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Gerry Halpin

“from studio to gallery

I visited Gerry Halpin at his studio last year after we had discussed the

activities of the Manchester Academy of Fine Art, of which he was the

president (at the time of writing). My visit was concerned only about

his position as an artist however and I was keen to see (in the flesh) the

work I had seen on various digital media platforms.

I knew of Gerry’s background as an art teacher, and therefore believed

our discussion would be not only interesting for me personally but also

for readers. of ong>paintersong> ong>TUBESong> ong>magazineong>. But it was his reason for

painting his subjects that caught my imagination. He has travelled far

and wide over land and sea and it was this ‘travelling’ that inspired him

to paint landscapes from another perspective.

These ‘arial’ landscapes provide the ideal catalyst to produce ‘abstract’

looking work - and with the addition of visual memory and choice

of colour palette extends them from ‘the norm’ to the unusual and

attractive. Gerry paints these ‘images’ in varying sizes and shapes

depending on the ‘shapes’ that he feels best fit in with what he has seen

and what he has imagined.

The colour lines of the work are complimentary, sometimes vivid and

often surprising. He showed me a large canvas in luscious blues that I

really liked…here is what he has to say about the work that he has been

creating for some time, this what he had to say about his work;

“Travelling further afield to places such as Mauritius,

Madagascar, Zambia, Borneo and Australia afforded me that

‘eureka moment’ of ‘seeing’ the landscape in an entirely different

way than what I was more familiar with.

Seeing the world from above rather than being in it and looking

across, brought an exciting new challenge in ways of observing

and recording the landscape. Looking down on the world meant

that I could see the ordinary features of

a landscape in an extraordinary way and I had to find new

methods of painting in order to represent that new perspective. “

Gerry is an accomplished professional artist and it is not surprising

to learn that he has exhibited and is collected widely, but ‘landscape’

although a passion, is not the only subject he paints. Figurative works

also play a part in his port folio. Once again these paintings of ordinary

people in ordinary places are treated as a composition of form and

colour. He employs the same range of tonal vibrance to these as he does

in his landscape work, which gives them their ‘collectable’ label for

many galleries around the UK.

top right: Arrival V11 - Burnt Earth ref:PGH28

middle: Aerial V11- Coast Tamil Nadu.E India ref: PGH29

bottom right: Figures (urban) ref:PGH30

all images ©Gerry Halpin

Photograph by Denis Taylor ©Tubes ong>magazineong> 2018

Summary by Denis Taylor ©ong>paintersong> Tubes ong>magazineong>s

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