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Matt Doubet

Project Superintendent

Woodruff Construction

Tiffin, Iowa

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What do you do as a project superintendent?

I oversee Woodruff’s field personnel as well as any subcontractors

at a construction site. I supervise the planning and

scheduling of projects and work with the owner representatives,

architects and engineers. I also really enjoy teaching

our employees carpentry skills every opportunity I get: framing,

hanging drywall, setting doorframes/windows, siding,

setting cabinets.

What has been your career pathway to your current job?

I started at Woodruff part-time as an intern while I was enrolled

in the carpentry program at Kirkwood. I really enjoyed

Kirkwood because they have a very good program. I graduated

in May 2011 and then started full-time as a carpenter

at Woodruff. After a year, I had worked my way up to a

carpentry crew lead/foreman. In early 2017, I was promoted

to project superintendent after completing a few in-house

trainings with Woodruff as well as some Master Builders of

Iowa classes. I am very passionate about my work and the

construction industry. I try to come up with better processes

and try to always keep improving.

What gets you excited to go to work each day?

I really enjoy that every day I can see what I’ve accomplished,

and I have the ability to work on all sorts of projects.

I also enjoy that every project, such as the Stead Family

Children’s Hospital at the University of Iowa, has its own

unique aspects and challenges. This was a fun and challenging

project because Woodruff had the finish package for the

majority of the building. I was in charge of a crew that was

installing Fiber Reinforced Laminate wall panels on every

floor of the building. Since we were installing finish product,

our work was to be done on the tail end and with a short

time constraint, which made it challenging trying to coordinate

with all the different contractors on-site. I helped come

up with a building process that allowed us to keep up with

the demands of the schedule for our work.

How did you get into the construction field?

I grew up around construction: My dad is a local contractor

who specializes in sound and video solutions in residential and

commercial projects. I also have to give credit to my building

trades program at Marion High School. I was fortunate to have

a great instructor and a program that taught me so much and

helped me realize I had a passion for construction.

What do you do in your job that you find especially cool?

The coolest thing is that I get to be a part of building something

from start to finish. I have been fortunate to be able to

work on schools, churches and hospitals in my community

and see how my work helps them grow.

Has there been anything in your work that has surprised


One thing is the need for good communication skills. Typically,

when you think about construction, that’s not something you

think about as a high-priority skill to have. It makes a huge difference

in our industry to be able to communicate well.

If someone isn’t sure if construction is the right field for

them, what should they do to check it out?

Take any shop, drafting, CAD or home-improvement classes

you can. If you’re 18, get on with a company for a summer

and see how you like it. At least give construction a try. At

the very least you’ll learn some skills that you can use the

rest of your life.

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