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Malcom Taylor

“from studio to gallery”

I visited Malcolm Taylor in his studio some months ago. Having

seen his work many times before on social media it was a

pleasure to get up close and discover the way he approaches

his work by way of reading his brush work. The paintings I had

seen were ‘almost formal abstractions’ although earlier in his

painting life he was essentially a figurative landscape painter.

He mentioned to me how the St Ives in Cornwall had inspired

him, no doubt assisted by his knowledge of the history of art

from St Ives School (i.e. James Whistler, Walter Sickert, Motimer

Mempes,Thomas Millie Dow, Edward Simmons and Howard

Russel ). What Malcolm may not have known is that Sweden’s

most renown artist (Anders Zorn) also painted in St Ives, which

had become a veritable magnet for painters and sculptors alike

(i.e Barbara Hepworth).


Malcolm is a prolific painter, and most of his work is on the small

side, but beautifully presented. However, his natural talent for

‘drawing’ is less known. Whilst in the studio he shown me a very

large number of sketch books full of drawings that were quite

beautifully created in charcoal, pencil and the odd one pen and

ink, so many in fact that I simply did not have time to see them

all, as each one was a page stopper.

Malcolm Taylor is a very active artist and a supporter of

other artist fellows by way of his close involvement with the

Manchester Fine Art Academy, which at the time of writing is the

Vice-President. I do hope to be able to visit his studio again, and

really spend time thumbing through the pages of those wonderful

sketchbooks. In the meantime here what he has to say about his

paintings and his methodology:

‘Many of my paintings are derived from an ongoing

exploration of the landscape but, with my purely

abstract paintings, I do not have a fixed image in mind

when I start, preferring to let the imagery develop and

evolve through the process of painting. I have never

restricted myself to working in one particular medium

and continually find myself switching between acrylics,

traditional oils and both soft and oil pastels depending

on what I am trying to achieve. Brushes, sticks, fingers

and thumbs are used to scrape, score and scratch marks

onto the surface. I continually redraw, rearrange and

obliterate passages in a desire to achieve a balance of

colour and form. The end result is what is important

and I may use collage, mixed media, dripping, scraping,

drawing with sticks – anything to achieve a spontaneous

and lively painting that is harmonious in composition,

tone and colour.. “


all images ©Malcolm Taylor

Photograph by Denis Taylor ©Tubes magazine 2018

Summary by Denis Taylor ©painters Tubes magazines

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