The Red Bulletin June 2019


Left: a lone spectator

stares at Ultra Gobi’s

racetrack – a seemingly

endless valley with

the Tibetan Plateau

in the distance. Right:

although the race draws

entrants from across

the world, the majority

are Chinese, reflecting

the country’s growing

interest in running and

endurance sports. (The

eventual winner was

China’s Liang Jing in 85

hours and 46 minutes.)

“Crumpled mountains

look thousands of

feet high, but are only

a couple of hundred”

Carnegie: “I learnt to track James using his footprints in the sand.

Locating him and the other runners was a mission in itself. With such

vast distances and inaccessibility, I’d encounter him, at best, once

a day. Our 4x4 guide was familiar with this part of the Gobi, seemingly

able to remember routes across river beds and between the valleys

that intersected the course. Whether there was actually anyone there

was another matter – our satellite tracker often indicated runners

had taken inexplicable detours over dunes and gone off-course.”


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