | “I liked the fact that we were very

independent and in control of our

time. Although we had lectures on

some days and lots of work to get

done, there were wonderful activities

organised every night to help relieve

some stress. My favourite activity was

the basketball tournament that we

had in the gym, which was a refreshing

time to play with friends and interact

with people you aren’t that close to.”

J | “I appreciated that University

Week gives me a different sense of

responsibility and freedom. It gave

us a glimpse of what it will feel like

when we are given the responsibility

of a changing schedule with a

heavy workload at university, and

I feel that it was very beneficial for

building skills to manage our new

lifestyles next year.”

What are some of the main

differences between University

Week and a regular secondary

school week?

D | “A regular school week is routinized

and structured with everyone’s

classes beginning and ending at the

same time. The same subjects are done

every day, as well as compulsory study

periods in the evening for residential

students. Although university week

was also structured, people had control

of their own time and barely had

the same classes every day. The fact that

your study periods were dependent on

your preference really provided us

with the university experience, because

we had to balance our time and set

our own priorities straight amidst all

of the fun activities and free time that

was made available to us.”

J | “Our classes were in the form

of lectures and seminars which

were being held across campus and

at nearby universities. Workshops

and study sessions were also taking

place in the evenings which helped

us manage the large projects and

essays assigned to us during classes.

Also, instead of being bound to staying

at school for the entire school day,

we were given the freedom to leave

campus and return when we had a

class scheduled, whether that was in

the morning or the evening.”

Do you feel that University

Week has helped prepare you

for university?

D | “Without a doubt! During

University Week, time management

is very essential, because you have

a lot of assignments to submit and

there are many things that could

serve as distractions from getting

what you needed to accomplish,

leaving you to procrastinate. Procrastination,

time management,

and prioritization are problems people

face in university, however, having experienced

situations like this during

university week has taught me how

to approach them more efficiently.”

J | “University Week was a really

good way of gaining an understanding

of the workload and schedule that

we might experience at university,

we got insight to what it will be like

to sit through long lectures with large

projects and essays being our main

tasks. Through this experience, we

learned what it will be like to have to

manage our own time and our own

lifestyle. At university, we will get out

of it what we put into it, and it will be

on us to keep track of our efforts and

motivation, University Week was a

great way of mentally preparing for

that environment and mindset.”

Any advice for future grade 12’s?

D | “Have a structured timetable that

you can follow closely. Having this






would give you a very good advantage

because, you will be utilising your

time wisely and building on the necessary

skills that you need for university.

Also, get involved in school activities

because it would provide you with

many challenges and opportunities

for success.”

J | “Know what you want to get out

of University Week. Focus on the entire

experience and really take in all

the aspects of the week so that you

can prepare yourself for post-secondary.

Take that mindset and carry

it throughout the rest of your time at

NCC, take in every experience and

build your work ethic in everything

you do so that when you move on

to University next year, you will feel

prepared and set up for success.”







STUDENT REPORT The Transition to High School

Grade nine has been an interesting

year so far. The

classes have been difficult

requiring more attention making

the social aspect of it all the harder,

balancing these everyday feats can

sometimes seem challenging.

The first year I arrived at NCC was

in grade 8. It was a year that definitely

helped me prepare for the

transition and it made things much

more smooth. Mr. Haughton focused

a large amount of grade 9

prep on time management which

resulted in being my number one

priority in high school and still is.

Realizing that early in the year provided

a clear view point on how to

succeed, however the struggles still

exist, the pressure of parents, peers,

and teachers can be overwhelming

but the repercussions may result in

a stronger work ethic.





The winter of 2018 – 2019

marked the resounding

return to the SOSSA

hardwood for the Sr. Boys Basketball

team after missing out last year

in a heartbreaker. Under the leadership

of Coach Haughton, the NAVS

rolled to an undefeated regular season

Zone 3 title and a Niagara Falls Review

Consolation Championship.

Led by local grade 12 student Neil

Wangler, the blue and white relied

on sharp shooting and team defending.

With a majority of players returning,

the 2020 season can’t come

soon enough!

Jr. Boys Basketball played to a 4-3

record this season, losing an unexpected

semi-final game in the playoffs.

Led all season by Ladi Aganga,

who scored 25 of 29 points in the

final outing, the Navs worked hard,

came together as a group, and

played to the buzzer in every game.

Coach Dunnink will have his hands

full in 2020 as 4 starters move on to

the senior level but if this season is

any indication of the future success

of the program, the Navs are in

good hands.

The girls volleyball team posted

four strong wins, including a tournament

upset in the second round,

but lost a three set heartbreaker in

the semi-final to close out another

year that featured a very young and

growing squad. Led by new lead

setter, grade 10’s Anna LaHay, the

future looks bright for Navs Volleyball

as a majority of the team will be

around for two more seasons.

Swimming had yet another exciting

and winning season as every team

member set personal bests in the

pool by the conclusion of the season.

Led by senior OFSAA swimmer

Gabby Studebaker, the NAVS out

swam the competition at the Zone-3

Championships to take home fourteen

individual ribbons. Preparation,

focus, and execution helped NCC to

produce one of the best overall team

seasons in recent history. Studebaker

completed her NCC career as one of

the most decorated swimmers in the

history of the program. Piggybacking

on a great SOSSA performance,

Studebaker finished her last season

in the pool ranked provincially in

the top ten in both the 100 Back

and the 200 free. A growing squad

and a great season will have the Navs

looking forward to next year.

As daylight increases and weather

warms, one can only conclude that

spring training has begun. This is a

special time of the year with the arrival

of soccer, track, and slo-pitch.

A fast paced and schedule-heavy

spring season is about to begin. However,

I never want to miss the opportunity

to recognize all of our dedicated

winter athletes, parents, and supporters

that help make Nav athletics

what it is. Our student-athletes are

some of the very best to take the

courts, fields, and water in all of

Ontario and we sure are proud of





CREATION CARE DAY | Disconnect to Reconnect

This year Creation Care Day

will be taking place on

Friday, May 10th. It has

been a much anticipated event

since we had to cancel last year at

the last minute due to weather conditions.

Our goal again this year is

for the student body to spend the

day immersed in God’s wonderful

creation of the Earth. Our theme

is to “Disconnect in Order to Reconnect”.

We will be challenging

students to leave behind their

technology for the day in order to

be fully present and engaged with the

day’s activities and their immediate

social surroundings. A variety of

activities will be offered both on and

off campus including opportunities

to give back to the community

“We hope that as we pause and notice the beautiful creations

that God has made, it will remind us that we too are wonderfully

and fearfully made in God’s reflection.”

through Safari Niagara, the SPCA,

local senior homes, local family

farms, baking giveaways, charity

car wash, neighbourhood beautification,

as well as taking time to

enjoy nature through hiking the

Friendship Trail, exploring the Niagara

Gorge or biking the Niagara

Parkway. We hope that as we pause

and notice the beautiful creations

that God has made, it will remind

us that we too are wonderfully and

fearfully made in God’s reflection.




MAY 2ND, 2019 | 7:00PM

This year we will be celebrating

the fifth annual Celebration

Of the Arts which

will be held on the evening of May

2nd at 7:00pm. This event is an opportunity

to show off the collaboration

of beautiful work that has been

produced through several creative

disciplines. We will be starting the

evening in the chapel where we will

get a peek of what the music department

has been up to as well as

some of the other creative endeavours

that have been happening on

campus. After the program in the

chapel we will be heading over to

the gym were it will be transformed

by the Arts Council into a gallery.

Madame Trombley and some of

our NCC students will be waiting

in the French cafe for you to enjoy

some beverages and goodies. We are

hoping you will come support this

evening and celebrate our students

creative achievements. All proceeds

from this event will go towards supporting

these programs.


Celebration of the Arts is one

of the biggest events NCC

hosts during the school year.

It provides an opportunity for students

to showcase their God-given

talents across several disciplines in

the NCC community. In this year’s

fifth Annual Celebration of the

Arts, greatly anticipated by the student

body, I am excited to be participating

- this will be the first time

for me in my three years at NCC.

This opportunity has been created

through the Literature class I am

enrolled in. The Literature and

World Religion classes at NCC, led

respectively by Mrs. Soppitt and

Mr. Lauchlan, have been given the

opportunity to collaborate across

these disciplines to seek to reflect on

truth as portrayed in art. This has

been done through exploring the relationship

between ideas and truth

as they are represented in art. The

driving question is that which Pilate

asked to Jesus, “What is truth?”. In

response to research, personal reflection,

and much discussion the

students have created their own “interactive

art installations” which will

be presented to the audience at the

Celebration of the Arts. It would be

much appreciated if you come out

on May 2nd at 7:00 PM to support

the creative achievements of all

those participating.





Throughout the school year,

we hold monthly international

lunches, each focusing

on two or three countries represented

at NCC. In the spring, this is culminated

with the annual Celebration

of Nations, celebrating all of the

diverse cultures and ethnic backgrounds

of NCC students and staff.

This year it runs from Monday,

April 15th to Thursday, April 18th.

On this day, the dining hall, the gym,

and the chapel are full of activity

with food preparation, last minute

decorating, and presentation rehearsals.

In the gymnasium national

flags are flying, information boards

and table displays of the various

countries or cultures are on show,

and tasty food samples are ready to

be enjoyed. After sampling everything,

students move to the chapel

to be entertained by a student talent

and cultural fashion show.

I am thankful that at NCC, students

have the opportunity to show pride

in their heritage in such a fun and

tasty way!




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