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4 Local Life

A Pheasant Plucker

Hope you had your teeth in properly if you read that

headline aloud!

Yes, once upon a time, I was that pheasant plucker,

scraping a living plucking pheasants and gutting

fish at a game butchers down south. It was just one

of many short-term jobs in my youth whilst I ‘found

my feet’. Kennel hand, pot washer, baker, glass

snatcher, petrol pump attendant (yes, I’m that old!);

you name it and I tried it out.

At the time people told me that work experience

like this was a positive thing as it would enable me

to work out what I didn’t want to do with the rest

of my life.

It was a good point. Take, for example, the morning

I spent on a building site, where I was tasked with

barrowing rubble into a skip. After falling off the

plank three times, I was obviously never ever going

to be part of a tight rope act in a circus!

In fact, I was about 40 years old before I decided

what I wanted to do when I grew up, and I’m sure

that resonates with many other Local Life readers.

So why am I rattling on about this?

Well, for all of you who have exams coming up;

you’re obviously going to try your best, but you

don’t have to let the results of these exams define

your long-term future. Hopefully you’ll pass all your

exams with flying colours.

But if, when you get your results back, they aren’t as

good as you need them to be, then it really isn’t the

end of the world – though it will probably seem like

it is at the time.

Picking yourself up, dusting yourself down and

finding another way forward is all part of building

character. I wish you all the best.

See you next time

Chris Pearce, Publisher


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6 News & Features

Cinema Returns to Ormskirk

Ormskirk has been home to many cinemas in its

time – many locals will remember the Regal, which

survived until the 1960s, and the Pavilion which

clung to life until the 80s. But forty years have

passed without a picture house in the town centre,

so Chapel Gallery decided to change that.

Visitors to the gallery can enjoy Friday Night Films,

including a showing of A Star is Born with Lady Gaga

and Bradley Cooper on Friday, June 14.

There’ll also be Saturday Matinee showings for

families every week at 2pm, and a Silver Screen

Club for a more classic cinema experience on

Wednesdays at 2pm.

For those with babies, the Hello Baby Club offers a

baby-friendly screening of with softer volume and

dim lights – and there’s no need to worry about

disturbing other guests. These screenings take

place on Wednesdays at 10am.

Cinema Club memberships are available for

purchase – annual membership costs just £5 per

person, and snags you a free rental service of

various films, a café discount and three cinema

vouchers to bring along a friend for free.

For more information, dates and times, visit www.


Chapel Gallery is also hosting a regular series of folk

nights, including one of the iconic voices of British

folk Bob Fox. Experience his warm, rich voice and

virtuoso guitar style through songs of love, joy and

humour on the night.

The gallery is open for refreshments from 6pm,

with music starting at 7:30pm. Tickets cost £15

and can be obtained on 01695 571328 or at www.



Night Market

The Moor Street Night Market returns to Ormskirk

on Friday, May 31.

Expect delicious street food, cocktails, craft beers

and artisan gins – plenty to tickle the tastebuds!

Whether you fancy a wood fired pizza, some sushi

or vegan dishes, there’s something for everyone!

There’ll also be live music performed throughout

the evening.

The market runs from 5pm-9:30pm on Moor Street.

Open 7 days

Together we will create…

Rainbow Round-Up

The 5th Ormskirk (St. Anne’s) Rainbows celebrate

their 25th birthday this month – and they’re looking

for previous members to go along to mark the


If you’ve been involved with the Rainbows –

whether you’re a former member or helper – come

along and enjoy the party on Wednesday, June 5

from 6pm-7:30pm.

It takes place in the Youth Room in St. Anne’s

Pastrol Centre on Prescot Road. To RSVP or for more

information, call Jacqui on 07922 478521.

Georgian Singers

Your local choir needs you! The Georgian Singers

Choir, formed more than 45 years ago, is looking for

new members.

The mixed choir performs a huge range of songs,

led by an enthusiastic musical director who plays

piano alongside.

If you enjoy singing, you’re incredibly welcome

to come along – there are no auditions,

no requirements for solo singing, and free


Rehearsals take place every Tuesday from 1:15pm-

3:15pm at St. George’s Church Hall on Station Road,

Maghull. For further information, call Brian on

01257 436615.

…your dream kitchen

8-9, Garrick Parade, Lord Street,

Southport, PR8 1RN

T: 01704 808 030

E: showroom@southport.kutchenhaus.co.uk











For details telephone

01695 422 Bold 688 Lane, / 07907 Aughton 465 512 L3

Bold Lane, Aughton, L39 6SG



Rotary Repairs

Ormskirk Clocktower Rotary

Club have undertaken a huge

project to rebuild a primary

school in Uganda.

March saw the Rotary Club

head out to Kamuzinda, a rural

village four hours from the city

of Kampala, to help the Molly &

Paul Childcare Foundation. The

charity was set up to provide

free education and medical

care to over 2000 orphaned and

homeless children in Uganda –

but the primary school set up by

the Foundation was crumbling.

Rotary members travelled to the

village in 2018 to begin the rebuild, and returned

in 2019 for its completion. Repairs were carried out

on the leaking roof and termite-ridden wooden

supports, and extension work performed on one

of the children’s homes – which housed 38 young

children in just three cramped rooms.

Ormskirk Clocktower managed to raise just over

£9,300 for the projects through coffee mornings,

raffles and a sponsored cutting of a 40-year-old

ponytail. Help also came from the 3rd Burscough

Guides and members of the Christchurch, Maghull

& Aughton Rotary.

Rotary member Liz Tonge managed to gather over

400 pairs of shoes donated by the community of

Burscough, which were handed out to the children

– many of whom had never owned a pair of their

own before.

Rotary club members helped remove rubble and

shift bricks at the site, as well as travelling into the

community to hand out gifts of flour, rice, curry

powder, salt and laundry soap to those in need.

This mostly consisted of grandparents raising

children whose parents died from AIDS, malaria or

pneumonia. Members even helped repair school

uniforms for families who couldn’t do it themselves.

Funds raised for the trip went towards providing

new pans, bunkbeds and school books for the

children, along with repairs to the water meter and

classroom sewing machines.

‘This was my second trip to Kamuzinda, and it was

again a privilege to spend time with the children

there and the adults who work so hard for them,’

said Liz Tonge. ‘We’re so lucky in the UK – we have so

much, yet these children who have nothing are the

most happy, respectful and grateful young people I

have ever met. I’m just glad to be able to help to do

my bit making their lives a little easier.’

The Rotary Club of Ormskirk Clocktower are

already preparing for their third trip to Uganda

next year. If you’d like to help out, visit http://www.

mollyandpaul.org/ or contact the Rotary Club at




Fun at the Fair

The much anticipated annual Newburgh Fair returns

to West Lancashire this month.

Currently in its 42nd incarnation, the fair’s theme

this year is ‘Wonders of the World’, which will unite

children around the village in presenting floats of

the Pyramids, the Taj Mahal and Great Wall of China.

As usual, Newburgh will light up with games

and activities, including a craft show, Karate and

gymnastics demonstrations, and Morris and Indian

dancing. Children and adults can also get involved in

circus skills workshops and a community tug-of-war


The week of the fair will feature a packed events


The community celebration service and village

picnic takes place on Sunday, June 16 at 10:30am

to bring everyone together for some fun, laughter

and food.

On Tuesday, June 18, it’s eyes down for a Douglas

Valley Lions bingo night from 7:30pm.

Folk-rock group Merry Hell head to Newburgh on

Wednesday, June 19 at 7:30pm for a night of folk

music and dancing. Tickets cost £10 and are bookable

on 01257 464215 or at mark@markdowding.co.uk

On Thursday, June 20 at 7pm the PTA Ladies are

hosting a movie night complete with a DJ, hot

supper and raffle prizes. Tickets cost £20 from Fiona

on 07852 131847.

Friday, June 21 sees the community get together for

a quiz night from 7pm – young and old quizzers alike

are invite to test their knowledge!

Finally, on Saturday, June 22, see the parade

procession led by the Red Admiral Music Academy

from 12pm before the Newburgh Fair gets properly

underway. The crowning of the Rose Queen will take

place afterwards on Newburgh School Field.

The Newburgh Fair Hoedown takes place at 7:30pm

in the evening – grab your boots and dance to a live

band! Tickets for the Hoedown cost £15 including

a hotpot supper, and are available from Newburgh

Post Office.

All events take place in the marquee and on the field

at Newburgh School on Back Lane (WN8 7XB).


Firefighting Families

Ormskirk Fire Station is hosting a family fun day in


The open day gives you the chance to get up close

and personal with your local firefighters, with

practical demonstrations throughout the day!

There’ll also be food vans offering a variety of

goodies, a goalie shoot-out, and stalls to browse.

Go along to Ormskirk Fire Station on Aughton

Street on Saturday, July 6 from 10am-4pm.

Tai Chi in the Park

Join a free community event in Coronation Park on

Saturday, June 8.

You’ll get the chance to try out the ancient art of Tai

Chi – a form of gentle exercise which can help you

get fitter, increase flexibility and ease stress.

10am-11am, and meets on the bowling green in the

park. Make sure to dress for the weather – this is a

rain or shine event!

Open Audition

Pleasure Folk AMS are looking for talented

youngsters to audition for a magical performance

of CS Lewis’ classic children’s novel The Lion, The

Witch and The Wardrobe.

Young people aged 6-16 who love to sing and

dance are invited to open auditions taking place in

June, ahead of the Junior section performance at

the end of August.

The first meeting takes place at Ormskirk Civic Hall

on Monday, June 3 from 7pm-9pm, then auditions

run on Sunday, June 9.

For more information, visit the Pleasure Folk AMS

Facebook page or call 01695 733945.

The event, which is suitable for ages 12+, runs from

0151 954 0730

Living in PR4-6? Call 01772 811 611


Conquer the Clutter

One of the keys to a

beautiful home is seamless

storage and organisation,

ensuring that everything

has a place, and that

everyone knows how the

home operates.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing

worse than spending time

and money styling up

your home to find that on

a practical level it doesn’t

work because you haven’t

thought through where

your day to day ‘stuff’

should live.

But fear not! Here are some tips to get your home

functioning beautifully and with great style.

Declutter - Imagine you are about to move house.

(It’s good to get into this mindset because it helps

you to be really ruthless). Tackle one part of a

room at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. Go

through your belongings and think about whether

you really, really need the ‘thing’. Creating three

piles - keep, bin and charity - quickly filters your

belongings and reduces to a manageable amount.

Act on the declutter - It’s really easy, once you’ve

gone through the above exercise, to leave the bin

bags or boxes in a bit pile in the hallway and then

not quite get round to moving them. Do this part

immediately otherwise before you know it, those

ruthless decisions you made earlier will be undone

and you’ll find yourself pulling bits out of the bags

as you slowly change your mind.

Storage - Now comes the fun part. Assess what

things you’re left with and take a look at their

purpose. Do you actually need a kitchen drawer

full of screwdrivers and string, or are those things

better off in the garage so that you can use your

kitchen drawer for teatowels and herbs? Treat

yourself to new storage solutions. Do a stocktake

of what you have to store before you leave. Make

sure you measure the dimensions of shelving or

cupboards first and always buy more containers or

baskets than you think you’re going to need. Even if

you don’t fill them immediately it’ll save a trip back

to the shop when you do need them (or worse, find

that you can’t get matching items when you need


Set up a family command centre - This doesn’t

have to be as scary as it sounds. A console table

in the hallway is perfect for this. You can store

keys in small drawers, hang family planners on the

wall to keep everyone on track and use the space

underneath for slippers or shoes to ensure the

hallway stays tidy. You can have a post tray here,

and baskets to pop bits in like lunchboxes or sports

kit to go in/out of the house.


Elysian Bathrooms



128a & 130c Liverpool Road, Aughton, Ormskirk, L39 3LW

01695 423 825


info@elysian-bathrooms.com find us on: o


Open Farm Sunday

Farms across the country are opening their gates to

the public on Sunday, June 9.

Each year, hundreds of farms across the country

welcome in the public to explore the world of

farming for LEAF Open Farm Sunday. Open events

are a great family day out, and allow you an insight

into how farming helps out daily lives run smoother

from behind the scenes.

Taylors Farm Shop in Lathom is opening its farm to

visitors on the day; expect butchery demonstrations,

machinery displays and the chance to meet the

farm animals. There’ll also be a barbecue and ice

creams available. Learn why worms are an essential

component to the farm, see how your food is

produced and how bees help grow crops! For more

info, call 01704 893267 or email taylorsfarmshop@


Meanwhile, Gore House Farm in Lydiate offers tours

of the farm, exploring the history of farming on the

Lancashire Mosslands and the wildlife all around.

Homemade cakes and refreshments will also be

available. For details, call 07759 266697 or email


Marsh Farm in Hesketh Bank offers machinery

demonstrations to give you an insight into farming

life; tractor and trailer rides; tours of the working

farm and plenty of children’s activities. There’ll be

food and drink available to purchase throughout

the day. Call 01772 280600 or email stephen.

shields@huntapac.co.uk for info.

Each farm is free to enter, but donations may be

required for refreshments.

Specimen Trees & Shrubs

is our trade

Call NOW





Plant Centre

From Trees to Hedging,

Plants to Topiary shapes,

you will be spoilt for choice.

Looking for something bigger?

We also offer a huge selection of

large trees & shrubs, giving you the

perfect backdrop for any garden,

show homes or business landscapes.

Open: Saturday, 8am - 4pm; Sunday, 10.30am - 2pm; On week days please phone.

Fairveiw, Gorse Lane, Tarleton, Preston, PR4 6LH Tel: 01772 816879 or 07802 845122



Your local National Trust Supporters’ Group branch

has recently started its summer activity programme.

From day trips to short breaks and regular talks, the

group offers plenty of opportunities to get together

with others who share a passion for conservation

and history. The first event – a trip to Shugborough

Estate - takes place on Thursday, July 11.

Future trips include one to the Richard III Visitor

Centre in Leicester and to the Halfpenny Green

Vineyard in Shropshire. Day trips set off from

Washway Farm in Lathom – if you’d like to go along

to Shugborough, call 07443 520471 for details.

On Wednesday, July 17 the group is hosting its

summer barbecue at Skelmersdale Cricket Club

from 6:30pm – tickets cost £15 and are available on

01257 464440.

If you’re hankering for a short break, the Historic

Houses of Lincolnshire tour could be perfect for

you. The four-night stay visits Burghley House,

Woolsthorpe Manor, Southwell Workhouse and

many more, and the trip commences on Thursday,

September 19.

Membership to ODANTM costs £10 for the entire

year, and details can be obtained on 01695 421463

or on www.odantm.wordpress.com

Scarecrow Fest

Burscough’s Scarecrow Festival returns this July.

From Friday, July 5 until Sunday, July 7, the village

will be brought to life with colourful scarecrows

of all shapes and sizes. All proceeds go to local

community projects.

Last year saw 144 scarecrows entered into the

festival – and this year promises to be even more


A huge scarecrow-themed family fun day also takes

place at Burscough Cricket Club on the Sunday

from 12pm.

For more information, call Julie on 07741 261094

or visit Burscough Scarecrow Festival on Facebook.

Make someone’s day

special with a gift of


Telephone orders welcome and same day delivery,

where possible, within a 15 mile radius.

...maybe a little more notice for weddings etc.

01744 885 363

29 Church Road, Rainford, WA11 8HE

National &


Open: Monday - Saturdays, 8.30am - 5.30pm


16 Food

Pork & Pineapple Kebabs

A take on sweet n’ sour pork, barbecue style. Serves 4


400g Pork fillet

4 tbsp Light muscovado sugar

60ml Cider vinegar

1 tsp Asian fish sauce

½ Small pineapple, peeled, cored and

cut into chunks (or use ready prepped

fresh pineapple, drained well)

1 Pepper (any colour), deseeded and cut

into squares

Spanish onion, chopped into chunks

Small bunch coriander, chopped


To serve - Boiled rice or pitta pockets


Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 10-15 minutes

Cut the pork into cubes. Heat the sugar and vinegar in a pan

over a low heat until the sugar melts. Add the fish sauce and

cool. Tip in the pork and mix well so that all the cubes are

covered in sauce.

Heat the barbecue, or a griddle pan or grill. Thread the pork

and pineapple onto skewers, alternating pieces with the

pepper and Spanish onion. You can use whatever onions you

have but Spanish are more delicate in flavour and sweeten

nicely when grilled.

Barbecue or griddle the skewers for 3-4 mins each side (you

may need to cook them for longer if griddling). Serve with rice

or slide into pitta pockets


Enjoy the superb setting of the Saracens Head this summer, nestled on

the banks of the Leeds/Liverpool Canal at Halsall.

Our quality seasonal menu showcases the best of Lancashire produce

and is complemented with a vast selection of award-winning wines,

speciality craft beers and cask ales.

Steak Night

2 Rump Steaks & bottle of House Wine £30*

Every Tuesday

*when ordering any starter

Market Menu

2 courses £14

3 courses £17


12-2pm & 5-7pm

Chippy Tea

Fish & Chips £8.95

Bottle of Fizz £15

Fridays until 7pm

Sunday Lunch

Treat the family to our fabulous Sunday lunch

from £12.95

Every Sunday

100 Summerwood Lane | Halsall | Nr Ormskirk | L39 8RH

Tel: 01704 840204 | www.thesaracensheadhalsall.co.uk


Computer Club

The West Lancs Computing Club is always open to

new members.

Whether you’re a computer whizz or still use the

hunt and peck method, the club offers answers to

your technical problems, varied discussions, and a

friendly, informal atmosphere. Meetings take place

on the second Monday of the month at 7:30pm at

the Greyhound Pub in Aughton.

For more information, email mauricegeorge71@


Heritage Weekend

The Burscough Heritage Group present the ninth

Burscough Heritage Weekend this month. With

funding from Burscough Parish Council and

Burscough Wharf, the event promises to celebrate

everything local, with plenty of music along the


Guests are encouraged to don their 1940s gear to

enjoy music from vocalist ‘The Lancashire Belle’ –

and maybe some swing dancing! On the Sunday,

the iconic raft race will also take place along

Burscough Canal. If you’d like to build a raft for entry

in the race, call Ray on 01695 576844.

The Heritage Weekend runs on Saturday, June 22

and Sunday, June 23. For further information, get in

touch with Colin on 07931 356204.

Town Green Tennis

Town Green Tennis Club is looking for new members

for the 2019 season.

The club, based in Winifred Lane, Aughton, features

3 all-weather courts and floodlights, and caters for

various age groups and abilities. Players can get

involved in regular tournaments and events, while

regular club nights are held on Tuesdays .

If you’re interested in joining, call 01695 579206 or

visit www.tgtc.net


of a new


You can have it all with a

complete bathroom refurbishment

and it won’t cost the earth!

• Design and Installation

• High Standards of Work

• Minimum disruption to the customer

• Over 30 years’ experience

Call Mike now for your FREE no obligation quote

01942 717529 or 07958 656696


“ From start to finish you ran a very professional project. We really

love our new bathroom and it’s everything we wanted - I will be

recommending you to everyone”

Mr & Mrs Craig - Asthton-in-Makerfield


Tile Style


WI Want You

The Aughton Women’s Institute is looking for new

members, and has an exciting events calendar lined

up for the rest of the year.

The WI are a friendly, enthusiastic bunch of ladies

who get together every month to enjoy talks

from interesting speakers, go on trips, play bowls

and enjoy country dancing or games afternoons

throughout the year. They also organise an annual

Mystery Trip to a secret destination!

June’s talk on Tuesday, June 18 concentrates on

humorous verse, with a limerick competition for

everyone to get involved in. On Tuesday, June 25

there will also be an outing to a hat factory, followed

by a delicious lunch at Bramall Hall.

Aughton WI’s remaining calendar includes speakers

about 1940s rationing and fashion, a Christmas

shopping trip, and a summer social evening with

stalls and music.

Getting involved with your local WI is a great way to

meet likeminded women, learn new skills and travel

to places you’ve never been to before!

If you’d like to go along, meetings take place on the

third Tuesday of the month at the WI Hut on Town

Green Lane, Aughton, and begin at 7:30pm. For

further information, call Joan on 07704 181311 or

email j.higham2@btinternet.com


Log Cabins


Wendy Houses

Summer Houses

Garden Offices

Free 100% pressure treated

Free erection Free delivery

Up to 48 months low cost finance available

See our show sites at;

Lady Green Garden Centre

Ince Blundell, Nr Formby, L38 1QB

Telephone: 01695 589 210

Avant Garden Centre

Wigan Road, Leyland PR25 5XU

Telephone: 01772 432 450




The Ormskirk Gingerbread Festival returns for its

fourth year this July.

Gingerbread Fest

A town long renowned for the sweet treat, women

in Ormskirk began manufacturing gingerbread

as early as 1732. Prominent ‘Gingerbread Ladies’

like Sally Woods and Sarah Fyles would sell their

goodies to passengers of the Liverpool to Preston

Stage. Some sellers were eventually frequented by

King Edward VII!

The town’s delicious heritage has been celebrated

for the last three years with a day-long festival of

food and fun, and 2019 is no different. There’ll be

non-stop live entertainment throughout the day,

with plenty of opportunities to fill your pockets –

and your face – with local gingerbread.

On Sunday, July 14 from 11am-4pm, stalls will

line Moor Street. Learn more about Ormskirk’s

heritage and peruse old photographs of days gone

by; browse handmade crafts and gifts; and enjoy

special menus on offer from local cafes, restaurants

and bars. Better yet, entertainment for the day

includes performances from the Ormskirk Ukulele

Band and rock swing band Jacqui’s Rhythm Katz.

Fan favourite Mr. Stix returns for his third year to

delight younger audiences.

For more information and updates, follow the

Ormskirk Community Partnership on Facebook or

head to www.ormskirkgingerbread.com





Classic Mekong

8th September 2019, 17 Days Fully Escorted Tour

£3,690 per person

• Temples of Angkor • 3 Night River Cruise

• Practice Tai Chi on Halong Bay

• Saigon Dining in The Dark Experience

Other dates available


54 Brows Lane,

Formby, L37 4ED

T: 01704 639 104


50 Hough Lane,

Leyland, PR25 2SA

T: 01772 915 014

Japan Uncovered

18th September 2019, 17 Day Fully Escorted Tour

£6,490 per person

Our most extensive tour of Japan includes all the

classic sights and key cultural activities.

• Kyoto • Mount Fiji • Japanese Alps

• Sumo Wrestling Tournament


93 St George’s Shopping Centre,

Preston, PR1 2NJ

T: 01772 915 017

*T&Cs apple to all offers. Prices listed are per person and based on 2 people sharing, unless otherwise stated.

These offers are available at the time of going to press but may be subject to change and may be withdrawn at any time.

China – In Pursuit of Pandas

17th November 2019, 9 Day Fully Escorted Tour

£1,789 per person

• Great Wall

• Warriors in Xian

• Pandas in Chengdu

• Grand Buddha of Leshan


35 Tulketh Street,

Southport, PR8 1AG

T: 01704 639 105


Pink Ribbon Walk

A local care provider is walking a 27.2 mile route

along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal in aid of breast


Beginning in Liverpool, the team at PCS Personal

Care Services will hike along the canal, past Bootle

and Aintree, up to Maghull and Lydiate then past

Halsall and through Burscough, before finishing up

in Parbold.

The team’s goal is to raise a whopping £100 per mile

for Breast Cancer Care – a charity aiming to support

everyone affected by breast cancer through

helplines and smartphone apps, with qualified

breast cancer nurses on hand to offer assistance

and advice.

Dressed as pink fairies, the PCS team will undertake

the Pink Ribbon Walk along the canal, with an

ultimate goal of £2,720.

If you’d like to donate to the cause, visit




Substation Fury

A petition started by Aughton residents protesting

a new Network Rail substation based at Sandy Lane

has reached over 600 signatures.

The new substation will consist of three metal

buildings approximately 3.5m in height, 10m long

and 3m wide, with a 3m tall metal fence around

them. External power transformers and electrical

equipment will also be included.

Residents are concerned that the new substation

would destroy the local habitat of bats and birds, as

well as contributing noise pollution of around 62db.

Others noted that property values in the area could

decrease as a result of the new build.

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper has also protested

the changes, and promised to monitor the situation

as it develops. An alternative site for the substation

has been proposed by Aughton residents.

To add your name to the petition, visit www.change.

org and search Sandy Lane Substation.

Westhead Carnival

This year’s Westhead Carnival takes place on

Saturday, July 6.

Always fun for the whole family, the carnival

brightens up the village of Westhead while raising

money for local charities. This year’s theme is

‘something beginning with A’ to celebrate the

retirement of school headteacher Alison Albion, so

dress appropriately!

As usual, this year’s carnival features the muchanticipated

RAF flypast by a Dakota aeroplane.

You’ll also have the chance to browse plenty of

stalls, play lots of games and enjoy all the delights

of a village fete.

It runs from 12pm-5pm and takes place on the

school field behind Westhead Lathom St. James

School off School Lane.

A family bingo night and disco fundraiser take place

in the lead-up to the carnival - for more information,

visit the Westhead Carnival Facebook page.


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Away from the


Fancy something a bit different this summer away

from the crowds of traditional seaside resorts? A

relaxing weekend away in one of the North West’s

lesser-known resorts can be just the ticket. Rural

hotspots like Arnside or Grange-over-Sands could

be the ideal place to while away the warmest days

of the British calendar.

Arnside & Silverdale

Nestled just north of Morecambe in Cumbria,

Arnside is a quiet resort and former fishing port.

With glorious views over Morecambe Bay, the

village provides the perfect balance of seaside

and country fields and is filled with quaint shops

and tearooms, with cosy B&Bs tucked along the

waterfront. Arnside Pier might not be long, but it’s

certainly a tranquil place

to watch the world go

by with a 99; Pier Lane

Gallery is also well

worth a visit to enjoy

art by local people.

butterfly and songbirds, with plenty of walking

routes around the area.

Silverdale, just south of Arnside, also offers sites of

historical acclaim – Arnside Tower dates back to the

fifteenth century and originally stretched to five

storeys high. The impressive ruin is Grade II* listed

and can be viewed from the nearby public footpath.

Nearby, the Pepperpot was built back in 1887 to

commemorate Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee, and

a glorious walk winds through Eaves Wood and up

King William’s Hill to reach the monument.


One of the Lake District’s many natural beauty spots

– and just a short trip over to Windermere – Grangeover-Sands

offers plenty to do for any discerning

A five minute drive

away is Arnside

Knott, a wildlife area

of international

importance run by

the National Trust.

Made up of limestone

grassland and wet

meadow, the land

is excellent for

bug spotting and

birdwatching –

it’s renowned for

various species of

Parkgate Salt Marsh & Quayside


tourist. Begin at Holker Hall & Gardens,

an estate which spans 17,000 acres

and provides a stunning backdrop for

a picnic before you head inside to tour

the Hall and its gardens, which were

recently named some of the most

inspiring in Britain.

In the town centre, enjoy a relaxing

walk along the Victorian promenade,

with views across the expanse of

saltmarsh – it might not be a sandy

beach, but the calm atmosphere

and extensive range of wildlife

more than make up for it. It’s worth

a visit to the Lakeland Miniature

Village close by – depicting typical

Cumbrian houses of the past, the display is a great

place to take the kids.

Unsworth’s Yard packs a brewery, cheese shop and

bakery into one courtyard. Experience a working

local real ale brewery or sample various cheeses, or

just enjoy a drink out in the sunshine. Plus, Cartmel’s

just up the road if you’re keen on a day at the races!


Home to its very own nuclear power station,

Heysham is a picturesque seaside town close to

Morecambe in Lancashire. The settlement actually

dates back to the Stone Age, and there are plenty

of ancient sites to peruse around the

village – you’ll find a Viking-era stone

tucked away in St. Peter’s Church,

and the base of an Anglo-Saxon cross

in the churchyard. Most famous are

the rock-cut stone graves dating back

from around the tenth century, close

to St. Patrick’s Chapel – a Grade I listed


You can even arrange for a free tour

of the power station – but make sure

to book well in advance for security

clearance reasons. If you aren’t lucky

enough to book onto a tour, pop into

the visitor centre to learn more about

the production of nuclear energy and

Lytham Hall

the power station’s place in Heysham.

Lytham & St. Anne’s

St. Anne’s Pier opened to the public back in 1885,

and was where you’d catch a steamer boat across

to Blackpool or Liverpool. The service stopped

when the Ribble estuary channels were dredged,

leaving the pier too high to offer a steamer service.

The pier is still a sight to behold, despite enduring

two major fires in 1974 and 1982, leaving half of the

pier demolished for safety reasons – the ruins of it

still stand on the beach today.

Knott End Ferry

Photo credit www.visitfyldecoast.info/

There’s plenty of entertainment on and around the

pier – try your luck at the arcade games or treat

yourself to fish and chips, or let the kids loose in the

paddling pool! The summer months are really when

St. Anne’s comes alive, and the beautiful beach is a

great place to begin.

Just down the road in Lytham, Fairhaven Lake is

home to a large group of wildfowl and is praised

for its recreation activities – visit the RSPB Discovery

Centre to learn more about the birds native to the

area, or hire a canoe or rowing boat to enjoy the

sunshine on the water.

Heysham Village

You can also sit back and relax on a motorboat

cruise around the lake if you aren’t feeling up to


Pay a visit to Lytham Lighthouse, which dates back

to 1805 and opens regularly to the public, or head

over to Lytham Hall for a tour of the building and

refreshments in the pretty tearoom located in the

grounds. The town centres of both Lytham and St.

Anne’s offer plentiful shopping opportunities, with

restaurants and bars for a bit of a breather.

Knott End

The perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle


of Blackpool’s seafront but within driving distance

of the attractions, Knott End-on-Sea provides a

tranquil base for the nearby towns of Fleetwood

and Cleveleys. Knott End itself offers gentle walks

along a seafront footpath which overlooks the

saltmarsh, with regular ferries operating to take

tourists into the neighbouring town of Fleetwood,

just across the River Wyre. Enjoy fish and chips

along the seafront and don’t forget to check out the

statue of Lancashire artist LS Lowry, a regular visitor

to Knott End in the 1940s and 50s – the village is the

basis for many of his paintings.

There’s plenty to keep you occupied in the

nearby towns, too, with three historical

lighthouses over in Fleetwood - two of

which are still operated today. The Wyre

Light sits crumbling out to sea, but can

still be spotted for an atmospheric

photograph from the shore. Fleetwood’s

renowned outlet shopping village is

worth a visit if you’re looking to grab a

bargain, while the Fleetwood Museum

offers a slice of maritime and local

history for the area.


Dubbed the only coastal resort in

Cheshire, Parkgate lies on the Wirral

and is the perfect spot to enjoy a laidback

minibreak. Dotted with eateries

– from cosy teashops to famous ice cream parlours

– the Parkgate Parade looks out over wetland flora

and fauna, and provides a welcome break from the

crowds of major resorts. It’s also a perfect spot for

walkers and cyclists – the nearby Wirral Country Park

spans beautiful swathes of greenery, picturesque

railway stations and the stunning Thurstaston cliffs.

It’s a fifteen minute drive – or a twenty five minute

bike ride – from Parkgate over to Thurstaston,

where you can witness the spectacular natural

erosion of the cliffs and a beautiful beach. Located

within Wirral Country Park, Hadlow Road Station

is a perfectly preserved throwback to the 1950s.

Though little of the original line remains, the station

is kept up by volunteers, and you can learn more




Well-known for its

beautiful, National

Trust maintained

beach, Formby has

a whole lot to offer

for any tourist this

summer. Visit the red

squirrel reserve or

scale the sand dunes

before heading into

Formby Village, which

offers great places for

dining out.

Photo credit National Trust Images/John Millar

Beyond its shoreline,

Formby also made its name in a local delicacy.

Formby asparagus boomed in the 1920s and 30s,

about the station’s history inside the old ticket with over 200 acres under cultivation in the area.


First-class passengers on the Titanic allegedly dined

Parkgate also provides a great base for visiting more on Formby asparagus before the luxury liner sank

of the Wirral, including the marine lake at West on its maiden voyage. Nowadays the crop is grown

Kirby, or for taking a day trip over to Hilbre Island on just 5 acres of land, but you can still travel along

to spot seals, whales and dolphins. Just be sure to the 1 ½ mile Asparagus Trail to see huge wooden

check the tides before you make the walk across to asparagus spears.

the island, or else you could end up marooned!

Walkers can also head out to the nearby Formby

Point to witness the shipwreck of the Ionic Star: the

mossy skeleton of a once-great cargo vessel lost on

the Mersey Channel.

Formby Sand Dunes

She ran aground in

1939 and now rests

against a backdrop

of wind turbines.

Just down the beach,

find the Bradda – a

steam-powered cargo

coaster wrecked in

1936. The ship left only

one survivor when it

sank, though the crew

sent up flares and lit

paraffin-soaked rags to

attract attention.


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1 5

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2 4

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8 9 10 11

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right. The numbers in each column add up to the

totals along the bottom. The diagonal lines also

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No Milk Today

Cow’s milk is considered dietary staple by many. It’s

rich in protein and important vitamins and minerals,

including calcium, phosphorus and B vitamins. But

some people can’t or don’t drink cow’s milk at all

due to personal preferences, dietary restrictions,

allergies or intolerances.

Lactose intolerance is very common. Lactose is

a sugar found in cow’s milk. People with lactose

intolerance cannot digest this sugar so it stays in

the digestive tract causing gas and irritation.

So, what is available for those who prefer a nondairy


Soy Milk – Made with either soybeans or soy

protein isolate, and often contains thickeners and

vegetable oils. It typically has a mild and creamy

flavour. It has a similar nutritional make-up to cow’s

milk, and works best in cooking, in coffee and on


Almond Milk (or other nut milks) – This is made

with either whole almonds or almond butter and

water (cashew, hazelnut and macadamia nut milks

are also available). Nut milks have a light texture

and a slightly sweet and nutty flavour. They contain

fewer calories and fat than cow’s milk but are also

significantly lower in protein and carbohydrates.

They can be added to coffee and tea, used on

cereal, mixed in smoothies and used as milk in

desserts and baked goods.

Coconut Milk - Made from water and the white

flesh of brown coconuts. It has a creamy texture


and a sweet, subtle coconut flavour. It contains less

fat than cow’s milk and significantly less protein

and carbohydrates. It can be used on cereal and in

smoothies and cooking.

Oat Milk – Made from a mixture of oats and water. It

is high in soluble fibre, which is good for gut health.

It is naturally sweet with a mild flavour and can be

used in cooking in the same way as cow’s milk. It is

also good for use on cereal or in smoothies.

Rice Milk - Made from milled white or brown rice

and water this is the least likely milk substitute

to trigger allergies, which makes it a safe option

for those with allergies or intolerances to dairy,

gluten, soy or nuts. It is mild in taste and naturally

sweet and is nice to drink on its own as well as in

smoothies, or in desserts or over cereal. It is not a

good choice for children or the elderly because of

its low protein content, and it has a high glycaemic

index so is not good for diabetics either.

There is no one milk substitute that is ideal for

everyone. The taste, nutrition and cost of these

alternatives can vary considerably, so it is worth

taking a while to experiment and find those that

work best for you.

By Louise Addison


Music on the Move

Research has shown what most

of us instinctively knew - that

listening to the right type and

tempo of music while you run

keeps you ‘in the zone’ for longer.

So what factors are important

when choosing headphones for


Water resistance – If you

run outside this is obviously

important, but many of us forget

that sweat is water and if you’re

running, indoors or out you will

sweat, and eventually this will

kill your headphones.

Fit – There are headphones which wrap tightly

around your head, or over and around your ears.

But the best types of running headphones are

probably true wireless, or lightweight Bluetooth.

They are ‘in-ear’ designs with tips that fit into the

ear and additional, curved, tapered ‘hooks’ that sit

under the crater of cartilage just above the earhole,

known as the anti-helix. When you’re running little

things like a cable rubbing the back of your neck

can feel irritating.

Sound quality – This is possibly the least important

feature for sports use. Mostly runners want to feel

the beat and be motivated by their pumped-up

playlist, while blocking out external noise.

Ambient Sound – Some headphones are designed

to let in ambient sound with good reason:

situational awareness is important if you run on

your own and you want to be aware of traffic or

of someone approaching you. This feature is less

important if you prefer to run in a gym and want to

block out the world.

Running is such a great activity, and the right

music will add to the experience, so pick up some

headphones today.

By Tom Hancock

Booking & Information 01704 893373

A service for anyone who cannot use public

buses because of disability, age or rural

isolation. Our door to door service will take

you anywhere in West Lancashire*.

Dial-a-Ride services are supported by Lancashire County Council and West Lancashire Borough Council. *Services subject to

availability. West Lancashire Dial-a-Ride is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as an exempt charity No. 23786R.


A Royal Ride

West Lancashire Dial A Ride is delighted to

announce that they have received a grant from

Her Majesty the Queen! The award from the Duchy

of Lancaster Benevolent Fund recognises the vital

work provided by Dial a Ride in offering much

needed local passenger transport.

Dial a Ride’s service is provided by a fleet of

accessible minibuses and private cars and is

available to any qualifying resident of the borough.

All services are door-to-door; bookings are made in

advance and fares are payable to the driver.

Philip Walker, Manager of Dial a Ride says: “We are

happy to take people for any reason – medical

appointments, shopping or visiting family and

friends. As well as individual journeys we also

provide group trips to markets and shopping

centres. Many of our passengers have told us how

much of a lifeline our services are.”

Dial a Ride is partly funded by both the county

and borough councils. “We operate to very high

standards of professionalism and safety”, says

Philip. “In fact, we were one of the first Community

Transport services in the country to be awarded the

tough Quality Mark for our sector, a certification

which was re-awarded last year. Our passengers

know that they are in safe hands with Dial a Ride”.

For more information, call 01704 893373.

Breast Screenings

Women in Ormskirk aged 50-70 are invited to

attend a free NHS breast screening.

Screenings should take place every three years –

the earlier breast cancer is found, the better the

chances of beating it. A mammogram is a simple

procedure during which an X-ray is taken of each

breast by a female health practitioner.

Breast screenings will take place in a mobile unit on

Ormskirk Hospital car park. To book or for more info,

call 01942 774713 or talk to your GP.



£12 for a home visit

(Plus a one of fee of £12.50 for a

personal set of nail cutting equipment)




0330 660 0458


Georgia Riley


Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist

• Sleep • Anxiety • Stress • Confidence • Phobias

• Stop Smoking • Fertility, Pregnancy & Childbirth

• Depression & Low Mood • Sports Performance

• Pain Management • Weight Management

• Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) • & Many more

“You deserve a carefree, comfortable

and thoroughly enjoyable way of living.”

21 Anchor Street, Southport, PR9 0UT

38 Leisure

Upload your event for FREE at


Plant Sale & Spring Fayre

Saturday, June 1, 8:30am-4pm

Browse an abundance of plants for sale, with the

church open for refreshments from 8:30am, ahead

of the Spring Fayre at 1pm. Delicious strawberry

teas are available, along with a range of stalls.

Ormskirk Parish Church, Church Street, Ormskirk,

L39 3RD

Brass on the Grass

Saturday, June 1, 5pm-7:30pm

A wonderful outdoor concert featuring the Red

Admiral Youth Band. Tickets £6 for adults or £4 for

children, with under-5s going free.

Mawdesley Millennium Green, Hurst Green,

Mawdesley, L40 1QS

Chris Bannister

Friday, June 7, 7:30pm

Chris performs an evening of original music, plus a

few country classics. Tickets £10, call 07973 802637.

Ormskirk Civic Hall, Southport Rd, Ormskirk, L39 1LN

Family Fun Day

Saturday, June 8, 10am-4pm

Enjoy a traditional British summer fete with arts &

crafts stalls, children’s entertainment and live music,

with proceeds to Derian House and Great Ormond

Street Hospital. Free entry.

Taylors Open Farm

Sunday, June 9, 10am-4pm

Walk around the farm and meet the animals for

Open Farm Sunday! You’ll be able to view farming

machinery, see butchery demonstrations and enjoy

refreshments on the day.

Taylors Farm & Shop, Hall Lane, Lathom, L40 5UW

Dalton Gardens

Sunday, June 9, 12:30pm-6:30pm

See beautiful private gardens around Dalton

opened to the public for one day only, with plant

sales and refreshments served! Programmes and

entry cost £5 in advance or £6 on the day, with

proceeds to Dalton Church – available at Pangea

Sculptures in Ormskirk, Newburgh Post Office or

the Prince William in Dalton.

Around Dalton

Feather Fest

Sunday, June 9, 11am-3pm

Get up close and personal with birds of prey, along

with a fun dog show, children’s games, a bouncy

castle and plenty of stalls. Hot food available.

Admission costs £3 for adults or £1.50 for children.

Woodlands Animal Sanctuary, Sandy Lane,

Holmeswood, L40 1UE

Wayfarers Shopping Arcade, Lord Street,

Southport, PR8 1NY


Rainbow Ramble

Saturday, June 15, 8:45am-4:30pm

Choose between an 11 mile route and a familyfriendly

5 miler to raise money for Rainbow House,

finishing at Bishop Rawstorne High School in

Croston. The warm-up starts at 9:45am before the

walk at 10am – last registration 9:15am. Entry on the

day £20 (adult) or £10 (under-16) including a t-shirt.

DJ - Photo Booth - Live Acts

Rainbow House, Salt Pit Lane, Ormskirk, L40 2QXG

Gin Festival & Soul Train

Saturday, June 15, 1pm-2am

A host of producers showcase their products, of

award-winning gins and tonics. Entertainment from

3 live acts and a fancy dress booth outside!

Jack & Gin, Burscough Wharf, Liverpool Rd. North,

Burscough, L40 5RZ

Afternoon Tea

Saturday, June 15, 2pm-4pm

Enjoy a delicious afternoon tea with Burscough

Methodist Church, with live entertainment and a

raffle! Tickets £7.50 – call 01704 892997 to book.

The Stanley Club, Liverpool Road North,

Burscough, L40 5TN

Wildflower Walk

Saturday, June 15, 2pm-4pm

Explore the beautiful wildflower meadows with local

expert Dave Earl. Tickets £7 (adult), £3.50 (children)

or £6 for Friends of Mere Sands Wood.

Mere Sands Wood, Holmeswood Rd, Rufford, L40 1TG

Community Dance Festival

Sunday, June 16, 11am-4pm

Witness the best of local dance and performance

groups in this fabulous showcase! For more

information, email katie@divinedays.co.uk

Coronation Park, Park Road, Ormskirk, L39 3LB

Weddings - Birthdays - Corporate - Proms - School Discos

Anniversaries - Engagements - Christenings - Events

Local family run business - Special discounts available

07508 256 668



Sunday, June 16, 12pm-4pm

See the West Lancs Dog Display team perform their

skills, compete in the fun dog show with your own

pooch, and enjoy games, stalls and a barbecue.

RSPCA Centre, New Cut Lane, Southport, PR8 3DW

Ladies Day Lunch

Thursday, June 20, 11:45am-4pm

Enjoy live betting from Ascot races in aid of Rainbow

House, with a delicious 2 course lunch, afternoon

tea, live entertainment and goodie bags! There’ll

be stalls selling luxury gifts, a raffle, diamond draw

and prize for best dressed. Tickets £35, bookable at


Rainbow House, Salt Pit Lane, Ormskirk, L40 2QX

Bob Fox Live

Thursday, June 20, 7:30pm

Come and hear Bob Fox – one of the iconic voices

of British folk song – perform songs old and new!

Tickets £15, bookable at www.chapelgallery.org.uk

Chapel Gallery, St. Helens Rd, Ormskirk, L39 4QR


Win tickets to

Rick Astley

– Live in Concert

The Jockey Club Live and Haydock

Park Racecourse have joined forces

to present North West music fans

with a summer of incredible open

air concerts. Newton’s favourite

son, the timeless Rick Astley, will

be returning to Haydock Park on

Saturday 20th July 2019 and we’ve

got a pair of tickets to give away in

this super Local Life competition!

The Jockey Club Live concerts at Haydock Park

Racecourse have been a staple in the region’s

social calendar and over the past few years hosting

thousands of fans of live music, with performances

from artists including Kylie, Olly Murs, The Jacksons

and Culture Club. These events are renowned for

combining a fun filled evening at the races with a

spectacular evening concert in the informal and

relaxed open-air setting of the hallowed turf.

If you think you know Lancashire’s Rick Astley,

think again. The much-loved multi-million selling

80s icon, brought up just a few furlongs away from

Haydock Park, returned to capture the heart of a

nation with his #1 platinum selling album “50” in

2016 and this year returned with his stellar album

“Beautiful Life” in the Top 10. Back in 1987 his solo

debut “Never Gonna Give You Up” was a global

smash, Number 1 in 25 countries.

Over the next 5 years Rick had 13 international

hit singles. He became a viral sensation in the

noughties and most recently he has been back in the

studio creating new, touchingly

intimate ballads, upbeat dance

beats, hook-laden pop songs and

soul stormers – packing in the

cheeky lyrical references and the

signature sing-along style that are

instantly recognisable.

To enter the competition to win

a pair of tickets to Rick Astley

-Live at Haydock Park Racecourse,

simply visit our website, www.locallife247.co.uk,

click on ‘free stuff’ and then on ‘competitions’ and

then answer the following question;

Complete the Rick Astley song title – Never Gonna

……You Up

Over the next few months on Facebook, we’ll also

be giving away an additional pair of tickets for this

Rick Astley concert, and also a pair of tickets for

the Southport Flower Show – Make sure you visit

Facebook and give ‘Local Life Magazines’ a ‘like’ to

keep in touch.

The expiry date for the competition is midnight on Sunday

30th June 2019 and the winners will be notified within five

working days. Entrants must be over 16 years of age. Only

one entry per household. Local Life 247 cannot accept

responsibility for entries that do not reach us. Employees of

Local Life 247 Ltd and their families are not eligible to enter

this competition.

Tickets are now on sale for this concert via




Beer, Rugby & Gin Fest

Friday, June 21, 5:30pm-11pm & Saturday, June

22, 10am-11pm

A massive festival featuring more than 25 real ales,

15 craft lagers and more than 12 different gins.

There’ll be plenty of food on offer, and live rugby 7s,

plus free bouncy castles for the little ones.

Ormskirk Rugby Club, Green Ln, Ormskirk, L39 1ND

Jazz in the Village

Saturday, June 22, 8pm

Saxophonist Ian Millar and pianist Dominic

Spencer perform their intimate jazz tour. Tickets

£10, available on 07784 942127 or on info@


Hesketh Bank Community Centre, Station Road,

Hesketh Bank, PR4 6SR

Strawberries & Steam

Sunday, June 23, 11:30am-4:30pm

Celebrate a local delicacy – Hesketh Bank

strawberries! A fun family day featuring Mr. Strawbs,

with children’s games and fairground rides – plus

plenty of steam trains. For the grown-ups, enjoy a

prosecco, wine and ale bar along with a delicious

strawberry and cake stall.

West Lancashire Light Railway, Station Road,

Hesketh Bank, PR4 6SP

It’s a Knockout

Sunday, June 23, 12pm-5pm

Go up against the best in the It’s A Knockout

competition, and enjoy a day of family fun with a

barbecue, bar, bouncy castle and loads of stalls to


Carr Lane Park, Carr Lane, Tarleton, PR4 6BU

Black & White Event

Sunday, June 23, 2pm-6pm

Head along in your best black and white outfits

for an afternoon of music and entertainment in a

unique Ascot affair! Tickets cost £12 with proceeds

going to Queenscourt Hospice – call 07944 816166

to book.

Tarleton Bowling Club, Sutton Ln, Tarleton, PR4 6UY

Murder Mystery

Thursday, June 27, 7:30pm

The Friends of Parbold Library present ‘Murder

Most Fowl’ by Chris Martin! Get to the bottom of the

murder mystery, with prizes and a buffet supper.

Tickets £10 from the library.

Parbold Library, The Common, Parbold, WN8 7EA

Roy Orbison & Buddy Holly

Friday, June 28, 7:30pm

A tribute to two classic artists of in the form of

an uplifting two hour show. Sit back and listen to

the hits, with a few rarer songs thrown in – tickets

£17.50 and can be obtained at the Civic.

Ormskirk Civic Hall, Southport Rd, Ormskirk, L39 1LN

Mawdesley Open Gardens

Sunday, June 30, 12pm-5pm

Browse beautiful gardens as they open to the public

for one day only. Programmes available for £5 from

Mawdesley SPAR or from the gardens involved.

Plant sales, crafts and refreshments available.

Mawdesley Millennium Green, Hurst Green,

Mawdesley, L40 2QS

Stress Free Talk

Wednesday, July 3, 10am-11am

Bestselling author Dean Fraser presents a talk on

reducing everyday stress, plus an informal Q&A

session and book signing. Free entry.

Burscough Library, Mill Lane, Burscough, L40 5TJ


Romeo & Juliet

Friday, July 5, 7pm-9:30pm

Enjoy a spectacular outdoor performance of

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in the breathtaking

surroundings of Rufford Old Hall. Bring a chair and a

picnic to embroil yourself in the tale of starcrossed

lovers. Tickets £15 for adults or £12.50 for children,

bookable on 03442 491895.

Rufford Old Hall, Liverpool Road, Rufford, L40 1SG

Fire Station Open Day

Saturday, July 6, 10am-4pm

Meet the crew at Ormskirk Fire Station, see

the fire engines and watch some firefighting


Ormskirk Fire Station, County Road, Ormskirk,

L39 3LU

Westhead Carnival

Saturday, July 6, 12pm-5pm

Enjoy games, stalls and loads of entertainment

at this year’s carnival, themed after ‘something

beginning with A’! You won’t want to miss the RAF

flypast either.

Westhead Lathom St. James School, School Lane,

Westhead, L40 6HL

Scarecrow Fest Fun Day

Sunday, July 7, 11am onwards

Burscough comes alive with fabulous scarecrows

– join a fun day with plenty of stalls, games, food

and loads of local live entertainment. Enter the

Great Burscough Bake-Off and the Scruffs Best Dog

in Burscough competitions, or get involved in the

Little Duck Race at Burscough Bridge for just £2.

Burscough Cricket Club, School Lane, Burscough,

L40 4AE

Dragonfly Walk

Saturday, July 13, 1pm-3pm

Learn all about the dragonflies and damselflies of

Mere Sands Wood with Dr. Phil Smith, and enjoy a

stroll around the reserve. Entry £7 for adults, £3.50

for children or £6 for Friends of Mere Sands Wood.

Mere Sands Wood, Holmeswood Rd, Rufford, L40 1TG

RCC Summer Ball

Saturday, July 13, 7:30pm

Rufford Cricket Club host their annual summer ball,

with a DJ, stand-up bingo and a raffle, plus a gin and

prosecco tent and buffet. Tickets £20, available from

Michelle on 07976 763428.

Rufford Village Hall, Flash Lane, Rufford, L40 1SW

Gingerbread Festival

Sunday, July 14, 11am-4pm

Ormskirk’s very own Gingerbread Festival returns,

with entertainment throughout the day, heritage

stalls showing Ormskirk’s history, raffles, classic car

displays and – of course – lots of gingerbread.

Ormskirk Town Centre

The Tempest

Sunday, July 14, 3pm-6pm

Illyria present an outdoor performance of

Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Feel free to bring a lowbacked

chair or rug to sit on. Tickets £15 or £13 for

concessions, bookable on 01695 584480.

Arts Centre EHU, Edge Hill University, St. Helens

Road, Ormskirk, L39 4QP

Green Fayre

Saturday, July 20 & Sunday, July 21, 11am-5pm

Discover traditional woodcraft techniques,

experience children’s rides and activities, and

browse a variety of traders and exhibitors. There’ll

also be folk music in the marquee!

Beacon Country Park, Beacon Ln, Up Holland, WN8 7RU




Portrayed as one of the most iconic artworks in

Lancashire, the Singing Ringing Tree, high on the moors

above Burnley, is one of four local Panopticons and

consists of a unique musical sculpture in the form of

a wind-blown tree. The Tree, along with the attraction

of reaching the summit of Thieveley Pike, makes for

an enjoyable though challenging 5½ mile hike with

wonderful views.

The starting point of the walk is the car park near

the Singing Ringing Tree and the nearest postcode

is BB11 3RT. Follow the single track from the car park

to the clearly visible sculpture in the distance and

once you’ve done the ubiquitous selfies, head past

the sculpture and over the stile. Before you reach

the next dry-stone wall boundary, look to the left for

the pathway winding through moorland and

pick up the trail downhill.

Tree by Chris Pearce

the extremely steep driveway to its conclusion with

the main Bacup Road (A671) by Heyne Farm.

Turn right, cross over and look out for the footpath

sign on the left. Take the steps downhill and stay on

the left-hand side of the brook for a few steps, and

then cross the brook and follow the downhill path

towards Dyneley Farm. Go down the stone steps to

the track and turn right.

Follow the path, meandering gently downhill and

passing straight through Stone House Fold, still

Clamber over the loose stone

entrance to the next field and

follow the left-hand perimeter of

that rough field as much as you are

able. Navigate your way round the left of the hollow

and carry on downhill towards the steel bar gate

next to the cottage. Go through the gate and follow

Please ensure you wear appropriate clothing and footwear whilst walking. Whilst every care has been taken to ensure

that the walk is accurate, neither the publisher or its editorial contributors can accept, and hereby disclaim, any liability

to any party to loss or damage caused by errors or omissions resulting from negligence, accident or other cause.


For those with the OS Maps

app on your desktop, mobile

or tablet, this walk is named:

JT Singing Ringing Tree



Home Chapel


Burnley Road


















Bacup Road



Burnley Road





Singing Ringing



Crown Point Road


Burnley Road



Dog Grooming


Tel: 07739 383120

Email: j9@live.co.uk J9K9Burscough

The Farm, Burscough, L40 0RT

heading towards the wind turbines in the distance

until the next farm appears: Scout Farm. Walk along

the path at the front of the farm and then when you

reach the stone track, turn left towards a phone mast

for 50 yards or so until the path forks just before the

mast; take the lesser-used right fork along a dirt


Full Grooms

Scissor Cuts

Hand Strip

Bath & Tidy

Pass through the wooden fence and carry on this

path, which runs parallel to the railway track. You’ll

eventually pass underneath the track and, when

you have done so, turn right. Follow that track to a

slanted T-junction; then turn right and take a tunnel

under the railway once more.

And so, it starts; the sheer hell of a climb from 650

ft to just over 1450 ft in one stretch. Follow the

winding stone path uphill and just before you get to

Buckley’s Farm, take the public footpath on the right

into Buckley Wood.

Follow the well-defined path up the side of Buckley

Wood until you reach the first plateau where a few

paths converge. Carry straight on uphill (there’s a

small Thieveley Pike sign on the fence) until you

reach the track that signifies the second plateau.

And there on Deerplay Moor the pathways peter out

somewhat, so just head uphill in the same direction

and you’ll eventually arrive at the white pillar (trig

point 6438) at the top of Thieveley Pike.

After giving yourself a big pat on the back for making

it to the top, turn right along the fence boundary and

then cross over a stile into the next field and carry


on in the same direction. Follow the path for almost

a mile, navigating Black Clough gorge on the way,

through a stone gateway and following the path on

the right-hand perimeter of a field which eventually

curves left and runs parallel to the A671.

Once you get onto the road from the field, turn

right, cross over and then walk ¼ of a mile and at

the T-junction, turn left to Rawtenstall and then

immediate right into Crown Point Road. Follow this

road for 230 yards and then take a left turn into a

short road by the Dunnockshaw Community Wood


Once you’ve walked about 25 yards of the short road,

hop over the stile on the right and continue through

the well-maintained woodlands for ¾ of a mile until

you reach the car park from where you started the


Established in 1984 as an emergency glazing service, today Dennis Goulding has grown and moved

forward to offer all you need to maintain, enhance and expand your home. We continually invest in and

embraced the latest changes in energy efficiency regulations, and still remain a local family business that

cares and takes pride in what we do. We don’t employ pushy salesmen, but pride ourselves on working

with and listening to our customers to give them exactly what they want. We will treat you with respect

every step of the way and on that you have my word! Stuart Goulding

Glass Cut to size, Sealed Double Glazed Units Manufactured on site, Same Day Service, Safety

Glass, Toughened Glass, Mirrors, Greenhouse Glass, Glazing Service, Misted Units Replaced



Dennis Goulding





Unit 16, Ainscough Business Park, Mossy Lea Road,

Wrightington, WN6 9RS

(Drive onto ‘Ainscough Building Supplies’)

Open Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30am - 5:00pm; Saturday: 9:00am - 12:00 noon


Unit 4a,

o f Miry Lane,




48 Gardening

Garden Services


local family run

business offers:

Garden Machinery & Equipment

Sales, Service & Repair

Garden Tractors & Lawn Mowers

Chainsaws & Hedge Trimmers

Brush Cutters & Strimmers

Equipment Servicing & Sharpening

Pick-up & delivery service

Moss View, Nipe Lane, Nr Skelmersdale, WN8 9PY

01695 722999 & 07918 618126/7

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday 9am-2pm


Design & Print


Spray Tan


Acrylic & Gel Nails

Natalies @ Studio 84

Upvc Windows & Doors I Conservatories,

Soffits & Fascias I Composite Doors I Bi-Fold Doors



normally £20

now £15

84 Rainford Road, Bi linge WN5 7PG

Telephone: 07814 619 400


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 10AM - 7PM, Saturday 10AM - 6PM

Closed Thursday & Sunday

Mo sy Lea Road

Solar Thermal

& Solar PV

Wind Turbines

Heat Pumps

LED Lighting

...and general

Energy Savings

Don’t forget, we also offer all of these services daily...







your FREE

home survey

Telephone: 01257 427 000

and we’ l provide you with a

detailed report showing the

returns available from your

own solar panels


...and motorcycles too


Car Health Check

(10% typical return)

Visit our showroom at

Cricket Street Business Park

for all residents of Croston and Bretherton

Keep me until you need me!

Book your FREE Car Health Check

Call now on


01772 603923


Saving money is

the clear benefit!

Slash your electricity and

water heating bill

Protect your household from

future energy price rises

Reduce your household’s

impact on the environment









Call us now

0843 224 9555

07595 420237

Email: info@docsolarelectrical.co.uk

Website: www.docsolarelectrical.co.uk

Flyers, postcards, brochures

and distribution service.

For more information call 01695 627 999


Garden Landscaping

(lawn laying, planting, fencing)

Garden Maintenance

(weeding, mowing, trimming, hedges)

Regular or one off visits

Plants & Planting

(wide range of plants available with advice and

planting service)

Call now for a friendly, no obligation quote

01257 401193 / 0771 077 2732


Garden need a little


• Tree Surgery

• Flagging & Fencing

• Landscaping & Design

• Garden Clearances

• Logs For Sale

Wood chipping & stump grinder services

Call Lloyd today for a free estimate

01942 367170 / 07900 738637

Cricket St, Wigan, WN6 7TP




0151 739 5135

07703 693 246

Maintaining gardens of the finest quality

• Expert lawn care

• Precise topiary & hedge trimming

• Inspirational planting schemes

• Professional driveway cleaning

Regular or one-off work, domestic &

commercial work welcome

Contact James German on

07534 403 400




Driveways - Patios

Artificial Grass

Check out our website;


Tel: 07783 252087



Want to promote your

company in Local Life?

Landscape & Artificial Grass Specialist

We’ll design & create your new modern

low-maintenance garden

Our wide range of artificial grass are all

guaranteed for 10 years



Call Sally: 01695 627 999



Call Andy today for more details

01744 882 244 ~ 07941 602 539


Check out our projects on www.turfcouk.co.uk

Established in 1984 as an emergency glazing service, today Dennis Goulding has grown and moved

forward to offer all you need to maintain, enhance and expand your home. We continually invest in and

embraced the latest changes in energy efficiency regulations, and still remain a local family business that

cares and takes pride in what we do. We don’t employ pushy salesmen, but pride ourselves on working

with and listening to our customers to give them exactly what they want. We will treat you with respect

every step of the way and on that you have my word! Stuart Goulding

Glass Cut to size, Sealed Double Glazed Units Manufactured on site, Same Day Service, Safety

Glass, Toughened Glass, Mirrors, Greenhouse Glass, Glazing Service, Misted Units Replaced



Dennis Goulding





Unit 16, Ainscough Business Park, Mossy Lea Road,

Wrightington, WN6 9RS

(Drive onto ‘Ainscough Building Supplies’)

Open Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30am - 5:00pm; Saturday: 9:00am - 12:00 noon


Unit 4a,

o f Miry Lane,




50 Home Services

Home Services

“The best quality kiln

dried hardwood logs”


Rendering Ltd




01704 627 211



We can take the wood

directly to your wood

store and stock it up for

you at no extra cost.

Available to order in:-






Call Steve for friendly

advice and a free quote

01744 636 584

07986 528 547

We’ll transform the look of your home with

our machine-applied coloured renders.

One Coat Through Coloured Renders, Acrylic

Renders & EWi Renders (Insulated). 48 colours.

Approved applicators for:

Suffering from poor reception?

SK Installations are accredited

experts in Aerial & Satellite work

We also install & wall mount

TV’s, phone extensions, home

entertainment systems & CCTV

Fast response and quality work guaranteed!

T: 01704 89 40 89

M: 07812 21 82 82


Design & Print

• High pressure water jetting • Drains unblocked

• Gullies & interceptors emptied • Drains traced

• Septic tanks emptied • CCTV drain surveys

• Wincan reporting • Site drain surveys


03333 202189

email: info@cj-lyon.co.uk



Spray Tan


Acrylic & Gel Nails

Natalies @ Studio 84

Upvc Windows & Doors I Conservatories,

Soffits & Fascias I Composite Doors I Bi-Fold Doors



normally £20

now £15

84 Rainford Road, Bi linge WN5 7PG

Telephone: 07814 619 400


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 10AM - 7PM, Saturday 10AM - 6PM

Closed Thursday & Sunday

Mo sy Lea Road

Solar Thermal

& Solar PV

Wind Turbines

Heat Pumps

LED Lighting

...and general

Energy Savings

Don’t forget, we also offer all of these services daily...







your FREE

home survey

Telephone: 01257 427 000

and we’ l provide you with a

detailed report showing the

returns available from your

own solar panels


...and motorcycles too


Car Health Check

(10% typical return)

Visit our showroom at

Cricket Street Business Park

for all residents of Croston and Bretherton

Keep me until you need me!

Book your FREE Car Health Check

Call now on

TwinLakesMotorEngin ers

01772 603923


Saving money is

the clear benefit!

Slash your electricity and

water heating bill

Protect your household from

future energy price rises

Reduce your household’s

impact on the environment









Call us now

0843 224 9555

07595 420237

Email: info@docsolarelectrical.co.uk

Website: www.docsolarelectrical.co.uk

Flyers, postcards, brochures

and distribution service.

For more information call 01695 627 999



We clean your oven...

So you don’t have to.

call Kevin Bolton today to have your oven,

extractor,hoB or aga profeSSionally cleaned

tel: 01704 627024 / moB: 07754 527289


T: 01942 409401

M: 07881 816839

- Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

- Specialist Leather Cleaning

- Fully insured and trained member of NCCA

- FREE no obligation pre-inspection and quote



• Windows, Fascias, Gutters etc.


• Exterior & Interior (Cleaning)


• Driveways & Patios etc.


• Moss Removal & Bio-Treatment

• Softwashing / Low Pressure



Call Clint for a free no obligation quote.

01695 372 371 or 07834 241 642


Want to promote your

company in Local Life?

Master Chimney Sweep

• Guild/NVQ Qualified

• All Appliances Swept

• All Areas Covered

Est Over 50 Years

T: 01772 812714 M: 07762 309526


Call Sally: 01695 627 999



Mr Soot


Woodburners Open fires Stoves


07724 311 992


A local family




Intruder Alarms • CCTV • Fire • Access Control • Safes

57, Cottage Lane, Ormskirk, L39 3NF

Tel: 01695 578040 www.complete-homesecurity.co.uk




Includes Parts & Labour

Specialists in Oil & LPG Central Heating

• Grant Oil Boilers - 5 year warranty.

• Honeywell connect specialist.

We also provide a central heating repairs service

to both domestic and business clients.


0800 924 7037 / 0788 099 3847

Email: sales@wolfheating.co.uk




All types of Glazing re-pairs

In Wood, Aluminium & U.P.V.C

Single & Double Glazed










Tel: 07763485959 E-mail: robsonsglass@yahoo.com

Website: www.robsonsglass.co.uk

Puzzle Solutions


Drop Dead Gorgeous

1 1 5 1

3 4 1 1

2 2 2 4

2 2 2 5

8 9 10 11














Springs, Cables, Locks, Rollers etc.

Doors of all ages repaired

01704 833332 07891 330214 NO FIX, NO CHARGE!


Unit 3 Stephensons Way, Formby, L37 8EG


All Makes Installed, Repaired & Serviced

Local Family Business

We can even automate your existing gates


07870 586307


Electrical Services Ltd

NAPIT part ‘P’ registered

JIB Approved Technician

31 Years Experience

Local. Honest & Reliable


Industrial & Commercial

Covering all North West Areas.

Call: 0800 6446100 or 07904 127663



• Emergency Door Opening

• UPVC Door Lock Repairs

• UPVC Door Lock Changes

• UPVC Door Lock Upgrades

• Wood Door Lock Changes

• All Work Guaranteed

A Registered Insured NCFE Certified Company

Call Paul for a

Fast, Reliable, Professional Service


01695 240 027


07932 718 362



Re-Roofing Tiles

Re-Roofing Slates

Flat Roofs

UPVC Fascia & Soffits

Bespoke Conservatory

Warm Roofing Systems

Looking for a local, reliable

roofing company who you can

trust and rely on?

Lords Roofing Contractors are a well

established father and son business with

over 40 years experience.

Lead Work

Dry Verge & Dry Ridge Systems

Full Garage Roof Refurbishments

Galvanised Steel Powder

Coated Roofing Sheets

(Various Colours)

Installer of UPVC Roof lanterns

Roof Repairs



0800 612 2483 lordsroofing.co.uk

General Building &

Maintenance Work

• General Joinery • Fascias, Gutters, Roofing

• Plastering & Texture Rendering

• Double Glazing • Flagging Driveways & Patios

Call Paul for a free quotation on

01695 578495 or 07944 550268

Taylor Made

Taylor Made


The complete A to Z of Home Improvements

Inside and Out

From Cleaning Gutters to

Full House Refurbishments / Buy to Lets

‘We love the jobs you hate’


Darren Taylor

01704 840 373

07791 291 743

Full Public Liability


Experienced, Local

and Honest.

Boost your Business in 2019

We are looking for;

Builders Cleaners

Driveways PC Doctors

Plasterers Plumbers

To join our growing group of classified

advertisers in our West Lancashire


Why Local Life?

Save time and fuel costs by working in West Lancashire

Delivered regularly by Royal Mail to over 26,000 homes

in the West Lancashire area

Free professional artwork

Advertising starts from just

£35 + VAT


Give your company a BOOST in 2019, call us today on

01695 627 999 for further details. locallife247.co.uk


Proud stockists of

Visit our showroom to view our fine selection of...

Interior Design Services | Soft Furnishings | Upholstery

Furniture | Lighting

Home Consultations available

Millan Interiors, 5/7 Mill Lane, Parbold WN8 7NW T: 01257 46 34 77

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10.00am - 4.30pm, Saturday: 10.00am - 2.00pm


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