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Search Engine Optimization is a powerful technique to make your website visible on Google SERPs. SEO is a strategy that changes time to time according to Google algorithms and User benefits. In this presentation, you can learn more about SEO hacks in 2019! the tactics will really help you boost your website ranking and increase your traffic according to Google's Algo norms. 
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1. Google RankBrain

What is Google RankBrain exactly? How can you optimize

your website for it?

Basically, RankBrain is a machine-learning system that helps

Google sort their search problems. It simply measures how

user interacts with the search results….and ranks them


RankBrain focuses on 2 things:

1. Dwell Time – how long someone spends on your page

2. CTR - %age of people that click on your results.

RankBrain & Dwell Time

• RankBrain pays A LOT of attention to Dwell Time.

• The head of Google Brain in Canada confirmed that

Google uses Dwell Time as ranking factor.

• It was found that the average Dwell Time for a top

10m Google result is 3 Minutes and 10 seconds.

• This makes sense if you about it:

If you spend a long time on the page, that means you

probably like the content on that page!

and if enough people think the same way, the

RankBrain will definitely be going to uprank that

page on Google!

RankBrain & Organic CTR

• Click Through Rate (CTR)- average

percentage of people that clicked on your


• CTR = total no. of organic clicks * 100

total no. of impressions

Organic CTR is largely based on ranking

position but is also influenced by result’s Title

tag, description, URL and presence of rich


Two reasons:

Why is Organic CTR


• First , higher click-through-rate = more traffic

• Second, CTR is a key Search Engine Ranking


So, its clear that higher click-through-rate can

lead to higher rankings and more traffic.

more clicks = more CTR!

How Can You Improve Your


Few ridiculously amazing hacks listed below to

increase organic CTR. Look this!

1. Use Brackets in your Title Tag

2. Include numbers in your Title

3. Short enticing URL

4. Optimize your description

5. Put the current year in your title and description

6. Avoid Clickbaits.

7. Use emotional titles ( yes it works!)

8. Get Rich Snippets and Sitelinks

2. Rank Content In The

Featured Snippet

• According to SEMrush, 11.3% of all search

results now have a Featured Snippet.

• Yes: featured snippets are stealing A LOT of

clicks from #1 spot!

now the question is: How do you get your

content on Featured snippet?

here are some drastically

stunning points to watch


• First, find those keywords that you already rank for !

• Second, keywords that have featured snippets

• Next, create your snippet bait

Snippet Bait????

“ snippet bait” is a 40-60 word block of content

specifically designed to rank in featured snippet


• Finally, format your content for other types of

featured snippets like list snippet, table snippet,

paragraph snippet, etc.

3. Crown winning

Comprehensive In-depth


In old days, Google would analyze your website

HTML to see how many times you used a specific

keyword. But today’s Google is much smarter

than it used to be!

• So, instead of only measuring content, they now

focus on context!

• Google’s #1 job is to show their users the BEST

results. And in most cases, “best” results doesn’t

only mean Keyword-Stuffed content. Instead,

the pages covers the entire topic In-depth

more information = more words = in-depth

content = Rank high!!

4. Add LSI Keywords To Your


• Latent Symentic Indexing: LSI keywords are

the words and phrases that are strongly

associated with your page’s topic.

• So, how do you actually do LSI keyword


5. Optimize for Google’s

“Mobile First-Indexing”

• 60% of Google searches are from a Mobile


So, whether you got the heads-up from the

Google yet or not, it’s time to get ready!

How do you do this??

#3 Steps- Optimize Your

Website For Google’s Mobile

First Index!

1. Make your content consistent across

Desktop and Mobile

2. Move to Responsive Website Designs.

3. Make Sure your website have super fast

speed to load on mobile device.

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