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Your company can help us to fund Ireland's FIRST Free Mobile Youth Crisis Counselling Service which will provide fast, free crisis counselling to teenagers at immediate risk of serious mental health crisis and suicide.


Awareness Training Ireland

Awareness Training Ireland is the corporate training arm of Youth Suicide

Prevention Ireland. ATI has been at the cutting-edge of Mental Health

Awareness and Risk management training in schools and colleges for the

last 10 years. As a result our training is the perfect synergy of the practical

and the theoretical to help you achieve your real-world training goals. Our

training leads to an increase in staff well-being as well as improved risk

management with reduced risk liability.

With the increase in mental health related liability claims in the last three years, our focus is on

improving the understanding of Mental Health Risks to yourself, your employees and your company.

With our training we enable you to assess the risks arising from mental health issues, develop and

maintain appropriate policies, and provide effective prevention and intervention. Developing a

robust mental health strategy for your organisation can significantly reduce liability exposure and

reduce absenteeism and sick leave.

The same trained facilitators who work in schools and colleges around the country every week are

the facilitators for our courses. They bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and practical skills to

our courses. Our facilitators work as easily with corporate personnel as with teachers, parents and

youth workers.

What is mental health risk?

Awareness of mental health is not only good for your employee well-being but helps to manage and

mitigate liability from mental health risk.

Our experience is that many organisations have underestimated the importance of mental health,

not just in terms of staff welfare but also in terms of duty of care.

We put a particular focus on understanding the causes of mental health issues on a corporate and

personal level. We provide comprehensive training in assessing the risk factors involved in order that

those risk factors can be identified early, mitigated and preventative measures taken before a

concern becomes a crisis.

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