RideFast Magazine June 2019


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the gears using the quickshift and autoblip was

a smooth as silk exercise.

Accelerating out of the turns was perfection

in motion. No flat spots or slumps, nothing but

pure thrust. The 1100 V4 defiantly has more

squirt initially compared to the V4R and carries

it through 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears as it should

with its extra 12Nm of torque thanks to the extra

100cc. From there onwards the V4R feels like it

snorts a certain white substance and goes into

overdrive - the overall extra 7hp comes into play.

The V4S model is fitted standard with the

Ohlins electronic suspension, and while it’s one

of the better systems I have felt I am still not

100% convinced I like it. Yes, it’s ideal for the

mass market rider and that’s why most modernday

bikes are fitted with them, but for a former

racer and decent track rider like myself, nothing

beats self-adjustable conventional suspension.

Before testing the new V4R for the first-time

last month I couldn’t find any real serious gripes

with the V4S other than the slight float and

unstableness. This was again made apparent

testing the bikes back-to-back here. The V4S

model still offered precise steering and handling

both in-and-out of the turns, but again that

floaty feeling was there, especially through the

fast turns like Sunset and down the Mineshaft

and that’s the last thing you want to feel at

those high speeds. The V4R for sure was a lot

more planted, whether or not the wings have

anything to do with that I cannot 100% say for

sure but the facts state that they do offer more

downforce so…

Braking is probably one of the highlights of

all Panigale machines. These things stop faster,

sharper and harder than anything else on the

market. I often found myself cursing having

jammed the brakes on so hard thinking I was

braking late and then having to release to carry

more speed. Hate that feeling!

Overall the Ducati Panigale V4S by RACE!

SA rides just as good as it looks. A true workof-art

by the team and a big thanks to them for

letting me test their amazing creation.