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The Ducati V4R

Last month I tested this exact same bike at

Redstar Raceway along with my mate Donovan

Fourie. We were both left overwhelmed by its

sheer awesomeness. It’s surged to the top of

the all-time great sportbikes ever released and

for sure it the best production bike on the market

today, although we still have to test it back-toback

against BMW’s all mighty new S1000RR M

Sport model, which is no slouch either.

The biggest question I have been asked

since the test, other than ‘how does it compare

to the new BMW S1000RR and BMW HP4

Race?’ is ‘how does it compare to the V4S

1100cc model? And ‘is it worth the extra R300k

compared to the V4S model’. Tough questions

and with regards to how it compares to the

BMW’s that will have to wait a few months until

we put that test together, but with regards to

how it compares to the V4S and if it’s worth the

extra money I can happily answer yes.

Is it faster? Not on initial drive out of the turns

at low rpm, as I mentioned earlier, but once

past 4th gear and 11,000rpm, yes, it is. It’s

also way more stable in every aspect and the

riding position also feels more comfortable. To

the naked eye not much seems different from

the S model, but once parked side-by-side

you can see that the front nose is more flared

up and bulkier compared to the S. Nothing

major, but for sure it’s got more muscle. Does

that contribute to more stability? I can’t say for

sure, just like the wings, but I do think most of

the stability comes from the conventional Ohlins

fitted to the V4R as appose to the electronic

system on the S model. These are as-closeto

WSBK suspension as you will see on a

production bike and they work! Leroy Rich has


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