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Indian’s “Appaloosa”

custom Scout build.

Indian celebrates 100

years of the Scout with

this bizzare custom

Scout build which is set

to race in the Sultans of

Sprint series in Europe.

Sultans of Sprint is a wacky and fun-looking

event that wends its way around various

European towns, celebrating the custom

building scene. Points are scored not only on

straight-line drag race results, but on “style,

creativity and craziness” as well – a setup that

encourages a very fun mix of machinery and an

atmosphere all of its own.

Indian Motorcycle has had plenty of fun with

prior Sultans events, most memorably in

2017 when it put together a 185-hp, Nitrousbreathing

Scout build it named after a famous

headless chicken. But as quick as “Miracle

Mike” was, this year’s entry will trounce it on

style and creativity points.

Built for Indian by Workhorse Speedshop and

set to race in Italy, France and Germany over

the next few months, “Appaloosa” – named for

a famously fast American horse breed – also

takes the 1200cc Scout as a starting point, to

celebrate 100 years since the fi rst Indian Scout

made its debut back in 1919.

It’s hard to look at the open-nosed front fairing

of this thing and not think of early jet fi ghters

like the Mig-15 and F-86 Sabre. Behind that,

the fuel tank has been chopped down into just

a lightweight cover that sits over a tiny 2.5-liter

fuel cell the provides just enough power for a

burnout and a run down the strip.

This time, there’ve been no internal engine

modifi cations, but Workhorse has bumped

the stock Scout’s 100 hp up to 130 hp with

the addition of a nitrous oxide system, an

Akrapovic exhaust, direct intake, a racing ECU

and a Power Commander to manage fueling.

The team has tossed the stock belt drive for a

chain, and stuck on a quickshifter for fast gear

changes at full throttle.

Much of the back-end of the bike is custom,

including a stretched aluminum swingarm

designed to add length to the bike and help keep

it from wheelieing on the drag strip. Likewise,

there’s a new subframe and seat unit, with

lower clip-on bars at the front, so the rider will

lie stretched out over the tank with their butt up

against a backstop to help keep weight forward.

Suspension is from Ohlins – an STX 36

piggyback shock and Retro 43 forks with a

steering damper to control headshake – while

brakes are 4D Aerotecs on dual small 230-

mm front discs designed to reduce inertia and

aid acceleration. Beringer also helped out by

machining the hand controls and buttons,

as well as machining some of the other

Workhorse-designed parts like the swingarm.

Ready to roll in the Factory class after around

700 hours of design and fabrication by the

Workhorse team, the Appaloosa will also sport

a heck of a rider – indeed, possibly the best

Grand Prix motorcycle racer never to win a

championship. California’s Randy Mamola, who

placed second in no less than four 500cc GP

racing championships, has signed on to pilot

this creation in Monthlery on the 22nd and 23rd

of June, and Leonberg on the 31st of August

and 1st of September.


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