Dirt and Trail June 2019


Congratulations to all the guys that

participated this year - we look forward

to seeing you at the Roof of Africa 4 - 7

December 2019.

Struggle stories…

Four members of SOHR: Dino Zimmides,

Sean Tagney, Troy Nagel and James Luyt

(known as the ‘MP’s’) took a bet last year

on an enduro ride in Swaziland that they

would all complete the Bronze Qualifier this

year! Much excitement and lots of training!

Less drinking and partying for the guys as

they prepped for the event!

James Luyt’s clutch starting giving him

hassles 20km before the finish line - he

was able to ride very slowly in 1st and

2nd gear and a bit of free-wheeling down

the hill. Determined to finish he pushed it

where necessary! At the last checkpoint

about 12km before the finish-line, James

had absolutely NO power and his clutch

had packed up completely! Another rider

Moshate Letlela (No 66) stopped and

assisted him to the Finish line saying

“This is your first Bronze Qualifier - you

have to finish” James made it!!

A very big THANK YOU to Moshate

for being such a super supportive biker -

makes for a wonderful riding community!

Sean Tagney pulled him with a rope

back to the SOHR Pits.

Troy Nagel pushed hard for 98 km’s

and then had a fall literally before the finish

line popping out his shoulder. Marshalls

and paramedics said he must accompany

them and they will strap him up - not

sure if it was broken or dislocated! Troy

was determined to finish and he said he

doesn’t care what happens - he will have it

strapped once he finishes!

He got his medal - got strapped and

they operated on Thursday! He is back in

the game!

A riders Perspective:

By Mo Moosa

I have rallied cars in the South African

National Rally Championship for 7 years

and have won the National title in Class A6

in 2009. I was part of a professional setup

and was sponsored by Total and Toyota SA

and competed in the ultimate class S2000

against the best in SA.

Growing up on a farm, I have ridden

bikes all of my life and still own the 1983

Model Yamaha PW80 that I rode as a

child. When I stopped rallying I looked for

something to fill that gap and my friend;

Brian Capper; introduced me to Hard

Enduro in August 2015. It ticked all the

boxes for me, in that there were a new set

of skills to master, it was very physical and

it provided that much needed adrenaline

rush that I missed. I started off on a 2012

KTM 200XC-W and then to a 2014 KTM

Family gathering

Derek Hardy.

Mo Moosa.

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