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Editor’s Letter

Tomorrow is Children’s Day; a day set aside to

celebrate childhood and pay tribute to children. While

a few may have genuine reasons to celebrate, the

many who hawk on the streets of Lagos, or those

displaced by the ravaging activities Boko Haram may

not be aware that they are being celebrated.

All children no matter the circumstances of their

birth, have the right to quality education; but the

reality reveals otherwise. A UNICEF report reveals

that one in every five of the world’s out-of-school

children live in Nigeria. Even with education being free

at primary level, the disturbing figure put at 10.5

million covers children between ages 5-14. The recent

report by UBEC paints a worse picture with a figure of

13.5 million. This calls for serious concern, as the

world would not rise to help us if we do not take the

initiative ourselves. The story of Success Adego and

her “kpako” school that went viral on social media is

still fresh on our minds.

In celebration of Children’s Day, our correspondent

Linda Orajekwe takes a look at the Slum2School

initiative, aimed at giving quality education to indigent

children in slum communities in Lagos.

Pg 6-7

On our cover is Beautypreneur,

Nwanneka Nkumah who is helping

other women eke a living through

her business empowerment

initiative. She tells it all to Yemisi

Suleiman. Pg 8-10.

And what does a woman like in a

man? Rita Okoye reveals. pg 15. J . E

Enjoy the package and have a

Jemi Ekunkunbor

great Sunday.

Acting Editor





























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Four Chic Ways To

Style Your Jeans

Work Look To Pack A




6 Children’s Day: Focus On

Slum2school Example

12 Sexmatics: Natural Ways

Of Lasting Long In Bed



11 Safety Tips In The Kitchen




“Unrequited love is the

infinite curse of a lonely


“A dame that knows the

ropes isn’t likely to get tied


- Winston Churchill

“I don’t mind living in a man’s

world as long as I can be a

woman in it”

- Christina Westover - Marilyn Monroe












By - Rita Okoye

Jeans or Denim as fashion

lovers call it, is undoubtedly

a wardrobe staple that never

goes out of season. It is about

the most versatile piece of

clothing anyone could own.

A pair of jeans trousers can

fire up any look if properly


Try out these four chic ways

to pair up your Jeans:

Pair with

body hug top

Just like Laura

Ikeji, you can pair a

high waist jean with

a sleek body hug

as top. This helps

smoothen out folds

and gives an illusion

of a well defined

shape. Accessorize

with strap sandals

and tote bag.

laura ikeji


Denim with Blazer

To achieve a chic look to an official

meeting, a nice blouse or casual top paired

with a blazer atop a pair of jeans trousers,

cuts a stylish and professional look. Pull

the look well by accessorising with a good

quality wrist watch, a nice leather handbag,

and beautiful necklace.


Denim on


Wear your jeans

as a matching

set; sport a jeans

shirt over jeans

pants. With

this, sneakers or

classy open-toe

shoes and fancy

handbag would

give you that

elegant, chic look.


linka ikeji


May 26, 2019 /


peplum top

Ankara on


Peplum tops are stylish.

They flatter any figure.

Pair an Ankara peplum

top with a pair of jeans

trousers to give you

that casual chic look.

You can spice up the

combination with a pair

of pumps, nice shoulder

bag, and statement




Work look


The beauty of fashion

is how much it has

evolved. We get the

privilege to recreate

what we no longer

love, to what becomes

our favourite and that

has been done to the

boring dull coloured

suits women used to

wear. The 2- piece suit

is now stylishly worn

in colourful pieces.

Despite this evolution,

the brightness of

colours is very industry

dependent hence,:while

women push the

envelope to be stylish,

they’re also industry

conscious and slaying

every chance they get.





a punch

By - Linda Orajekwe

Since women started taking

their place in the workspace,

there have been series of

content created for the purpose

of telling them how to look; to

either be taken seriously, or

make others comfortable by

conforming to a patriarchal

choice of style.

Gone are the days when

being a boss requires

boring looks. Game

changers are becoming

bosses and they’re

changing the narrative,

showing women like

themselves that even in their

workplace, they can look smart,

elegant and stylish without

breaking any formal codes.

This formal look or the idea

of it, has evolved over time.

Women are becoming authentic

with their styles, accepting

their femininity, exploring and

accepting their strength as

women, and expressing that

through fashion.

From interesting pieces to

attractive colours, we have put

together some looks that will

help you look as stylish as you

should, while calling the shots.










Nothing speaks power than a

perfectly tailored black dress; but,

pairing with a neon green pair of

shoes and jacket gives the look a

playful, yet powerful feel.



Gone are those days when

tees are just tees. These days,

tees are mostly campaign

and advertising tools, worn

fashionably by female bosses

to tell their story at a glance.

Rocking a T-shirt that makes

a statement tucked in a welltailored

Palazzo will give you

that confident look of a boss

ready to end that deal in style.

You can also switch up this

look by throwing a jacket on.


/ May 26, 2019

to pack

Colorful floral







For the longest time,

wearing colours in the

workplace was seen

as a taboo; but things

have changed and

patterns as playful

as floral, paired with

the right jacket and

shoes can now get a

complete pass.









Below knee-length Bodycon dress

rocked alone is a classic boss piece.

But we’ll advise you do that class

with style by opting for a bright colour

like Serwaa Amihire, who made this

red come alive as charming as her

smile. This choice gives you that

powerful, confident woman’s look

who is not intimidated by anyone in

the room.

Blue Pink




Black Pump


The pencil skirt never goes out of style.

It’s versatility helps you pair it with

almost anything. From your corporate

long sleeve shirt to your very casual

silk top, you’ll still come out looking like

a boss. Pair with a sleek heel and look

ready to take over your world.

May 26, 2019 /



For a country that reportedly has one

of the highest economic growth rate

in Africa, it is ironic that we have the

highest number of out of school children.

According to UNICEF, over 13 million

children in Nigeria are presently out of school.

This report is higher compared to the report of

2016 where 10.3 Million children couldn’t afford

the luxury of basic education in Nigeria.

This lack of education is caused by myriad

of reasons synonymous to the present

Nigerian system; from lack of employment, to

underemployment, and insecurity that have

successfully uprooted and misplaced families.

These misfortunes have placed families in

impoverish situation where survival rather than

education becomes a priority. Families now live

in situations where they’re forced to live from

hand to mouth; a way of life that can obstruct any

dream of a future beyond mere survival.

This reality is what the people of Makoko

community has effortlessly made a lifestyle.

According to Wikipedia, “Makoko is a

neighbourhood across the third mainland bridge

located at the coast of Lagos”. This definition

as apt as it is m, does not describe the abject

poverty that permeates the land. Children walk

around looking haggard, bare footed, dry skin,

mostly covered in dirt, houses built on water

with more than seven humans staying in a small

constructed wooden house.

According to the population report in 2012,

Makoko consists of 84,840 individuals with

majority of this population being children whose

parents cannot afford a basic free education for


These children of Makoko, almost forgotten

by the educational sector of Nigeria, are usually

seen helping their parents, who are popular for

their job as fishermen, either fish or help them

sell the fish. Their lives in most cases, start and

end with water and fish; a lifestyle that doesn’t

just limit your dream but also limits your life


What this means for the children of

Makoko, is that the poverty of the land becomes

hereditary. They grow to become their parents,

starting from where the previous generation

stopped without knowing what could’ve beenwhat

a quality, standard education can provide.

In 2012, a young National Youth Corp

Member serving with a bank, Otto Orondaam,

visited Makoko community in Lagos State and

was shocked at the number of children living

their lives without basic education. He saw

children who never dreamt and the ones who did

dream but lived hopelessly because their dreams

might never see the light of day. Orondaam,

who is passionate about social development

decided to use Makoko community as his

community project for his NYSC. That pet project

was eventually transformed and Christianed

Slum2School Africa, an organization that ensures

children are not just educated but receive quality

education at zero cost.

To grow a project such as this, Otto

Orondaam quit his job at the bank and fully

committed himself to ensure these children get

the kind of education they deserve.

“After I quit my job, I faced a lot of challenges

from friends and family who felt I have gone

mad” says Orondaam. “But after about two to

three months, we were able to fundraise within

our social media space, among friends and

family, and we were able to get 118 children who

were never into school into schools.”.

From that humble beginning seven years ago,


/ May 26, 2019

Enrollment ceremony at slum2school

Children’s Day:

Focus On Slum2school


Slum2School has now offered scholarship to thousands

of children, to begin their primary and secondary school

journey. In doing this, they’ve adopted various public

schools to ensure quality education is available at zero

cost, and built learning centers to help easy learning and

expand the scope of the children’s minds.

This experience has been nothing short of lifechanging

for so many children and their families.

Children who thought their dreams have no chance in

the real world are hopeful again and can boldly talk

about their future now, because they have the passport

of education to get them there.

Dosun Sharon, a beneficiary of Slum2School Africa,

who is presently in junior secondary school, said “when

I was much younger, I dreamt of becoming a lawyer. I

didn’t think the dream was possible because I couldn’t

read and write. I saw Slum2School around us, I didn’t

know what they were looking for. I saw them writing

children’s names so I went to write my name. They

brought me to the school, registered me, and I started

from primary one Now, I can read and write and I can be

a lawyer”

Another beneficiary, 14 year old Samuel Iroko said;

“When I was very small I dreamt I was going to be a

doctor but when my friends were going to school and

could read and write, me I couldn’t read, write and

speak English. At that point, I said that dream won’t be


By - Linda Orajekwe

Deborah’s case was different but familiar. According

to her, “before I met Slum2School, I was going to school

but I was not serious with it. Sometimes I will go to

school and sometimes, I will stay at home, selling with

my mum”.

There are thousands of children like Sharon, Samuel,

and Deborah, saved by the Slum2School project, filling

the gap where our government has ignored to provide

quality education for its people. The project is not just

educating these children, but also empowering them,

through the help of volunteers, who commit time

and resources to ensure that these children have the

opportunity to stand a chanice to change their estate in


But how involved is government in a project of

this kind that is fast changing the lives of these slum

dwellers? “Government’s input is more of collaboration

than financial”says Orondaam. “One of the things we’ve

been doing is collaborating with the government. We

have about three government schools we’ve adopted,

and we’re trying to ensure that we can support these

schools and build them to be model public schools”

Slum2school is majorly driven by these young

volunteers who are not just seeing the problems that

afflict Nigeria and its people, but taking that step further

to be a part of the people that are solving that problem.

They do this by stretch their hands to raise the new

generation, so that they can also raise themselves.



Launching the Entreprise Development Centre

Oby Ezekwesili & OTTO Orondaam

Slum2school bag for kids

For these volunteers, the success of the

children is their drive and satisfaction. They give

their all, from communicating to the children,

to a strict follow up to ensure they are learning,

and communicating with the parents, to ensure

the children report to school when they should.

According to a seasoned volunteer, Inemo Preghafi,

“We take actions. We are ready to put all the 50,000

thousand children in school, God willing. Seeing

Sharon from where we started, and Sharon of now

is major progress. It’s one of the reasons that give us

the motivation to want to do more because, we have

so many children like Sharon who started from a

certain level and now they’re a success story”

It’s over six years since Slum2School went from

a Corp member’s project to being an organization

and in that time, it has provided scholarships and

series of support to over 32,000 children across

Nigeria, and won over 20 national and international

awards of recognition for the great work being done

in Africa.

In 2018, Slum2School, which is primarily being

run by volunteers called for volunteer openings

and over 3,000 volunteers across 13 countries in

Africa signed up to be a part of this change-making

process, to help build and secure the future of the

next generation.

This organization is not just about enrolling

children to school but also about following up on

their growth to ensure they’re improving in almost

every area of their lives; from education to health,

to mentoring, vocational and life skills acquisition.

This is where the thousands of Volunteers pull

their weight. They’re sectioned according to their

expertise to volunteer in areas that benefit these

children and they dive in, giving their all for the

growth of every child.

Unlike the normal structures in many Nigerian

schools, Slum2School has a follow-up and grooming

plans to ensure the child is well monitored for

growth and properly coached by learned and skilled


This work being done by Otto Orondaam and

other young Nigerians, is one the people of Makoko,

who at a time didn’t understand the importance

of education, are beginning to love. Speaking to

Agboola Adijat, a resident in Makoko community

whose children were once in public school, she

revealed that she had to change their school because

the school wasn’t helping her child academically.

However, she wishes Slum2School would extend

their provision of quality education to other schools.

“I like the method Slum2School uses. I love it

well but it’s only public schools they use to give,

they don’t give to any other schools” Adijat went

on to talk about how useful the project has been

to the people of Makoko “This thing they’re doing

has helped a lot of families because, it’s not every

family that can afford to give their children basic

education. They bring these children to school, give

them uniform, school bags, and textbooks, biro,

and notebook. They’re giving them all these things

so that education will be less expensive for them;

because, people who do not have education, it’s

just as if you do not have anything in life. I just

wish they’ll put it in every school”.

Another resident, Monsura Gimba said;

“Slum2school project has been very helpful in

taking children out of the street into school.

Instead of these kids to be roaming around,

wasting themselves, this project is helping their

future by making sure they don’t waste it away”.

Slum2School is the dream come true for

every underprivileged child, whose future is

being washed away right in front of their eyes.

With little being done in a country like Nigeria,

an environment like Makoko is not one given

the necessary priority it deserves, despite the

possibility that lies in the hearts and hands of

the children that reside there.


Children who

thought their

dreams have no

chance in the real

world are hopeful

again and can

boldly talk about

their future now,

because they have

the passport of

education to get

them there.

In May 2018, the children who are present

beneficiaries of Slum2School in Makoko, created

a campaign called “A Thousand Dreams”. This

campaign according to one of the beneficiaries,

Obichukwu Emmanuel, is to help enroll a thousand

children into school each year. It’s interesting to

see how these children who had no knowledge

or understanding of the importance of education

have now grown through the Slum2school project

to become Ambassadors of education in their


According to 12 years old Alade Mariam “We go

into the community and then we tell them about

the importance of education and why they should

send their children to school”

Obichukwu Emmanuel explained that the

parents have to be convinced because aside from

the fact that they don’t have enough funds to send

their children to school, some of these parents don’t

understand the importance or value of education.

As the world marks International Children’s

Day tomorrow, there are many who will not be

celebrating as their future hang in the balance. A

project like the Slum2School is one that should be

replicated in many of our rural communities where

children are begging for the opportunity of better

learning conditions.

Nigerians would do well to support initiatives

like this financially and the many selfless


So far, Otto Orandaam says: “what we do

as an organization is to tap into our network of

volunteers and see how we can raise funds for the


Last year, Slum2School launched its Enterprise

Development Centre, (EDC) in one of its adopted

schools in Makoko where over 1000 children and

youths between the ages of 9 to 25 can learn how

to set up small businesses, and also learn skills to

become professionals.

To Slum2School, education is not just about

going to school. There is a strong belief in the

system that every child should be equipped with

necessary skills to boost their confidence, and give

them a fair chance to opportunities available for all.

They keep researching to find better ways to

improve learning for the children and be their light

until they can make theirs. In Samuel’s words,

“Slum2school has given us the chance to become

what we want to become in future.”.

May 26, 2019 /



8 / May 26, 2019


Wanneka Nkumah:

Empowering Prospective Entrepreneurs

Words By - Yemisi Suleiman

Her journey to becoming the CEO of Hair by

Wanneka empire, had a humble beginning;

armed with the BBM as her only marketing tool

and zero naira as a reseller. A few years later, Doris

Nwanneka was gifted a token of a hundred and twenty

thousand naira (N120, 000) by her husband, which she

invested in her first hair business. However, due to

inexperience in operating a business, her efforts failed

twice within 2014 and 2015. Not giving up, she refused to

allow failure stop her. In 2016, the business gained weight

in the market and the brand evolved to one of the most

sought- after in the industry today. Seizing the moment

and her interest in young people spurred her engagement

in various philanthropic activities through her online

platform, where she has empowered a lot of young

women, looking to invest in the Beauty industry.

Apparently hungry to do more with the amazing growth of

her business, Wanneka, is poised to giving back to the

society, as she launches a new hairline today. The new line

aptly tagged the ‘Wanneka Super Pack,’ was born because

of the desire to empower aspiring business entrepreneurs

as distributors of the Wannwka Hair.

The beautiful, young entrepreneur holds a Diploma in

Law from the University of Ado-Ekiti (UNAD) and

currently, a final year Mass Communication

undergraduate at the Caleb University. The wife and

mother to three beautiful kids, speaks on her current

project, her passion for the business, life as an

entrepreneur and the impact of social media on her


How did you get into the hair business, and

at what point did Hair Boss come to be? What

motivated it?

I have always loved feashion and anything

beauty, that was the first attraction for me. In my

early days, I resold weaves bought from a

well-known hair seller. I would take their pictures,

market it, take orders and purchase.

In-terms of marketing, I would go to banks;

waited till I would be able to approach the

fashionable female staff to patronize me. From

the banks, I moved to church gates just to speak

with the beautiful sisters to tell them about my


Getting more active on social media was a

huge success for me. It was a terrain that was

easy to access and quick to reach a wider

audience, with more customers from outside

Lagos. Gradually, I was able to gather enough

money to buy a large stock of products.

Unfortunately I got duped by a supplier which

eventually made me to start afresh. It was a bitter

sweet experience because I was hounded for

taking clients order serious. I believe in true

quality in whatever market I sell. But the saying

goes that once bitten twice shy. I had no choice

than to start afresh because it is a business I

love. Though it was rough but I thank God.

Social media, the Instagram especially

became my office and my market. People

gradually reckoned with my brand. The more I

got orders, the more I got referred to by existing

customers, and their experiences made me smile

with joy. I used all the features that Instagram

could offer. I regularly think of new ways to

always improve my brand and here we are today

with the Hair by Wanneka

So how has the evolution been so far?

This is my 7th year in the hair industry but

officially my 6th year. I will say it has been an

amazing growth so far. Hair by Wanneka failed

three whole times. Then I had three different

stores with nothing to show for it. For three years

we struggled to sell one hair, in one month, but

amazingly, that is no longer the story. The

business has grown over time and God has

remained faithful. We have actually gotten our

own permanent store, so yes, it has been a roller

coaster of the good, bad and ugly but we are

grateful to God for how far and well he has

brought the brand.

You are launching a new hairline today, tell us

about it?

The Wanneka Super Pack is a long time

desire of mine to reach out to more women all

over the world who cannot reach us easily due to

time, distance and means of payment. It is an

opportunity for people who have always wanted

to be distributors of my brand to actually do so

with the Super pack in their store.

What inspired this new line at this point in


Over the years Hair by Wanneka has become

a household name, and a lot of people from

different places have contacted us, saying they

want to be distributors. I personally was not

ready then, but I have always had this idea of

putting hair by Wanneka in a beautiful pack, beat

down the prices to the minimum and get

distributors to sell it as well. So that way, more

people have jobs, they are empowered and can

make money to take care of their needs, while

clients get good hair at an amazingly affordable


So, this new line is my own way of giving back

to society, as well as reaching out to ladies with

good hair at affordable prices.

What is the distinguishing feature between

this new brand and what you have in stock?

This new line is completely branded with our

name and logo, well packaged of course, more

affordable. Also, it comes with some styles we’ve

May 26, 2019 / 9


never had. The styles were specifically designed

for the super pack, but in terms of quality,

everything is guaranteed to stand the test of


With wigs and natural hair extensions being

high in demand now, and with lots of hair

entrepreneurs out there, what do you do to

stay ahead of competition?

Firstly, I do not bother my dear head over who

my competitors are because I have my own

unique ways of staying on top of my game. A lot

of hair buyers and users are already familiar with

my ways. So, once they see a certain hair, price,

picture or advert, it is easy to say that is Hair by


These are some of the things I think has kept

me in the business for this long. Again, my prices

are so affordable, even a low income earner can

afford one or two good quality hair. Also, people

relate well with the happy mood of my adverts. I

think they are attracted to the way I make the

videos and how I dance.

You do a lot with social media. Would you say

the social media has been your greatest

business marketing strategy, or how has it

impacted your business so far?

If I write my success story without Instagram,

then I have told a lie. Social media, Instagram to

be precise, is part of what made my brand this

popular. It has been the only platform where old

clients get to stay in touch with me and new

people discover me. And to think that the

platform is almost free is amazing. I do a lot of

adverts there and have over the years, built my

clients base.

I have recently just gotten a website which is

also picking up, but Instagram still has a special

positive effect, and most clients are already very

used to reaching out to us there. So for ‘Hair by

Wanneka’, the fastest way to publicize any of our

new products is by posting it on our Instagram

page. I am not so much of a Facebook business

person but, yes, I visit and use it from time to


How would you describe your dress sense?

My dress sense has to be stylishly

comfortable. I wear a lot of sneakers. A lot of

people already know me for that because I can

do anything wearing my sneakers. It is as

comfortable as the word, but at the same time, I

try to style it in different ways to still look

fashionable. People have come to terms with the

fact that Wanneka wears sneakers on anything

and it still comes out stylish.

What is the best way to take care of your hair


For people who are now wig addicts, all you

need to do to your wig from time to time, is to

brush from tip to top once you take off and put it

on a wig stand. When it is time to wear it, if it

feels dry, apply a little serum and brush again

from tip to top. If it is a curly hair, use a leave-in

conditioner, if it is a straight hair, use a

straightening brush to make it look silkier, and if it

is wavy, you can decide to touch up with some

curls. But you should ensure that you take it to

the saloon for treatment from time to time, for

deep conditioning, recurling and for them to

apply the basic hair treatments needed.

Who or what inspires you more in life?

My greatest inspiration in life is my husband.

Everything I do is basically to make him proud

and make him happy.

What is the best business advice you have

received since you started and how has it

helped you?

Never give up. Always sell your business the

best way you can.

My greatest

inspiration in

life is my


Everything I do

is basically to

make him


Tell us about yourself, growing up years and

what informed your choice of career as a


Growing up for me was quite interesting, I had

an amazing family would tear anyone down if I

get bullied by an outsider. I grew up in the midst

of a loving family; my Mother was a sweet kind

person and she loved all her children equally. As

the last child, one would think I would be so spoilt

but, I was given one of the strictest upbringing,

which has built me over the years to become this

independent, hardworking and daring woman

that I am today. I have always wanted to own an

empire. I started as a stylist in the Nigerian

Nollywood industry and gradually gained

grounds. I made a few friends, this gave birth to

my baby steps which grew into the brand I have


You look very fashionable and stylish, do you

pick your clothes or do you have a stylist?

I do not have a personal stylist who comes to

me every time I need to step out. I style myself

daily. I just know how to mix patterns to form a

stylish look but, yes, when I have events, I get

people to come in with ideas for the look I want.

How do you keep fit or stay healthy?

I don’t consider myself fit (laughs) but, if you

ask, how I have been able to maintain my shape

after three children, I would say I am this way

because I hardly eat and I work a lot. So it is only

natural that when you work so much, and do not

have the appetite to eat, you lose weight easily.

So for me, this is more of weight loss than being

fit. I need to hit the gym soon though, to actually

stay fit.

When you are not working nor attending to

clients, how do you take time out to relax?

When I am not working or attending to clients,

you will find me on Instagram. I know that is

work on its own because, all my businesses are

online. But if I need to truly relax, instead of

reading direct messages or messages from

clients on my page, I just search random pages

and have a good laugh. I could spend hours

doing that. Sometimes also, I get to play with my

kids when I am less busy.

Where is your best holiday destination in the


Best holiday destination has to be Vietnam for

me. As awkward as it sounds, Vietnam makes

me happy and I would rather be in Vietnam, than

anywhere else for a holiday.

What do you like about the place?

Aside from the fact that Vietnam is a quiet

place, I like the fact that the people do not take

life too seriously, everything is so easy. They

have great markets to shop for anything in the

world that you want, amazing picture locations

and yes, they also have a lot of tourists who

come there. So, if you want new friends, you

want to shop for good quality things at an

affordable rate, Vietnam is your best bet.

What is the next big thing for the Hair Boss?

Next big thing for me should be opening my

permanent site, which is already under

construction. It has been my dream to buy a

permanent site for Hair by Wanneka with money

made from Hair by Wanneka. I believe this is

every business owner’s dream, and this is

already coming to reality. I cannot wait to show

my clients what I have been working on.

10 / May 26, 2019


By - Patricia Uyeh

The kitchen is a ‘woman’s little

kingdom’ where she holds

sway. From this her cherished

territory, she churns out

delicacies of all sorts like the highly

controversial jollof-rice for her family.

Because the food is cooked here, the

kitchen is an important part of the

house that every member of the family


But the kitchen as we know is

usually equipped with tools such as

pots, knives, spoons, gas cooker,

refrigerator, stove, oven and so on.

Safety precautions have to be taken to

avoid accidents and the spread of

bacteria from the use of its many

pieces of equipment.

Sharp objects (such as knives,

cutters) if not properly handled can

result to cuts. Electrical appliances eg

microwaves and open fire by the oven

can pose as threats to safety if not

properly handled and maintained.

It is wise to be safety conscious in

the kitchen because one mistake can

result to grave injuries or accidents.

While you should never leave children

alone in the kitchen, you should pay

close attention to what you are doing

in the kitchen. Ensure you have a

kitchen cleanliness strategy and have

necessary safety equipment at your





are some

safety tips to

observe in the



Be careful not to leave

pot holders exposed to

open flames.



Ensure you keep the

kitchen floor dry so that no

one falls or slips.

7. Don’t cook with loose

clothing or with hair exposed.

You don’t want your clothing

to catch fire accidentally

neither do you want to see

hair strands in your food.


Refrigerate raw meat,

fish and certain dairy

products that are

temperature- sensitive

and can spoil quickly to

avoid the build-up of


Keep knives

in a drawer or

wooden block. Keep

knives far from the reach of





Wash your


thoroughly in

the kitchen

before and after

handling food.

3 6

Do your best to

avoid kitchen

fire. Do well to

get fire

extinguisher in

case of fire




8. Don’t cook with dangling

jewellery. This can get caught

up with pot handles. You

don’t want to be struggling

with your bracelet and pot

cover or handle.

9. Turn your pot handles

away from the front of the

stoves. That way, adults can’t

bump into them on the way.

Children also will not be able

to grab them too.

10. Separate raw meat /

chicken from other items to

avoid cross-contamination of

bacteria of one food to


May 26, 2019 / 11

with Adesuwa 07011289316 |

Natural Ways Of Lasting Long In Bed



By - Yemisi Suleiman

What some of your favourite

celebrities said and we listened.

A man lasting in bed simply means that he can

control his orgasm as long as ‘’ he needs to ‘’, this

could be until the woman orgasms, or until he wants to

climax. There is this old joke about men ‘’thinking

about baseball’’ whenever they want to last longer in

bed. vsuch thoughts take their minds off what they are

doing and therefore delay what their body wants to

have happen.

Though it is often said that guys who last longer in

bed are considered to be virile, and manly, but this is a

paternalistic notion which usually does not take in to

account what the lady wants. A recent study

postulated that women get maximum enjoyment from

penetration that does not exceed ten or eleven

minutes, after which it becomes painful, boring or both.

Anyone who goes on for a long time after the woman

is done physically, sexually, mentally or emotionally is

in it only for himself.

So, lasting longer in bed means you last longer than

the average male during normal and consistent

insertion. The average length of time for a consistent

penetrative sex is about 7 minutes, anything short of

this shows you are not lasting in bed by these metrics.

An average female tends to desire about 15 minutes

of consistent penetrative intercourse.

There are actually tricks that can help a man last

longer - from desensitizing agents, cock rings tactics;

these are part of what you need to last longer in bed.

-Condom actually can be of help in two ways; the

first beeing that it works as small cock rings while the

second is that, it can give less sensitive feeling and

both of which can assist with you lasting longer.

There are other ways to pleasure your partner in

bed other than intercourse: you have got two hands,

mouth and few other parts depending on what you

and your spouse love to indulge in. To cut a long story

short, staying longer in bed naturally means you are

lasting more than 15 to 20 minutes in regards to

copulation. Whichever way, do not feel bad as the

average is about 3minutes which means that quite a

few number of men fall into this category.

A number of men usually find it very easy to climax

than their female counterparts, coupled with the fact

that quick ejaculation is one of the most commonest

sexual disorder in males under 40 years of age. This

explains why women will always find themselves

unsatisfied; especially, as it can be a let-down if the

fun ends before it often starts.

Here are tips to help him finish the act:

Get him to start slowly. Men’s magazine suggests,

you ‘’ tell him to aim for one thrust every few seconds,

then gradually, [ like every two minutes ] take it up a

notch, to a point where there’s a thrust every second or

so. If he feels like he’s going to come, he should stop

thrusting and wait a few seconds until he can control

himself and start over again.

Be sure to do it again and again, a round of powerful

foreplay before lovemaking can perform wonders.

According to Cosmopolitan magazine, not only can

you orgasm, which might make you more likely to

come again during sex, but getting him to ejaculate

before the main event should delay the finish line. For

many guys, it takes a certain amount of time to

‘’recharge’’, which means you should have plenty of

time to be satisfied.

You probably might have heard of KEGEL [ men too

can do this ] and yoga exercises. These help to

strengthen your pelvic floor muscles thereby, improving

your chance of orgasm. These exercise can also help

in treating premature ejaculation in men. A research

presented recently at the European Association of

Urology in Stockholm, found that pelvic exercise

improved premature ejaculation after 12 weeks in most


Try using condom. Majority of guys really do not like

wearing condom because it does not feel as good as

the real thing, and as a result, find it quite difficult to

climax. Love-making with condom, definitely, feels

different, so take advantage of this to make your

spouse last longer. The sensations on his penis will be

slightly weaker with a condom on it, this will naturally

lead to a longer sex session.

Always switch sex position; just in case your partner

has a move that always sets him off- change positions.

Cosmopolitan suggest missionary style or girl on top,

which can help many men delay the finale. When you

have been together for a while, there is the tendency

that your routine sex styles can make his body

anticipate coming, thereby releasing sooner than

expected. New sex positions and sensations will help

to distract him and make him last longer.

Avoid masturbation. Most men masturbate and this

has become a habit for some of them. Funny enough,

this is one root cause of quick ejaculation problem.

Allow him to introduce sex toys, it may seem like

cheating but this should not matter when it has to do

with you both having orgasms. If he cannot stay long

enough to the end, you wait until he is close. Then, let

him tag out and use the vibrator on you. You can tag

back in when you are both close to the finishing line.

Eat healthy diet: Drink a cup of water first thing in

the morning, take more fruits, vegetable, reduce you

intake of red meat and alcohol. Do about 15 minutes

exercises when you wake up, it could be jogging or


In some situations, your spouse can actually try and

see a professional. Variety of prescriptions are readily

available if premature ejaculation is a serious issue

that is negatively affecting your relationship. Try by all

means to avoid supplements across the counter,

instead, your best bet is to check with a urologist to

see what the issue is, and what steps are to be taken.

In the end, there are quite a lot of ways that you can

assist your man in achieving sexual fulfillment for both

of you. Satisfaction and orgasm are two parallel things

just as lasting in bed is not the be-all, end-all of sexual

prowess. Communication and the readiness to please

one another are gets you closer to the mark.

“When you finally realise that

nothing is permanent in this life, you

will become more tolerant, more

forgiving and less judgmental.”

Wise words from Nollywood

Yoruba actor, Adedimeji


“Life is a choice. I have

chosen to see the beauty

in every situation. Live,

love and learn. Make the

choice today.”

Chika Ike on making

life’s choices.

“I am working

continuously on the best

version of me. Please do

the same and the world

will be better for it. Let’s

just keep trying. Stay

strong, be positive. We

all struggle sometimes”.

Actress, Uche Jumbo

goes inspirational.

Always look at the

bright side of life. No

one says its easy

Words from the

actress, Empress

Njamah to her fans.


/ May 26, 2019




By - Latasha Ngwube



events or castings?

I’m definitely big on fashion: not necessarily

on trends, but definitely, on personal style. With

some events, it’s easy to style yourself. In some

cases, I leverage on my existing partnerships

with stylists and designers. So sometimes, we

can pull from a designer’s already existing

collection and at other times, a fresh outfit is

custom-designed for me and tailored to the

event, depending on the amount of time

available to prepare. For castings, more likely

than not, my look is influenced by the character

that I am reading for. It helps to get my head in

the right space and influences my body language

and my delivery.

Enado Odigie is a

budding actress in

Nollywood. She has

starred and featured in

films like, From Lagos with

Love, and the critically

acclaimed, Joba. With


competition in the Nigeria

film industry getting fiercer

every year, she constantly

Who are your ultimate style icons?

strives to do better and

Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, the late Kyrzayda

perfect her craft.

Rodriguez (God rest her soul), Rihanna, Sarah

Enado is also a style star in


Jessica Parker and Rita Dominic.

the making. In this chat

Where do you like to shop for everyday


with Allure, she talks about

I shop from any and everywhere I find

her work and style.


anything I fancy. Both local and international

brands, from small retailers to huge chains. E.g,

What’s the one thing you would change

Fashion Nova, Miskay, Zhena Woman, Zara etc.

about your industry?

What is your favourite piece in your

Can we have some structure please?

closet right now ?

What’s your favourite role or character in

My current fave is a teeny weeny, floral dress

your career so far?

from Miskay Boutique.

I have a few that I love for different reasons. Ify contemporary styles for the African man and

Pedro from the movie, From Lagos with Love, Ore woman, even though we’re starting first with a What’s your favourite red carpet look

in the movie Joba, and the character I’m going to female line. Our style will be fresh, colourful, bold, you’ve worn so far?

play in the American drama series called Suits as happy and chic. Our pieces will be designed to

AMVCA 2018. It’s an

Harvey Specter’s heart throb. (in my mind). A girl is accentuate the body of the everyday African woman, Emerald green dress made by

allowed to dream

to mask her flaws and highlight her curves. We want Ugonna Omeruo for House of

her to tell us who she is simply by walking into a Nwocha

How would you describe your personal room, with all the glory of her African beauty, and

style in a sentence or less?

comfortable in her own Skin. Loud, Bold and Proud. Has there ever been a time

when you felt you had to


Do you have any passion besides acting? wear something you

If you could give your 18-year-old self one Yes. Fashion, Beauty, Counselling. Helping weren’t entirely

piece of style advice, what would it be? others find themselves.

comfortable in?

Trends will come and go. Great skin never goes


out of style.

How would you say your style has changed

since you became an actor?

Heels or sneakers?

Who are your favourite Nigerian/African In the last couple of years, as I have evolved as a Can I say both? If not,

designers? How many of their pieces do you person, and transitioned between careers and this heels.


has reflected in my style. Naturally, when you work

Deola Sagoe, House of Nwocha, Tubo, Mai Atafo, in the corporate world, style can be a little restrictive Denim or dresses?

Zhena woman. I own a few HON and Zhena Woman and this might also reflect in your wardrobe.



However, it’s quite different in the entertainment

space where there’s an abundance of inspiration and Vintage or new?

If you could design your own fashion line, the freedom to explore whichever way I want. I’m New

what would you call it? What would it look definitely a lot more daring and more adventurous.


My style is more expressive and much more

Gele or no gele?

I’m still deciding between names but, at the reflective of my personality.

No gele

topmost of that list is a name that carries the names


of both my parents, Rose and Michael, in honour of Image is so important in your industry. Lipstick or highlighter?


both their memories. However, my line will feature Would you say you’re big on fashion? How Lipstic

do you decide what to wear to important

May 26, 2019 / 13



By Odun Ogunbiyi

...Oddbod & The City

Selfcare is never selfish. I have been focusing more on looking

after me so I can look after others, if that makes any sense.

Drinking more water (am I the only one who struggles with

this?), renewing my gym membership, persevering with the healthy

eating, reading a good book and generally generating positive vibes.

This is Oddbod and the city – My Lagos adventure.

oh so nutrion smoothies

Oh So Nutrition

This week I decided a detox was in order. I

cut out all the usual culprits e.g. alcohol, fizzy

drinks, refined sugars and processed food and

focused on a raw, healthy diet to get my body

all the necessary nutrients.

My research led me to Oh So Nutrition

( A Lagos-based whole

food and healthy beverage company. Meal

preparation is always the biggest obstacle

for me, when I attempt any sort of restrictive

diet. Among all the great services offered,

they have a smoothie detox program. You

replace daily solid foods with five healthy raw

food smoothies, packed with fruits, berries,

vegetables and posh things like, acai berry

powder and wheatgrass powder.

You can choose a one-day detox, which some

people choose to do on a weekly basis for

It’s your BirTHDAY

“If you don’t come, its over between us!”

That was the parting shot my dear friend,

Latasha ominously added to her invitation

to come and celebrate her Birthday with


I drove her to it with my antisocial ways, but

truth be told I had no intention of missing

out on what I knew would be a fantastic

night out.

This was how I found myself on a Friday

night at a huge rooftop bar and terrace

in Lekki, aptly called Atmosphere (@

atmosphererooftop). I must say this was an

excellent location to have a party. The décor was

giving me NYC rooftop vibes with the hanging light

and foliage. The DJ was on point and I have no

complaints about the service.

I had a blast. Thank you for having me and Happy

Birthday my darling Latasha.

oh so nutrition pamphlet

example, to give the body a chance to

recharge its batteries. A five-day detox,

I thought I would struggle to complete,

so maybe next time when I have more

discipline. I opted for the three-day detox. I

felt so good on day two I managed to make

my morning workout at the gym.

What I loved about this detox was the 360°

customer service. The options for the kind

of detox consider your experience and

palette, the packaging and shiny information

leaflet on delivery, had me in raptures

and to top it off, all through the detox, I

received messages of encouragement and


They will be hearing from me again as they

made healthy eating easier and affordable.

Don Jazzy, LATAsha Ngwube & Tola

Odunsi owner of Atmosphere

Latasha & guestS

Lavender lagos

Smells like home

After a hard day in the

mean Lagos streets, I crave

nothing more than the

comfort of my couch. It’s the

small details that come together to make your house

a home. Other than being clean and tidy, with the

temperature on the chilly side and containing all my

favourite things, the last thing that’s essential for me

is to be greeted by a joyful smell. I can stand for

hours sniffing candles and diffusers to find just the

right scent.

I am also a new but dedicated convert to the

traditional practice of burning sage to cleanse

my home. Sage is purported to cleanse your

environment of negative energy, generate wisdom

and clarity, and promote healing. It was while

searching for a supply of sage,

that I stumbled upon Lavender (@

lavenderlagos). They specialise in

all things wonderful smelling, and

when you step into the store, you

know you have arrived in the right

place. The space is sun-drenched

and welcoming, smells divine and

is packed to the rafters with all

manners of good things to satisfy

the olfactory senses.

Well-known luxury brands in the

interior’s arena, such as Voluspa,

Heyland & Whittle and Portus Cale

are present in both diffuser and

candle form. Soy candles (from P.F

Candle Co) for those interested in

environmentally friendly candles,

and 5000ML (Yes you read that

correctly) bottle diffusers from Dr


I was spoilt for choice and very

happy with my purchases.

14 / May 26, 2019

I would love to hear from you, DM on Instagram @le_Oddbod


Stylish things

Women Love To

See In Their Men


By - Rita Okoye


Do you know that the physical attribute

that women find sexy in a man is his

sense of style and not necessarily his

handsome face, muscular build, height,

and even fitness? On that note, by

being well dressed, you instantly

become more attractive to women.

These are 7 stylish

things women love to see

in their men...

1 Grooming

In the era of ‘Beard Gang’, it is very important

to have a clean shave, well carved and no

bumps. Women are quick to notice an

unkempt beards and that is a bad turn off.


Good Watch

Well Fitted Suit

We know the function of suits; high-standard clothing for

business and fancy events. Ladies love them every now

and then. They like it when you dress to impress for

special occasions. They appreciate that effort you put to

look dapper.



Women too, just like men also

pay attention to details. So if

you have an effortless

timepiece on your wrist, it

catches the eyes of classy

women. It makes a great

conversation starter

with a woman you



A nice scent is another

important factor for women in

choosing a potential partner. So

don’t underestimate women’s

sense of smell,it’s pretty

sensitive. ‘You smell nice’, can

serve as an instant greenlight.



Well-chosen accessories truly elevate your style, so don’t

treat them as an afterthought. However, be careful too

much jewelry, flashy statement pieces, and wardrobe flair

can end up doing more harm than good.


Sporty Wear

You can wear them comfortably when going to the gym or

whenever you go for a run or for a quick drive. Make your

sporty wears neat and stylish.



Good Shoes

Great taste in shoes is one of the first things women notice

in a man’s style. This should tell you that investing in

classic, quality footwear is very important as first impression

matters. Stylish shoes like Oxfords, Monk Straps, Italian

moccasin, they show you’ve got good taste.


May 26, 2019 / 15



With Yemisi Suleiman

In case you missed, these were the most Interesting pictures and

stories on Instagram last week, as posted by your favourite celebrities.

Jennifer Obayuwana

marks birthday

We are absolutely loving this stunning photo of

Jennifer Obayuwana, MD of The Polo Luxury.

The Polo boss added a year last Thursday, and

marked the day with a bit of modern elegance, in

this glittery gold dress which she posted on her

Instagram handle.

Ceece raises

fashion game

It was all about Cynthia Nwadiora aka

Ceece, and the launch of her active

sportswear line aptly named,’Cegar’

last week. One after another, Ceece is

raising the level of her fashion game,

all in a single day as the ex Big Brother

Naija star slays at the event which held

in Lagos. After making everyone swoon

over her white and gold detailed suit at

the launch, she then made people go

gaga with this gold tigh-high slit dress by

Tiannah Place Empire. The new CEO,

took to her social media handle to share

this amazing photos and the attitude is


Deepika Padukone

Dazzles at Cannes

Still on the Cannes Film Festival, India’s star

actress and entertainer, Deepika Padukone, was

the centre of attraction last week as she stepped

out on the red carpet, in this dramatic neon tulle

gown at the Pain and Glory premiere on May 28.

The Giambattista Valli Couture gown featured long

ruffled sleeves, as well as a bow at the collar, and a

belted waist. She paired the gown (and its gorgeous

train) with neutral heels, jewelry, and a pink

headdress. The Bollywood actress had consistently

stunned onlookers with her daring, and dramatic

style at the Cannes.

Oba Elegushi and

Wife marks wedding


It was a week of celebration and

thanksgiving for Oba Saheed

Elegushi and Wife, Oloori Aramide,

as they celebrated their16th Wedding


Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi,

Kusenla III, the Elegushi of Ikateland,

who is one of Nigeria’s most

effervescent monarchs and his

beautiful wife, Olori Sekinat Aramide,

marked the occasion last Friday,

May 24, with a number of glamorous

photos on Instagram, with lots of

congratulatory and goodwill messages

flooding in from friends, family and


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