#Osborne Issue 8.5

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May 2019 Issue #8.5



2015 & 2018


This 5

and 6

page not

A joke

the page

5 and 6


you to





#ask the


I like

Been a

bad boss

I like arcade

And bowling

I like




I like




The suicide challenge is a

dangerous game its cost death and

illness lots of people like blue whale

And momo challenge you know

That momo is a creepypasta

Put is cost to hunt your dreams

And the blue whale is cost to cut

Your skin this for all of you in the

world if you do do not listen to

momo and blue whale just stay

away from it or it will happening to

you put is cost Facebook and

media side on news or youtube

Just be safe online

Creepy website it cold creepypasta

It about urban legends creatures

between of the lost episodes like sid

The guy cut tape happy endings of

the lie and hunted gaming's if lost

episode and hunted gaming's cold be

real or not if you do do not watch it or

play it

It will happing to you for rest of your


#funny faces

Do you all like theme parks of the


#comic con

#charismas special

#kids choice award

If you love or like

The restaurant

Do your like

Easter holidays

You know about Easter

It about Sunday 21 April

It a history of a. d. 30 of

For god and Jesus Christ

Of the church of the bible

Of heaven for the god

Do you like it

Do you love



Do you like

Movies or not

The wrath of


Tjili is a great amazing

artist put his our friends

She appear on the one

show and bbc news

She likes lucky star and

Like everything

If you like tjilis arts she

made go to tjili website

And look at her beautiful

artist and she like


Nasa is about when

You go to space into the moon

Mars aliens and more

They have a robot in mars or

Not or cold planet on earth is

A hope or like nasa like right



What are you going to vote for a


#video game

For 18 year old

School life is about

Learning help

people working

Make new and old

Friends don’t be

cast a trouble

Be happy

Make a hope for

The earth

Be strong

Be good

Be Yousef

Make cooking and


No swearing

No bullying

No breaking


And more

So be good by

Yousef okey


#football teams

Sometime when you heathy you eat

Fruits and water everyday and the year

What fruit do you love or like

What the funny

Comics do the

best do you like

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