LHS Red and Blue - Issue 1


Issue 1

An introduction to the LHS

student written newsletter:

The “Red & Blue” is a student written newsletter designed to inform

students of upcoming and current events. It represents our school and

includes the school colours in its name.

“GREASE” 2019:

In March many talented students brought together

a sensational production of “Grease” following the

adventures of Sandy and Danny who were

brilliantly portrayed by Rosa Gerrard and Joshua

Taylor-Williams. It truly felt like the audience were

transported to the 1950’s. The performances were

thoroughly enjoyed by the cast and audience. A

cast member stated ”It was a unique experience

that you couldn’t do anywhere else.”


Recently, a group of

students, led by Mr.

Greene, participated in

a mock trial. It was a

great experience and

was very educational.


Any student who

wishes to join us in

writing the school

newsletter feel

welcome to email us

(contact information is

at the bottom of the


GCSEs 2019:

Good luck to everyone

who is sitting their

GCSE exams this year.

We have no doubt that

you’ll make yourselves

and the school proud.

For any newsletter enquiries please email: 16BroadhurstL@mylhs.org

Written by: Libby Broadhurst Y9, Poppy Milburn Y9, Alicia Newton Y9 and Nevaeh Hanks Y9.

Litherland High is celebrating

its 70 th Anniversary this year

Our school has been open to the public since 1949

and many changes have been made over the years

including a rebuild in 2011. Many of the students

who currently attend Litherland High will likely be

related to some of the first students to ever attend.


We interviewed Litherland High school’s very

own, Mr. Pierce. Although his teaching career

began in September 2005, he only joined the

LHS community two and a half years ago and

has made a tremendous impact on the

school. Besides teaching, he enjoys watching

movies, reading, gaming and spending time

with his family. We asked him “What

motivated you to become a teacher?” and

he said “I didn’t want to get a job where you

sat around in an office all day doing the

same thing over and over again.”


Mental Health Awareness Week took place this

month. Mental Health is of great importance to

Litherland High School and by spreading awareness,

we are creating a safe environment for those who may

suffer with mental health issues.


Half term is finally here and it is a

great opportunity to revise and

keep on top of homework but, it is

also very important to enjoy your

time off and take time to relax.

For any newsletter enquiries please email: 16BroadhurstL@mylhs.org

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