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MAY 2019


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Editor’s Desk

The month of May is

all about growth and

evolution. Covering the

issue is Socialite, Business

Woman and Wife of Multi-

Millionaire Chief Rasaq

Okoya. Glamsquad sits

with Shade Okoya as

she celebrates her 20th

Wedding Anniversary. We

get some insight into what

life as one of Lagos’ most

talked about Public Figures

looks like. We talk personal

life, socio-political views,

and even touch on the

passing of Fashion Legend,

Karl Lagerfeld.

Wedged between lifestyle

and entertainment sparkle,

we bring the conversation

a little closer to home on

the fashion landscape.

We take a look at the Arise

Fashion Week. We talk

history, the Phenomenon

that is Naomi Campbell,

More International

Collaborations, Arise

Fashion Week’s increasing

rise to prominence and

African Fashion’s entrée

into a heritage season.




Arise Fashion Week 2019



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Enado Odigie




Your Skin Care Regime



okoya 3




20 Years Of Bliss

Glamsquad has a chat with a notable public figure and socialite who rose to prominence and

social conscious with her marriage to Multimillionaire Industrialist, and Founder of Eleganza

Group, Chief Rasaq Okoya. Chief (Mrs) Sade Okoya in the last 20 Years has gone on to

become a force to reckon with and a case study of how to be more than just a trophy wife.

She currently serves as Deputy Managing Director of Eleganza Industrial City, a factory seated on over

30 hectares of land. In addition to an ever rising social profile, due not only to her marriage to Chief

Rasaq Okoya, but also as a result of her fabulous sense of style and social Influence on the Lagos

Scene, Mrs Shade Okoya is a Mother and budding Philanthropist. On the heel of her 42nd Birthday and

20th Wedding Anniversary, we sit down with the Business Woman, Wife, Mother and Socialite to uncover

what life as Shade Okoya entails. We talk Happiness, Marriage, Feminism, Growth and Style.

Are you happy?

Happiness is into different

aspects, but for me, I enjoy

spending the time I have

around my family. Yes, I am

thrilled at home. I also enjoy

my work, so I believe individuals

make out for themselves what

happiness meant.

What is happiness for you?

Satisfaction and peace of


Happiness can come

from a sense of personal

accomplishment or

achievement; I feel perfect

for reaching a specific set out


Satisfaction is a feeling that

exists inside a person, and

being happy with yourself is a

kind of success that everyone

should be able to experience.

If you had a choice, what

would you change about you

and your circumstances now?

I will not change anything

about what I have going for

me presently, and I thank God

because he has blessed me

in terms of my expectations

and goals. Life is made up of

choices-some we regret, some

we’re proud of, some will hurt

us. Everything in your career

and your life is a reflection of

a choice you have made.

If you want different results,

start making different choices.

Honesty is the cornerstone

of all success, without which

confidence and the ability to

perform cannot exist.

Do you think you have enough

time with your husband, or

would you wish he spends

more time with you and the


I am always around my

husband, we have time for

each other, and it is tough for

one to see him without me. We

are one happy bonded family.

Are you free to make your own

choices, or you have to take

permission every time you

need to take a decision? 5


I get to make my own

decision, and my husband

allows me to act according to

what I want. I am free to make

my choice without my husband’s

interference, I live an open

life with my husband, and this

has earned me his heart and

trust. Therefore the idea to take

permission every time does not


Do you think women are

treated well in marriage and

the society at large?

I can only speak of my

marriage to Chief Rasaq Okoya,

which I do not regret. Which I

have been a happy mother

and wife for the past 20 years of

marriage to him. I will continue to

pray to God to keep it so.

This is a patriarchal society,

which relegates women

to second class status, do

you think women should do

something about it, and should

we now kick against it?

No woman should feel

relegated in today’s society,

irrespective of being submissive

to one’s partner. All women

should rise to get formal

education or trade in something

to contribute their quota to

the community. Respect is


Do you understand feminism,

and are you a feminist?

Feminism is a social

movement and ideology that

fights for the political, economic

and social rights of women.

Feminists believe that men and

women are equal, and women

deserve the same rights as men

in society. In my 20 years of

marriage and social life, I have

always seen my husband as the

head of the family which he will

continue to be forever. Feminism

does not arise in a cultural

Nigerian family setting.

There is grave poverty in

Nigeria, which makes young

girls do funny things. Are you

protective of your husband

getting into the clutches of

desperate women looking

for rich men? Do you have a

niggling fear, that someday,

one desperate girl looking for

a rich man would upstage

you? Or you are very confident

of your stand, especially after

20years, and going strong?

I have no fears at all; my

marriage has stood the test of

time and am not all afraid. It

takes a lot to keep and maintain

a home. I am very confident of

holding on to my marriage, and I

am a loving, caring, honest and

hardworking wife. My love for my

husband keeps growing stronger

every second of the day. I

receive the same affections in

return from him.

In what ways do you renew

yourself, so you do not become

predictable, and thus always


I am a total package. I am a

very devoted and loving wife.

Everything I do or say comes

as an inspiration from God.

They say marriage is an

institution, do you agree?

I agree that Marriage is an

institution recognised, but only

the loving and caring spouses

and through blessings from God

can hold it firm. I believe once

you enter into a marriage, you

should stay in it irrespective of all


An institution is a place of

learning, what have you learnt

and how do you apply what

you have learnt?

It is a continuous learning

process; one can only survive the

marriage institution if determined

plus God’s special blessing.



What advice would give to different

categories of young girls- the young

girl, who is in her 20s and marriage is

not on her mind?

The young girl who is in her late 20s,

and does not have the sense to know

she should be looking for Mr Right,

instead of Mr Runs.

They are desperately seeking any

husband woman in her 30s and the


Prayer is everything- one has to be

focused and also know what they need.

Everything is achievable if one sets out

to achieve it. Generally, one can make

a partner Mr Right and much more than

the expectation from the lady

What is your style type and how has

your dress sense evolved?

Style to me is the comfort, and I have

to be happy in whatever I wear or use.

Who is your go-to designer for glam

and elegant look?

I won’t say I have a go-to the

designer. I love all the great designer

names. A Designer must most times are

determined by season. I am comfortable

with all proper names.

How much has your style changed

since you were in your 20s and now in

your 40s?

My style is more refined and mature.

What trend would you not wear?

Any trend that doesn’t give respect to

my status.

Are you one of Karl Lagerfeld’s

devotees? How do you feel now he has

passed? Do you think the house of the

channel and other lines he has will be

able to evolve with suitable styles now

he is gone?

I am a big fan because he did so

much for fashion. He is timeless, and you

only get people to contribute their quota.

Have you achieved all you set out to

make, or is there some more that you

wish to conquer?

I thank God for my life; I believe once

one is still living, one will always have

things in life to achieve. I will rather say I

am happy. 7





Week 2019

Words by - Teresa Aligbe

The Arise Fashion Week is Nigeria’s pioneer

International Fashion Event and one of

the most prestigious Fashion Events on the

Continent. An annual affair that traffics only

the best, and brightest design and creative

talent on the Continent, Arise Africa Fashion

Week had served over the years as Africa’s

home-grown continent-wide respond to the

various Fashion Weeks across major Fashion

Capitals in the World; New York, London, Paris

and other emerging and rising Fashion Capitals

like; Seoul and Kiev.

The brain child of one of Africa’s foremost

Media mogul’s Nduka Obaigbena, Publisher of

Thisday Newspaper, Thisday Style and Owner of

Arise TV (most notable amongst other ventures);

Arise Fashion Week over the years has served

to position African Fashion on the Global stage

through a series of high powered international


As far back as 2008, the first time two of

Nigeria’s Pioneer Contemporary Fashion

Designers; Tiffany Amber and Deola Sagoe

would both walk an International Runway at

New York Fashion Week; it would be on the

Arise Fashion Week Platform. This phenomenal

platform has grown in leaps and bounds over

the years being hosted in different African and

International Cities including; Birth city Lagos,

Johannesburg, Cape Town, Paris and New

York. This year however, for the 2nd time in a

row since its return from a 5+ Years hiatus, Arise

Fashion Week was hosted in its birth City and in

Grand Style no less.

The Arise Fashion Week 2019 is undoubtedly

the most prestigious edition of the event yet,

not only as a result of the quality of International

Guests it hosted, but also because of the quality

and diversity of designers across the Continent

it drew in and the calibre of indigenous

guests’ seated front row. Movie Stars, Fashion

Personalities and International Editors impressive

and beloved as they are, are still a fairly

predictable line up at any respectable fashion

event (although how renowned the Stars,

Personalities and Editors are says a lot about

the event in question). But when a Fashion show

begins to features Oil and Gas Multi-Millionaires,




Edward Enninful(OBE); Editor-in-Chief British Vogue,

Reni Folawiyo; Founder Alara and Chief Nduka

Obaigbena; Founder Arise Fashion Week

Segun Agbaje & Prince Dapo Abiodun

naomi campbell AT ALARA

Politicians and Billionaire Business Men

alongside Royalty first row, well… that

puts a whole new ring to crème de la

crème. The blend and calibre of Guests

isn’t of interest merely for vanity or pomp

sake but because a line-up of prominent

members of Society who happen to be

‘Fashion Outsiders’ is indicative of a rise in

reputation of the Arise Fashion Week and

an increasing regard for Fashion. For many

familiar with the Nigerian Landscape the

scene and mix of Guests in attendance

would have been next to impossible to pull

off a short decade ago.

Even as one celebrates the growing

prominence of Fashion locally and

regionally with sights set on the investment

opportunities this rise in Prominence might

be indicative of, it is impossible to not

acknowledge the equally important clout

and Influence the presence of renowned

members of the International Fashion

Community brings to both the Arise Fashion

Week and African Fashion as the Mode

Du Jour or more accurately, Mode du

Moment. 9







model for

david tlale






For Starters, The Arise Fashion

Week 2019 had a not so little

and peculiar attachment ‘With

Naomi Campbell.’ Not so little,

because Ms Campbell is only 1 of the

Famous 7 globally acknowledge First

Generation of Super Models. Peculiar

because despite Ms. Campbell’s

profile and global renown, never has

any one personality been perceived

as being grande enough to have their

names next to the signage of any

Major Fashion Week; established or

emerging. That is typically an honour

reserved for Globally Company

Brands like Mercedes; then again,

the World is moving into a place

where individual brands are starting

to equal if not surmount in Influence

Company Brands. However peculiar

this decision was and quite frankly

puzzling, it was clear in the aftermath

of the event that there was a method

to the madness. Not only did Naomi

Campbell bring the full weight of her

person to this year’s Edition of Arise,

she also brought along with her some

remarkably important friends. Now,

it would be hard to say for certain if

Ms. Campbell was solely behind the

presence of a number of the notable

faces but when you put Editor of

British Vogue, Edward Enninful, Super

Model Liya Kebede, Designer and

Spawn of Roberto Cavalli, Robert

Cavalli Jr in the same room, it’s hard

to not assume that this was not the

doing or at the very least Influence

of Ms. Campbell. Distinguished

International envoy aside, there was

also the fanfare amongst attendants



model for


Naomi Campbell

model for KENNETH IZE

to Ms. Campbell’s credit. Fashion Insiders who’ve

grown up hearing about the ‘Naomi Campbell Walk’

were more than excited to see it in person either for

the first time, or yet again for Veterans of the event

(understandably so, as it would be difficult to imagine

one getting tired of seeing Naomi Campbell walk a


Retrospectively of course, one would also be apt to

remember Ms. Campbell’s unwavering commitment

to the Arise Fashion Weeks virtually from its inception.

I don’t believe anyone can honestly claim to

remember a time where Naomi Campbell was not

a part; whether as a Star Model, or esteemed guest

at Arise Fashion Week. So just maybe after all these

years of dedicated partnership, the Arise Fashion

Week 2019 with Naomi Campbell was an ode to a

one woman institution who has invested unrelentingly

in the success of the platform. 11



Panelists; Okechukwu Enelamah;

Minister of Trade and Investment),

Barbara Barungi; MD Imara Africa

Consulting and Ituen Basi, Designer

and Creative Director, Ituen Basi.



marker of growth of both the Arise Fashion

Weeks and African Fashion is the emergence

of Fashion Business Series ahead of, or

during major Fashion Weeks. If all of Fashion and

Design conscious Africa gathered together to

celebrate the Creativity and the many sartorial

innovations of Indigenous Designers without

tackling the Business of doing Fashion on the

Continent; it would nothing short of expensive bad

humour. While African designers have fared very

well on the grounds of creativity and innovation;

creating new fabrics, repurposing traditional ones

for contemporary usage, and gifting the diversity

and multifaecetedness of the African Aesthetic to

the World; when it comes to the business aspect

of fashion and extracting profit from their trade,

African Designers, particularly those not selling in

the European or Asian Markets have been less than


With multiple challenges around Investment

and Infrastructure (Nigeria for Instance has power

and the absence of factories to content with)

it’s been a miracle and a testament of their

resilience that African Designers have kept running

their Businesses and even turning profits however


Arise Fashion Week However, brought

stakeholders; Indigenous Designers like; Ituen Basi,



Heads of Financial Institutions like;

Barbra Barungi, Leaders of relevant

Government Parastatals and Ministries;

Mr Segun Awolowo and Minister of

Trade and Investment, Mr Okechukwu

Enelamah, as well as key players in

the International Fashion Industry,

most notably Andrea Leon Tally and

a Director from the Kering Group all

together to strategize on how to get the

African Industry to the next level.

These Business series which were

closed door V.I.P sessions were then

streamed for the audiences at intervals

during the catwalk shows, and all of this

was instructive of the need for Nigeria,

and Africa to begin the harness the

full potential the Nigerian and African

Fashion Industry carries.

Segun Awolowo



Naomi Campbell with the panel of Arise Talks II 13




a moel with Deola Sagoe



Deola Sagoe

Deola Sagoe, David Tlale, Tiffany Amber,

Lola Maleombho, Andrea Iyamah,

Style Temple, Paradis, Okunoren, Papa

Opong, Selam Fessahaye, Tokyo James

and Mai Atafo to name a few all gathered

over a span of 3 days to showcase their

AW19 Collections. For many Young and Old,

who’ve followed the launch, growth and

prominence of many of these Designers

it was indeed a moment of pride. Seeing

African Design move from its largely bespoke

beginnings; navigating through a phase

of almost Independent exhibitions within

one singular collection to this place of pure

professionalism with regards to cohesiveness

and aesthetic management, not to mention

artful story telling is nothing short of awe


To see younger designers like; Andrea

Iyamah and Tokyo James who in a short

amount of time have achieved Global

Acclaim alongside Pioneer Brands like;

Deola Sagoe, David Tlale and Tiffany Amber

certainly inspired optimism amongst viewers

and commitment among Fashion Insiders to

see African Fashion become all that it should


A particularly emotional moment was the

Tiffany Amber AW19 show. The designer

reminding audiences that Nigerian and

African Fashion did not just arrive at this

point but is the product of over a decade

of commitment of Designers like her; took

us down memory lane by sharing video

highlights of the Tiffany Amber Journey. From

CNN Features to their first time on the New

York Fashion Week Runway to Condenast

Luxury Speaking engagements to Vogue

Italia and British Vogue Features and a

particularly sentimental moment for all

Fashion Insiders, local or International a visit

from Franca Sozzani a dedicated supporter

of the brand.

More than show just one brand’s history

it was essentially a message that even

Contemporary African Fashion was exiting its

Start Up stages, moving into establishment

and possibly even a heritage season.

David Tlale

Selam Fessahaye





Tiffany Amber


Tiffany Amber




David Tlale

Taking yet another step

towards establishing the

Arise Fashion Week as

a truly International Fashion

Week beyond its Continent

wide appeal, was the

presence of an International

Designer. Robert Cavalli

Junior, Sartorial Spawn of

Global Fashion Powerhouse

Roberto Cavalli was

more than just a guest in

attendance. Presenting

his very own Triple RRR

collection and carrying

the fullness of the Roberto

Cavalli walked the Arise

Fashion Week Runways. This

seemingly Isolated event

and crowd pleaser for those

who understand the global

fashion landscape is more

than just that. One of the

key markers of a successful

Fashion Capital or Platform

is its ability to draw in noindigenous

Designers of

Repute. New York, London,

Paris, Milan, Season after

Season all play host to

some of the World’s finest

non-indigenous designers,

so seeing the Arise Fashion

Week and Lagos no less

take a step in that direction

speaks Volumes.

Triple RRR by Robert Cavalli 15


24 Gold by

Scent Story

Gold is the symbol

of ultimate success

and power, all

things fascinating

and reassuring. 24

Gold by ScentStory

was created to

do just that. The

scent is the ideal

fragrance for that

astute person with

exquisite taste.


of 2019


7 by Nejma


is from the

House of Oud

Klem Garden



describes the

magical a

moment when


meets reality. It is

a rare moment

of beauty and

the perfect scent

to usher you

into a new and

a lovely year,

where nothing is


Words by - Yemisi Suleiman

First Published in Vanguard Allure

A smell can be very stimulating and

exhilarating for everyone, with the New Year enters

a new perfume obsession. So it is officially that time

of the year to switch- up your go-to fragrance. And try out

a new and exciting array of perfumes. This season, it’s all

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The House

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Empathy is from the

House of Oud Klem

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Empathy describes the

magical a moment when

daydreaming meets

reality. It is a rare moment

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scent to usher you into a

new and a lovely year,

where nothing is impossible.


Roja Amber

Aoud Parfum

Taking its inspiration from

the exotic allure of the

Middle East, the Amber

Aoud Parfum is a rich

Oriental fragrance, that

blends the sweet and

spicy for a scent that is

delicate and sensual.

Amber Aoud is the way

to go if you seek to stand

out, this Year.



Spice &

Wood by


Strength refined and power Polished, Spice and

Wood celebrates the House of Creed’s- a long

history of weaving scents into a fragrant story.

This is something to opt for when your personality

is a perfect blend of mystifying energy and


The Spirit of

Dubai Oud

A fragrance that talks about

humanity’s achievement,

and the strength of his


Oud by The Spirit of Dubai is

a mystical blend of incense,

bergamot and pure natural

Indian agarwood is perfect

for folks with a strong getup.

La Fenice



The olfactory vision of beauty is

worth every penny, with its lavish

and indulgent scent, reminiscent

of one of the most grandeur

structures in Italy. It doesn’t get

more luxurious or sophisticated

than this! 17




Words by - Latasha Ngwube

Enado Odigie is a budding actress in Nollywood. She has starred and

featured in films like, From Lagos with Love, and the critically acclaimed,

Joba. With competition in the Nigeria film industry getting fiercer every

year, she constantly strives to do better and perfect her craft.

Enado is also a style star in the making. In this chat with Glamsquad

Magazine, she talks about her work and style.

What’s the one thing you would

change about your industry?

Can we have some structure


What’s your favourite role or

character in your career so far?

I have a few that I love for different

reasons. Ify Pedro from the movie,

From Lagos with Love, Ore in the movie

Joba, and the character I’m going

to play in the American drama series

called Suits as Harvey Specter’s heart

throb. (in my mind). A girl is allowed to


How would you describe your

personal style in a sentence or less?


If you could give your 18-year-old

self one piece of style advice, what

would it be?

Trends will come and go. Great skin

never goes out of style.

Who are your favourite Nigerian/

African designers? How many of their

pieces do you own?

Deola Sagoe, House of Nwocha,

Tubo, Mai Atafo, Zhena woman. I own

a few HON and Zhena Woman pieces.

If you could design your own fashion

line, what would you call it? What

would it look like?

I’m still deciding between names

but, at the topmost of that list is a

name that carries the names of

both my parents, Rose and Michael,

in honour of both their memories.

However, my line will feature

contemporary styles for the African

man and woman, even though

we’re starting first with a female line.

Our style will be fresh, colourful, bold,

happy and chic. Our pieces will be

designed to accentuate the body

of the everyday African woman,

to mask her flaws and highlight her

curves. We want her to tell us who she

is simply by walking into a room, with

all the glory of her African beauty, and

comfortable in her own Skin. Loud,

Bold and Proud.

Do you have any passion besides


Yes. Fashion, Beauty, Counselling.

Helping others find themselves.

How would you say your style has

changed since you became an


In the last couple of years, as I have

evolved as a person, and transitioned

between careers and this has

reflected in my style. Naturally, when

you work in the corporate world, style

can be a little restrictive and this might

also reflect in your wardrobe. However,

it’s quite different in the entertainment

space where there’s an abundance

of inspiration and the freedom to

explore whichever way I want. I’m

definitely a lot more daring and

more adventurous. My style is more

expressive and much more reflective

of my personality.

Image is so important in your industry.

Would you say you’re big on fashion?

How do you decide what to wear to

important events or castings?




I’m definitely big on fashion: not

necessarily on trends, but definitely,

on personal style. With some events,

it’s easy to style yourself. In some

cases, I leverage on my existing

partnerships with stylists and designers.

So sometimes, we can pull from a

designer’s already existing collection

and at other times, a fresh outfit is

custom-designed for me and tailored

to the event, depending on the

amount of time available to prepare.

For castings, more likely than not, my

look is influenced by the character

that I am reading for. It helps to get my

head in the right space and influences

my body language and my delivery.

Who are your ultimate style icons?

Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, the late

Kyrzayda Rodriguez (God rest her soul),

Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker and Rita


Where do you like to shop for

everyday clothes?

I shop from any and everywhere I

find anything I fancy. Both local and

international brands, from small retailers

to huge chains. E.g, Fashion Nova,

Miskay, Zhena Woman, Zara etc.

What is your favourite piece in your

closet right now ?

My current fave is a teeny weeny,

floral dress from Miskay Boutique.

What’s your favourite red carpet look

you’ve worn so far?

AMVCA 2018. It’s an Emerald green

dress made by Ugonna Omeruo for

House of Nwocha

Has there ever been a time when you

felt you had to wear something you

weren’t entirely comfortable in?


Heels or sneakers?

Can I say both? If not, heels.

Denim or dresses? Dresses

Vintage or new? New

Gele or no gele? No gele

Lipstick or highlighter? Lipstic 21


Avoid Complex Skin Care Routines

You can do without complicated, multistep

methods. Just pamper your skin by

cleansing, toning and moisturising above

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Mix green tea leaves with honey

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Like fashion, skin care trends are now

getting a lot of attention from the

beauty and lifestyle industries. Your skin

deserves a routine as unique as you are

and this is an excellent time to assess

your skin health.

Below are tips on how to care for your

skin this year.


Topical application

of soy has been

shown to reduce


enhance elasticity,

control oil production,

moisturise skin and

even delay hair



Don’t crash diet

Repeatedly losing and regaining

weight can take its toll on the skin,

causing sagging, wrinkles and

stretch marks. Crash diets are often

short in essential vitamins and

minerals too. Over long periods

this type of dieting will reflect on

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healthy, balanced diet.


The compounds in the

brew help eliminate

free radicals and

reactivate dying cells

on the upper layer of

the skin. It also works

for those with rosacea,

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Local skin care products

Take a peep into your kitchen,

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inflammation fighters, toners,

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your fridge and cupboard.



To get the benefits from

head to toe, take a

milk bath. Or, combine

soybean oil, shea butter

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Castor, avocado,

jojoba will help

those prone

to acne; and

almond oil is

great for those

with oily skin.

Opt for professional skin care

As more people are looking and acquiring

knowledge as professionals, skin care

products are also going more scientific and

medical-grade. Seek an expert’s know-how.

An expert, who will ensure better delivery

methods that will provide you with better


Wash off your makeup

ashing your face before you the hit

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ive your skin a moment to recharge.

leep is time for the skin to repair and

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Take a beauty supplement

Take beauty supplements with

decrease sugars and dairy, with fish

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feeling gorgeous from the inside out.

Eat Some Healthy Fat

Monounsaturated and

polyunsaturated fats, the

types found in avocados,

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provide essential

fatty acids

which act

as a natural


for your skin,

keeping it supple

and improving


Brown Sugar

Sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid,

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skincare and on spa menus.

Drink Six To Eight Glasses Of

Water A Day

A glass of water with a slice of lemon and

ice. Skin needs moisture to stay flexible.

Even mild dehydration will cause your skin

to look dry, tired and slightly grey. Drink six to

eight glasses of water a day. All fluids count

towards your daily allowance, but water is

the best.

Wash Your Makeup Brushes

Many often overlook washing their makeup

brushes/applicators regularly, but this is a

big no-no. Makeup, brushes collect oil,

dust, dead skin cells, the residue of other

products that may be on your face or hair,

and other debris. Just imagine transferring

all this onto your face! Dirty brushes can

contribute to acne, skin infections and skin

irritation. Additionally, your makeup may not

go on as smoothly, and the colour may

not look perfect.

Natural Skin Care Is In

Say goodbye to petroleum-based skin

care of old and hello to richly-hydrating

botanicals and organic ingredients. Be

careful though; natural is not all you need to


Words by - Tope Ojo

First Published in Vanguard Allure 23

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