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Come take a

look at the

best places

to visit in the

world! - 7/11

25 - Meet The


Top 5

Places In

The World

To Visit

Bora Bora

Looking for a

nice, relaxing

vacation? Come

take a look at

Bora Bora!

Bora Bora has the most

spectacular views with

the most beautiful water

that you will ever see. If

you do plan on going,

make sure to stay in a

bungalow. Bungalows

are little homes that are

above the water.

Bungalows like these

are very relaxing and


A great reason to visit Bora Bora may be for a

honeymoon, or an anniversary, or it would be a great

place for a family vacation as well. If you are looking

for something to do while you are there, go snorkeling

or swimming. The views from your bungalow may be

nice, but wait until you see underwater!

San Francisco &

New York

Like the city?

Check out these

cool places with

the nicest cities!

San Francisco

San Francisco is known for its

great climate, where the

temperature is very

comfortable. The foods here

are also just as amazing. You

can find almost any dish here.

With all different kinds of

foods also means that there’s

many different cultures here.

San Francisco is home to all

different types of cultures.

New York

New York has great

museums with some of the

best art that include

America's most famous jazz

man Louis Armstrong House

Museum and more. Not only

is there art, but the

skyscrapers will leave you in

awe as they tower over as

you walking past them!


“The most

romantic city in

the world.”

It is known as a fact that

Paris is the most romantic

city in the world! It’s not

only famous for being so

romantic, but Paris,

France is also famous for

their food with bread,

macarons and more. If

your into museums, then

you should also check out

the world’s greatest

museum that holds the

painting of the Mona Lisa.

Maybe while your there

you can learn a couple of

history things as well!

If you are into

shopping, then Paris,

France is definitely for

you! There have been

comments on how

Paris has some of the

greatest stores that

include clothes,

accessories, jewelry,

and more!

The Grand Canyon

No picture can

describe how

beautiful the

Grand Canyon is.

You should see it

in person!

More than 5 million people

visit the Grand Canyon a year.

You could say that it’s pretty

popular, and with this many

people, you can’t deny that

this place is beautiful! The

Grand Canyon is the oldest

national park in the U.S. The

Grand Canyon is obviously

really, really old! It’s been said

that the Colorado River carved

the canyon out during the last

6 million years! Rocks have

been found here that are at

least 2 billion years old! Why

wouldn't you want to visit


As if that wasn’t

enough to convince

you, then here’s

something! If you like

the wildlife, then you

would love it here!

People have seen

coyotes howling,

mule deer bathing in

the sun, a great

horned owl in trees

and more!




Skin Medica

We all have had

this at some

point in our lives.

It’s stubborn, and

not fun to deal


This skincare product is

suitable for all skins! It’s

great for the people who

have sensitive skin as It

removes oil, makeup,

hydrates and refreshes

your skin! With a price

of $38, it is all worth it

and you won’t regret it!

Most skin care

products can

cause your skin to

become dry, but

with Skinmedica, it

is sure to make

you skin nice and




There are two Coney Islands in

the USA. One in Cincinnati,

Ohio and another in Brooklyn,

New York. While the Coney

Island in Ohio is an amusement

park, the one in New York is

also an amusement park, while

this one has a beach and the

other does not

Coney Island is a

great place to just

have fun! It’s got

everything a kid

wants, rides, a pool

with slides and

more! Not only does

it benefit kids, but it

also benefits adults.

While you have your

kids on rides, you

get the time to sit in

the sun and relax!












One of the best things to get this

Christmas is “The Diana Camera.” The

Diana Camera is an old fashioned

camera, not like those new expensive

ones. This one is actually at a very

affordable price. You could think of

this camera as like a polaroid, but

cheaper! According to this website, it

saids, that “the Diana Camera can put

unexpected contrast or blurring in

the picture.” This is something that

the Diana Camera is most famous for.

Although the camera is known to be

very old, photographers use this

camera a lot. If you have a friend,

family member, or somebody that

loves taking pictures, then this would

be the perfect gift for them!

Amazon Echo Plus

A great gift to get for your

family would be the

“Amazon Echo Plus.” The

Amazon Echo Plus would be

a great family gift for many

reasons. One being that

the Echo Plus can answer

many questions that you

may have, do tasks for you

and more. The Echo Plus

can do tasks like taking

notes, turning on the lights,

or maybe even playing one

of your favorite songs. “The

Echo Plus is a better

version on Siri” is what

everyone is saying. There

are other Amazon Echos,

like Alexa, but the Echo Plus

is the newest version,

making it faster than most.


A great gift to get your kid would

be beats. Beats are better than

other headphones or earbuds

for the quality and the battery

usage. Beats are known for

giving off great sound and

lasting for a very long time

without dying. Beats can last up

to 40 hours before dying. Beats

are way better for being able to

just charge for 5 minutes, and

you have 3 hours of use with it!

The bad thing about beats is

that they can be very expensive.


Can’t find a gift for your

girlfriend or wife? Well here's a

great gift to get them, Birchbox!

Birchbox is a box that contains

things that women like to us for

a price of $10 every month! Every

month will be something new,

but something you would like!

The box contains makeup,

perfumes, and more things that

you may like. If your wife or

daughter loves makeup, this

would be a amazing gift to get

the,, especially for such a

affordable price!


A great and awesome safety gift for

your home would be “Blink.” Blink is

a indoor security camera that

allows you to do more with than with

any other security camera. Blink is

better than other security cameras

for many reasons. One being that

Blink can let you know when

something is going on, for example

when the door opens, It sends a

alert to your phone letting you the

door had been opened. Blink is a

great way to keep your home and

your family safe because it allows

you to do more with it. It’s not just

some camera that gets footage of

something happening, but it can

send alerts to your phone as well.



Looking for a

christmas tree?

Here are some

great places to buy

one at a affordable



If you’re looking for a christmas

tree for a great price, Lowe’s is

the place to go! You can get to

choose whatever size tree you

want, starting from 3 feet all the

way up to 12 feet! Depending on

the size tree you want, the price

amount starts at $30 and goes

up. If you’re looking for

something more than just a

christmas tree, maybe some

decorations, Lowe’s has it too!

They have everything you may

need for a very affordable price!


Walmart has it is known

for having everything

you need for a affordable

price, even christmas

trees! Walmart has trees

starting at $20 and going

up. You can order a live

christmas tree online,

costing just a little bit




“This One Gets The

Job Done!”

What Is It?

Skin Active Micellar Foam

Face Wash is obviously a

face wash! This face wash is

extremely powerful, yet so

gentle to the skin! It lifts

away dirt, oil, and makeup

without any harsh rubbing.

In one easy step, it gently

removes all makeup from

off of your skin. This face

wash it suitable for all skin

types, even for sensitive



People are saying

that they love it!

This product can

remove any makeup

and can really get

the job done! It can

remove any

waterproof makeup,

which is also known

to be very hard to

get off, but with this

face wash, it is

guaranteed to come


Meet The Editors!

We’re in school, and we start talking about how

we are writing magazines. Right in that moment we

knew that we needed a topic that we needed to

write about. This would be a challenge for both

Sami and Katrina

When coming up with the topic, it was also

around Christmas time, giving us the idea that we

needed to write something including Christmas. We

knew there were sometimes struggles for people

when they didn’t know what to buy for the holidays,

giving us the idea that we should write about the

best gifts to buy for Christmas, making “Top 5

Things To Buy For Christmas.”

Our next topic was fairly easy for us to come

up with because we love traveling, and seeing

different parts of the world. Of course nither of us

haven’t been everywhere, but we hope someday

we can see more. “Top 5 Places To Visit In the

World,” are the places that we would like to visit.

While making this magazine was a struggle,

we overcame the big obstacle and made a great



Sami - 13

Katrina - 12






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