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In the Spotlight:

The Medical


Could celery juice really be

the key to overcoming chronic

illness and restoring optimum

wellness? The proof, says

Anthony Williams, is in the

results /// By Chris Mann

More than 40 years before he started the global celery juice

movement, Anthony Williams—or, as readers of his bestselling

books know him, The Medical Medium—was serving up 16 oz.

glassfuls of what millions now deem a divinely inspired herbal

elixir in his efforts to bring healing to loved ones, friends, and

community members. “I remember the first time I offered it in

1975 for a family member who had a back injury that wouldn’t

get better—and she didn’t believe in celery juice, didn’t believe

in anything,” he says. “I put the celery in one of those old, beat-up

blenders, strained the juice, and within days her back was

recovering for the first time.”

Williams has made believers out of countless others since his

2015 book, The Medical Medium, introduced the chronically ill

and other health seekers to the otherworldly wellness wisdom

that Williams, since age 4, says he has shared from a compassionate

entity he calls Spirit. “I was in nursing homes at age 18,

19, sitting by bedsides offering Medical Medium information—

which is Spirit’s advanced information given to me—giving

In terms of healing, why is it better to

drink celery than to eat it?

Naysayers will say, “Oh, it’s a vegetable.

Try other vegetables. Make sure you eat

the fiber.” But celery is an herb. This is

an herbal tonic. When you’re juicing it,

you’re extracting the medicine from it.

You don’t want the fiber. Of course you

can eat celery sticks on the side and enjoy

them in a crudité or salad. But celery juice

is an herbal medicine in a larger quantity.

It moves the needle like nothing ever has.

So if you’re Keto, vegetarian, plant-based,

vegan, Paleo—whatever you do, however

you eat, however you plan on taking care

of your health—you bring in celery juice

and you have ailments, you’ll notice the

needle move and you won’t even believe

it. Because it is that weapon against

chronic illness.

What types of celery juice success stories

encourage your ongoing work?

There are people that deal with chronic

spasms, like neurological tics and spasms

in their throat where they can’t swallow or

breathe properly, and they’ve tried every

[remedy] for 10 straight years. And then

they drink celery juice for two weeks and

the problem goes away for the first time

in their lives. Debilitating cases of eczema

and psoriasis; uncomfortable cases of

acne; things like severe fatigue and

symptoms from Lyme disease, multiple

sclerosis, Hashimoto’s, and undiagnosed

illnesses; and brain fog where people

can’t even function or work or drive—and

celery juice has turned people around.

Lives have been saved. It’s medicine for

people who are struggling and think they

have tried everything.

How does celery juice work as an antiinflammatory?

The sodium cluster salts in celery juice kill

off the bugs that are creating inflammation.

Unless you’ve had a physical injury, every

form of inflammation is caused by pathogens,

by bugs. So when you eat wheat and a

smart doctor says, “You’re getting inflamed

from the wheat gluten”—why are you

getting inflamed when someone else isn’t?

It’s because you’ve got a bug that’s feeding

off that gluten. Gluten feeds bacteria.

Gluten feeds pathogens. Toxic heavy metals

and other poisons and toxins we have in

the body cause inflammation when bugs

eat them. Bugs have to eat heavy metals,

pesticides, pharmaceuticals, gluten, and

dairy to create inflammation. Celery juice is

minimizing bugs in people’s bodies.

How do sodium cluster salts work to heal

the digestive system?

The sodium cluster salt enters the stomach

glands—there are stomach glands, they

create gastric juice—and it revives them

because they become damaged as we’re

eating other things we shouldn’t be eating

over the years. When they become

damaged, you lose your hydrochloric acid

(HCI). Everybody gets low HCI. And then


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