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Gregory Evans “from studio to gallery

I first saw Gregory’s work on the new ArtMo artists social media

platform, of which we are both members. My gut reaction was mixed

- that was until saw the full range of his work. It’s different, ironic and

quite frankly it made me laugh out loud in a good way - That’s what

is so great about it. Greg is a well read guy, and his intelligence is

obvious in his work He explains what his work is all about far better

than I...

“...I think of my work as snapshots of a larger experience. They’re

frozen moments in time, moments that are usually lost in the bigger

picture. My images come to me complete and whole, but that image

needs to be processed. Like a photograph, it’s developed, revealing

more of its wholeness and beauty, though over a longer period of time.

I know my images intimately before they’re even begun. At times, my

images are zany, other times serious, at times irreverent and other

times poignant. I feel that its life’s elusive qualities that transform our

perspective of it, so my focus is to convey that overlooked sense of

brilliance by capturing it in my subjects.

While it may seem that our reality is fixed and solid, it’s the rubbery,

changeable qualities that come with this reality as a gift. It’s this that

allows us to celebrate the human and the little things people make

of life in this world. When we allow ourselves to see this glimmering

shadow, we can respect ourselves and others in our small moments, in

the transience of life.

“This is what I wish to show to people who see my art.

Life really is a candy-store.”

Born in Wimpole Park in England, he was implanted with a sense

of creativity and color by his mother, who was also an artist.

He studied Art and Art History and has a degree in Graphic Design

and Commercial Art. Gregory studio is in the Southwest of France.

summary edited and written by Denis Taylor and Gregory Evans.

All images and titles © Gregory Evans.

top: “an English Pub” ref:PE15 middle left: “figure on the rocks

middle: “waiting room” ref:PE17 top right: “Six Cubed- where t

ref: pe18 bottom right: “caryatid (with Pizza) after Modigliani. r

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