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Super Smash Bros

All about the new Super Smash

Bros Game. On page 3

Destiny's Destiny

About what is happening with

destiny. On page 8

Fortnite Season 8

About fortnite season 8

teasers. On page 10

Past 3 GOTY awards

Game Bracket

Who Wore it better

PewDiePie V.S T Series

About the past 3 game of the

year awards and who won

them. On page 11

A bracket against ps4 games

and xbox games. You pick. Page


You pick who wore it better

between actual game

characters and cosplayers. On

page 25

The race to 100 million. On page


Meet The Editors

About us. On page 42.

Super Smash

came out.

Super smash bros

just came out And

its packing heat

with it. Get ready

for some crazy

additions and

some unexpected




Bros Just

what comes


Would you fight someone to

the death as a game?



Smash ultimate added lots of

new fighters and DLC are

coming with them soon. The

added characters are (not in

order) Incineroar, Isabelle,

King K. Rool, Richter, Simon,

Ridley, Inkling, Bayonetta,

Corrin, Cloud, Ken, and Ryu.

IGN says “74 if you count

Pokemon Trainer as one

character” Also there is more

DLC coming to add to the

roster even more. 4 have been

confirmed on coming as DLC

and we know two of them one

being Piranha Plant and the

other being Joker.

The price

for this

game is



Smash Ultimate has just

added spirits. Spirits change

the game by adding new

mechanics like making the

floor lava! Although some

changes are only in the new

world of light campaign. If

the correct spirits are

combined then you can have

some serious hits against

other fighters. Different

spirits can do some crazy

things when you fight!

World of Light

Smash ultimate has added a new

adventure mode similar to the

subspace emissary adventure mode in

the last game. The adventure mode is

very large and takes about 15 - 20

hours to complete it and if it is 100%

completed it will take about 20 - 35

hours to complete. Google provided

these answers. As you can see, the

game takes time to complete and is

not just a few hours.

So it's just a game! That's it!

Ready for the next game?

No Sweat

with the

No Sweat



Destiny's Destiny

What's coming?

Right now we are in the season of the forge and season of the Drifter is

coming soon. This will likely add a mission that shows how the drifter got

the things needed to make gambit. It will also probably give you high

reward for completing the missions. Now that quest line was about

something you can get by buying the season pass. Let's talk about what you

will get for free. There will be new maps and a new customization for

gambit. You will be able to create your own gambit matches and play with

friends only. A new event will be coming soon and bungie has labeled it

“Spring Event” it is hard to tell what will be in the event but you will

probably get good loot for completing it. There will be a free questline

probably not as rewarding as the payed questline but still good for people

who don't want the season pass. We will also unlock more lore letting us

understand destiny and its story. We can find out how the drifter got his

materials for gambit and what is his past. The coming seasons will be great

and we will have to see what they bring.♦


Be The Game.


Fortnite’s Changing!

So Fortnite is about to have the next season. As of writing this we are in season 7

but in about a day we will have season 8 come out and bring new adventures to

the fortnite world as you can see in the pictures it seems to have a pirate and

molten adventure awaiting.

As of now season 8 has officially started meaning that we can cover many of the

things that has come out. First thing we will talk about is the new map changes

because they added a ton of new things. So to start it off the major new map

change has a volcano on the top right corner of the map. And adding a pirate ship

to the left and a Aztec sort of temple to the right.

For the new pirate themed season they added cannons. Cannons can shoot

cannonballs or yourself super far! On a direct hit it does 100 damage and the AOE

does 50 damage.

The building at tilted is being rebuilt right now! The building that has been getting

destroyed again and again is now getting rebuilt! I wonder what the next one will

look like before it is destroyed?

That's all for the start of season 8 I wonder what else they will bring in?♦


Designers create

the worlds people

play in. If you want

to define what

makes a good video

game, it’s one that

engages you to the

point that you lose

track of time -

Denis Dyack. Would

you like an award

just for creating a

game? Imagine you

are a game

developer and your

game has been

nominated for the

game of the year

award. You really

want to win but you

know that there

are other games

that are also really

good. You really

need a good game

to win. Over 100

games were

nominated in 2018.








Get your Grub at the hub.


Who Won in 2016?

There were 5 main nominees. The

nominees were Inside, Titanfall 2,

Overwatch, Uncharted 4, and doom.

My personal favorite was Titanfall 2.

According to The Game Awards

2016, “Overwatch had 5 total

nominations, Uncharted 4 had 8 total

nominations, Doom had 4 total

nominations, Inside had 5 total

nominations, and Titanfall 2 had 4

total nominations. The game awards

have many different awards in it

including Game of the Year.

Overwatch was nominated for 4

awards. Doom was nominated for 2,

Titanfall 2 for 3, Inside for 4, and

Uncharted 4 for 4.

Overwatch won the

GOTY award in

2016. Overwatch is

a team-based



shooter video game

developed and

published by



which released on

May 24, 2016, for

PlayStation 4, Xbox

One, and Windows.


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Kontrolfreek grips!


Who Won in 2017?

There were 5 main

nominees for GOTY

2017. The nominees

were The Legend of

Zelda: Breath of the

Wild, Horizon Zero

Dawn, Persona 5,


Battlegrounds, and

Super Mario Odyssey.

According to The Game

Awards 2017, The

Legend of Zelda: Breath

of the Wild, Horizon

Zero Dawn, and Super

Mario Odyssey had 5

total nominations, PUBG

had 3, and Person 5 had

4. The Legend of Zelda:

Breath of the Wild was

nominated for 6

awards, Horizon Zero Dawn

had been nominated for 5

awards, Super Mario Odyssey

for 5, PUBG for 3, and Persona

5 for 3. The Legend of Zelda:

breath of the wild won GOTY

2017. The Legend of Zelda:

Breath of the Wild is an

action-adventure game

developed and published by

Nintendo. An entry in the

longrunning The Legend of

Zelda series, it was released

for the Nintendo Switch and Wii

U consoles on March 3, 2017


Get More and Better


Who won in 2018

The nominees for GOTY

2018 are God of War,

Assassin's Creed

Odyssey, Celeste,

Marvel's Spider-Man,

Monster Hunter: World,

and Red Dead

Redemption 2. God of

War and Red Dead

Redemption 2 had 8

total nominations,

Assassin's Creed

Odyssey and Celeste

had 4 Marvel's

Spider-Man had 7, and

Monster Hunter: World

had 3. God of War was

nominated for 7

awards, Assassin's

Creed Odyssey for 4,

Celeste for 4, Marvel's

Spider-Man for 6,

Monster Hunter: World

for 3, and Red Dead

Redemption 2 for 8.

God of war won GOTY 2018.

God of War is a


action-adventure video

game franchise. Created by

David Jaffe at Sony's Santa

Monica Studio, the series

debuted in 2005 on the

PlayStation 2 video game

console and has become a

flagship title for the

PlayStation brand,

consisting of eight games

across multiple platforms.


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Degree Detergent!


You can get a

goty award by

creating a

popular game.

Only one game

wins the game

of the year

award per

year. It has to

be better than

the others or

you will lose.


create the

world's people

play in.

If you want to

define what

makes a good

video game, it’s

one that

engages you to

the point that

you lose track

of time. That is

why people play

the games that

others create.


Better Smells,

Better Life.


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Pewdiepie V.


S. T Series





The race to 100 million

subscribers is on. Youtube

star Pewdiepie has a big

problem. The bad T Series is

catching up! We need all the

nine year olds now to report

to Pewdiepie. We can not let

T Series win.


Tired of stuff falling

apart? Get quality.


Pewdiepie has been number 1 for five

full years. He does not want to give

up the title. He has already made a

diss track on T series. For a while,

it looked like T series was going to

win. They were up almost one hundred

thousand subs. Now Pewdiepie is up

four hundred thousand.


Never Need Sleep


They have been fighting for about

seven and a half months. Other

youtubers like Mr Beast have been

supporting Pewdiepie and telling their

own subs to sub to him. Mr Beast

even went to the super bowl and

wore t shirts that said “sub 2



Don’t wanna leave

that comfortable

seat? Then don’t


Pewdiepie joined april 29, 2010

Pewdiepie started his channel by making

minecraft videos. His channel is almost

exactly nine years old! He used to make

gaming videos. He still does some now but

he mostly reacts to stuff. He has had

two pugs, Edgar and Maya. He had a toad

named Slippy. Slippy sadly died December

12th, 2017.

Pewdiepie's total views is


T series joined earlier but took

longer to get where pewdiepie

even though they are a



Xbox one X is what

makes games good


Who do you

want to win?

T Series or



I’m Lovin It 39







like it’s from

another world...



Meet the Editors!

Samuel Chandler

I love playing video

games and that's what

brought me to make

this article. I met

Raleigh a few years ago

and now we made a

magazine. Me and him

both love playing

games and my main

console I play on is

Xbox but I can and will

play on others like PC

or Nintendo Switch.

From memory my first

game “console” was the

DS and I remember

playing lots of super


Raleigh Ackerman

I was born in

Cincinnati, Ohio and I

still live there. I have

known Sam for

about 7 years My

favorite console at

the time is Xbox one.

I also enjoy playing

on a nintendo switch

sometimes. My first

system I ever got

was a Nintendo Wii

in 2013 My favorite

game to play on it

was Lego Star Wars.


Rift S. Better,



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