The Red Bulletin June 2019


You have to be made of stern stuff to live and ride in Fort William year round which makes Joe Barnes’ Hazzard Racing a perfect

match to the no-nonsense DNA of Endura kit. The roots of which are still firmly grounded in Scotland where they have been

engineering and testing their kit for over twenty-five years in some of the harshest conditions imaginable.

On one hand, Joe is a massively accomplished racer having stood on the illustrious podium steps of the Enduro World Series. The other

half is one of hectic pan and zoom videos with plenty of rut slashing and bog bashing, weird and wacky storylines which only their minds

could conjure up. They’ll have you both crying with laughter and have your eyes popping from your skull in disbelief at the riding.

It’s far removed from a clean cut, slow-mo saturated, high budget production, but that’s the beauty of it. A welcome breath of fresh air in

an ever-increasingly commercially monotone cycling world, where a dose of personality and originality certainly goes a long way.

Hazzard Racing isn’t bothered about conforming to the usual expectations of how the majority of top-level athletes and race teams tend to

go about their business, including in their aesthetics. Free of the constraints of a factory race outfit, Joe and Hazzard Racing can realise

their creatively wacky ideas which are developed and brought to life in the kit provided to them by Endura design team.

Hazzard Racing ride and race in the all-new ultra-lightweight MT500 Full Face Helmet coming in at a meagre 580 gms (M/L)

despite being fully downill certified. They also ride Endura’s new MT500 Lite and Hard Shell Knee Pads,

putting them through the rigours both between the race tape and in their hardcore day to day riding.



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