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So, sitting around the office the other day the

conversation went something along these lines,

Me: “4..5..6!? I can’t get hold of anyone…

mutter… mumble… grumble.”

Glenn: “Why? Where is everyone?”

Me: “Bothaville in the Free State, at some show

called NAMPO.”

Glenn: “Well we’ve got the Wing and the

KYMCO scooter in the garage, let’s go check

it out.”

Me: “It’s about 300 kays there, gonna be a long

ride for you on the scooter, Appy and I will be

lekker comfy on the Goldwing ….chuckle.”

Glenn: “Humph! …. mutter, grumble.”

And thus the scene was set and we all met

at the office just on six bells the next morning.

With the sun just starting to drag itself

over the horizon on quite a chilly late autumn

morning we fired our steeds into life and aimed

southwest down the highway. At this point I

must mention that I was expecting the KYMCO

Xciting 400 scooter to be quick through the

early morning traffic, but I wasn’t expecting to

have to chase it like I did. The Goldwing is quite

wide and is a bit of a handful trying to carve

through the traffic (especially with a pillion) and

Glenn was soon through Gillooly’s and heading

up the N3 with us trailing well behind on the

Wing. I eventually managed to catch up just

before the split onto the N12 with the very wide

eyed and pale faced Appy’s knees digging

into my ribs as he desperately clutched onto

the back of the Wing. Once we were on the


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