YSPI Sponsorship Opportunities 2019


Your company can help us to fund Ireland's FIRST Free Mobile Youth Crisis Counselling Service which will provide fast, free crisis counselling to teenagers at immediate risk of serious mental health crisis and suicide.


Schools Programme

YSPI developed the Four Steps to Help Programme for Schools with the assistance of Dr Keith Holmes,

a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist, and Medical Director of St John of God’s Youth Mental

Health Services. We have spent the last two years completing the programme, which is now a

comprehensive mental health awareness and suicide prevention programme.

The programme includes:

A 24 page Student Booklet for each student attending a workshop

A Teachers’ Handbook which provides in depth information and risk assessments for teachers

and youth workers.

A set of 7 lesson plans which the schools can use to build on the programme workshops.

A Press and Media Pack which covers responsible reporting of suicide particularly youth

suicide which carries a higher risk of copycat suicides amongst peers.

A full script of the facilitators' prepared presentation with slides as reference

Access to Free2Text Crisis Information Service

Forthcoming Services

A video presentation of the class talk that can be played to classes or used as a teacher training

Autumn 2019


Autumn 2019

Access to local counselling resources

Autumn 2019

Access to educational assessments and psychometric evaluations

FreeText Crisis Information Service

Following feedback from the students themselves we set-up a FreeText Crisis Information Service in

2014. The FreeText service allows anyone, even if they have no credit, to text HELP to 50015 where

they will receive back a list of services that are available 24/7 and are also free to call. As of 31st

October 2018 we were receiving around 2,000 unique text requests per month on the FreeText


New Developments for 2019

Our latest development of the programme is to put together a video presentation of our workshops

which can be included into school packs for schools where they have an urgent requirement for

support, such as a suicide in the area affecting the students, where we simply don’t have the

resources to schedule a facilitator. We are working towards distributing over 300 of these school

packs this year although the pack costs are quite high.

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