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the Passion

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How Alak Vasa turned

a love of chocolate

into healthful, socially

responsible treats

/// By Neil Zevnik

Hours of meditation and a passion for chocolate

led Alak Vasa (left) to ditch Wall Street and

create Elements Truffles.

Imagine a chocolate that provides more

than just a party in your mouth—it also

nourishes your body and feeds your

soul, inspired by centuries-old healing

traditions. And suppose that same

chocolate also offered hope and a future

to disadvantaged children. Would you

be interested? Alak Vasa, creator of

Elements Truffles, bets you will be.

Vasa was a successful trader on

Wall Street. Seeking to mitigate the

stresses of that life, she began the

practice of meditation, and gradually

became more mindful of her diet, her

spiritual growth, and her place in the

world. Eventually, she quit her job—with

no clear idea of what to do next. “I didn’t

have an exact plan in my mind. The only

thing consistent throughout the entire

journey was listening to my inner voice

and jumping into the unknown with

complete faith,” she says.

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The Passion

As a dessert—especially chocolate—

lover, Vasa started with what she knew.

Experiments in the kitchen led to a

table at her local farmers market. And

the response there encouraged her to

continue to build and expand—and her

dreams were rewarded. “When I first

saw the complete product on a chocolate

wall in a store, I couldn’t believe

it,” she says. “I realized that when you

have the right intention, the universe

conspires to make it happen.”

Elements truffles are more than just

cacao and honey. As Vasa grew in her

meditative practices, she rediscovered

the Ayurvedic principles that she had

grown up with and incorporated them

into her chocolates. Infusions of cinnamon

and clove, turmeric and ginger,

and moringa and ashwagandha offer

benefits both physical and spiritual.

For Vasa, the culture of the company

is as important as the product itself. “At

Elements, we take no shortcuts. We use

only the purest ingredients from Fair

Trade manufacturers who fiercely align

with our philosophy and values.”

Equally important are the people who

surround her and whose lives she touches.

“I love to meet amazing kind-hearted

people on this journey,” she says. “I love

having an amazing team of people to

work with and share my vision with and

grow together to get there.”

The mission also involves a big

helping of giving back. A generous

portion of the company’s profits goes

to supporting the education of underprivileged

children in tribal, rural, and

slum areas of India, through the Care

For Children Program of the Art of

Living Foundation. “People always

come first,” says Vasa. “Because we

believe that only happy and grateful

people can make happy chocolates.”

Neil Zevnik is a private chef in Los Angeles who tends to the culinary needs of the rich and famous; blogs about food, nutrition, and the environment for The Huffington Post; and

volunteers with marine mammal rescue whenever he can. Learn more at

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