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Special Guest Artists

Amanda and Peter Worral

Denis Taylor (Editor of ong>TUBESong> and curator for

ong>TUBESong> gallery) has had a long discussion with Peter

and Amanda in connection with their

creation of a VR three dimensional art gallery.

It was during these talks that he was to discover that

both were also gifted artists in their own right.

The common creative ground soon became apparent,

what resulted was a collaboration agreement with

ong>paintersong> ong>TUBESong> ong>magazineong> and ong>TUBESong> artists

gallery. This agreement will result in ong>TUBESong>

ong>magazineong>s being to curate exhibition for artists

groups, solo shows and special project exhibitions

presented in probably the best VR 3D gallery for

talented independent artists.

A full feature and the first exhibition will be

published (September) in both the main ong>magazineong>

and the ong>TUBESong> gallery complete with premiere

days, where the artists can also meet and greet visitors

to the exhibition, ask questions about the art

on show, having first downloaded the exhibition


This is a great opportunity for artists world wide and

ong>TUBESong> are excited to be at the forefront of changing

the playing field for artists as we go further into the

21c. This feature on Peter and Amanda allows our

fellow artists to get to know our new artists friends

Peter and Amanda have always been involved in the creative industries.

Peter originally trained as a prototype engineer and began exhibiting when he and his brother arrived in New Zealand

from the UK in 1974. In the same year he was invited along with his brother to join the stable of ten artists at Barry Lett

galleries, one of Auckland’s leading art galleries at the time. The gallery suggested they move to an island just off the

coast of Auckland (Waiheke) where they could live and paint. They enjoyed the next few years doing just that and sold

well in the local market. Peter also secured a job at the Auckland City Art Gallery as an assistant to the curator.

In 77 Peter moved to San Francisco and over the next few years co-founded the famous ‘Deaf Club’ and managed punk

bands including the “Dead Kennedys” whilst also creating electronic music with early computers.

The Chief designer of Dolby C (noise reduction technology) wanted to record Peters band ‘KiDiMe’ and did it at Dolby’s

experimental facility in downtown SF. They were only able to work from 10pm to 6am so it went on for several weeks.

One night at around 2am Mr Dolby himself came in saying he was sorry but he needed the studio to put an (early digital)

soundtrack on a film and test the sound quality, so treated the band to Hamburgers across the road at Clown Alley’s whilst

he did the work. This recording won KiDiMe a contract with Rough Trade records when they first opened in the US.

Although opportunities were unfolding for Peter in the US he chose to return to New Zealand.

During the 70’s Amanda was working for an equestrian stable in Austria where she had been riding Lipizzana dressage

horses at professional level. She had also come home (to New Zealand) to be closer to family and had a job at Aucklands

Mercury Theatre as a scenic artist before moving to Television NZ as an art director and then a set designer.

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